yugioh Bobarita's six cards not to use

Like if this guide is helpful

most duelists use some of these cards, however i don't think they are useful and in a desparate your more than likely to lose.

1.Mystical space typhoon: Can be a dead draw.Use mobius or just replace with somthing better.

2.Dust tornado:( same as above)

3.sakuratsu amour: useless one massive dead draw.Replace with mirror force.

4.Any 1800 attackers: easily destroyed

5.wave motion cannon (unless the decks a burn):to easily destoyed.Replace with something more reliable stealth bird  possibly can be tributed.

6.Raviel lord of phantasms:To irritating to summon,to easily destoyed.Replace with dark necrofear.

Thanks for reading I would be grateful for a vote good or bad

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