Renault Clio 2

UCH Full Repair & Rebuild

Full Fault Repair of the effected UCH is available at

Tachosoft UK Limited

A common failure for the Clio 2 fitted with the UCH N1, N2, N3 and BG Multiplex body control module behind the glove box.

No Coding Required, Plug 'N' Play

*FAST 1 Day Repair Service

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£99.99 Full Rebuild / 12 month Warrantee

Common faults to this UCH module are:

  • The right hand indicator will flash constantly unless you indicate left to cancel it out, but when return back to the mid point, the right side indication will flash again on its own accord.
  • The windscreen wipers will work on there own and will not park, or not work at all.
  • Lights are Flickering, or interaction between two or more different functions.
  • A constant noise from behind the glove box, which might sound like a constant chattering or clicking of the relays.
  • Misc symptoms and faults.. the 3 main faults are listed, but more apply, in some circumstances the UCH will fail to function at all, or may present reduced functionality such as the remote locking from the key fob may fail to work correctly.

Common UCH part numbers affected by this problem are:

  • UCH-N1 21 670 293-8A P8200207134A (Type 1)
  • UCH-N2 21 670294-6B1 P8200234045 (Type 1)
  • UCH-N2 21 675905-2A P8200311989 (Type 2)
  • UCH-N2 28118084-2A P8200621762 (Type 2)
  • UCH-N3 21675787-1A P8200272302B (Type 2)
  • UCH-N3 21 672 253-9A P8200272302 (Type 1)


Renault Clio Indicator Fault and Repair

Do you have a Renault Clio with indicators that are constantly indicating right all the time? if so it is unlikely that you have simply forgot to turn them off! What is more likely is that you have an indicator fault which is common in Renault Clio cars, fault that can be pretty expensive to have repaired at a Renault Dealer, on top of the diagnostic test you will end up having to replace the cars UCH and they arent cheap.

How Much Would That Cost At A Renault Dealer

The estimated cost of taking this to a Renault dealer, getting it diagnosed and the UCH replaced, is approx £600 or more...

* Prompt Turn around of 1 Business Days (Does not include weekends)

** Please Remove your UCH, Remove the Upper Plastic Slide-On Bracket, and the Lower Metal Slide-In Brackets before Posting.

***Excessive Packaging is NOT required, send only the UCH in a suitable size box or padded envelope.

****Be sure to include your information with the parcel and a description of fault symptoms.

***** Please Respect our Business Terms, We are an Internet Business, We operate by Mail Order Only and All Enquiries are handled by Email and Text Message Only.

What you Need to do:

1. Complete an order and make pre-payment for repair

2. Remove UCH from your car, remove the upper plastic bracket and lower metal bracket

3. Send in padded envelope (Do NOT send Excessive packaging, a £10 Refuse Fee will apply to items sent with excess packaging)

4. Do NOT remove UCH from the plastic housing, UCH modules sent without housing (Bare PCB) will not be accepted for repair.

5. Write your Name, Address, Telephone number and a description of the faults on a piece of paper, and enclose it with the UCH.

6. Send by RoyalMail ONLY to our PO BOX address: AUTOMOTIVE LABS, PO BOX 242, BOSTON, PE21 1ET.

7. When UCH is returned, Plug into your car, and Drive!  No Coding Required, Nice and Simple Service with FAST turn around.

*FAST 1 Day Repair - This means I repair the same day UCH is received and dispatch the same day. Please Note, I do not operate the Postal service, as such postage carrier times are not valid as part of the 1-day repair time promise.


Q. Why can't i speak to someone?

A. Please Respect my terms if you wish to use my service!  This is a simple, straight forward service that requires no complications, Click Buy, Send UCH, we Repair, Send Back, JOB DONE.

Q. My part number isn't listed, do you still repair this one?

A. If its looks the same as the UCH pictured from a Clio2, Yes, we repair them all.  We also repair Kangoo, Traffic, Movano, Master, etc UCH with the same faults.

Q. What if i pay for this repair and it doesn't work?

A. I don't charge a fee for providing a useless service, so you would be welcome to a refund less P&P costs of £9.99.  However, you should properly have the vehicle diagnosed prior to opting to use this repair, I do not operate a Trial and Test service.

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