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Details about  1KW Nearly Whole 3x6 Untabbed Solar Cells for DIY Solar Panel Best Value!!

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1KW Nearly Whole 3x6 Untabbed Solar Cells for DIY Solar Panel Best Value!!
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These solar cells are a mixture whole cells, cracked cells, cells with large corner breakouts, sharp

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07 Mar, 2014 18:31:45 GMT
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Fremont, California, United States


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Seller notes: These solar cells are a mixture whole cells, cracked cells, cells with large corner breakouts, sharp edges, and broken cells.
Brand: Everbright Solar Energy Type: Alternative & Solar Energy
Technology: String Ribbon Voltage: 0.5x
Type: Multi-Cryatalline Silicon Product Type: SOLAR CELLS
1KW 3x6 Nearly Whole Untabbed Solar Cells for DIY Solar Panel
About Us

Everbright Solar Inc. is a vertically integrated manufacturer and factory direct seller of string ribbon solar cells, mono crystalline and multi crystalline solar cells, UL certified solar panels and other on-grid (grid-tied) and off grid panels for battery charging, and solar turn-key solutions. We provide finished and semi-finished solar components to the Do It Yourself users and tolling services to producers – using their materials to manufacture their products.

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Item Description

1KW 3x6 Nearly Whole Untabbed Solar Cells for DIY Solar Panel

Do-It-Yourself Solar Dealer and Manufacturer for FIVE YEARS!

  • ALL our solar cells are shrink-wrapped professionally! All professional solar cell manufacturers Shrink Wrap their solar cells! If solar cells are not shrink wrapped, they will oxidize!
We are making available our Category C untabbed cells, the lowest cost solar cells in the world, averaging a few US cents per watt!

If you don't care about appearance of the cells and want to save money, these cells are for you. We guarantee that you will get more total wattage than promised from the cells we ship to you. Whole cells typically will generate at least 1.7 watts each and partially broken cells will have power proportional to the oringinal size.
The reason the cells are so cheap is because they are a mixture whole cells, cracked cells, cells with large corner breakouts, sharp edges, and broken cells. All cells are at least > 1/2 of the original 3x6 size. However, most of the cells are quite wholesome. Some cells are completley whole, but these cells typically would have defects such as being partially cracked. The pictures show the representative cells in their condition.

The best use of these cells is for you to spend some time sorting them into similar sizes, ans use similar size cells on one panel to maximize the output of the whole panel. We have many customers who buy them and use a diamond scribe (you can get them at glass shops - it's whatever glass people use to scribe glass and then snap the glass in half) to scribe the cells and cut them into uniform sizes, so that they look good. We don't have time to sort them and cut them all, because we simply have too many of these. But if you have more than than money on your hands, this is the way to convert time into money!

Please visit our eBay store for more of our solar products.My Stores Logo

The standard cell specifications as follows per our state of the art solar testing equipment:

Cell Specifications for a WHOLE cell:  

  • Average Power (Watts):  1.75 Wp
  • Average Current (Amps):  3.5 Imax
  • Average Voltage (Volts): 0.5 Vmax
  • Thickness  200 ìm = 0.2 mm
  • Exact dimension: 3  1/4 inches x 6 inches, or 80 mm by 150 mm
  • Weight:  Just above 6 grams, or 0.2 oz.

Solar Panel Do It Youself Kit Benefits:  

  • Classic & traditional solid blue front side string ribbon cells
  • Exclusively made in Germany's string ribbon cell factory.
  • In terms of output they are similar to those Devens cells (multicrystalline look, marked by .5v3.6a)
  • In terms of volume production please see 'Cell Specifications' below
  • Original factory standard cell size, not other sizes cut by using homemade tools which damage the cells during the cutting process
  • Never been used or are not recycled from badly made panels like some factory installed tabbed cells

If you need other solar products such as charge controller, junction box, ect., please visit our eBay store.

Some useful information in making solar power:

  • How to make sense of the above numbers:

    The basic and very important formula you need to know to make sense of solar cells is this:
    Power (P) = Current (I) Multiply by Voltage (V), or P=I*V
    Power's unit of measure is watt,
    Current's unit of measure is amp,
    Voltage's unit of measure is volt.

    So in our solar cell's specific example, if each solar cell is rated at 1.75 watts on average, and the voltage is 0.5, you do a little algebraic math, then to get the amps (I), since P=I*V, so I = P / V , therefore I (amps) = 1.75 watts divided by 0.5 volts = 3.5 amps.

    It's important to understand the concepts of series connection and parallel connection when stringing these solar cells together to make a solar panel. Series connection of the cells increases voltage but not amperage; parallel connection of the cells increases amperage but not voltage. Series connection is when you connect the positive terminal of a cell with the negative terminal of the next cell. Parallel connection is when you connect the positive terminals of all cells in the set of cells with a tabbing wire and all the negative terminals of all cell in the same set. You can use a combination of series and parallel connections to get the right voltage and amperage for your solar panel.

    The cell specifications above were given to us by the manufacturer as averages. Variations are possible. To make a 18 volts panel, for example, you connect 36 cells in series (36 cells times 0.5 volt each = 18 volts). And 36 * 1.75 (each cell in theory averages 1.75 watt) watt = 63 watts. The amps you will be getting is 63 watts divided by 18 volts = 3.5 amps.
  • Solar cells basics:

The front of the cells (blue side, aka Sunny side) has two thick white lines, called bus bars. They are the negative terminals of the cell. The back side, where the 6 square dots are, are positive terminals. Connect the tabbing wires from the bus bar of the first cell on one side to the three dots of on the back side of the next cell. That way you have a series connection. Repeat the process on the other side of the cells. In panel making you should connect all the tabbing wires on the front for all the cells first, then flip the cells over to solder the back side in a second step. Some solar cells such as SunPower cells have both positive and negative terminals at the back of the cells, but we don't have to worry about them. Most cells are negative on the front and positive on the back.

The white color bus bars (two thick lines) on front and the contact points on the back are made out of silver, and you should keep them intact. Apply flux on your them and the wires should bond. Do not scrape them off like you saw on some Youtube videos. They did that perhaps becaues the contacts are very very old and have heavy oxidation. The most you should do is to use a pencil eraser and rub on the contacts. But without cells, even this is not necessary. Just make sure that the contacts are clean, and always remember to apply some flux first before using your iron to solder the wires on the cells. Our cells are already coated with tin solder, so you don't need extra solder.

  • Testing:

Make sure that you test the cells under strong sun light with the front of the cell facing the sun, at the same time connect your meters to the right terminals. If you are inside the building, make sure you shine your sun simulating lamps onto the front of the cell while testing. Place the solar cells on a metal plate, ideally made from copper. With a warm light (ie halogen lights) shining on the cell, put your positive lead from your multimeter on the plate, and the negative lead of your multimeter on the bus bar. Your multimeter will be set to typically check amps or voltage at one time.

  • Panel configuration:

For those who are new to solar panel making or if you don't have an engineering background, here is our recommendation:

1) Make small panels first so you gain experience.

2) In most situations, make either 36 or 72 cell panels, and connect them in series. 36 cells give you 17.5 or around 18 volts or so. And 72 cells doubles that. These panels are very useful, and you will find a lot of matching products that will want to buy! For example, you almost always want to use a charge controller if you make your panels to charge batteries. Charge controllers usually come in 12 or 24 volt settings, which match your panels' 18 and 36 volts very nicely. Yes, your panel voltage should be 1.5 times the voltage of the battery you intend to charge. Connect more panels together if you want to tie to the grid, in which case, always use an inverter. However, we always recommend that the panels that you make for yourself be used in off-grid applications, such as charging your batteries to be used in RV, remote cabin, or marine settings. If you intend to connect to the grid, it is wise to buy the professionally made, UL certified panels.

3) For a lot higher voltage panels and configurations and connecting multiple panels to get high voltage, consult a professional. Just don't fry yourself.

  • Soldering:

If you want to become a serious panel maker, buy a good soldering iron whose temperature can be adjusted. Don't get a cheap iron. It's one of the most important tools you need to have. If you can't buy an adjustable solder iron, get one that's rated at 90 watts. Also when you solder, all you need to do is to apply flux on the bus bars and the backside contacts before soldering. Do NOT scrape off the whitish substance on the bus bar or the backside square contacts. Those are made of silver and must be kept intact. Just apply flux and solder the tabbing wires. The wires are already coated with tin solder so you don't need to use extra solder AT ALL. Use a smooth and continuous motion to solder the wires onto the bus bars of the cells.

Disclaimer: We are not experts in power systems and the above are what we learn through experience but we share what we know, and you should take it with a grain of salt. Buy books written by experts or take classes from the pros. These are about as much as we can help you with to get started, and we hope that this free consulting will reduce the flood of eBay messages that come into our inbox on a daily basis. Some people just keep asking question and taking time from us without buying, and we love to give, but please be considerate. Our resources are not limitless.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you have any questions about our products please feel free to contact us via eBay's Messaging System.  Thanks.

---What you can do with solar panels---

Everbright Solar

To purchase additional DIY KITS & accessories, please visit our eBay store.

Everbright Solar

Please keep in mind that the actual power consumption of those appliances may vary from models and brands.

Solar panels perform best under direct sun light, but they will also work even under cloudy conditions, however, they won't generate as much output.

For series connection of the solar panels, the most common application is pumps. Most motors run on DC (direct current), however, voltage and amperage requirements vary by models.

Did you know that we carry Solar Panels in Wattages ranging from 5 Watts to 185 Watts?

Well now you do and feel free to visit our eBay store for more product selections:

Solar Panels


Copyright 2014 Everbright Solar, Inc.  
No part of this listing including pictures and product descriptions can be reproduced in any form without written permission from Everbright Solar Inc.
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Additional Information

Everbright Solar is committed to promoting renewable energy and making affordable solar available to an average person today, Everbright Solar has designed and developed processes to utilize silicon materials and solar cells to their fullest extent, including recycling silicon materials such as silicon ingots, tops and tails, slabs, polysilicon, IC Grade silicon wafers etc., and has an extremely small carbon foot print in its products and components. We make Solar Educational Kits which include many sizes of mini solar panels, Do It Yourself Panel Construction Kits to allow average citizens to make solar panels themselves, factory direct custom solar panels in the sizes of 5, 10, 20, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 125, 145, 150, 230, 245 watts, and have enabled large number of people to produce solar energy at very affordable prices.

Headquartered in California, with manufacturing operations in Silicon Valley and overseas, Everbright Solar is able to combine the best of American technology, inginuity, and large scale low cost production, and we offer both the options of Made In USA line of products and other highly affordable solar solutions. You can count on Everbright Solar to provide outstanding value and service.

Return Policy
We stand by our products 100%. If you think the solar cells don't meet your expectations - please contact us by sending a message via eBay Message system first to help facilitate your return.  We require that buyers send items back within 14 days for a guaranteed refund in original condition to minimize transit damage or replacement. From the enormous number of cells that we shipped this past couple of months, returns have been essentially negligible and we are confident that you will be satisfied with your order!
Customer Support & Feedback:
  • We'll be leaving you positive feedback immediately upon receiving payment as we realize that is the only obligation that you as a buyer has to us as a seller here on eBay.
  • If you experience any issues with your order, please contact us first by sending a message via eBay Message system.  
  • We've been in the solar business for close to a decade & have developed & maintained a great reputation for our outstanding customer service & top notch quality solar cells/panels.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please click here to view our FAQ.

How To Buy Guide:

How To Buy Guide:

Please click here to view our How to Buy Solar Panels Guide.

Basic Solar Electrical Terminology:

Solar Terminology:

Please click here to view our Solar Terminology Guide.

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