xbox 360 Scams

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Xbox 360 Scam Joblot offer - 20 xbox's for 1000 pounds - described as bankrupt stock

There are many scams available on ebay, ive been a member a few months now, but already i can see that there are scammers out there ready to take my hard earned money.

Very Stupidly I paid for some xbox 360's via bank transfer from a person called karaokedave2005 as well other people buying from the seller, expecting xbox 360's from a bankrupt stock dealer called wainrights in London. Now that person is de-registered to ebay, his email has vanished and his personal email is giving me a no response error. Beware, this sellers rating was 56! and his rating was about 96 %, so not all bad.

I still havent received my goods 2 weeks later and I have a contact name and number given to me which i ring everyday, only to be greeted by someone saying that the person is on holiday and that she "picks up emails". ive been fobbed off many times with this.

Anyway the points Ive learned is as follows:

FIRSTLY and foremostly, if someone doesnt offer paypal, i would not buy - full stop.

  • Never EVER pay by bank transfer, unless you know that you can get your money back via a protection programme offered by the bank, should things go wrong.  (applies to Moneygram and Western union aswell)
  • Paypal covers you for paypal payments and there is a limit on that also, so wherever possible pay by paypal
  • If you pay by paypal and it gets rejected, and the seller then tells you to send a cheque or pay by direct bank transfer, be extremely suspicious, and immediately get his contact details via the search bar in the top right. This should work if you have done a paypal payment and its failed. If it were me, I wouldnt look at that item again after that....
  • Even when you get a response from the seller, DO NOT ASSUME this person is automatically a true seller, they could be, but make your decision on all the information offered. Check ratings, feedback from them as a seller, the full item description.
  • If you can't get answers about the Item description from the seller, or if you cant get in touch with the seller, then the seller is probably not a true one. Think about it this way, if you are a newsagents, and you're selling extremely rare limited edition french chocolates for just 2 days, your'e unlikely to disappear from your shop, as you know that demand for your rare goods is likely to be high.
  • Always calculate the risk very carefully when buying on ebay, even if its a small item. Always think, whats the worst that i could lose here.And  if your paying hundreds or thousands, take your time when making a decision - DONT RUSH!
  • Be wary of people selling things like tickets, where they havent got the tickets in hand, and have got a confirmation email from the promotor of the event, - to send you the tickets nearer the time. Be especially cautious of people with a low rating and selling tickets like this..there are genuine people on there, but make your enquiries beforehand and pay via paypal.

I hope these comments were helpful, and buy on ebay safely.


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