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High seller % rating is not always the best way to know if a seller is reliable or not
since some bad sellers try only to give refunds in exchange for positive feedback
by doing this they get positive feedback when they should get negative feedback
meaning their feedback is quite misleading

Some ebay sellers send bad items then take forever to fix problems
that's if they fix the problem at all
Some sellers can't be bothered to fix problems
some just offer a refund in exchange for positive feedback

Negative feedback can also be misleading
there might be a problem with an item other buyers need to be told about
but the seller might be extremely reliable
there is not enough space to leave all relevant information

The seller 'yall-uk' struggles a bit with communication but is enthusiastic to help
so if communicating with yall-uk you will need to be patient and understanding
yall-uk will try to answer any questions you might have
and it is natural that from time to time there might be problems
but yall-uk makes every effort to fix problems as quickly as possible
yall-uk is a reliable seller I would use again and would recommend to others
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