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There are many sellers on Ebay who claim to have searched endlessly through site after site, hunting high and low for website addresses where everyday Joe Bloggs can purchase clearance wholesale items .They are selling these list of sites on Ebay for a mere 99p to £20+. 

Sellers receive negative feedback for these, more than likely because they (the buyers) could have found these sites and addresses for themselves.  Regardless of the negative feedback other buyers continue to purchase these lists.  The buyer clearly has access to the internet and hence, must have access  to Google.

To those who consider buying these lists, please don't waste your money!!!

  Use the power of Google  -  type in a few choice words...

For example:


'clearance' and the name of your town into Google....

Try the name of a store (eg comet / toys r us / Disney)... 'clearance' .. ' pallet' .... 'sofa' clearance' ... police auctions in your town

(they are always chucking away unclaimed 'lost' items)...go to repo websites...

Scam artists don't spend time hunting high and low -  "something for nothing" springs to mind... they're after your money for just the few minutes they spent searching the net to get you these special links.

Why shouldn't you make/save money yourself? Ebay have made the niche available on everything.  Choose your own interest and sell in that area.  In the real world who'd make money just selling badges in a shop? Or just beads? There is a market for anything on ebay, you'd be surprised at what people buy ...or maybe not :)

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