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Never really affected me however be it known, you can be severly restricted with the DSR ratings on your account. If your ratings are below and it is flagged red in either of the categories, you will not be able to list your 100 free listings each month for free ?. The problem is and i have taken it up with Ebay is that if your DSR is low, it will let you list and it will quote it is FREE !!!!!!!!!!!. But how wrong can it be because if you then check your monthly account, it will charge you for every item you list even though it tells you it is free. It may be worth knowing also but hidden in the small print, when you have a freeloaders day or weekend for items over 99p, you can list  100 and it will also show you it is FREE as you list each item and start charging you for item 101. WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it will charge you for everyone you have listed but wont tell you until you check your invoice.

summarised as:

If your DSR is flagged RED, you will have to pay for everyone of your free 100 monthly listings, also you will also be charged for every listing you list on one of their free listing weekends, BE WARNED. check out previous free listing notifications and read the clauses. You will not know this until you check your invoice. Hope i have alerted you to this and you find this info useful.please acknowledge your appreciation below, thank you

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