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Microsoft xbox one came out december 2013 i think not sure is the best console in my view in 2015 markets games like rise dead riseing 3 sunset override only problem with the console it takes bare long to install the games a friend of mine told me it also has a built in blue raydvd player i have not tested this not in to blue rays or movies. its a fantastic console the online community is better then other consoles how ever iam still waiting to play black ops 3 iam a fan of the call of duty series i also hope they relese left 4 dead 3 on this platform i guess this consolse does not have the 3 red rings of dead thats a good thing. the console is not that noisey i would rate the console 10\10 with many exclusive games to come my console pack also came with the kinect the games its has is a good exersise good work out my only regrate is the console is quite large also the other consoles looks more nicer if your into games like gta then i guess you might be better off with the xbox one then last generation consoles oh yeah one more bad thing with the xbox one console is you cannot play old xbox games or any xbox 360 games you might have so if your thinking of selling your xbox 360 to buy xbox one then this might affect you if you were hoping that you could play your microsoft xbox 360 games

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