ziko frankie

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oh my god  i have had to write this guide as ive just read one on here and it gives this pushchair such a bad name.

I purchashed my ziko frankie in september 2005 when my daughter was 6months old and up until this day 1st jan 2007 itis still in perfect workin order and i swear i couldnt live without it.I absolutley love it,i have 5prams altogether and 3 have hardly been used as i use my ziko daily and the others got kicked to the kerb.

i havnt exsperianced any problems at all with it i have read in another review a list of complains from squeekin wheels to beign hard to push,im beginin to wonder if me & the other lady are talkin about the same pram as im sure youll agree if u ever push one of these there the most easyiest prams to push really light weight steering,the wheels on mine are well over a year old,they have been pushed over rought terrain and they only squeek in cold weather wich every pram ive ever had have done this its nothin abit of wd40 dosnt fix.

im currently 7months pregnant with my 2nd child and instead of wastein money on 400pound prams im goin for another ziko frankie as i know i will get my moneys worth.


honestly the best pushchair youll find on the market,well worth the money!!!

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