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to cky_63: the reason all these guys left wwe was over disputes, trust me it wasn't the money (they earn less than 1/2 what they used to earn in wwe). for example, the dudleys(team 3-d) were fired from wwe in a cost cutting measure, even though wwe grossed over 11 million dollars in a 3 month period that year. jeff hardy was fired because of numerous incidents of him no-showing events. also sting never worked in wwe and hates wwe to this very day. finally, to anyone else reading this, i firmly believe these guys should stay in tna (even though shannon moore has already gone back to wwe) as it is a much better promotion. sure, it can't compete with wwe in terms of fireworks and big budgets, but if it's wrestling your after and not a giant soap opera, then tna is the show for you.
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