yibben 50 storm

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our son purchased this scooter from a well known garage did his cbt test saturday afternoon back at garage sunday morning with no headlight one week later back with broken stand loss of power two weeks later no brakes over reving no lights only when going round corners mechanic decides to lever casing off with screwdriver damaged front panels also dented exhaust good start 3wks old 3weeks later broken down picked up by recovery truck taken back to garage to be told drive belt had come off also bent engine valves broken ignition switch 2wks later back in shop loss of power no brakes 3wks later engine crank knocking back at garage had to go out and buy son a new scooter a branded name the yibben is still at the garage and we have not herd anything since it went in the garage december 07 we are know april 08 the bike cost us 899.00 repairs have cost us 350.oo and we have got nothing to show for our money.

so dont buy a yibben scooter unless you have got moey to burn buy a branded bike

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