Draper Tools Complete Electric Soldering Iron Kit Set with Solder/Flux 100W Gun


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Draper 71420 SG100 230V 100W Soldering Gun Kit

  • Ideal for electronic, model engineering, industrial and general applications
  • Soldering gun incorporates a worklight
  • Soldering gun manufactured to conform to the low voltage electrical safety regulations 1989
  • This 5 Piece Kit Contains:
  • 100W Soldering Gun
  • 2 spare soldering gun tips
  • Tube solder (solder grade 60/40 Tin/Lead)
  • Flux
  • Instruction manual

  • Important - Tinning a Soldering Iron
    Soldering irons need tinning before first use and regularly during use to prolong their life.

    Tinning means to coat the tip with solder which when melted helps to tranfer the heat during use. An untinned tip will be very inefficient.

    How to tin a soldering iron

    Soldering iron tips are normally made of copper or a copper alloy. To tin this metal it should be thouroughly clean (fine sandpaper or wet and dry paper is ideal).

    Rub the tip until you can see bare metal, this is best done when the tip is hot so take care!

    Once the tip is up to temperature and clean you can apply a good quality fluxed solder to it and you will see the metal melt and run over the bare metal.

    NB the solder must be a fluxed type for tinning to be reliable.

    You can now clean any excess off with a damp cloth or sponge.

    Your soldering iron is ready for use.

    Selection Advice - Which Iron to Choose?
    Please remember that larger soldering irons do not run any hotter than smaller irons, but they have more power (or watts) available to replace the heat which is lost during use. The larger the item being soldered the greater the need for the volume of heat, and the higher the power or wattage needed.

    In general terms if you are working with smaller items you should choose a lower power iron - this is especially true with fragile items such as circuit boards.

    We stock the following irons: Battery powered Irons, 12V Irons, 230V Irons in 100W, 80W, 60W, 40W, 25W sizes.

Product Details:

  • Packaged Weight: 1,050.00g
  • Brand: Draper
  • Draper 71420