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Details about  Colourful HAND PAINTED SIGNED Egyptian PAPYRUS painting: LOVELY! Spear Fishing!!

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Colourful HAND PAINTED SIGNED Egyptian PAPYRUS painting: LOVELY! Spear Fishing!!
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29 Jul, 2014 01:03:49 BST
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Cairo, Egypt, Egypt


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Ancient Egyptian

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Medium (Up to 30in.)



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Painted on Papyrus

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Sports & Recreation

Colourful HAND PAINTED SIGNED Egyptian PAPYRUS painting: LOVELY DETAILS! Farming


***** 50% off shipping of any 2nd papyrus painting, 75% off shipping of any 3rd Papyrus painting, 100% off shipping of any 4th papyrus painting purchased!!! Heaviest item will ship full price. Discount does not apply to wholesale papyrus where there is a 20% shipping discount on multiple purchases sent in 1 package.*****

Beautifully painted and very detailed picture. Beautiful painting of Wall Art showing Ancient Egpytian Farming

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Painting measures 55 x 26cm or 22'' by 10''

You are bidding on an Egyptian Papyrus Art painting which had been skilfully painted by Egyptian artisans on the highest quality papyrus and are characterized by their uniqueness.

  The painting is a very accurate reproduction of a wall painting of spear fishing. Beautiful colours and high quality!

  Signed by the Artist!
Stamped Certified Genuine Egyptian Papyrus. 

While it is difficult to believe that certain meats, such as fish and wild poultry did not show up fairly frequently on the tables of common people, we are told by Egyptologists that it was for the most part only the rich who regularly feasted on most meat. The poor ate geese, ducks, quails, cranes and other species, and from the New Kingdom onward raised domesticated fowl. Most edible fish from the Nilewere consumed, though some fish, such as the genera Lepidotus and Phragus and a few others were forbidden because of their connection with the myth of Osiris.

In some locations, even the Nile perch was worshipped, and therefore never eaten. While fish were roasted or boiled, most frequently they were salted and preserved and dried in the sun.



  • Beautiful hand painted paintings with bright paints including some with gold and silver colours
  • Every painting a different one - see the pictures to see what they are!
  • Genuine 100% papyrus
  • Beautiful paintings for a fraction of the cost of other paintings a similar size and quality
  • Would suit a bedroom, lounge, large hallway etc. Great gift!
  • Each with a stamp of authenticity & signed by the artist

The Papyrus to be planted in Egypt and has the same chemical and physical properties that our ancient Egyptian Papyrus had. The colourful hand painting is very impressive.


Perfect for adding life and color to your home or office. All our paintings are of the best quality with brilliant colors.

This painting makes a great addition to any collection.
It also makes a great gift.

  • I ask that you please choose any additional painting or items you'd like and give your address to d send to within 7 days. Payment is respectfully required within 7 days after the last winning auction is closed. 
  • We accept Paypal.
  • Items are always described to the best of my ability, and I will guarantee my descriptions to be as accurate as possible. If there is an obvious discrepancy between the auction listing and the received item, the item can be returned for a refund of the auction close price. If there is a mistake on my part (e.g. wrong item shipped), I will provide a full refund or exchange for the proper item. 
  • The picture photographed is the painting you get (not some copy of it!)

 Handmade by craftsmen in Egypt

We are continually looking for high quality, unique items at the very best prices. 

We photograph each and every type painting that we sell. The items in the photographs will be the same as you will receive. 

Egypt has a proud and continuing tradition of the ancient art of papyrus painting.

Every papyrus painting is a hand-painted masterpiece. They are made from genuine papyrus paper. 

Each papyrus is different and this would be a great collectible or a unique gift.  

                                                               - How Papyrus Is Made -

Papyrus was, and continues today to be made from the papyrus reed that grows in freshwater marshes along the river Nile. The plant grows to about a height of ten feet. After harvesting, the outer fibers are peeled away from the core of the stalk and sliced into very thin strips that are as broad as possible. Next, the strips are soaked in water to remove the sugar content. They then are pounded until all the water is drained away. They are then placed side by side, overlapping slightly. This raw papyrus sheet is pounded again, and left under a heavy weight- (usually a stone slab) to dry for approximately six days. Finally, after drying, the surface of the sheet is polished to a smooth finish by a time consuming rubbing process. Papyrus sheets are then ready for use.

Fishing in Ancient Egypt:

We can only imagine that the fishermen of Ancient Egypt were a lot like us. Fishing was a popular pastime – it provided an opportunity for either solitude or camaraderie. Like today, some fished by themselves and others, in groups. Many did it for sport and/or food. Others made their living from it. They fished from banks and in boats or rafts that were made from papyrus and other reeds. The Ancient Egyptian anglers also used a variety of techniques, including baited hooks, hand nets, drag-nets, fish baskets or weir traps, and harpoons.

Hooks were carved from pieces of bone, wood, shell or ivory. Based on the results from archaeological finds, fishhooks averaged 1/3” – 7” in length. Eventually, the Egyptians evolved and began crafting their hooks from copper and bronze. When this happened is a source of conflict. Most sources place metal fishhooks in later dynasties (Dynasty XII; 1991-1778 BC); however, a famous Egyptologist by the name of Sir William Flinders Petrie dated one specimen of a barbed, copper fishhook at 2500 BC. This latter scenario seems probable as the period was well into the Bronze Age, which began in 3300 BC. In any case, the Egyptians gave barbed metal fishhooks to the world.

Fishing line was made from the fibers of flax or linen. The Egyptians did not use a loose mass of fibers but a group of individually twisted threads. Certainly, the diameter and “Lb. test” of the line would be related to the number of linen threads. Sportsmen and recreational fishermen would use one or more hooks on a single line, and those who depended on fishing as a livelihood used multiple lines to improve their catches. Evidently, the Ancient Egyptians didn’t have to worry about legal restrictions with multi-hooked and multiple lines! The fishing lines were initially weighted with clay, but the Egyptians eventually upgraded to lead sinkers by 1200 BC. The British Museum of Natural History has one of these sinkers in its collection.

The fishermen baited their hooks with various items such as stale bread, dates, meat, small fish, and undoubtedly, insects. In addition, they used ground bait, something that was sprinkled on top of the water to attract fish. It is interesting that they never used a small fish to target a larger fish of the same species – they may have considered it sacrilegious.

Fishing in Ancient Egypt was quite simple. The fisherman threw out his baited hook and rested the line on his index finger. He waited for some nibbles and tugs, and then set the hook. So, there you have it – the Ancient Egyptians were bottom bouncers! You have to wonder how upset they became when they snagged the bottom. Was it a big deal to lose hooks and weights, or did they have an ample supply in their tackle boxes? And yes, they had tackle boxes that were made from wood or woven reeds.

The tombs do not reveal the use of fishing rods or floats in the Old Kingdoms. Both of these came into existence sometime in later dynasties. Given that they knew how to fish the bottom then, it isn’t much of a stretch to consider that they could also devise floats to carry the bait closer to the surface – and alert the angler to a strike. Accordingly, there exist reports of cork floats used by Egyptians but it remains unclear when this practice came about. Perhaps, one day, archaeologists will uncover evidence of this.

Fishing with nets was common in Ancient Egypt for those fishing for need or livelihood. These were made from linen and constructed with knots that have been passed down from generation to generation. In fact, these knots (reef, mesh, and half) are universal among net fishermen today. However, fishnets were a costly item that many fishermen could not afford, and it was for this reason that the less affluent fishermen were restricted to fishing on the bank with lines.

Drag-net fishing involved more than a couple of fishermen. These nets were weighted with lumps of clay at the bottom and buoyed at the top with wooden floats. Fishermen would wade through the water and encircle a group of fish with their drag-net. Upon trapping the fish, they would strike them with clubs or kill them with harpoons. During later dynasties, drag-nets made use of lead weights and cork floats.

Fish traps, or weir baskets, were made from the branches of willow trees. These wickerwork basket-traps were conical in shape and used in one of two ways: For the first way, the Egyptians strategically placed these in the paths of migrating fish; for example, fish swimming upstream. The trap had the effect of corralling fish as they swam with the current. The second way involved placing the traps in water that was adjacent to submerged vegetation. People would walk into the vegetation and scatter the fish away from the shoreline and into the trap. Once captured, the fish were either clubbed or harpooned. Even today, fishermen use weir traps in various places throughout the world.

The River Nile held a variety of fish, including Nile perch, tilapia, mullet, puffer fish, moonfish, mullets, carp, eels, elephant fish, catfish, and others. One of these catfish actually swam upside-down and was appropriately called, “the upside-down catfish.” At present, it is only found in the Nile below the Aswan dam. Another catfish that was well known to the Ancient Egyptians was the electric catfish. When fishermen caught these in nets, the fish produced sufficient electricity that shocked the fishermen. The volleys of electricity were strong enough to cause the fishermen to release their grip on the nets, allowing the electric catfish and all the other fish to escape! This species is still found in the Nile today. Finally, during the Greco-Roman period in Egypt, some fish, such as the Nile perch and the elephant fish, were considered sacred. There were prohibitions against keeping and eating these fish. Fishermen took great care while removing these fish from their nets to ensure their survival – and to avoid severe punishments! Both of these are doing fine in Egypt today.

Although we don’t have any evidence for bait and tackle shops, I like to think that these existed in Ancient Egypt. You can easily imagine that many anglers wouldn’t take the time to weave their own fishing lines or carve their own hooks, let alone find the “best baits.” Maybe the fishermen simply stopped by the shops to find out where the hotspots were and boast about their recent catches – or – to complain about the big one that got away. Maybe they had a piece of jerky and a hard-boiled egg, along with a cold one – yes – they had those items too! It must have been a great period to fish, even though they faced constant threats from crocodiles, hippos, and other large animals such as lions and hyenas. Making your livelihood from fishing was considered a very dangerous occupation.

It is easy to see that the Ancient Egyptians were the early innovators of modern day fishing and most likely, not any different from us. If you have the chance to read any of their translations, you will find that they valued being in the outdoors and away from everyday life. They seemed to have a good time – like all anglers! It’s incredible that the records in their tombs have lasted almost 5,000 years. Even more amazing is the fact that many of the same species of fish thrive in the waters of the Nile – today! ::



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