ziko herbie

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it seems that the amount of people writtng good reviews on the ziko HERBIE are very rare, I brought my ziko HERBIE in December 2007 for £500 which is when they first came out, since then I've had nothing but problems, wheels sticking, loose carrycoit, loose handle, raincover and sun umbrella faulty, and all mamas and papas do is send it away and evan then it seems to come back fin worse condition, I love the design but the faults drive me mad, espically when a pram is so expensive, they obiously are not selling well as they have reduced the price dwon to £300 which makes me evan more mas as its only 6 months old!

Having had so many problems with this we eventually got our money back after mamas and papas continually tried to send it away to be repaired! receieved £500 back and brought a maclaren which has been fantastic.



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