Medical Grade Neoprene Knee Brace Support Guard with 4 Spiral Stabilizer Stays


• MHRA Registered Class 1 Medical Device. 

• So comfortable it can be worn all day. 

• Easy to put on / take off.

• Suitable for both left and right knees.

• Provides stability, warmth and compression to your knee. 



Medical Grade, Neoprene Knee Brace with 4 Spiral Stabilizers


The NeoPhysio stabilizing knee brace is a MHRA Registered Class 1 Medical Device and conforms to ISO 13485.


Do not compare this brace to ones used in the NHS.


The knee brace features four flexible aluminium stays, two on either side of the knee. These, combined with the neoprene and Velcro straps, will improve stability around the whole of your knee. 


Two adjustable hook and loop Velcro straps can be tightened for an accurate, individual fit, ensuring your knee is kept stabilized during any activity. 


The round padded circle at the front of the brace protects and stabilizes your kneecap, helping to prevent unwanted movement. This opening also provides ventilation and relieves pressure on the kneecap . 


The medical grade neoprene material provides compression and warmth all around your knee. This compression and warmth aids healing, and in some cases will speed up the healing process. 


It also helps to wear the brace over the top of some base layer leggings/ compression leggings. This helps with comfort, but also wearing this type of clothing when recovering from injury has it's own benefits.


This support is perfect for improving stability around the whole of your knee area. 


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Finding the perfect fit is easy with the wide size range. 


Please measure around your knee joint to find the perfect fit. 


• S = 30cm – 34cm 

• M = 34cm - 38cm 

• L = 38cm – 42cm 

• XL = 42cm – 46cm 

• XXL = 46cm – 50cm