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Details about  550 MILITARY FIELD MANUALS ON DVD - 100,000 A4 PAGES!

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Condition: New Subject: Military/War
Format: DVD Language: English


Over 100,000 A4 pages in total!

An incredible and very comprehensive collection of US Military Field Manuals, on one DVD.  Each manual is supplied as one or more PDF files, and is organised by name - making the manual you're looking for that much easier to find.

The manuals are supplied on a professionally labelled DVD, and delivered to your door first class.

You will not find better value for money on the Internet!

With so much information on one DVD, you are sure to be reading for a while!


For a full and exhaustive list of the manuals included on this DVD, see below!

Aidmans Medical Guide Fm 8-36
Amcp 706-106 Sources Of Energy
Amcp 706-140 Trajectories, Differential Effects, And Data For Projectiles
Amcp 706-160 Terminal Ballistics Kill Mechanisms
Amcp 706-177 - Explosives Data
Amcp 706-179 Explosive Trains (1965)
Amcp 706-180 - Explosive Behavior
Antiarmor Weapons Subcourse In0546
Ar 50-5
Artep 7-10 Mission Training Plan For The Infantry Rifle Company
Basic Sniper Training (U.S Navy Seals)
Combat In Built Up Areas Subcourse In0531
Combat Leaders Guide (Leader Handbook 1997)
Convoy Leader Training Handbook
Counter Sniper Guide
Dictionary Of Military And Associated Terms
Em1110-1-3500 Chem Grouting
Em1110-1-4012 Prec Floc Coag
Em1110-2-1424 Lubrication&Hydrol Fluids
Em1110-2-3105 Pump Stations
Em1110-2-3400 Painting
Em1110-2-3506 Grouting Technology
Em385-1-80 Radiation Protection
Fm 1-112 Attack Helicopter Operations
Fm 1-140 - Helicopter Gunnery
Fm 10-1 Quartermaster Principles
Fm 10-23 Basic Doctrine For Army Field Feeding And Class I Operations Management
Fm 10-232 Operation And Management Of Garrison Dining Facilities
Fm 10-27 General Supply In The Theater Of Operations
Fm 10-286 Identification Of Deceased Personnel
Fm 100-1 The Profession Of Arms
Fm 100-10 Combat Service Support
Fm 100-11 Force Integration
Fm 100-13 Battlefield Coordination Detachment (Bcd)
Fm 100-14 Risk Management
Fm 100-15 Corps Operations
Fm 100-16 Army Operational Support
Fm 100-17 Mobilization, Deployment, Redeployment, Demobilization
Fm 100-18 Space Support To Army Operations
Fm 100-19 Domestic Support Operations
Fm 100-20 Military Operations In Low Intensity Conflict
Fm 100-22 Installation Management
Fm 100-23 Peace Operations
Fm 100-30 Nuclear Operations
Fm 100-38 Uxo Multiservice Procedures For Operations In An Unexploded Ordnance Environment
Fm 100-5 Operations
Fm 100-6 Information Operations
Fm 100-63 Infantry-Based Opposing Force
Fm 100-7 Decisive Force
Fm 100-9 Reconstitution
Fm 100-~1
Fm 100171
Fm 100231
Fm 101-5 Staff Organization And Operations
Fm 105001
Fm 11-1 Talk Ii-Sincgars Multiservice Communications Procedures For The Single-Channel Ground And
Airborne Radio System
Fm 11-25 Signal Troposcatter Company (Light And Heavy)
Fm 11-30 Mse Communications In The Corpsdivision
Fm 11-32 Combat Net Radio Operations
Fm 11-43 The Signal Leader's Guide
Fm 11-75 Battlefield Information Services (Bis)
Fm 17-128 Light Cavalry Weapon System Proficiency
Fm 17-15 Tank Platoon
Fm 17-18 Light Armor Operations
Fm 17-95 Cavalry Operations
Fm 17-98 Scout Platoon
Fm 17_98 Scout Platoon
Fm 19-1 Military Police Operations
Fm 19-10 Military Police Law And Order Operations
Fm 19-15 Civil Disturbances -
Fm 19-20 Investigative Process
Fm 19-30 Physical Security
Fm 19-4 Military Police Battlefield Circulation Control, Area Security, And Enemy Prisoner Of War
Fm 19-40 Enemy Prisoners Of War, Civilian Internees, And Detained Persons
Fm 19-60 Confinement And Correctional Treatment Of Us Military Prisoners
Fm 2-0 (Intelligence)
Fm 20-11 Military Diving

FM21-150combativesfig4-1vitaltargets by you.

Fm 20-3 Camouflage, Concealment, And Decoys
Fm 20-31 Engine-Driven Electrical Generator Sets
Fm 20-32 (Mine Countermine Operations)
Fm 20-32 Mine-Countermine Operations
Fm 21-10 Mcrp 4-11.1d Field Hygiene And Sanitation
Fm 21-11 First Aid For Soldiers
Fm 21-150 Combatives (1971)
Fm 21-150 Combatives (1992)
Fm 21-150 Combatives 1992
Fm 21-150 Hand To Hand Combat 1954
Fm 21-150 Hand To Hand Combat 1971 (Deal The First Deadly Blow)
Fm 21-150 Hand-To-Hand Combat (1954)
Fm 21-16 Unexploded Ordnance (Uxo) Procedures
Fm 21-17 Driver Selection, Training, And Supervision
Fm 21-18 Foot Marches
Fm 21-20 Physical Fitness Training
Fm 21-26 Map Reading And Land Navigation
Fm 21-305 Manual For The Wheeled Vehicle Driver
Fm 21-31 Topographic Symbols
Fm 21-60 Visual Signals
Fm 21-75 Combat Skills Of The Soldier
Fm 21-75 Scouting, Patrolling, And Sniping 1944
Fm 21-76 - Survival
Fm 22-100 Army Leadership - Be, Know, Do
Fm 22-101 Leadership Counseling
Fm 22-102 Soldier Team Development
Fm 22-51 Leaders' Manual For Combat Stress Control
Fm 22-6 Guard Duty
Fm 22-9 Soldier Performance In Continuous Operations
Fm 23-10 Sniper Training
Fm 23-11 90mm Recoilless Rifle, M67
Fm 23-14 M249 Light Machine Gun In The Automatic Rifle Role
Fm 23-23 Antipersonnel Mine M18a1 And M18 (Claymore)
Fm 23-24 Dragon Medium Antitankassault Weapon System M47
Fm 23-25 Light Antiarmor Weapons
Fm 23-27 Mk 19, 40-Mm Grenade Machine Gun, Mod 3
Fm 23-30 Grenades And Pyrotechnic Signals (1988)
Fm 23-31 40-Mm Grenade Launcher, M203
Fm 23-35 Combat Training With Pistols And Revolvers
Fm 23-41 M3m3a1 (Grease Gun) Field Manual
Fm 23-65 Browning Machine Gun Caliber .50 Hb, M2
Fm 23-90 (Mortars)
Fm 23-91 (Mortar Gunnery)
Fm 24-11 Tactical Satellite Communications
Fm 24-12 Communications In A 'Come As You Are' War
Fm 24-18 Tactical Single Channel Radio Communications Techniques
Fm 24-19 Radio Operator's Handbook
Fm 24-22 Communications-Electronics Management System
Fm 24-24 Signal Data References Signal Equipment
Fm 24-33 Communications Techniqueselectronic Counter-Countermeasures
Fm 24-40 Tactical Visual Information Doctrine
Fm 25-100 Training The Force
Fm 25-4 How To Conduct Training Exercises
Fm 25-5 Training For Mobilization And War
Fm 25-51 Battalion Task Force Nuclear Training
Fm 27-10 The Law Of Land Warfare
Fm 3-0 Operations
Fm 3-05.222 Special Forces Sniper Training & Employment
Fm 3-06 Urban Operations
Fm 3-06.1 Aviation Urban Operations
Fm 3-06.11 Combined Arms Operations In Urban Terrain
Fm 3-07-22 (Counterinsurgency Operations)
Fm 3-11-9 (Chemical Biological Agents)
Fm 3-19.1 Military Police Operations
Fm 3-19.13 Law Enforcement Investigations
Fm 3-19.15 Civil Disturbance Operations
Fm 3-19.17 Military Working Dogs
Fm 3-19.30 Physical Security
Fm 3-21.91 Tactical Employment Of Antiarmor Platoons And Companies
Fm 3-22.31 40mm Grenade Launcher M203 February 2003 - Version 2
Fm 3-22.31 40mm Grenade Launcher M203 February 2003
Fm 3-22.40 Tactical Employment Of Nonlethal Weapons (2003)
Fm 3-22.68 Crew Served Machine Guns, 5.56-Mm And 7.62-Mm
Fm 3-22.9 Rifle Marksmanship M16a1, M16a2-3,  M16a4, And M4 Carbine
Fm 3-23-25 Light Anti-Armor Weapons
Fm 3-23.30 Grenades And Pyrotechnic Signals
Fm 3-23.35 Combat Training With Pistols, M9 And M11
Fm 3-24 Counterinsurgency
Fm 3-25.150 Combatives
Fm 3-25.26 Map Reading And Land Navigation
Fm 3-34.2 Combined Arms Breaching Operations
Fm 3-34.230 Topographic Operations
Fm 3-5 Change 1
Fm 3-6 Field Behavior Of Nbc Agents
Fm 3-90 Tactics (2001)
Fm 3-97.6 Mountain Operations
Fm 31-15 Operations Against Irregular Forces
Fm 31-19 Military Free-Fall Parachuting Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures
Fm 31-20 Doctrine For Special Forces Operations
Fm 31-20-5 Special Reconnaissance Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures For Special Forces
Fm 31-21 Guerilla Warfare And Special Forces Operations
Fm 31-70 Basic Cold Weather Manual
Fm 31-70 Basic Cold Weather Survival Manual
Fm 31-71 Northern Operations
Fm 31-82 Base Development
Fm 33-1 Psychological Operations
Fm 33-1-1 Psychological Operations Techniques And Procedures
Fm 34-1 Intelligence And Electronic Warfare Operations
Fm 34-10 Division Intelligence And Electronic Warfare Operations

ArmyAnglesOfAttack by you.

Fm 34-130 Intelligence Preparation Of The Battlefield
Fm 34-2 Collection Management And Synchronization Planning
Fm 34-2-1 (Reconnisance Surveillance Intelligence)
Fm 34-2-1 Reconaissance And Surveillance And Intelligence Support To Counterreconaissance
Fm 34-2-1 Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Reconnaissance And Surveillance And Intelligence
Support To Counterreconnaissance
Fm 34-3 (Intelligence Analysis)
Fm 34-3 Intelligence Analysis
Fm 34-35 Armored Cavalry Regiment And Separate Brigade Intelligence And Electronic Warfare Operations
Fm 34-36 Special Operations Forces Intelligence And Electronic Warfare Operations
Fm 34-37 Echelons Above Corps (Eac) Intelligence And Electronic Warfare (Iew) Operations
Fm 34-40-7 Communications Jamming Handbook
Fm 34-40-9 Direction Finding Operations
Fm 34-45 Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Electronic Attack
Fm 34-52 Intelligence Interrogation
Fm 34-54 Battlefield Technical Intelligence
Fm 34-60 Counterintelligence
Fm 34-60 Counterintelligence
Fm 34-8 (Combat Intelligence)
Fm 34-8-2 Intelligence Officer's Handbook
Fm 34-80 Brigade And Battalion Intelligence And Electronic Warfare Operations
Fm 34-81-1 Battlefield Weather Effects
Fm 34-81-1 Battlefield Weather Effects
Fm 34-8~1 Critical Weather Effects Data
Fm 38-700 Packaging Of Materiel - Preservation
Fm 38-701 Packaging Of Materiel - Packing
Fm 4 - 15 Seacoast Artillery Fire Control And Position Finding (1940)
Fm 4-0 Combat Service Support
Fm 4-01.30 Movement Control
Fm 4-02.1 Combat Health Logistics
Fm 4-02.17 Preventive Medicine Services
Fm 4-02.19 Dental Service Support In A Theater Of Operations
Fm 4-02.21 Division And Brigade Surgeons' Handbook (Digitized) Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures
Fm 4-02.4 Medical Platoon Leaders' Handbook
Fm 4-02.6 The Medical Company
Fm 4-30.1 Munitions Distribution In The Theater Of Operations
Fm 4-30.13 Ammunition Handbook- Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Munitions Handlers
Fm 41-10 Civil Affairs Operations
Fm 41_5 Joint Manual For Civil Affairs
Fm 43-12 Division Maintenance Operations
Fm 43-20 General Support Maintenance Operations
Fm 44-16 Platoon Combat Operations - Chaparral, Vulcan, And Stinger
Fm 44-63 Ada Battalion In The Heavy Division
Fm 44-8 Combined Arms For Air Defense
Fm 44-80 Visual Aircraft Recognition
Fm 46-1 Public Affairs Operations
Fm 5-101 Mobility
Fm 5-102 Countermobility
Fm 5-103 Survivability
Fm 5-104 General Engineering
Fm 5-105 Topographic Operations
Fm 5-114 Engineer Operations Short Of War
Fm 5-116 Engineer Operations; Echelons Above Corps
Fm 5-125 Rigging Techniques, Procedures, And Applications
Fm 5-134 Pile Construction
Fm 5-163 Sewerage
Fm 5-164 Tactical Land Clearing
Fm 5-212 Medium Girder Bridge
Fm 5-232 Topographic Surveying
Fm 5-25 Explosives And Demolitions 1967
Fm 5-250 Explosives And Demolitions 1992
Fm 5-277 Bailey Bridge
Fm 5-30 Engineer Intelligence
Fm 5-31 Booby Traps
Fm 5-33 Terrain Analysis
Fm 5-34 Engineer Field Data
Fm 5-410 Military Soils Engineering
Fm 5-420 Plumbing And Pipefitting
Fm 5-422 Engineer Prime Power Operations
Fm 5-4301 Heli And Airfield Design 1
Fm 5-4302 Heli And Airfield Design 2
Fm 5-480 Port Construction And Repair
Fm 5-484 Multiservice Procedures For Well-Drilling Operations
Fm 5-488 Logging And Sawmill Operations
Fm 5-490 Engineer Diving Operations
Fm 5-7-30 Brigade Engineer And Engineer Company Combat Operations
Fm 5-71-2 Armored Task-Force Engineer Combat Operations
Fm 510015
Fm 55-10 Movement Control
Fm 55-15 Transportation Reference Data
Fm 55-50 Army Water Transport Operations
Fm 57-38 Pathfinder Operations
Fm 571100
Fm 6-02.72 Tactical Radios
Fm 6-121 Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Fire Support For Corps And Division Operations Field
Artillery Target Acquisition
Fm 6-16-3 Tables For Artillery Meteorology (Electronic And Visual) Type 2 Messages
Fm 6-2030 Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Fire Support For Corps And Division Operations
Fm 6-22.5 Combat Stress
Fm 6-30 Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Observed Fire
Fm 6-60 Multiple Launch Rocket System (Mlrs) Operations
Fm 6-71 Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Fire Support For Corps And Division Operations Fire
Support For The Combined Arms Commander
Fm 63-1 Support Battalions And Squadrons, Separate Brigades And Armored Cavalry Regiment
Fm 63-11 Logistics Support Element Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures
Fm 63-2 Division Support Command, Armored, Infantry, And Mechanized Infantry Divisions
Fm 63-20 Forward Support Battalion
Fm 63-21 Main Support Battalion
Fm 7-0 Training The Force
Fm 7-1 Battle Focused Training
Fm 7-10 Infantry Rifle Company
Fm 7-100 Opposing Force Doctrinal Framework And Strategy
Fm 7-15 The Army Universal Task List
Fm 7-20 The Infantry Battalion
Fm 7-40 Scout Dog Training And Employment 1973
Fm 7-7 The Mechanized Infantry Platoon And Squad (Apc)
Fm 7-8 Infantry Rifle Platoon And Squad
Fm 7-85 Ranger Unit Operations
Fm 7-90 (Tactical Employment Of Mortars)
Fm 7-92 The Infantry Reconnaissance Platoon And Squad (Airborne, Air Assault, Light Infantry)
Fm 7-93 Long-Range Surveillance Unit Operations
Fm 7-93-J Lsru Night Movements
Fm 7-98 Operations In A Low Intensity Conflict
Fm 700-80 Logistics
Fm 701-58 Planning Logistics Support For Military Operations
Fm 71-100 Division Operations
Fm 71-2 The Tank And Mechanized Infantry Battalion Task Force
Fm 711002
Fm 711003
Fm 8-10 Health Service Support In A Theater Of Operations
Fm 8-10-1 The Medical Company Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures
Fm 8-10-19 Dental Service Support In A Theater Of Operations
Fm 8-10-4 Medical Platoon Leaders' Handbook Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures
Fm 8-10-5 Brigade And Division Surgeons' Handbook Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures
Fm 8-10-6 Medical Evacuation In A Theater Of Operations
Fm 8-10-7 Health Service Support In A Nuclear, Biological, And Chemical Environment
Fm 8-10~1
Fm 8-284 Treatment Of Biological Warfare Agent Casualties
Fm 8-285 Treatment Of Chemical Agent Casualties And Conventional Military Chemical Injuries
Fm 8-40 Management Of Skin Diseases In The Tropics At Unit Level
Fm 8-42 Combat Health Support In Stability Operations And Support Operations
Fm 8-50 Prevention And Medical Management Of Laser Injuries
Fm 8-51 Combat Stress Control In A Theater Of Operations
Fm 8-9 Nato Handbook On The Medical Aspects Of Nbc Defensive Operations
Fm 9-13 Ammunition
Fm 9-15 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service And Unit Operations
Fm 9-207 Operations And Maintenance Of Ordnance Materiel In Cold Weather
Fm 9-38 Conventional Ammunition Unit Operations
Fm 9-6 Munitions Support In The Theater Of Operations
Fm 90-10 Military Operation On Urban Terrain
Fm 90-10 Military Operations On Urban Terrain (Mout)
Fm 90-10-1 An Infantryman's Guide To Combat In Built-Up Areas
Fm 90-13 River-Crossing Operations
Fm 90-13-1 Combined Arms Breaching Operations
Fm 90-2 Battlefield Deception
Fm 90-20 Multiservice Procedures For The Joint Application Of Firepower
Fm 90-24 (Ccc Countermeasures)
Fm 90-29 Noncombatant Evacuation Operations
Fm 90-3  Desert Operations - 24 August 1993
Fm 90-31 Amci Army And Marine Corps Integration In Joint Operations
Fm 90-5 Jungle Operations
Fm 90-7 Combined Arms Obstacle Integration
Fm 90-8 Counterguerilla Operations
Fm34-130 (Intelligence Preparation Of Battlefield)
Fm34-36 (Special Operations Intelligence)
Fm34-40-2 (Basic Cryptanalysis)
Fm34-54 (Technical Intelligence)
Fm34-60 (Counterintelligence)
Fm34-81 (Weather Operations)
Fmfm 1-3b Sniping (U.S. Marine Corps)
Fmfm 6-19 Tactical Employment Of Mortars
Fmfm 6-4 Marine Rifle Company
Fmfm1a 4th Generation Warfare
Fmfrp 12-25 The Guerilla And How To Fight Him
Fmfrp 12-40 Professional Knowledge Gained From Operational Experience In Vietnam, 1965-1966
Fmfrp 12-41 Professional Knowledge Gained From Operational Experience In Vietnam, 1967
Fmfrp 12-42 Professional Knowledge Gained From Operational Experience In Vietnam, 1968
Fmfrp 12-80 Kill Or Get Killed
Force Health Protection Nutrition And Exercise Manual
Fstc-381-4012 (Typical Foreign Unconventional Weapons)
Gta-11-01-08 (Electronic Countermeasures)
Handbook For Joint Urban Ops
Historical Study - Night Combat
It 0550 Us Army Introduction To The Intelligence Analyst
It 0606 Us Army Interrogation Operations
Jp 1-02, Dod Acronyms Andterms
Jp 3-06 Doctrine For Joint Urban Ops
Mcdp 1 Warfighting
Mcdp 1-3 Tactics
Mcrp 2-24b Remote Sensor Operations
Mcrp 2-25a Reconaissance Reports Guide
Mcrp 3-01a Rifle Marksmanship
Mcrp 3-01b Pistol Marksmanship
Mcrp 3-02a Marine Physical Readiness Training For Combat
Mcrp 3-02b Close Combat
Mcrp 3-02c Marine Combat Water Survival
Mcrp 3-02e Understanding And Surviving Terrorism
Mcrp 3-02f Fm 21-76 Survival
Mcrp 3-02g First Aid
Mcrp 3-02h Survival Evasion And Recovery
Mcrp 3-0a Unit Training Management Guide
Mcrp 3-0b How To Conduct Training
Mcrp 3-11.1a Commanders Tactical Handbook
Mcrp 3-11.2a Marine Troop Leaders Guide
Mcrp 3-15.2a Mortars
Mcrp 3-15.2b Mortar Gunnery
Mcrp 3-17.2c Multiservice Procedures For Explosive Ordnance Disposal In A Joint Environment
Mcrp 3-33a Counterguerilla Operations
Mcrp 3-37.1a Nuclear, Biological, And Chemical Vulnerability Assessment
Mcrp 3-37.1b Potential Military Chemical Biological Agents And Compounds
Mcrp 3-37.1c Multiservice Tactics, Techniques, And Procedures For Biological Surveillance
Mcrp 3-37.2c Nuclear, Biological, And Chemical Aspects Of Concequence Management
Mcrp 3-37c Flame, Riot Contol Agents And Herbicide Ops.
Mcrp 4-11.1c Treatment Of Biological Warfare Agent Casualties
Mcrp 4-11.8a Marine Corps Field Feeding Program
Mcrp 4-11.8b War Crimes Investigation
Mcrp 4-11b Environmental Considerations In Military Operations
Mcwp 2-26 Geographic Intelligence
Mcwp 2-6 Counterintelligence
Mcwp 3-1 Ground Combat Operations
Mcwp 3-11.2 Marine Rifle Squad
Mcwp 3-11.3 Scouting And Patrolling
Mcwp 3-11.4 Helicopterborne Operations
Mcwp 3-12 Marine Corps Tank Employment
Mcwp 3-15.1 Machine Guns And Machine Gunnery
Mcwp 3-15.3 Sniping
Mcwp 3-15.5 Magtf Antiarmor Operations
Mcwp 3-16 Fire Support Coordination In The Ground Combat Element
Mcwp 3-16.6 Supporting Arms Observer, Spotter And Controller
Mcwp 3-17.1 River Crossing Operations
Mcwp 3-17.2 Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Mcwp 3-17.3 Magtf Breaching Operations
Mcwp 3-3.1.2 Mine Warfare
Mcwp 3-33.2 Civil Disturbances

3 by you.

Mcwp 3-33.5 Counterinsurgency Operations
Mcwp 3-35.3 Military Operations On Urbanized Terrain (Mout)
Mcwp 3-35.4 Doctrine For Navy-Marine Corps Joint Riverine Operations
Mcwp 3-35.6 Desert Operations
Mcwp 3-37 Magtf, Nuclear, Chemical, Biological Defense Operations
Mcwp 3-37.2 Nuclear, Biological, And Chemical (Nbc) Protection
Mcwp 3-37.3wch1 Nbc Decontamination
Mcwp 3-37.4 Nuclear, Biological, And Chemical Reconnaissance
Mcwp 3-40.5 Electronic Warfare
Mcwp 3-41.1 Rear Area Operations
Mcwp 3-42.1 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operations
Mcwp 3-43.1 Raid Operations
Mcwp 4-1 Logistics Operations
Mcwp 4-11 Tactical Level Logistics
Mcwp 4-11.1 Health Service Support Operations
Mcwp 4-11.3 Transportation Operations
Mcwp 5-4 Small Wars
Mines And Boobytraps - Fmfrp 12-43
P 381-11 Viet Cong Boobytraps
Pa 550-104, Human Factor Considerations Of Undergrounds In Insurgencies
Performance Through Nutrition And Exercise
Read Me.Doc
Rpg-7 Antitank Grenade Launcher
Seabee Combat Handbook, Volume 1
Seabee Combat Handbook, Volume 2
Sh 21-76 Ranger Handbook (2000)
Silencers - Principles And Evaluations
Small Unit Night Fighter Manual
St 2-22.7 Tactical Human Intelligence And Counterintelligence Operations
St 2-50.4 Combat Commanders Handbook On Intelligence
St 31-91b- Us Army Special Forces Medical Handbook
Standards In Weapons Training (Special Operations Forces)
Stp 21-1-Smct Skill Level 1
Stp 21-24-Smct Skill Level 2, 3, 4
T-2819070-Military Basics Electronics Course
Tb Cml-100 Smoke Pots
Tc 21-24 Rappelling
Tc 21-3 - Soldier's Handbook For Individual Operations And Survival In Cold-Weather Areas
Tc 23-14 Sniper Training & Employment
Tc 25-30 A Leaders Guide To Company Training Meetings
Tc 25-8 Training Ranges
Tc 31-29 Special Forces - Caching Techniques
Tc 5-31 - Vc Boobytraps
Tc 5-31 Viet Nam Version
Tc 7-9 Infantry Live Fire Training
Tc 9-21-01  Soldiers Ied Awareness Guide Iraq & Afghan
Tc 90-1 Training For Military Ops On Urban Terrain
Tc 90-1 Training For Urban Operations
Tm 21-210 Improvised Munitions Handbook 1969 (Department Of The Army)
Tm 3-1040-204-14  Flamethrower, Portable, M2a1-7
Tm 31-200-1 Unconventional Warfare Devices And Techniques - References
Tm 31-201-1 Unconventional Warfare Devices And Techniques - Incendiaries
Tm 31-210 (Improvised Munitions Handbook)
Tm 32-201-1 Incendiaries (Unconventional Warfare Devices & Techniques)
Tm 43-0001-26-2 Chemical Weapon Munitions
Tm 43-0001-27 Ammunition Data Sheets - Small Caliber Ammunition Fsc 1305
Tm 43-0001-28 Army Ammunition Data Sheets
Tm 750-136 Proc. For Rapid Deployment, Redeployment, & Retrograde Small Arms
Tm 9-1005-222-35  Sniper Rifle Cal.30 M1 & M1d
Tm 9-1005-249-10 - Operator's Manual For M16, M16a1
Tm 9-1005-317-10 - Operator's Manual M9, 9mm Handgun
Tm 9-1005-319-23 M16a2 Maintenance & Repair Manual
Tm 9-1300-214 Military Explosives
Tm-43-0001-28 Army Data Sheets - Guns, Howizers, Mortars, Rifles, Gren Launchers & Arty Fuzes
Tm-43-0001-29 Army Ammunition Data Sheets For Grenades
Tm-43-0001-36 Ammunition Data Sheets For Land Mines
Tm-43-0001-37 Ammunition Data Sheets Military Pyrotechnics
Tm-43-0001-38 Army Data Sheets For Demolition Materials
Tm-43-0001-39 Army Data Sheets For Cartridges, Cartridge Activated Devices, & Propellant Activated
Tm-43-0001-47 Army Data Sheets Ammunition Peculiar Equipment
Tm-9-1010-221-10 (M203 Operators Manual)
Tm-9-1305-201-34 Small Arms Ammunition To 30 Millimeter Inclusive
Tm-9-1330-200-12 Operators & Organizational Maintenance Manual For Grenades
Tm-9-1340-214-10 (M72 Law Operators Manual)
Tm-9-1370-203-20 Unit Maintenance Manual For Military Pyroyechnics
Tm-9-1370-203-34 Direct & General Support Maintenance For Military Pyrotechnics
Tm-9-1375-213-34&P Direct & General Support Maintenance Manual Demolition Materials
Tm5-682 Fac Eng
Tm5-683 Fac Eng 2
Tm5-684 Fac Eng 3
Tm5-686 Transf Maint
Tm5-688 For Voltages
Tm5-690 Grounding
Tm5-692-1 Maint Elec
Tm5-692-2 Maint Elec
Tm5-693 Ups
Tm5-694 Comm Elec
Tm5-697 Comm Mech
Tm5-811-1 Pow Distr
Tm5-811-3 Lightning Prot
Tm5-811-6 Pow Plant Des
Tm5-813-1 H2o Eng
Tm5-813-4 H2o Storage
Tm5-813-5 H2o Distr
Tm5-813-7 H2o Spec Proj
Tm5-813-8 Desalination
Tm5-814-1 Waste H2o
Tm5-814-1h2o Pollution
Tm5-814-1waste H2o Pump Stat
Tradoc Pamphlet 600-4 Soldier's Handbook (Basic Initial Entry Training)
Us Army Mm 2598 Course - Identifying Ammunition Mm2598
Us Army Special Operations Sniper Training And Employment
Us Marine Corps - Hand To Hand Combat
Us Marine Corps - Mwtc Summer Survival Course Handbook
Us Marine Corps - Mwtc Winter Survival Course Handbook
Us Navy Seal Patrol Leaders Handbook
Us Navy Seal Physical Fitness Guide
Us Navy Seal Sniper Training Program
Us Military Manuals\Basic Cold Weather Manual
Us Military Manuals\Fm1-300
Us Military Manuals\Fm2-19.4
Us Military Manuals\Fm3-04.513
Us Military Manuals\Fm3-09.12

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