wooden roses, silk or fresh flowers.

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allergic to flowers / pollen
Ever thought about wooden roses?
we all love to receive flowers (ok nearly all) and fresh flowers are out of this world. they do though have a few problems. for a start the life span of flowers is not very long. we try with all our mite to keep them going but in the end have to admit defeat.
so what are the alternatives. spend a fortune on flowers every week or so, silk or why not try wooden roses.
these roses are beautifully handcrafted and make a great gift. they are long lasting and available in dozens of colours and can be made into designs of your choice. From bouquets to buttonholes table decorations to favors or presented in cellophane to a special person just as you would a normal bunch of flowers. no feeding no watering no trimming the stems. in fact the only care they need is to be kept out of strong direct sunlight ( the bright colours will fade eventually as would anything that is brightly coloured.
 Not the same as fresh flowers i know but the graet thing is that they can be scented to smell like the real thing. all you need is rose scented potpourri scent that can be found almost anywhere for just a few pence. if buying roses from me you can request them scented before dispatch. ( alot of other sellers offer this too)
perfect for the allergy suffer who loves to have the scent of flowers in their home.
   wooden roses table decoration

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