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Details about  2012 Austrian Philharmonic 1 ounce 999 Silver coin

2012 Austrian Philharmonic 1 ounce 999 Silver coin See original listing
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08 Mar, 2012 12:25:05 GMT
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The Silver Philharmonic carries the same design as the Gold Philharmonic, which honours the Vienna Philharmonics Orchestra. The obverse of the coin features the Great Organ of the Golden Hall and the inscriptions indicate the date and 1.50 Euro face value. The reverse of the coin features an assortment of musical instruments with an inscription reading, "Wiener Philharmoniker" and "Silber" which translates to “Vienna Philharmonic" and "Silver".


MINT Austrian Mint
Purity 99.9% silver
Diameter 37mm thickness 3.2mm
Weight - 31.1030 grams
Silver content - 1 Troy Ounce


Sourced from the Guernsey Bullion Company Limited.


I have coins on order and I am told they will be dispatched to me by Wednesday 8th February.


Why physical silver either in your possession or held by someone who can be trusted ?


Read 'Canada's Buffett Bullish on Silver'

Among other things written “He might be one of the most unheralded investors of modern times.”

The Globe and Mail newspaper called him "Canada's 'Hidden Billionaire.'" Others have referred to him as the "Warren Buffett of Canada."”

“No matter what you call him, Eric Sprott is undoubtedly one of the world's most successful investors. Earlier this year, Sprott Inc., his investment company, announced its assets under management had exceeded $10 billion. Bloomberg estimates Eric Sprott himself has a net worth of at least $1.3 billion.”


Read 'Canadian billionaire Eric Sprott: "The Financial System Is A Farce" '

Among other things Eric says “We’re not naïve – we know the government will always protect the interests of the big banks over paltry retail investors, but do they have to be so brazen about it? The MF Global episode is basically shameless.”


Watch 'Eric Sprott: “Who is not Getting the Silver?” '

Among other things Eric says “The GLD and he holds up a bar and of course all of us sharks note the number on the bar …. we go back and check the list of the GLD - that bar’s not on the list. So we’re kind of wondering.”


Read ‘Sprott Swings For The Silver Fences (Can He Deliver?)’

Among other things written “The counter party to physical silver is a group of criminal men who trade the paper form of it to control the world’s resources. When you read the true story about the Hunt Brothers, the Federal Reserve, SEC and Treasury had daily briefing on the Hunts and rigged the game to break their backs.  Mr. Sprott has been very wise not to use debt or leverage to make this move, but I know these guys are not going to give up the ship without a dirty fight.”

“If he goes for the gusto and stands for 50 million ounces when there is on 32 million in the Registered Vaults (if you believe that..) he runs the risk of being branded a “market manipulator” and bring the dog howls of bureaucrats, pundits, and politicians.”


Read ‘Silver Well Set Up For Another Tilt at $50 and Much Higher’

Among other things written “For once other investors catch on then the supply of silver is so tight that a real price breakout will occur and from there the price will go as high as speculators can make it go.”

The claimed 34 million ounces in the COMEX would take $1.1B at a cost of $32/oz to clear. January 2012 Eric Sprott is planning to put $1.5B into physical silver so does that make him a market manipulator ?


Read ‘Sprott’s Call for Silver Producers to Hold Back Metal Strikes Chord’

On November 30, Eric Sprott, chairman of Sprott Inc. and one of the largest holders of physical silver and silver equities globally, issued a call to action to 17 of the world's largest silver producers to limit the sale of the metal until prices increase.

In Eric Sprott’s call to silver producers to withhold as a monetary reserve an amount of their silver production perhaps Eric Sprott should have rhetorically asked them which of the 5 monetary properties silver does possess can they argue silver does not have.

Read ‘Sprott is the Tsunami!’


Watch ‘Eric Sprott: "There has to be a Big Unwinding" ‘

Among other things Eric says “They (depositors?) took 500 MILLION out of BNP. Lloyds of London took a great deal of money out of the Euro banks.”

“And essentially what you’re witnessing in Europe, as we speak, and has been going on for quite a while, is that we have a bank run happening.”

“The fundamental problem is that we started in a banking system that got over-levered. The Fed started in 1913 and as time went on and as these banks wanted higher, higher returns on capital, the one way you could do it was to leverage yourself up. The baking system is over-levered and it got that way over a period of now almost 100 years since the Fed started and most of these banks are now going to rue the day they got that levered as we all realise there has to be a big unwinding.”

The fractional reserve system’s days are numbered.


Read ‘Eric Sprott: "Forces are at Work that can Move the Prices Down." ‘

Among other things Eric says “Putting as many dollars into silver as they are putting into gold but the price is 50 times different… and the availability for investment is in a ratio of there’s 20 times more gold in dollars to buy than there is silver in dollars to buy for investment. And yet the money’s going in 1:1”

If my mathematics are accurate that is a factor of 1,000 for silver over gold.


Read 'Eric Sprott and Endeavour Silver: A Match Made in Heaven?'


Read ‘History of Silver, Part III: Inventories Are Gone’

Among other things written “new industrial applications: in polyester sportswear… in most of the countless “industrial” applications of silver, silver is used in trace amounts… 1,200 tons of silver (each year) are used to fabricate 20 million tons of polyester sportswear.”

0.00006% - I had no idea that some consumption was below 1% of 1% of 1%. That is most definitely a trace amount and I can’t imagine a market value for silver that would make it economical to attempt recycling.

“In 1959 there were 9 BILLION ounces of known, global stockpiles (at a time when our planet had less than half the current population). Butler observes that 90% of that silver is now gone – even making a generous allowance for 100's of millions of ounces of “scrap” silver which could appear on the market (given a significant increase in price).”

The industrial vs precious question – “less-intelligent 'wisdom' of the market: silver is no longer deemed to be a “precious metal” because “people don't think of it as a precious metal, any longer”. Who are these people?

“Yet, with the price ratio of gold and silver currently nearing 70:1 the actual amount of available silver and gold in the world is likely no more than 6:1 – with many actual experts (including Ted Butler) convinced that this ratio is even lower.”

“In reality, the price of silver could likely increase 1000% with little to no effect on demand.”

“First of all, large investors are going to start hoarding silver again. Think: “Hunt Brothers” except that now there is hundreds of times as much capital floating around – and 90% less silver.”

“Secondly, pressure will mount on the various forms of silver fraud currently taking place. Consider this: it is the Manipulators (the fraudulent, bullion-banks), themselves who are telling us that 2/3 of global silver inventories are held in bullion-ETF's.”

“Meanwhile, these same criminals are holding a short-position in the Comex market somewhere close to half of global inventories (based upon the Comex "Commitment of Traders" report). This raises the obvious question: what is backing this short position? Obviously (by definition), the Manipulators cannot hold more than 100% of all silver.”


Read ‘Explaining Today's Silver Surge’ (2012-01-20)

Among other things written “take silver out of (hyper hypothecated) circulation”

The guys who are naked silver shorting in the futures market are about to have a very, very, very, very bad 2012.


Watch ‘Debt Collapse - $20,000 Gold - Mike Maloney’


Watch ‘Mike Maloney: Gold and Silver Represent Freedom and Independence’


Read ‘Silver Fundamentals’


Read ‘Silver Facts’


Read ‘Bill Haynes: Silver Eagle Sales Are Exploding, “Demand is Shocking”’,_Demand_is_Shocking.html


Read ‘Silver Sales Up As Supply Slips’


Read ‘How will China's Pan Asian Gold Exchange Revolutionize Gold and Silver Trading?’

Among other things written “Currently both the LBMA and COMEX are controlled by the banks. ETFs like GLD are run by HSBC while the SLV is run by JPMorgan. These ETFs are back mostly by paper and they are leverage by up to 30 times. That means that each transaction is backed by less than 4% in physical bullion.”

“Eventually the Chinese system will put an end to such fractional practice because it is back by 1 to 1 and this means for every contract they sell they will allocate an equal amount of physical bullion to back it up. This process is called allocated gold and unlike the unallocated gold or paper backed being used by other exchanges. If investors realized that if they are able to get physical delivery of the bullions in this case through PAGE, then who is going to do business with those fraudsters, criminal bankers and ponzi scheme operators in New York and London?”


Read ‘(Price) Inflation: The Only Tool Left’

Among other things written “U.S. HOUSING PERMANENTLY CRIPPLED”

The USGovt-owned Fannie Mae still prevents the public from gaining access to loan data in detail

My Jackass loose estimate has been tossed around frequently of one million bank owned homes in inventory, unsold, hanging over the market, rendering clearance and stability an absolute impossibility, with more home seizures always in the pipeline. The market cannot digest such an overhang, and cannot stop the price decline, especially since new foreclosures keep the flow into REO bank inventory.

Laurie Goodman of Amherst Securities offers the estimate of between 8.2 million and 10.3 million homes.

Long past critical mass, only radical out-of-the-box solutions will work.

Paul Krugman suggested burning some of the housing inventory to the ground.


Compliance departments have widely banned participation in the COMEX anymore. It is drying up as a market.

The Big Banks are trying to defend their massive short positions, like with 25 million SLV shorted shares. To meet the silver delivery demands, the cartel is borrowing heavily from the SLV, which will be gradually drained of metal in inventory.

The COMEX paper discovery price system has become a joke. No serious players interested in taking physical delivery use the COMEX anymore.

Since the CME did not backstop the MFGlobal clients, entire Compliance Departments prohibit usage of the COMEX.s

The SLV exchange traded fund is drained of silver bars from the back door. Numerous blemishes can be identified. The fund cannot stand scrutiny. It is one of the most effective criminal fraud vehicles ever designed. Thousands of investors have been duped, buying what they believed was physical gold & silver, when they have aided the cartel in suppressing their prices. Their inventory is routinely raided from custodial shorting practices that have become glaringly clear in recent months from simple tracking of inventory and short interest.”


Ranting Andy Explains Silver Ain’t That Cheap or Available Either 01-09-12

Kerry and Andy mention BrotherJohnF’s analysis about oil futures daily trading 20% of daily consumption versus silver futures daily trading 1,600% of daily consumption and Jeff Christian declaring that 400 ounces trade in the futures market for every physical ounce available in the COMEX.

So should more than 0.25% of these contracts stand for physical delivery the COMEX can offer the market value in fiat paper dollars plus an enticing premium in place of the physical silver and it has been suggested that the exchange rules are such that market participants are not guaranteed to take delivery of the actual thing under contract.

We have to ask ourselves is physical supply/demand setting the market value of silver, gold or pretty much anything in these markets ?

I very much doubt it and the current situation cannot last for much longer and neither can the fiat nature of all the world’s paper currencies.

Would you rather be 1 day late in exiting paper assets ?


Watch ‘The Great Silver Market Myth’


600 year silver

Silver is an opportunity that has been in the making since 1477AD when it was valued at $806/oz (in 1998 dollars) by virtue that it was demonetized in the 1870s and in modern times silver of 999 purity has been consumed nearly out of existence.


Read ‘Why Silver For A Monetary Collapse? Part 1’

Among other things written “The massive debt bubble created by our monetary system is about to burst. The demonetization of gold and silver, has over the years diverted value from these metals, to all paper assets (such as bonds) linked to the debt-based monetary system.”

“The process of the devaluation of gold and silver, started by the demonetization of gold and silver, is about to reverse at a greater speed than ever before.”

assets that possess monetary properties will be the premier assets. The issue here is not whether gold, silver or other assets are money or not. It is whether they have monetary properties, because that is what people will be after.”

Good money should be effective as a store of value, a medium of exchange as well as a unit of account. In order for money to be effective in the above it has to have the following properties:”

·         divisible- should be divisible in smaller units

·         portable – able to carry it around therefore a high value should be able to be contained in a small space and weight

·         homogenous – one unit should be the same as any another unit

·         durable – should not be able to be easily destroyed or eroded

·         Valuable – should have intrinsic value, normally because it is desirable. Should not be able to be created or discovered without reasonable effort. Normally a commodity itself.

“Gold has all the above properties. It is almost a perfect fit. How about silver? Is it not also a perfect fit?  In fact, silver is a perfect fit as much as gold is”

Governments and the establishment media want the general public to remain in paper assets but paper assets can go to ZERO because they always have gone to ZERO throughout history.


Too Big To Succeed



Read ‘Coinage Act of 1792’
Setting the ratio of gold to silver at 15 to 1 was very, very stupid because when the ratio was over 15 Gresham’s law worked on gold as it was too valuable – ‘cheap money drove out dear money’. There should not have been a ratio set by legislation in the first place. The natural ratio since 1792 has never been below 15 and now in modern times silver of 999 purity has been consumed nearly out of existence.


Read analysis of gold/silver daily movements in the COMEX warehouses


Watch ‘The Silver Bullet and The Silver Shield Part 1’


Watch ‘The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield – Part 2. Silver is Money’


Watch ‘The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield – Part 3. Why Silver and NOT Gold’


Watch ‘The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield – Part 4. Silver Is The Indispensable Metal’


Watch ‘The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield – Part 5. Infinite Money Finite World’

By accumulating physical silver we have beaten the rush that is coming.


Watch ‘The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield – Part 6. Physical Silver Has NO Counterparty Risk’


Watch ‘The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield – Part 7. The Historical Case For $960 Silver’


Watch ‘The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield – Part 8. The REAL Silver High’


Watch ‘The Greatest Truth Never Told: 42. Duck Dinner’

Who are the ducks being ‘feasted’ ? It is us, the outsiders, and the elite insiders are doing the ‘feasting’.


Interview with Charles Savoie – expert on silver history

Among other things written “Big “rich lists” put out by Fortune and Forbes are very likely misdirections, with persons who should be on those lists not there, and others intentionally ranked far down, with a bare fraction of their wealth visible.

Inescapably my conclusion early on was and has not changed, that they exist to re-take North America for the Crown; to use the United Nations as a base for World Government, under the Crown.

The artificial oversupply caused the price of silver to start skidding.  It reached an all time historical low of 24.5 cents per ounce by February 1931, down drastically from $1.34 in 1919.  The purchasing power of India, China and the entire Far East failed, resulting in U.S., English and European industries idling many millions of employees.  That was the sole cause of the Great Depression!

The Crown (or the Rothschilds) was forcing the world off silver money systems.  This in turn led to the second World War, an event which had been planned for over a generation.  The War yielded outcomes in keeping with the wishes of the elite.  The purpose of the market crash in October 1929 was to shear back the wealth of the non-aligned rich.

The Silver Purchase Act of June 1934 helped provide Roosevelt with a “basis” for nationalizing silver, which he did with Executive Order 6814 on August 9, 1934, pursuant to which frightened Americans surrendered some 113,031,000 ounces to the Treasury Department.

The Act specified that the nation should seek to hold silver as part of its monetary base to the extent of up to one third of the value of the gold.  Of course, such superb monetary Presidents as Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren and John Tyler would have never signed such an act, nor issued such an order, because they had unmatched comprehension of the fact that to serve as money, precious metals must be entirely free to circulate among the populace.  Jackson stated his wish to completely abolish paper “money.”

The elite knew many generations past they could not maintain control without control over information.

That’s why Senator Jay Rockefeller wants the President to have emergency powers to shut down the Internet.  There are an excessive number of non-censored sites in their view.  The Money Power bought up publishing houses, newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations, or in many cases founded them.  It funded scholarships, fellowships, professorial positions, and economics departments at hundreds of universities.  Information unfavorable to their operations has been blacked out from day one.

During wartime the President has vast emergency powers.  All they have to say is “we have no silver stockpile, hoarders can’t be allowed to hold the nation hostage in wartime crisis” and the Executive Order is signed dispossessing us of our best means of protection against currency inflation the same interests use to make us poor!


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