yugioh crush card virus combo's

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the crush card virus is one of the top cards at the present and is one of the cards worth quite a nice bit of money.I am going to write a few combo's that people can use once they have obtained this card.

1.use destiny draw send one DH malicious to the graveyard ,then remove it from play and get another DH malicious and activate crush card virus on it.

2.use the crush card virus on sangan, then activate sangans effect (this is a favourite combo amoung many pro's).

3.if its aloud again the crush card virus and cyberstein after using its effect.

4.Plague wolf is brilliant with crush card because if the crush card is somehow negated use plague wolf for deck devastation virus

5.use limit reverse to bring back DH disk commander you get to draw two cards and then use it as a tribute for crush card.

6.Activate crush card and deck devastation virus at the same time to absolutely defeat your opponent if you have a jinzo attempt to summon it at this time,This will basically (85%) gurrantee a win for you. 

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