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New: A brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged item in original retail packaging (where packaging is ... Read moreabout the condition


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EV088AA, 411462-421, EX941AA, 417066-001, HSTNN-LB31, HEWLETT PACKARD dv2000 Series
& more

3 Years warranty! Guarantee Quality! Brand New! Fast Shipping!

100% compatible with the OEM one!
CE, RoHS certified!

The battery is specially designed to replace the OEM HP batteries and available at the discount prices

We use high quality battery cells


Battery type : Li-ion

Voltage : 10.8V

Capacity : 4800mAh

Weight : 285g

No. of cell : 6

Product type : Replacement battery

Color : Black

Warranty : 3 years

Replacements for following batteries

Hp&Compaq battery:HP COMPAQ EV088AA
411462-421 EX941AA
417066-001 HSTNN-LB31

Fits HP laptop models

Presario V3030TUPresario V3030USPresario V3031AU
Presario V3031TUPresario V3032AUPresario V3032TU
Presario V3033AUPresario V3033TUPresario V3034AU
Presario V3034TUPresario V3035AUPresario V3035TU
Presario V3036TUPresario V3037AUPresario V3037CU
Presario V3037TUPresario V3038AUPresario V3038TU
Presario V3039AUPresario V3039TUPresario V3040TU
Presario V3041AUPresario V3041TUPresario V3042AU
Presario V3042TUPresario V3043AUPresario V3043TU
Presario V3044AUPresario V3044TUPresario V3045AU
Presario V3045TUPresario V3046AUPresario V3046TU
Presario V3047TUPresario V3048TUPresario V3049TU
Presario V3050TUPresario V3051TUPresario V3052TU
Presario V3053TUPresario V3054TUPresario V3055TU
Presario V3056TUPresario V3057TUPresario V3058TU
Presario V3059TUPresario V3060TUPresario V3061TU
Presario V3062TUPresario V3063TUPresario V3064TU
Presario V3065TUPresario V3066TUPresario V3067TU
Presario V3069TUPresario V3070TUPresario V3071TU
Presario V3072TUPresario V6000 SeriesPresario V6000AU
Presario V6000TPresario V6000ZPresario V6001AU
Presario V6001XXPresario V6002AUPresario V6002XX
Presario V6003AUPresario V6004AUPresario V6012EA
Presario V6014EAPresario V6016EAPresario V6024EA
Presario V6025EAPresario V6030USPresario V6048CL
Presario V6057EAPresario V6065EAPresario V6066EA
Presario V6300 Series HEWLETT PACKARD dv2000 SeriesPavilion dv2000TPavilion dv2000Z
Pavilion dv2001TUPavilion dv2001TXPavilion dv2001XX
Pavilion dv2002TUPavilion dv2002TXPavilion dv2002XX
Pavilion dv2003EAPavilion dv2003TUPavilion dv2003TX
Pavilion dv2004EAPavilion dv2004TUPavilion dv2004TX
Pavilion dv2004XXPavilion dv2005EAPavilion dv2005TU
Pavilion dv2005TXPavilion dv2005XXPavilion dv2006EA
Pavilion dv2006TUPavilion dv2006TXPavilion dv2006XX
Pavilion dv2007EAPavilion dv2007TUPavilion dv2007TX
Pavilion dv2008EAPavilion dv2008TUPavilion dv2008TX
Pavilion dv2009EAPavilion dv2009TUPavilion dv2009TX
Pavilion dv2009XXPavilion dv2010EAPavilion dv2010TU
Pavilion dv2010TXPavilion dv2011EAPavilion dv2011TU
Pavilion dv2011TXPavilion dv2012EAPavilion dv2012TU
Pavilion dv2012TXPavilion dv2013EAPavilion dv2013TU
Pavilion dv2013TXPavilion dv2014EAPavilion dv2014TU
Pavilion dv2014TXPavilion dv2015EAPavilion dv2015NR
Pavilion dv2015TUPavilion dv2015TXPavilion dv2016EA
Pavilion dv2016TUPavilion dv2016TXPavilion dv2017EA
Pavilion dv2017TUPavilion dv2017TXPavilion dv2018EA
Pavilion dv2018TUPavilion dv2018TXPavilion dv2019EA
Pavilion dv2019TUPavilion dv2019TXPavilion dv2020CA
Pavilion dv2020EAPavilion dv2020TUPavilion dv2020TX
Pavilion dv2020USPavilion dv2021TUPavilion dv2021TX
Pavilion dv2022TUPavilion dv2022USPavilion dv2023TU
Pavilion dv2024TUPavilion dv2024TXPavilion dv2025LA
Pavilion dv2025NRPavilion dv2025TUPavilion dv2025TX
Pavilion dv2026TUPavilion dv2026TXPavilion dv2027TU
Pavilion dv2027TXPavilion dv2028EAPavilion dv2028TU
Pavilion dv2028TXPavilion dv2029EAPavilion dv2029TU
Pavilion dv2029TXPavilion dv2030EAPavilion dv2030TU
Pavilion dv2030TXPavilion dv2031EAPavilion dv2031TU
Pavilion dv2031TXPavilion dv2032EAPavilion dv2032TU
Pavilion dv2032TXPavilion dv2033EAPavilion dv2033TU
Pavilion dv2033TXPavilion dv2034EAPavilion dv2034TU
Pavilion dv2034TXPavilion dv2035EAPavilion dv2035LA
Pavilion dv2035TUPavilion dv2035TXPavilion dv2035US
Pavilion dv2036EAPavilion dv2036TUPavilion dv2036TX
Pavilion dv2037TUPavilion dv2037TXPavilion dv2037US
Pavilion dv2038TUPavilion dv2038TXPavilion dv2039TU
Pavilion dv2039TXPavilion dv2040CAPavilion dv2040TU
Pavilion dv2040TXPavilion dv2040USPavilion dv2041TU
Pavilion dv2041TXPavilion dv2042TUPavilion dv2042TX
Pavilion dv2043TUPavilion dv2043TXPavilion dv2044TU
Pavilion dv2044TXPavilion dv2045EAPavilion dv2045TU
Pavilion dv2046TUPavilion dv2046TXPavilion dv2047CL
Pavilion dv2047TXPavilion dv2048TXPavilion dv2049TX
Pavilion dv2050TXPavilion dv2050USPavilion dv2053EA
Pavilion dv2054EAPavilion dv2055EAPavilion dv2056EA
Pavilion dv2057EAPavilion dv2058EAPavilion dv2064EA
Pavilion dv2065EAPavilion dv2080EAPavilion dv2081EA
Pavilion dv2082EAPavilion dv2084EAPavilion dv2085EA
Pavilion dv2088XXPavilion dv2095EAPavilion dv2097EA Series
Pavilion dv2098EAPavilion dv2099EAPavilion dv6000 Series
Pavilion dv6000ZPavilion dv6001EAPavilion dv6001XX
Pavilion dv6002XXPavilion dv6003EAPavilion dv6003XX
Pavilion dv6004EAPavilion dv6005EAPavilion dv6006EA
Pavilion dv6007EAPavilion dv6010EAPavilion dv6011EA
Pavilion dv6012EAPavilion dv6013EAPavilion dv6015EA
Pavilion dv6016EAPavilion dv6017EAPavilion dv6018EA
Pavilion dv6019EAPavilion dv6020EAPavilion dv6021EA
Pavilion dv6022EAPavilion dv6023EAPavilion dv6024EA
Pavilion dv6025EAPavilion dv6040CAPavilion dv6040US
Pavilion dv6045NRPavilion dv6054EAPavilion dv6057EA
Pavilion dv6058CLPavilion dv6058EAPavilion dv6059EA
Pavilion dv6060EAPavilion dv6061EAPavilion dv6063EA
Pavilion dv6064EAPavilion dv6065EAPavilion dv6067EA
Pavilion dv6086EAPavilion dv6087EAPavilion dv6088EA
Pavilion dv6095EAPavilion dv6097EAPavilion dv6100 Series
Pavilion dv6100EAPavilion dv6101EAPavilion dv6101EU
Pavilion dv6101TUPavilion dv6101TXPavilion dv6102EA
Pavilion dv6102EUPavilion dv6102ODPavilion dv6102TX
Pavilion dv6103EAPavilion dv6103EUPavilion dv6103NR
Pavilion dv6103TXPavilion dv6104EAPavilion dv6104EU
Pavilion dv6104TXPavilion dv6105CAPavilion dv6105EA
Pavilion dv6190EUPavilion dv6191EUPavilion dv6195EA
Pavilion dv6195XXPavilion dv6196EAPavilion dv6196XX
Pavilion dv6197XXPavilion dv6198XXPavilion dv6200 Series
Pavilion dv6203TXPavilion dv6215TXPavilion dv6216TX
Presario dv6000T Presario V3036AU Presario F575AU
Hp&Compaq Laptop: DV2000 COMPAQPresario F500 seriesPresario F574AU
Presario V3000 SeriesPresario V3000TPresario V3000Z
Presario V3001AUPresario V3001TUPresario V3001XX
Presario V3002AUPresario V3002TUPresario V3002XX
Presario V3003AUPresario V3003TUPresario V3003XX
Presario V3004AUPresario V3004TUPresario V3004XX
Presario V3005AUPresario V3005TUPresario V3006AU
Presario V3006TUPresario V3007AUPresario V3007TU
Presario V3008AUPresario V3008TUPresario V3009AU
Presario V3009TUPresario V3010AUPresario V3010CA
Presario V3010TUPresario V3010USPresario V3011AU
Presario V3011TUPresario V3012AUPresario V3012TU
Presario V3013AUPresario V3013TUPresario V3014AU
Presario V3014TUPresario V3015AUPresario V3015CA
Presario V3015NRPresario V3015TUPresario V3016AU
Presario V3016TUPresario V3016USPresario V3017AU
Presario V3017LAPresario V3017TUPresario V3018AU
Presario V3018CLPresario V3018TUPresario V3018US
Presario V3019AUPresario V3019TUPresario V3019US
Presario V3020AUPresario V3020CAPresario V3020TU
Presario V3020USPresario V3021AUPresario V3021TU
Presario V3022AUPresario V3022TUPresario V3023AU
Presario V3023TUPresario V3024AUPresario V3024TU
Presario V3025AUPresario V3025TUPresario V3026AU
Presario V3026TUPresario V3027AUPresario V3027TU
Presario V3028AUPresario V3028TUPresario V3029AU
Presario V3029TUPresario V3030AUPresario V3030CA
Pavilion dv6105EUPavilion dv6105TXPavilion dv6105US
Pavilion dv6106EAPavilion dv6106EUPavilion dv6106TX
Pavilion dv6107EAPavilion dv6107EUPavilion dv6107TX
Pavilion dv6107USPavilion dv6108EAPavilion dv6108NR
Pavilion dv6109EAPavilion dv6109OMPavilion dv6109TX
Pavilion dv6110BRPavilion dv6110CAPavilion dv6110EA
Pavilion dv6110EUPavilion dv6110TXPavilion dv6110US
Pavilion dv6111EAPavilion dv6111EUPavilion dv6111TX
Pavilion dv6112EAPavilion dv6112TXPavilion dv6113CA
Pavilion dv6113EAPavilion dv6113EUPavilion dv6113TX
Pavilion dv6113USPavilion dv6114EAPavilion dv6114TX
Pavilion dv6115CAPavilion dv6115EAPavilion dv6115EU
Pavilion dv6115TXPavilion dv6116EAPavilion dv6116EU
Pavilion dv6116TXPavilion dv6117EUPavilion dv6117TX
Pavilion dv6118EAPavilion dv6118EUPavilion dv6118TX
Pavilion dv6119EAPavilion dv6119EUPavilion dv6119TX
Pavilion dv6119USPavilion dv6120BRPavilion dv6120CA
Pavilion dv6120EAPavilion dv6120EUPavilion dv6120LA
Pavilion dv6120TXPavilion dv6120USPavilion dv6121EA
Pavilion dv6121TXPavilion dv6122EAPavilion dv6122TX
Pavilion dv6123EAPavilion dv6123EUPavilion dv6123TX
Pavilion dv6124EAPavilion dv6124EUPavilion dv6124TX
Pavilion dv6125EAPavilion dv6125OMPavilion dv6125SE
Pavilion dv6125TXPavilion dv6126EAPavilion dv6126EU
Pavilion dv6126TXPavilion dv6127EAPavilion dv6127EU
Pavilion dv6127TXPavilion dv6128EAPavilion dv6128EU
Pavilion dv6128TXPavilion dv6129EAPavilion dv6129EU
Pavilion dv6129TXPavilion dv6129USPavilion dv6130CA
Pavilion dv6130EAPavilion dv6130EUPavilion dv6130TX
Pavilion dv6130USPavilion dv6131EAPavilion dv6131EU
Pavilion dv6131ODPavilion dv6131TXPavilion dv6132EA
Pavilion dv6132EUPavilion dv6132TXPavilion dv6133EA
Pavilion dv6133EUPavilion dv6133TXPavilion dv6134EA
Pavilion dv6134EUPavilion dv6134TXPavilion dv6135CA
Pavilion dv6135EAPavilion dv6135EUPavilion dv6135NR
Pavilion dv6135TXPavilion dv6136EAPavilion dv6136EU
Pavilion dv6136TXPavilion dv6137EAPavilion dv6137EU
Pavilion dv6137TXPavilion dv6138EAPavilion dv6138EU
Pavilion dv6138TXPavilion dv6139EAPavilion dv6139EU
Pavilion dv6139TXPavilion dv6139USPavilion dv6140CA
Pavilion dv6140EAPavilion dv6140EUPavilion dv6140TX
Pavilion dv6140USPavilion dv6141EAPavilion dv6141EU
Pavilion dv6141TXPavilion dv6142EAPavilion dv6142EU
Pavilion dv6142TXPavilion dv6143EAPavilion dv6143TX
Pavilion dv6144EAPavilion dv6144EUPavilion dv6144TX
Pavilion dv6145EAPavilion dv6145EUPavilion dv6145TX
Pavilion dv6146EAPavilion dv6146EUPavilion dv6146TX
Pavilion dv6147EAPavilion dv6147EUPavilion dv6147TX
Pavilion dv6148EAPavilion dv6148EUPavilion dv6148TX
Pavilion dv6149EAPavilion dv6149EUPavilion dv6149TX
Pavilion dv6149USPavilion dv6150BRPavilion dv6150CA
Pavilion dv6150EAPavilion dv6150EUPavilion dv6150TX
Pavilion dv6150USPavilion dv6151EAPavilion dv6151EU
Pavilion dv6152EAPavilion dv6152EUPavilion dv6153EA
Pavilion dv6153EUPavilion dv6154EAPavilion dv6154EU
Pavilion dv6155EAPavilion dv6155EUPavilion dv6156EA
Pavilion dv6156EUPavilion dv6157EAPavilion dv6157EU
Pavilion dv6158EAPavilion dv6158EUPavilion dv6159EA
Pavilion dv6159EUPavilion dv6160EAPavilion dv6160EU
Pavilion dv6161EAPavilion dv6161EUPavilion dv6162EA
Pavilion dv6163EAPavilion dv6164EAPavilion dv6165CL
Pavilion dv6165EAPavilion dv6165EUPavilion dv6166EA
Pavilion dv6167EAPavilion dv6168EAPavilion dv6169EA
Pavilion dv6170EAPavilion dv6171CLPavilion dv6172EA
Pavilion dv6174CAPavilion dv6174CLPavilion dv6174EA
Pavilion dv6175EAPavilion dv6180EAPavilion dv6181EA
Pavilion dv6182EAPavilion dv6182EUPavilion dv6183EA
Pavilion dv6184EAPavilion dv6184EUPavilion dv6185EA
Pavilion dv6185EUPavilion dv6186EAPavilion dv6186EU
Pavilion dv6187EAPavilion dv6187EUPavilion dv6188EA
Pavilion dv6188EUPavilion dv6189EAPavilion dv6189EU
446507-001454931-001Pavilion dv6108TX
452057-001EV088AAPavilion dv6014EA
Pavilion dv2500tPavilion dv6500t


How to charge your new replacement laptop battery?

  • For initial use, it is always advisable to discharge the battery to 3% only and then fully charge it (approx 12 hrs).
  • Do NOT let the battery discharge to 0% initially, as it makes the battery prone to damage/short battery life/not holding the charge issues.
  • Battery once used must be recharged within 2 days without fail with above 50% before using it else it will cause damage/short battery life issues/not holding the charge issues.
  • Battery needs a cycle of discharging to 3% and then fully charging twice a week. 

    Battery Usage Tips

  • Turn down the LCD brightness of your portable device.
  • Use built-in power management on your portable device.
  • Turn off LCD or other unnecessary accessories when not in use.
  • Set screen saver blank to 1 to 2 minutes of your notebook.
  • Add more RAM if you have extra RAM expansion slot, it will reduce the usage of hard drive and it is power exhaustive.
  • Close unused software in your notebook.
  • Remove unused PC Cards or USB devices from your notebook.
  • Don't watch DVD or play graphics intensive video games.
  • Don't short circuit terminal or store your battery pack with metal parts.
  • Don't drop or mutilate the battery pack.
  • Don't expose to moisture or water.
  • It is normal to get warm when charging or normal use. If it is getting too hot, there may be a problem with the device and qualified personnel should check it.

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