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The First Yugioh Tournament of 2007 is finished.

Well at least the first in Barnet anyway.

We are happy to report that we had a good turnout - and at least a few players who were new to the club so that was very good. As for the tournament - well I officially didn't play a) because I felt my dino's were looking tired and needed a break and b) because We were offical now so as organiser I have to organise and not duel!! Not sure why I cannot do both because as all who have duelled me will tell you there is absolutely no chance of my deck ever winning one of my tournaments (well at least not in my hands!!)

SO our top players this week were James, Jam, Sachin and Barrett the elder. Ben,Barrett the younger and Finn were the most improved players as along with Ronak (sorry Ron!) they did exceedingly well against a very strong line up.So we would suggest that the top few guys were in fact the 5th-9th players as it is absolutely no dishonor to lose to either james, jam or sachin.

The most used decks were machines and obviously gadgets were the favourite beasties. We also saw a few of the guys with elemental hero decks and one destiny hero.My very own re-volt got an airing in a friendly or two but unfortunately is was (easily) beaten by the eventual third place Mr Barrett!

First Prize - Two Cyber Dragon sealed tins.

Second Prize - One Cyber dragon Tin.

Third Prize - A Cybernetic Revolutions t-shirt.

See you all again on 24th feb, 10th march or later in the year.

As a guide to all first time members - please try to keep all decks to 40-60 cards, anymore is just very difficult for you to play, try to remember it is fun - you will lose a game or two (unless you are frog!) and it happens. thirdly we do not provide food (shope nearby) cleaners (use a bin!!) or respect (behave or I'll have to shout!)

Also guys check the banned list before attending and remember - be nice to me my dino's scare easily!

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