Antex XS-25 25W 230v Soldering Iron complete with PVC Cable and Plug

  • 25W Soldering Iron
  • 230vac with fitted UK plug
  • Suitable for Lead Free
  • Replaceable Tip
  • PVC power cable

Antex Soldering Iron XS25W 230V with PVC Cable and 13A Plug - highly respected by both industrial users and hobbyists alike,

Antex soldering irons have become one of today's classic soldering tools.

It is a tribute to the simple, yet highly effective basic design of the XS25 miniature electric soldering iron that it has changed little over the years.

The Antex XS25W features a double heating shaft for efficient heat transfer to the soldering tip and fast temperature recovery after use.

It is ideal for soldering projects in the educational environment.

  • Inner ceramic shaft provides near-perfect insulation with virtually no leakage (3 to 5µA)
  • Outer stainless steel shaft for strength
  • Bits are held on the element shaft by an internal spring clip
  • Bits simply slide on or off for changing
  • Antex soldering iron supplied complete with 3mm bit and mains cable
  • Fitted UK 13A mains plug
  • Antex type XS25
  • 3mm Chisel tip

The XS25 comes with a small pressed metal stand, to keep the hot tip off your work surface