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Details about  100% Pure Australian Emu Oil *TRIPLE PACK* Unsurpassable in Freshness & Quality

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100% Pure Australian Emu Oil *TRIPLE PACK* Unsurpassable in Freshness & Quality
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New: A brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged item in original retail packaging (where packaging is ... Read moreabout the condition
Rolls Choyce Essentials

Rolls Choyce Essentials

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Products That Host a Multitude of Therapeutic Properties

At ‘Rolls Choyce Essentials’ we are committed to providing you exceptional 100% Pure Australian Emu Oil that is unsurpassable in freshness and quality. This results in a far more beneficial product that your skin, hair and joints will thank you for. Each product we offer you is properly processed (for external application), sampled, screened, analysed and lot recorded by both Rolls Choyce Essentials and our suppliers in Australia, guaranteeing you a superior product that is consistent, safe and effective. Also, your order is delivered quickly (discreetly) for your benefit in 2 days (excluding Sunday) or less (1st class postage)! It's ridiculous to wait 1 to 4 weeks for a product, particularly when you need it NOW! Customer satisfaction is our utmost concern.

Please Note: Like essential oils, emu oil can be damaged by ultra-violet light, the unique balance of beneficial properties deteriorate rapidly. Therefore, emu oil should not be stored in transparent/natural bottles. Rolls Choyce Essentials 100% Australian quality emu oil comes in ‘Hygienic Low Density Polythene White Screened Bottles’.


There’s inferior Emu Oil’ lurking about
(Not all emu oil is the same)

Only £10.99 per Triple Pack (3 x 60ml Bottles)

RRP £9.99/£12.99 each...what a value!!!

THE BEST (see our analysis below) EMU OIL IN THE BUSINESS

Please Note: Rolls~Choyce Essentials100% Pure Australian Emu Oil is of the highest Quality,

butwatch out’ not all Emu Oil is the same. Customer Satisfaction is Our Utmost Concern.

WATCH OUT (OO): Not All Emu Oil Is The Same!

Analysis of Rolls~Choyce Essentials pure Australian Emu Oil

Our Australian emu oil reveals the following fatty acid profile:

Major Fatty Acids

Average Content in %

C 14:0 myristic


C 16:0 palmitic


C 16:1 palmitoleic


C 18:0 stearic


C 18:1 oleic


C 18:2 linoleic


C 18:3 linolenic


Therapeutic and Cosmetic Properties of Rolls~Choyce Essentials Australian Emu Oil:

Our Australian emu oil also contains the following beneficial substances:

VITAMIN-E: an anti-oxidant and healing agent.

VITAMIN-A: a known skin repairer.

TERPINES: an antiseptic.

SAPOGENS: a skin softener.

OLEIC ACID: highly penetrative

‘Experience the Magical & Healing Power of Australian Emu Oil’

EMU OIL - a natural substance

All medication & beauty products look enticing, but how many do what they promise? Thanks to Rolls~Choyce Essentials, now you can get acquainted with one of our products and enjoy the natural healing benefits of pure Australian emu oil. Why rely on expensive prescription medications with many potential side effects, when emu oil, a pure natural ingredient, can solve your eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, arthritis and other skin problems just as efficiently. Rolls~Choyce Essentials 100% pure Australian emu oil is an all natural healing, non-toxic, penetrating oil that rebalances the lipid fatty-acid composition in dry and aging skin. It is non-comedogenic (does not clog up pours), which makes this oil unique in helping the skin breath, and absorb the vital loss of essential fatty acids, Sapogens (skin softener) and vitamins A & E obtained in this oil, making it a powerful skin moisturizer with strong anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. It also helps restore skin cells and promotes faster healing to burns and cuts, enhancing the blood supply to the applied area thus improving circulation, with reduced pain and scarring, and when applied regularly, aids in reducing stretch marks and ageing spots. It also relieves arthritis, joint and muscle pain by penetrating deeply to soothe muscle soreness and joint stiffness, and it's great for leg cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, bursitis, sore muscles, allergies, skin conditions, spider veins, blisters, scalp problems, massage and much more. Can be used on all types of skin as often as needed.

Preserve the Health and Integrity of your Skin with this Amazing Oil

No home should be without it’

Emu oil is a natural, environmentally friendly product that is now being discovered around the world for its healing effects because of its amazing properties and ability to penetrate the three layers of human skin. And, it does not require a prescription. It is an untapped resource and currently now is where aspirin was in the early 1900's. The Australian emu (Dromiceius novaehollandiae), is one of the oldest living descendants of the dinosaur and is the second largest bird in the world, attaining a height of 1.8m (6 ft) and a weight of 59kg (130 Lb) and has a lifespan up to 6 year. Although the emu cannot take to the sky, it is a powerful runner, able to reach speeds of around 30mph (50 km/h) and lives in the rugged outback in temperatures above 37 degrees Celsius. It is related to the cassowary and the ostrich and they are good swimmers that have incredible recuperative abilities from shock and wounds normally observed in nature. Besides the oil, the emu also produces healthy red, high protein, low cholesterol, tender meat as well as superior leather. But it is the oil that has attracted our (Rolls~Choyce Essentials) attention.

Let us introduce you to emu oil. It might be new to us, but Australian Aborigines have known about the healing properties of emu oil (known as the "bush recipe”) for thousands of years when they noticed how quickly emus healed when they suffered an injury or a cut. They used emu oil as a skin protectant (Insect repellent) and sunscreen, to relieve muscle pain, joint pain and burns, promote healing of wounds and skin, to alleviate arthritis pain (rheumatoid and osteoporosis), soothe and moisturize dry skin and to reduce the signs of aging.

The virtues of emu oil have recently been extolled by ultra marathon runner Paula Radcliffe who smashed the world record in 2003 – whose quick recovery time and marvellous performance were, she said, largely thanks to the healing power of emu oil. It is also used In the USA by the national basketball association and the national football league for the treatment of bruises and sore muscles and joints. Registered as an anti-inflammatory in Australia, emu oil apparently provides invaluable relief in a seemingly endless range of different conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, shingles, fibromyalgia, rosacea, carpal tunnel syndrome, acne, dermatitis, varicose veins, cellulite, hives, irritable bowel syndrome, haemorrhoids (piles), allergic reactions, back pain, nappy rash, itchy skin rashes, chapped skin, chapped lips, minor infections, stretch marks, scars, corns, bed sores, after shaving, sunburns, 1st and 2nd degree burns (It alleviates pain and dramatically reduces scarring and blistering), radiation burns, wounds, insect bites, bruises, keloids, skin grafts, ulcerative colitis, peripheral neuropathy, growing pains, circulation problems, swelling, carpal tunnel, scalp problems, hair growth, baldness, nail problems, athletes foot, sports therapy (50% faster healing), massage oil, reduce wrinkles, prevents or reduces severity of nosebleeds when applied to nasal passages, helps awaken sleeping hair follicles and much more. Unlike other oils emu oil does not clog up pores. The essential fatty acids found naturally in emu oil mimic those found in the human body and will help to return the skin to its natural barrier function.

Legend even has it that the famous Horsemen of the Snowy River Region used this amazing natural ingredient to treat their horses and themselves to the soothing comfort it provided while nourishing their skin. Your pet or show animal can benefit from emu oil too, so why not share this natural medicine with your pet. Emu oil is a 100% natural, safe and gentle solution to many of the skin problems that your pet may suffer from, it works wonders for the coat and appearance of just about any other animal and also relieves muscle and canine arthritis pain, reduces itchiness from fleabites, ticks and similar pests, ringworm (fungal infection), skin problems (dry, itchy skin, hot spots and rashes), and proud flesh (a skin infection) etc. Adding a few drops of emu oil to your pet’s shampoo (or any shampoo) will make a dull coat shine, while piercing an emu oil capsule with a pin and squeezing it onto your animals food daily will help promote good health and vitality, given your animals coat a healthy shine while nourishing their skin.

In addition to the healing effects the oil has for both you and your pet and it’s ability to increase skin thickness and reduce wrinkles in which stars such as Cher, Goldie Hawn, Melanie Griffith and Demi Moore swear by its anti-aging properties, emu oil contains 22 essential fatty acids (EFA’s) including Omegas 3, 6, and 9 (also known as Oleic, Linolic and Linolenic acids), a dietary essential because the body cannot produce them. Essential fatty acids give us energy, help maintain body temperature, insulate nerves, cushion and protect tissues. They are a part of every structure in your body and vital for metabolism. Emu oil is also loaded with anti-oxidants (vitamins A & E - thought to protect body cells from the damaging effects of oxidation) which help to slow down the aging process and even in some cases to reverse it. It is known for its normalizing abilities; it can slow down an over-performing body function or speed up one that is not performing well enough. It has been proven that balancing your essential fats will lower cholesterol thus reducing the risk of heart disease. It also tells the body to convert fats, sugars and carbohydrates into energy. Taken emu oil capsules regularly also helps you lose weight by increasing your metabolic rate while at the same time it softens the skin and helps balance the essential fats in your body given you a healthier cardiovascular and immune system, helping you maintain a healthy body. Emu oil’s healing properties cannot be fully appreciated until they’ve been experienced, Rolls~Choyce Essentials.

To insure top quality (no hormones, steroids, insecticides or antibiotics) ‘Rolls~Choyce Essentials’ 100% pure highest grade emu oil is processed in north-eastern Australia from Australian emus in government licensed premises. All refining processes are completed without disturbing the natural beneficial properties of the raw oil, unequaled in cleanliness and technology for low-temperature refining compared to the vast majority of processing and refining facilities in the US. Customer satisfaction is our utmost concern and our 100% pure Australian emu oil is continuously refrigerated at 34 degrees Fahrenheit, giving it an indefinite shelf life. NOTE: Emu oil is derived from emus being processed for their meat and not for their oil. It is a by-product which would simply be wasted had an application not been developed for it.

  • Can be used on all types of skin as often as needed.
  • Can be used to reduce swelling and muscle soreness after training or if someone has suffered an injury (contains no steroids or hormones).
  • Excellent for people getting sports therapy massage they can use the oil, which will provide an added benefit (contains high levels of linolenic acid, a substance that eases joint pain).
  • Ideal for people concerned about skin conditions or reactions.
  • It’s non-comedogenic. Does not clog pores (or cause acne).
  • Reduces inflammation caused by arthritis (when used regularly reduces inflammation and swelling).
  • Prevents scarring by enhancing the skin's growth activity if applied to a recent cut or burn (speeds up the healing process with less pain).
  • Excellent for healing open wounds (speeds up the healing process with less pain).
  • Prevents stretch marks and aids in diminishing or completely erasing stretch marks.
  • Very effective on first and second-degree burns. Reduces pain, blistering and scarring (Speeds up the healing process with less pain).
  • Excellent for minor cuts and scratches
  • Stimulates hair follicles to proliferate and grow (many male users have reported renewed hair growth), and is great for nails (Improves the rate of growth and the condition).
  • Excellent for insect bites (due to its anti-inflammatory properties).
  • Increases skin thickness (by as much as 14%) and reduces wrinkles (penetrating through and conditioning multiple layers of the skin allowing your skin to look and feel it's best).
  • Excellent moisturizer (leaves skin feeling soft, supple, and more hydrated).
  • Soothes discomfort from sunburns (sidesteps the peeling phase), acne, eczema and rashes etc.
  • Helps skin to withstand colder climates.
  • Has a natural ‘SPF’ (sun protection factor).
  • Prevents or reduces nosebleeds when applied to nasal passages.
  • Great for headaches, especially migraines.
  • Excellent for dry skin, scalp treatment, dry, damaged hair, and chapped lips (in any climate).
  • And much more.

Emu oil is a rich source of natural vitamins, especially A & E as well as minerals, fatty acids, lecithin, natural antioxidants and other healing and health promoting ingredients. As can be seen from the above fatty acid profile emu oil contains fatty acids omega 3, 6 & 9. The omega 3’s are in the form of linolenic acid (LNA C18: 3 W3), which in the body naturally produces the other important fatty acids, which are found in fish oil.

Emu oil is a completely safe, 100% natural moisturizer and pain reliever. Emu oil is used in skin care and beauty products for the body, skin, nails, and hair; in pet products to reduce itchy skin from fleabites and to make a dull coat shine. Most importantly, emu oil can be used alone or combined with other ingredients to relieve pain. Emu oil contains no steroids or hormones, and is known for its normalizing abilities—it can slow down an over-performing body function or speed up one that is not performing well enough. "The fact that emu oil helps normalize basic cellular function in so many skin ailments is outstanding. Emu oil has been successfully employed on various types of burns as well as on abrasions and also gaping wounds."

The genetics of the Emus

(Australia v United States)

Australian Emus

United States Emus

Primarily free ranged

Primarily raised in pens and farms

Natural diet resulting in increased resistance to disease

Corn, meat meal, and hydrogenated oils in their diet

No antibiotics necessary

Exposed to antibiotics

No growth hormones

Exposed to growth hormones

No worming medication necessary

Exposed to worming medications

Australian Emus consume a diet that is almost exclusively, and in some cases exclusively, made up of natural leaves, bushes and insects that provide the Emus with a resistance that birds in the U.S. generally do not have, thus eliminating the need for medications. It becomes apparent from the above chart how inferior genetics could result from generation to generation in U.S.-raised Emus.

What are the active ingredients of emu oil?

Emu oil is a unique, almost 100% triglyceride lipid, which is phospho-lipid deficient and therefore excellent for skin penetration It contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 with a composition of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) that mirror human skin (see graph below).

Emu Oil..........Human Skin

Simply the BEST

Note: The functions of the skin are at their most effective between the hours of 2am and 3am, using emu oil before going to bed will assist the skin’s natural process of overnight repair and renewal. Our emu oil is the perfect defence against the premature signs of aging, increasing skin thickness and reducing wrinkles.

Directions: Massage a few drops into the desired area (NOTE: use sparingly on needed areas, a little will go a long way – one drop of emu oil will cover an area approximately the size of the back of your hand. There is no need to rub the oil all the way in - emu oil is a penetrating oil and will penetrate through the layers of the skin on its own). Absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy feeling when properly applied. For best results apply several times a day initially, then as needed. Moisturize the skin with one or two daily applications. Use daily to help maintain healthy skin.

Emu Oil Research

Emu oil is a completely safe, 100% natural moisturizer and pain reliever. Emu oil is used in skin care and beauty products for the body, skin, nails, and hair; in pet products to reduce itchy skin from fleabites and to make a dull coat shine. Most importantly, emu oil can be used alone or combined with other ingredients to relieve pain. Emu oil contains no steroids or hormones, and is known for its normalizing abilities—it can slow down an over-performing body function or speed up one that is not performing well enough. "The fact that emu oil helps normalize basic cellular function in so many skin ailments is outstanding. Emu oil has been successfully employed on various types of burns as well as on abrasions and also gaping wounds."

Emu Oil Can:

· Penetrate through and condition multiple layers of skin.

· Reduce swelling and muscle soreness.

· Heal burns, wounds, injuries, minor cuts and scratches.

· Prevent and reduce scarring by enhancing the skin's growth activity.

· Improve condition and rate of growth of hair, skin and nails.

· Soothe discomfort from sunburns, insect bites, acne, eczema and rashes.

· Help skin to withstand colder climates.

Chemical makeup of emu oil

· Has no long chain fatty acids.

· Contains no steroids or hormones.

· Lacks phosopholipids. This explains the high penetrating ability.

· 100% Triglyceride in nature, almost a complete neutral lipid.

· Is high in oleic acid. This makes it possible to carry large active compounds through the skin barrier.

· Contains high levels of linolenic acid, a substance that eases joint pain.

Characteristics of emu oil

· Anti-inflammatory

· Anti-microbial

· Excellent emulsifier

· Excellent moisturiser

· Bacteriostatic nature, excellent for healing open wounds

· Low irritating potential

· Neutral emollient

· Enhances growth activity of the skin from a cellular level

· Stimulates dormant hair follicles, activates hair growth

· Improves the rate of growth and the condition of nails

· Non-comedogenic, does not clog pores, does not promote pimples

· Excellent transport for other medications

· Enhances the skin's ability to withstand the rigors of cold climate

· Possesses remarkable prophylactic anti-inflammatory / regulant activity

· Has a natural SPF (sun protection factor)

· Can be made into an injectable composition, oral composition or a topical composition

1. Reduces the inflammation of arthritis.

2. Prevents and/or reduces nosebleeds when applied to nasal passages.

3. Prevents scarring when applied to newly received cut or burn.

4. Prevents stretch marks, diminishes or completely erases existing stretch marks.

5. Reduces total cholesterol (LDL) and raises HDL, the good cholesterol.

6. Prevents and treats allergies.

7. Prevents and treats headaches, especially migraine headaches.

8. Treats cold and flu symptoms, sore throats and nasal congestion .

9. Remedy for ailments related to menstruation.

How does Emu Oil work?
Emu oil works better than other natural oils for several reasons:

1. Emu oil is almost 100% triglyceride lipid. Triglycerides (a type of fatty compound) are abundant in human skin lipids, meaning that the composition of fatty acids in human skin is very similar to that of emu oil. This makes the absorption of emu oil into human skin faster and more effective.

2. It is high in oleic acid, which increases its ability to carry compounds through the skin.

3. It does not contain phospholipids, which make absorption more difficult. This absence of phospholipids makes emu oil highly penetrating and allows it to absorb through the skin more easily.

· Reduces inflammation caused by arthritis.

· Prevents or reduces the severity of nosebleeds when applied to the nasal passages.

· Prevents scarring if applied to a recent cut or burn.

· Prevents stretch marks and aids in diminishing or completely erasing stretch marks.

Research shows emu oil to be almost 100% triglyceride in nature, which means that emu oil is an almost completely neutral lipid and as such has tremendous medical and cosmetic possibilities as a base carrier and neutral emollient. Emu oil has high penetrating qualities since the human skin is phospholipid deficient.

Dr. G. R. Hobday in Australia has done ten years of clinical experimentation with the following – Results:

· Eczema - reduces irritation and inflammation of the skin.

· Keloids - reduces recent scarring and has anti-inflammatory action against the formation of keloid tissues.

· Burns - promotes faster healing with less pain and scarring.

· Joints - reduces pain, swelling and stiffness where joint is close to skin surface.

· Bruising and muscle pain - provides significant benefits to recent bruising and muscle pain where injury is relatively superficial. Post-exercise muscle strains are reduced due to anti-inflammatory action.

· Wounds - applied to epithelialized wounds, appears to reduce scar tissue formation and anti-inflammatory action soothes a wound after surgery.

· Insect bites - the sting and itching is greatly reduced due to the anti-inflammatory properties.

Many individuals have reported beneficial results that have not yet been the topic of organized scientific research.

These include:

· Shingles - rapid relief from symptoms, including disappearance of rash.

· Psoriasis - reduces irritation and inflammation of the skin.

· Carpal tunnel syndrome - relieves swelling, inflammation and pain.

· Baldness - numerous male users have reported renewed hair growth.

· Nervous Skin Disorders - reduces irritation and inflammation of the skin.

· Diaper rash - reduces irritation and inflammation of the skin.

· Circulation problems - improves circulation in extremities.

Rolls~Choyce Essentials 100% Australian emu oil reveals the following fatty acid profile:

Major Fatty Acids

Average Content in %

C 14:0 myristic


C 16:0 palmitic


C 16:1 palmitoleic


C 18:0 stearic


C 18:1 oleic


C 18:2 linoleic


C 18:3 linolenic


Rolls~Choyce Essentials 100% Pure Australian Emu Oil also Contains the Following Beneficial Substances (therapeutic properties):

· VITAMIN-E: an anti-oxidant and healing agent.

· VITAMIN-A: a known skin repairer.

· TERPINES: an antiseptic.

· SAPOGENS: a skin softener.

· OLEIC ACID: highly penetrative

Other Reported Uses of Emu Oil

Age spots, Athlete’s foot, Bedsores, Bursitis, Calluses, Canker sores, Chapped lips, Circulation, Hair loss, Cold sores, Cracked skin, Diabetic bruising, Diabetic neuropathy, Earaches, Fever blisters, Frostbite, Gout, Gum disease, In-grown toenails, Increasing energy, Increasing mobility, Irritated skin, Itching, Massage, Medication carrier, Night muscle cramps, Animal injuries & wounds, Rashes, Razor burn & nicks, Rhinitis, Scar prevention, Skin grafts, Skin hydration, Sore muscles, Sports injuries, Sprains, Stiffness, Stretch marks, Sunburn relief, Surgery scars, Swelling, Tendonitis, Thin, aging skin, Tick bites, Tired feet, Varicose veins, Wasp, bee stings, Weak nails and Windburn etc.

How to use Emu Oil for hair and scalp treatments, dry skin conditions and pain relief

How to use Emu Oil for Dry, Damaged Hair:

1. Pour a small amount of emu oil into the palm of your hand. (Note- one drop of emu oil will cover an area approximately the size of the back of your hand)

2. Rub your hands together to spread the emu oil.

3. Using your hands apply the emu oil into your hair, spreading the emu oil all the way from the ends of the hair shaft to the roots. Apply more emu oil if needed or for longer hair. If you do not want to treat your scalp please skip to Step #5.

4. For a scalp treatment – continue your application of emu oil by applying the emu oil a drop a time directly unto the scalp. Massage the emu oil thoroughly covering the entire scalp or desired area. (Note- you do not need to rub the oil all the way in – emu oil is a natural penetrating oil and will penetrate through the layers of the skin on its own.) Continue on to the next step.

5. Cover hair with a towel (optional) and let set for at least 5 minutes. (Note – some have found additional benefit when they leave the emu oil in their hair for longer periods of time, even overnight. A helpful suggestion from our customers was to use a shower cap to cover the hair when leaving emu oil on their hair overnight.)

6. Wash hair.

How to use Emu Oil for Dry, Damaged Skin and Pain Relief:

1. Pour a small amount of Emu oil into the palm of your hand or apply directly to the desired area. (Note- one or two drops of emu oil will cover an area approximately the size of the back of your hand.)

2. Using your hands apply the emu oil unto the desired area. Apply more emu oil if needed to cover entire area. (Note- you do not need to rub the oil all the way in – emu oil is a penetrating oil and will penetrate through the layers of the skin on its own.)

3. Cover the area only if desired.

4. Apply as needed.

Emu Oil in your Bath:

1. Pour a small amount of emu oil into your bath water. Anywhere from ½ teaspoon to 1 teaspoon is generally sufficient. (Note- you can add other essential oils or fragrances if you desire. emu oil is odour free and will not conflict with other fragrances.)

2. Soak for as long as you like.

3. Wash as usual and towel or air dry. emu oil will leave your skin smooth, soft and silky and pain-relieving benefits may be noticed. Follow with an application of emu oil, this will soothe, refresh and renew you.

Emu Oil for Hair Loss

What causes hair loss? We've all grown up listening to stories about what causes hair loss: vitamin deficiencies, poor circulation to the scalp, too much hat wearing, etc. Surprisingly, these theories have been disproved. Hair loss, according to experts, is caused by a combination of aging, hormonal changes and family history of baldness. Hair loss can be permanent if destruction occurs to the hair follicle, or, it may just be temporary due to transitory damage to the follicles. In men, testosterone is converted to DHT (dihydratestosterone) within the hair follicle. Testosterone is converted to DHT by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase, which is produced in the prostate, the scalp and various adrenal glands. Over time, DHT causes hair follicles to degrade and shortens their anagen, or active phase. Technically, the follicle is still alive and connected to a good blood supply. Some follicles will die, but most will simply shrink in size and produce weaker hairs. The shorter anagen growing cycle means more hairs are shed and remaining hairs become so thin that they cannot survive daily wear and tear, according to experts. Hairs in balding areas gradually change from long, thick, coloured hairs into fine, unpigmented, fuzzy hairs.

What can be done about Hair Loss?

That's a good question! If the hair follicle has died, there is no hope for hair re-growth. However, if the hair follicle is just "sleeping", many consumers report an "awakening" of the hair follicle with the use of Emu oil! Emu oil is an all-natural tissue nutrient; by applying it to the skin, it helps make the skin become healthy and alive again. There are other products on the market today that are heavily promoted for Hair Loss...let's take a look at some of them and compare: Minoxidil - this is a class of drugs originally used to treat high blood pressure. Pharmacists call this drug "dose-dependent", meaning treatment must be continued in order to maintain or increase hair growth benefits. It is the drug found in such products as Rogaine and HealthGuard. Pregnant or nursing women should avoid this substance in both oral and topical forms. According to reports, oral minoxidil can cause a fall in blood pressure, and increase in heart rate and weight gain (fluid retention). This product is also quite pricey. Finasteride - a prescription drug marketed in tablet form. It costs about £40 for a one-month supply. Side effects include decreased libido and groin aches. Having said all that, let's talk about something safe and affordable: Emu Oil! Michael Hollick, MD, Ph.D., Professor of Medicine, Physiology, and Dermatology at Boston University School of Medicine conducted a study involving emu oil and hair growth. His study found that there was a 20% increase in growth activity of skin that received emu oil; compared to skin that received corn oil. Looking at the hair follicles, Dr. Hollick realized they were much more robust, the skin thickness was remarkably increased, suggesting that emu oil stimulated skin growth and hair growth. Additionally, the study showed that over 80% of hair follicles that had been "asleep" were woken up, and began growing. This is what emu oil may do for you! We recommend massaging a small amount of emu oil into the hairless or thinning area of the scalp three times per day, if possible. In the evening or on weekends, apply a greater amount of emu oil to the scalp and leave on for 20-30 minutes, then wash hair with a mild shampoo. If your hair follicles were in a sleep state, you should notice signs of re-growth in 30-90 days.


· Try adding a transport enhancer to your pure emu oil, such as eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil (20 drops to 60ml of emu oil). Experience how useful this can be as a topical anti-inflammatory treatment today.

· Or for pure fun and Sensuality add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to enhance your next erotic experience.

· Emu oil is presently being used to sharpen and oil industrial machinery and also has excellent properties for timber and leather polishing and conditioning and waterproofing. It can be applied directly or be sprayed.

In 1985 commercial mixtures of Emu and Eucalyptus Oil were trialed. In 1990-1992 the following was documented: "The potent anti-elastase activity demonstrated could provide an anti-degenerative effect on dermal tissues particularly during dermal damage through strong UV radiation (sunburn) occurs." "The purified fractions were found to exhibit extremely potent anti-inflammatory activity."


Emu oil is used by many people to help dissipate wrinkles from the face and other body areas. This ability to fluff up the skin is recognized now by the cosmetics industry and emu oil is starting to find its way into face, body and hand creams and wrinkle reducers.


Emu Oil is also effective in the treatment of animals. Skin conditions on animals may be treated the same as humans. Use for muscle soreness in racing or show dogs, cats and horses.


Not only is emu oil high in essential fatty acids but also phospholipid free, which makes it powerfully absorbent. It can increase the penetrating ability of alphahydroxy and stimulate blood flow, which is important to speed healing of damaged or traumatized tissue. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and deep penetrating.


This painful condition usually experienced at 2 am in the knees of six-year-old children, is caused, I believe, by the active growing child over-stretching the ligaments and tendons around the knee. By day, the pump action of movement removes the reactive swelling area. At night, however, this swelling builds up, the child moves, cries from pain in the joint causing distress to the parents and frequently a visit to the doctor where investigations for arthritis may be done. To date, as a result of massaging emu oil on the joint prior to the child going to sleep, no parents have returned to say their child is suffering from "growing pains"

Further Research/Results

Therapeutic and cosmetic properties of Australian Emu Oil

· FEATURES A skin cell regenerator and preserver.

· BENEFITS: Besides providing local anti-inflammatory effects, it can also induce a long lasting state of pain relief in the local area.

· FEATURES An epidermic transporter of bioactive compounds that conducts them through the layer of the skin down to the muscle tissue.

· BENEFITS: Can be combined with enhancers or drugs for topical application of treatments of medicines only previously administered internally (often with side effects). A breakthrough in duration and validity of moisturisers, balms and creams due to the penetrative consequences of the Oleic Acid in the Emu Oil.

· FEATURES (Epitheliased wounds): Emu Oil has demonstrated scar reduction and anti-inflammatory action.

· BENEFITS: Speeds up the healing process from surgery and burns by reducing inflammation, preventing scarring and soothing pain.

· FEATURES (Epitheliased wounds): Emu oil is sterile and hence can be used in open area of the skin.

· BENEFITS: It reduces irritation in eczema, the scarring of keloids and has advantages in skin grafting.

· FEATURES (Hair growth): There was a 20% increases in DNA synthesis, stimulated hair and skin growth and hair follicles were more robust.

· BENEFITS: Stimulates hair growth.

· FEATURES (Skin moisturiser): It is able to enhance the skin's upper layers to hold onto water, penetrate the epidermis and stimulate its rete ridges, which would enhance the thickness of the dermis.

· BENEFITS: Transforms rough dry skin to a smooth and healthy appearance. Can reverse the ravages of ageing. Can offer similar benefits to hair and nails.

· FEATURES (Emulsifier): Emu Oil is a good emulsifier being able to blend two products together naturally.

· BENEFITS: Will have many applications with cosmetics and creams. Can combine with many pharmaceutical ingredients to improve therapies e.g. aspirin for pain relief.

· FEATURES (Comeodogencity - Pore clogging): Unlike other oils Emu oil does not clog up thre pores of the skin or cause acne.

· BENEFITS: More effective skin treatment which will enable the emollient to penetrate the skins surface and have greater impact without greasy residue, a boon for the skin cosmetics industry. Similarly it is more active than water based creams, which do not penetrate the skin barrier.

· FEATURES (Bacteriostatic testing): Emu oil has been tested for the following bacteria and found neither growth nor indeed any prescence in the fat; anabaerobic bacteria, fungus, salmonella, shigella staphlyoccus, streptococcus, E coli. It can be concluded that Emu oil does not promote the growth of bacteria.

· BENEFITS: An unusual and remarkable quality leading to projected and already exocuted applications in many commercial products, Instead of chemical based preservatives and stabilisers presently used in creams, make-up and even foods: e.g.; hydrogenated vegetable oil for food and liposome’s in the cosmetics industry.

· FEATURES (long life properties): Emu oil is stable at room temperature, does not readily oxidise and has not deteriorated in storage after two years. Furthermore, Emu fat does not subscribe to normal definition of animal fat but rather shares more in common with some seed oils.

· BENEFITS: Potential as a natural stabiliser and preserver. 70% of all acids in emus are of the unsaturated variety; less than 30% are polyunsaturated fats with the rest of monounsaturated fats. Emu oil contains the following essential fatty acids (acids that our bodies do not make) necessary for good health and productive growth.


· FEATURES Oleic acid; the largest primary fatty acid found (benefits already discussed).

· BENEFITS: These findings are consistent with the recommendations for a heart healthy diet and a beneficial effect on cardiovascular diseases.

· FEATURES: Omega 6 fatty acids; necessary as building blocks for very powerful compounds, prostaglandins in the body.

· BENEFITS: The balancing of prostaglandins in the body serves to control and ease the effects of arthritis.

· FEATURES Omega 3 fatty acids; another important acid usually found in fish oils. Omega 3 contains EPA & DHE.

· BENEFITS: EPA & DHE are again critical in the fight against heart disease.

· FEATURES Linolic acid; present in large quantities in emu oil and is known to ease muscular aches, joint pain and to have anti-inflammatory properties.

· BENEFITS: The linolenic acid in emu oil has anti-inflammatory properties that will substantially reduce the pain and inflammation of arthritis (rheumatoid and osteoporosis).

Emu Oil Liquid (dietary supplement)

People who take emu oil liqiud (capsules) daily report many different benefits including better digestion, less indigestion, lower blood pressure, a better sex life and even lower cholesterol. Emu oil contains triglycerides and they provide a balanced source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids (EFAs), which must be obtained from your diet.

1. Emu oil is a super anti-inflammatory agent so this liquid will greatly reduce joint pain and swelling.

2. Regular use of emu oil as a dietary supplement has been shown to reduce the L.D.L.'s (bad fats) and increase H.D.L.'s (good fats) in our bodies.

3. Emu oil reduces your cholesterol level thus reducing the risk of coronary artery disease and heart attack.

4. Emu oil helps you loose weight by increasing your metabolic rate. This enables your body to utilise excess fat for energy and therefore reduce the level of excess fat in your body.

5. Emu oil contains the essential fatty acids, Omega 3, 6 & 9. These fatty acids also known as Oleic, Linolic and Linolenic acids, have been proven to be absolutely essential in our diet for good health and productive growth. The human body is unable to produce these acids and therefore must be included in a healthy diet.

6. Emu oil has shown results in improving the following: growth rate and condition of nails and hair, preventing and treating allergies, reduction of headaches (especially migraines), reducing cholesterol.


Snoring, Hip Pain – One day I was reading about emu oil and the anti-inflammatory properties of the oil. I tried putting a drop on my hip and found that it greatly lessened the pain and discomfort, which reduced my propensity to change positions. Then I started thinking that homeopathic snoring remedies contain oils and extracts that are supposed to lubricate the nasal passage and keep the sinuses from swelling. None of them worked very well for me and they are costly. I wondered if emu oil would work. I tried swabbing a drop in each nostril at bedtime and IT WORKED. I have reduced my snoring from 2-3 times per night of prolonged snoring to 1-2 times per week of mild snoring. My wife is happy and I sleep a lot better.Gary Burger, CDFM Chief, Internal Review Office.

Arthritis & TMJ – I am an arthritis and TMJ sufferer who cannot take traditional anti-inflammatories and/or pain relievers anymore, due to the stomach upset they cause me. After trying 100% Emu Oil, I realized that I had found the best thing (on the planet) since sliced bread! Emu Oil is simply the best for temporary pain relief and swelling reduction. I use Emu Oil on my facial rosacea and eczema/psoriasis flare-ups as well. What a versatile product! I have had great success with Emu Oil, and know now that I would be lost without it. Melissa / Sydney /Australia.

Varicose vein – I have a varicose vein on my leg that is much improved since using Emu Oil and gives me very little pain anymore. Mrs. Campbell / Rosemount / Aberdeen.

Shingles – I had developed a very bad case of the shingles on my stomach, back, and left side. Shingles are extremely painful in people over 50, and the pain pills and Tylenol 500’s were not working. My daughter recommended Emu Oil to me, and I tried it on the sore muscle areas first. The pain began in leave within 20 minutes. The next few days I used it more on the shingles themselves and I had more and more relief. The soreness and the pain are gone enough now to where I can sleep at night, and I can go as long as two days without having to use the Emu Oil to relieve the pain, as it takes care of the pain for that long before I have to use more. Jane G. / IL / USA.

Psoriasis – I’ve been using Emu Oil on a bad case of psoriasis for several months now and it's been helping, to alleviate the itching and redness. Aileen H. / Eccleston / Chorley / England.

Fibromyalgia – I have been using Emu Oil for about a year to help relieve the pain I suffer in my body from a disease called Fibromyalgia. This disease is a chronic muscular-skeletal dysfunction that causes nearly constant pain in the entire muscle system in the body. Using 100 % Emu Oil once or twice a week has relieved quite an amount of pain and has also helped me to have more mobility in my joints since the tightness and soreness has been relived. It is an answer to prayer that this has helped me where no prescription had been able to do so! I was taking Tylenol by the bottle and was getting no relief at all, and other painkillers made me worse instead of better. I know that through my own use of the oil, a lot of prayer, and determination that my fibromyalgia has now started to go into remission and I’m having less and less flare ups. This Oil works for me!!!! Diana L. / IL / USA.

Sore Muscles – I’m a construction worker who after an especially hard day at work was as sore as could be. That evening I rubbed Emu Oil on my back, shoulder, arms, and thighs. I woke up the next morning feeling just fine. Thank goodness for Emu Oil. James K. / IL / USA.

Burn – I was burned on my face while lighting natural gas. The hair on the right side of my face was singed including my eyelashes and eyebrow. The front of my hairline was also singed. The skin was red and painful. I immediately applied Emu Oil to the burned areas. Within an hour or so the pain had subsided and the redness was reduced. I applied more Emu Oil throughout the next few days. The pain ceased, redness disappeared and I never blistered. The hair grew back normally within a short time. Steve Istanbul / Turkey.

Seborrhea - My 10 year old son has terrible seborrhea on his scalp. The best thing I have found, after years of searching, is Pure Australian Emu Oil. I Rub this into the scalp and leave on a few hours. If the seborrhea is really thick you may have to do this 2-3 days in a row. After the oil has "soaked in", shampoo with unscented or lavender homemade soap. A lot of the scaly stuff should come off or all if it wasn't too bad. Gail P. / London / United Kingdom.

Triple By-pass – Two years ago I had a triple by-pass. Six months ago my feet swelled to the point that I could not wear shoes any longer. The Doctor recommended support hose. I tried support hose, and the blood or liquid could not return upwards. The huge swelling turned purple; off and on. The Doctor said, “There is nothing else we can do. Once the veins are removed (harvested, he said) that’s it.” He recommended a specialist, but did not hold out much hope. What’s there to lose, right? I asked my herbalist daughter to prepare a circulation stimulating Emu oil product. She did. My wife, who massages my feet daily with Emu oil, swears that my feet are a far cry from what they looked like. I did not contact the specialist, since the improvement in my circulation became glaringly self-evident. At the moment – no more support hose, no more hugely swollen feet. Henry R. / VA / USA.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Does anyone out there suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? I do. And I have found that rubbing emu oil into both wrists, works MUCH, MUCH better to relieve the aching (so that I can sleep at night) than wearing splints and/or taking Relafan constantly. Jane H. / USA.

Muscle Pain – I had gone to a horse fair for the weekend and had done a lot of walking and climbing up and down stairs the entire weekend. By the time I got home Sunday evening the top of my thigh muscle above my knee was hurting so bad I could hardly step up one step to my porch at home. I decided to use emu oil. I gently rubbed the emu oil into the sore muscle before I went to bed. Within a very short time I felt the pain subsiding and I drifted off to sleep. When I woke the next morning I didn’t have any soreness in my muscle at all. The pain and stiffness never did come back in my muscle. A week later I was moving a lot of heavy objects from one building to another and this aggravated my knee that gives me a lot of pain at times. I decided to try emu oil on my knees since this was a joint pain instead of a muscle pain. I am pleased to say that emu oil was as effective on my joint pain as it was on my muscle pain. Pam N. / IL / USA.

Arthritis & bedsores - I have 10 patients, 8 with arthritis, and 2 with severe bedsores. All with very thin skin. I am happy to report that on Nov. 15 of the 8 patients with arthritis, 6 have 60% improvement and are able to complete range of motion exercises with reduced pain. The 2 patients with bedsores have a 90% improvement and are on their way to complete recovery!!!!! Thinning skin needs more time but I already see some improvement in 3 patients. The nursing staff is amazed and quite a few are now using emu oil. Judy F / Sandcastle Ranch.

Stretch marks - My daughter recently had a baby and began using emu oil to prevent stretch marks when she was about two months into her pregnancy. She applied the oil twice a day to her abdomen and did not get any stretch marks on her abdomen. She did notice stretch marks on her breasts after her pregnancy. The marks began fading shortly after she started applying the oil. Dorothy C. / Hampshire / United Kingdom.

Sunburns - On a trip to Phoenix we took along a large bottle of Emu oil. The temperatures were well over 102 degrees in late May, and we while we both got great suntans, we never had to worry about. Glen, Finley Grandview, Texas.

Damaged hair - I really love Rolls Choyce Essentials Emu Oil. I put some in my shampoo and conditioner. I have very damaged hair, (one bad perm and two straighteners, plus hair dye to get it to look like my normal hair!!) and once a week I use the Emu Oil to deep condition my hair. It comes out soft and full of body. I always get complements the next day on how nice my hair looks. Emu Oil is the best deep conditioner I have ever used and I have used many. Loretta S. / Sligo / Ireland.

Muscle spasms in the back - I have suffered for years with muscle spasms in the back, usually one of these bouts last 5 or 6 days, the only relief was from a prescription muscle relaxer, I don't know if they actually helped or just made me sleep through the misery. About three months ago while building fence, I pulled a muscle in my back; this is generally the beginning of several days of suffering. I had my back rubbed with pure Emu Oil, that night I went through the same routine. The next morning my back was stiff but after a couple of hours I was able to get back to fence building, maybe at a little slower pace for the day, but by the next day was at full capacity. Miguel, Madrid, Spain.

Allergic Reaction Our grandson had an allergic reaction an antibiotic, which created a diaper rash with a fiery red area like a burn. He was very fussy, and in a lot of pain. We put emu oil on it and within a minute the pain had eased, he quit fussing and was happy again. I use emu oil on my face and neck every day. My skin feels dry without it. Sharon S. / Perth / Australia.


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