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Details about  Earn$200 Per Day Playing FIFA 11 12 Ultimate & Coins Team on PS3 Xbox 360 PC Wii

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Earn$200 Per Day Playing FIFA 11 12 Ultimate & Coins Team on PS3 Xbox 360 PC Wii
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aseen...and more!

Lets get one thing clear first, I know what your probably thinking right now -  

"This must be some scam or typical hyped up nonsense you'd normally find online with them get rich quick schemes?!" 

So I'll begin by sharing with you PROOF and real customer feedback from fellow eBay Community Members (just like me and you) that can vouch that this is very real and genuine and have actually purchased this information and item that can also be yours today.

(you can verify this is real feedback by investigating each one of the single comments and accounts below!) 



Before messaging me with any questions, Please first make sure you read this item description in full as everything is explained inside it, and make sure your questions not already answered inside the Frequently Asked Questions section near the bottom of the item description below!


All revealed to you in my exclusive and personally recorded DVD Training Course which will come as easy to understand and follow video tutorials you can watch in your own time!  - Yes! That really does mean you will learn as if your 'watching over my shoulder" and see live on screen how I make money by simply playing my video games - so YOU can too by copying what I do and will be teaching you! 

This might be the most valuable item you ever purchase as a video gamer. And you now have that opportunity to get that valuable item in form of a DVD TRAINING COURSE which WILL contain all information you need to get this working for you. Introducing to you my course entitled the...

"Game Changer Secrets"

video games money course

... now before you make any pre-misconceptions or think 'you have tried all the ways' to make money from video gaming - let me tell you what This Is NOT, And WILL NOT Involve in anyway whatsoeverThis is NOT about -

  • Applying to be a video games tester / developer / programmer.

  • Being part of video games related surveys or focus groups.

  • Trying and playing random or allocated free video games, samples or demos. (this is about playing your FULL games thats you actually enjoy playingnot allowed)

  • Entering into ANY type or kind of video games tournaments, competitions, prize draws etc for cash or earnings.

  • Being limited to the types of video games or devices you play with (you just keep playing what you play already)

  • Online Gambling or Games of Skill - This is typical real video games

  • Selling gaming xp, time, status, points, trophies etc. (Like playing for other people to help them rank higher in particular games, so they don't have to spend the time doing it themselves) - This is NOT that.

  • Any kind of silly rewards programs, get-rich quick schemes, biz opps, or any other nonsense scams!


This is none of the above. I have researched and tried them all, but after much pain and frustration (and if you done this then you will probably agree and know what am talking about) Because I felt none of them were any fun, worth the time or effort for the money we make in return. They barely made me any REAL decent money worth mentioning here, or give me the long term income I would ideally want from playing video games. But although I wasted a lot of time trying these things and go nowherethe one thing that never changed during this time was my love for playing video games. 

You see am I'm a big kid truth be told, and have been playing video games ever since I was around 7 years old, when back then very excitedly for me, my first ever video games console was given to me as a gift by my uncle! If your wondering what it was, it was a Nintendo NES (pictured left) - you can google that to see how ancient it is - but I loved it and have some awesome memories even now of my gaming days back in the day!

Anyway enough of my 'personal story and rant!' and back to how this relates to how I can help you. So as you know I have always had a passion for video gaming from a very young age, but this is also matched by my other passion of becoming successful financially and making good money to enjoy the finer things in life (who doesn't right?)...

...So ever since I got my first computer (which was a desktop pc for university work / studying) I also started using it to find alternative ways to make money and from the internet. During this time I learned a lot of things, some of which that made me money, and some of which that didn't and were a complete waste of time. But In the end however my patience and persistence was worth it. Here is a snapshot of myself and who I am -

Waseems Mirza Mentoring

Fast forward to today, I now make my full time income and living from the internet...From the comfort of my own home and just my laptop! I have actually become somewhat of an expert of not only knowing what works, but how to do things the right way to make as much money possible. You can learn more about me and see for yourself by visiting my 'eBay About Me' page. But you can do that later, what is more important right now is that you understand why what am telling you about myself is related to making money from video gaming. You see, I have years of knowledge, experience and skills in making money online from various methods and projects. I confidently know the secrets out there that are making ordinary people an extraordinary income online! But it is only now and very recently when it has become even more exciting for me...which is how it relates to you and video games -

"I discovered how I AND YOU can easily use the hidden secrets of making money online, and combine them with video gaming to make serious money every time we play your video games!...

....Up-To $200-$300+ Per Day!"

The good news is, you don't have to spend the countless nights and hours alone every night like I did to try and find ways to make money online that work. Or if you do, It is still highly unlikely you would by chance stumble across that light bulb moment where you can combine that knowledge with our passion for playing video games and do it the right way! - It would requires hours of trial and error to figure this out (Believe me I know!)

HOWEVER, thats where I come in. If your someone who plays video games, then you can fast track your success instantly and have access to what I personally believe is the best compiled knowledge out there to turn playing video games into a serious money making activity by leveraging the benefits of the internet.

I will teach you exactly what I do -  step by step on screen with my video tutorials training course on how to start making money from your video gaming and playing time! No fluff or time wasting information, but  straight into teaching you whats important so you too can start making money instantly WITHOUT being some kind of expert or spend hours of time and nights in trial and error trying to figure it out for yourself.

"So to recap,  what do I have on offer and what will you get?..."

video games money course

I will be sending you (physically in the mail) step by step video tutorials on DVD detailing how you too can instantly start making money by playing video games that you normally play already. I will be sharing with you my exact secrets of how its possible, how it works and more importantly  - how you can easily start doing the same for yourself as soon as possible (in record time in fact). Because I save you the time I had to spend in research, trial and error to try and best perfectly refine this strategy.

"You can be set up and start earning within minutes!...and gradually build your income to as high as 
up-to $200-$300+ Per Day!"

This is important because not only do I tell you the A-Z of how to do this (whether your a beginner or  advanced), but how to do it the right way. So you can start making the most money possible (which in my terms is - a very good income and serious money fast). And build the level of income as fast as possible to hundreds of dollars per day!

Don't just take my word for it. Below is a review from one of my customers sharing his experience and thoughts of what he learned inside the "Game Changer Secrets" DVD Video Training course, the very same DVD training course on offer today and I'll be sending to you physically in the mail via post. 

 .  Click the play button on the player below to find out more -

"This is something very different, yet so simple and easy to do, people don't even realise the massive money making potential in it. Or if they do...then the majority I'm seeing aren't even doing it right and will never really know"

But with my personal and exclusive step by step "Game Changer Secrets"  video training course - YOU CAN!

  • This is new - (started working around late 2008 / early 2009) Yet more recently it has got even easier to do! Because the opportunity is getting bigger and BIGGER every single day. I myself have only been doing this around for a few years now -  And the opportunity is massive. You have the opportunity to be among one of the first that starts doing this and make as much money possible from it before everyone else starts copying us!

  • However the good news is, even though some gamers that are already doing this, They typically do it passively and for fun, not realising the massive money making potential they are missing out on. Because they will not know what your going to learn inside the "Game Changer Secrets" DVD Training course, And even if they do, 95% of them have no idea how to do it the right way to make as much money possible for their gaming.

  • All you need is an internet connection / or have access to the internet at some point (you don't need to be connected live during gameplay to make this work) You can go online later which takes a only few minutes timeout during or after you have finished playing your games. (seriously it is that easy!)

  • This work anywhere in the world! 

    world map
  • This actually works better in other languages  beyond English - Now don't worry if you have no idea how to speak other languages, the gaming industry is massive enough for all us english speaking gamers to make money with this method. But if your in other markets and fluent in other languages, then you can be one of the very first few doing this method to make money from video gaming so you can potentially make even more money!  

    (but let me tell you I've personally only been using the English speaking markets and methods - which is more than enough for me and my fellow gamers in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc)

  • This method works on any type of video games devices or type of video games you enjoy playing.

    Yes that means regardless how you play your video games (aslong as it is computer type video games) this will work for you. So whether you play games online, on your mac/pc, games consoles - like playstation, xbox,  nintendo etc  even handheld devices like the iphone, ipad, psp,  nintendo ds, mobile phones and other gadgets etc - This will still work


    Heck, this even works if you enjoy playing older, retro games and video games consoles because your device doesn't itself need to have an internet connection or be live online whilst playing. Remember the classic Nintendo NES Console I told you about earlier? (the very first games system I ever had) -

    Well in the "Game Changer Secrets" course I'll actually show you at least one real life example of how people are or can be making a killing playing even an old retro gaming system like that - (that system is like 20+ years old!)

  • This even works if you yourself are not the primary video game player. (am serious) but you will need to be present at the time someone else you know is playing their video games. Or be able to get access to there gameplay. Here is an actual example of how one of my customers used this idea from what he learned inside the "Game Changer Secrets" course to make money when his kids play their video games! (he doesn't even play them!) 

    Press the play button below and hear his story 

"Why should every video games player have AND NEED this information?...

...Because we have a problem, but it isn't our fault!"

Anyone that enjoys playing video games like me knows that regardless how much fun it is, there is a BAP that comes with it. Something that I like to call the means - (BAP = Big A** Problem!) Yes! really think about  it, how many times have you been playing games or watching someone play games thinking to yourself you or them should really be doing something productive? (we all have 101 things we HAVE to do, but rather not do and just playing our video games instead). Believe me I know, am a fellow video gamer and fan!

I think its actually worse when your a video game player like me, You see I have always enjoyed the strategy type video games and major online multi-players like -

  • EA Command & Conquer Series
  • Football Managerial Games - LMA, CHAMPIONSHIP, FIFA, FOOTBALL  Manager etc
  • The Sims, Civilization
  • Online Multi-Player - Call of Duty...FIFA...11 vs 11 live matches with other gamers etc

    (by the way if you have no idea what these video games are, doesn't matter this works for any type of VIDEO GAMES you play!)

The list is endless, but if you know what am talking about, these are especially the type of addictive video games that we can easily play for hours and hours on end. (truth is actually - really we can play any type of game we enjoy for hours and hours) - it happens to the best of us regardless of age - and natural if you really enjoy playing video games., so its not your fault.

I know when I used to play these games too - It was the same, like when I really should have completing university work, get organised, sleep, go to work etc...(the list is endless)....Yet years on, even now nothing has really changed. For example when I should be concentrating on my online businesses like eBay, replying to messaged, catching up with emails etc and other income streams! I still can't help myself from throwing on one of my good old favourite and addictive video games at the time for a quick bit of video gaming time. (or I kid myself it will be a 'quick bit' !)

(but playing video games is just fun, and anyone else like me that plays video games and loves their respective video games will also understand this) But I don't feel guilty about it anymore as I've turned my passion into a profitable business that can earn me up-to $200-$300+ per day! In fact did you know -

  • The Gaming Industry is (or least getting) bigger than Hollywood and Music?moneybuilding

  • The fastest growing demographic of game players aren't just 'kids'. But range from young adults to older grown ups and seniors.

  • The average passionate video gamer from what I've seen and researched -spends more time playing video games than stay watching a tv program, movie...or even listening to music - or perhaps if your like me, maybe you listen to music and video game together ;)

  • This means video games industry is massive and means big business

  • This makes it more exciting because it will just mean more money for me and you with what your going to learn in side my personal and exclusive "Game Changer Secrets" video training course!

So there is obviously a big problem we are facing, gaming is awesome, we all (gamers) love it. But unfortunately little strategies exist to actually get something productive or useful long term to come of the time we spend playing video games. 

"But the good news is,  now with what I have made available to you, gaming can mean serious money and a income for you - instead of a problem of wasted time!

Imagine being able to make money from the time you spend doing something anyway? - like playing video games!. This is really what this course is about, designed to help you make an unlimited income from what you do already Here is another great video review from one of my fellow passionate video gamers and customers. 

Press the play button to find out more -

So Why Am I Selling This on eBay?

Good question, You may be asking, with all the money I make, why spend time selling this information here, why not keep the knowledge to myself. Well your right, I certainly don't need the money. And If I did, I wouldn't be giving away my secrets and strategy for this dirt cheap price!. But here is the thing. I actually need your help. You see this video course is brand new, exclusive to myself and you are going to be among the first to be taught this method -  or least learn how to do it the right way

Like I said before, I have become an expert of making money online, and have now gone into teaching and helping others to duplicate my success
 by using proven and simple methods to make serious money online (its what I do). One perfect example of this is what your going to learn in my "Game Changer Secrets" DVD training video course (which in my opinion, is by far my most simple, cheapest and most fun opportunity to get involved in )...because it involves one of the things I love doing from the age of 7! - playing my various video games and gadgets!. If you don't  believe me or who I am, then just register for free on my eBay About Me page to find out more me and what I've been up to the past few years of my life.

Waseems Mirza Mentoring

By helping more people succeed in making money online (like I aim to do for you with the "Game Changer Secrets" course I have on offer for you today), it further enhances my reputation in the industry as a successful teacher, mentor as well as my status here on eBay. This is my personal reason and ultimate goal for why you have this unique opportunity made available to you on this page. Anyway enough about me, again you can learn the full story on my  eBay About Me Page to thr right hand-side beside my id for more info and to get to see for yourself, am very real and a genuine guy. 

So that is why I need your help...I actually need you to make money with me on this! The more people I get to make money online, the more success stories I ultimately have and my track record and reputation improves (which I highly uphold by providing quality products and trainings to me customers) So when I can prove to you that you can make money from video gaming and this works - you'll be another person who hopefully not only pleased with the immense value you got from me, but someone that can provide me either a review, email, feedback or video testimonial that I can share with others (you don't have to by the way!)

What is this information worth?

Well lets put it this way,  the average retail price of brand new popular video game is around £49.99 + Postage and Packaging if your buying online. (This is just the standard game price, not any elite, premium, or hardened editions of a game that you get these days - which can cost a lot more!).

I honestly think when you watch and do everything I show you inside the "Game Changer Secrets" video training course and then make money from them. (and remember the core of the 'work' is just play video games which you do anyway!)  - its at least worth 100 times more the retail price of new popular video game!

 ...but ok lets get serious, am obviously not going to charge or be expected to charge you that actual amount which would come to £4999+ for this.  But bear in mind (myself included) and others have paid or pay that amount to start businesses or opportunities to make serious money. - so I can't be totally crazy thinking that the price  £4999+ was too much!, And yet this in my opinion is the ultimate way to make money for me by doing what I enjoy - playing video games!

Anyway... a more realistic amount for a full home study course which will teach you everything I know  compressed into one simple and easy to follow step by step DVD video training course you need to make this work -  recorded personally and exclusively by me is easily worth around 10x the price of a new game, which would be around £499+ shipping and packaging.


That is the expected fair amount someone would normally pay for make money / business work from home strategy type of information, especially if it can help you build an income of up-to $200-$300+ per day as you grow your gaming income. (serious money) - I have put a LOT of my own personal time in months of researching, testing and personal experience to finally finilize and create the "Game Changer Secrets" video course. So YOU don't need to do that!  (Time is the most valuable thing to me now)  Based on that and from courses I have paid for and learned from myself. This easily should sell for around £497-£997!

Yet I know that is still expensive for the average video gamer who just enjoys playing games, but remember this knowledge can become a very powerful tool for you. Also I want to continue with ultimate goals of helping and teaching more people on how to make serious money by giving the most value in my products and coaching. So I decided this course will be sold at around 4x the price of an average new popular video game. (Which some video gamers will easily spend on 4 brand new video games in a month! - myself included!)

So that is what I Intend to sell this video course to be priced at (after I receive more reviews and feedback) and also which will hopefully give me more ideas on how I might want to improve/add to the "Game Changer Secrets" course which I finally launch at the price of £199 + postage and shipping - which by the way trust me is still a steal and bargain for the cost of a lucrative internet business and knowledge from a income expert who has spent months on this.

But before I do that, I want to make sure I give you the best value and training possible and in return also get more opportunities to improve the course for you and my other fellow passionate gamers who want this important knowledge and valuable training. Once am confident all is well and ready to go ahead you should see the £199 + postage and shipping on my personal blogs and websites. - So todays price is for a limited time only and EXCLUSIVE to eBay!

(I might even decide to take the offer down from eBay quicker than expected) because I know fellow eBayers expect a bargain, but truth is I can get way more money for this course elsewhere. But there is also another great advantage to eBay. Which is made up of me and you - the eBay Community. eBay is a fantastic way to get real peoples prospectives and reviews before launching a product and course fully

So for a limited time only (and I really do mean limited) You can get the FULL "Game Changer Secrets" course TODAY at the special...

 'Beta' Stage & eBay Only Exclusive Discounted Rate"

video games money course

"Game Changer Secrets" DVD Package Is Available for Dispatch Right Now @ The *eBay Only Exclusive Discounted* Price Of Only -

£199.99,  £149.99, £99.99...

Not even the price of a typical brand new video game (£49.99)!

Secure it Now For A One-Time Opportunity **Special Exclusive Discounted eBay ONLY Auction** Buy-It-Now Price - Plus FREE Shipping*! 

*Free Shipping (UK Customers only, small charge for international orders outside the United Kingdom)

**NEW ADDED BONUS** Also as a small thank you for helping me improve this course and be the first few to watch these videos (this is for my eBay customers only) 

 I'll throw in 2 of my other high value bonuses training video tutorials FOR FREE!

(no extra shipping/packaging charges) - I will just include it in the same DVD Package you 


Bonus Video 1  You will learn how to NEVER have to worry about paying for your video games consoles and other popular electronic gadgets again with your own money again! - yes I really mean that, and there is no catch! (this will be easy from what you'll learn in the main course)

- let other peoples money buy them for you  ;)


I have received reviews from customers saying the above bonus video 1 is worth the price of the full course alone. In fact here is a recent email I got from one of my customers about just this bonus video! - 


*MYSTERY* Bonus Video 2: You will have to wait to find out when I send you the DVD package in the mail! But let me put it this way, this is worth way more than bonus video 1  - so do the math and I promise you that you will be very excited about this video bonus money making method!


"Another 2 reasons to get your copy of the "Game Changer Secrets" DVD today" :

1) Included With Your Purchase : 100% FREE - No Questions Asked 30-Day Money Back Guarantee & Warranty 

2) FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE! Yes! That means as I fully launch the course and add updates to the training from ideas I get via the reviews and improvement requests. All of my active and happy customers will be notified of where they can access and download updates instantly! - No need to pay again and I'll be sending you the latest version of the "Game Changer Secrets" in the post when you order. - this is an eBay Exclusive only


I am a verified member of PayPal. Paypal is a secure way of paying for goods online and on eBay. The order is processed securely and your automatically protected as a buyer of physical goods online and here on eBay. So you can have total peace of mind and confidence when ordering the "Game Changer Secrets" video course and package. It will be shipped as soon as your payment is received within 1, or the same working day. (Should arrive within 1-3 working days to your specified address) I'll send via first class Royal Mail Post for UK customers, and Royal Mail Airsure for International Customers outside the UK - which normally takes around 4 - 7 working days to arrive depending where you are outside the UK.moneyback

I am that confident that you will be pleased with your purchase, It comes included with an amazing 30 day money back guarantee and warranty - This includes cover for incase the DVD course package gets damaged. So if for any reason you don't realise what powerful money making tool you have at your disposal or if it simply isn't for you. Just return the package package back to me within 30 days period and I'll refund your money, every single penny including postage costs without asking any questions - no quibbles! Its that simple. - So you have nothing to lose or any excuses!

My hope is you too will become my next student who really learns a lot from this course and starts to make money with it. All I ask in return is you share your positive experience like my other eBay customers above (from the emails, videos or feedback comments / reviews you saw) Thank you for looking and I look forward to helping you leverage your gaming time for serious cash!


FAQ - (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question:  Can you give me this as a cheap discount or trial run? And / Or can I first have it for free , then later pay you when you send me it and I know this is for real and get a chance to review it - i'll even pay you more!

Answer: Well first of all, the whole reason I've priced this for peanuts is because the price is set to exactly what I know my eBay customers will want, a great bargain! (it's already priced cheaply because it IS in the trial run / discount price to give YOU an opportunity to review this cost effectively) - Am sure you will agree that when you get this in the post and when I prove to you this is for real, then you will also know then I've charged WAY to little and the Game Changer Secrets Video Library on DVD is easily worth £100s more! 

And remember thats what I intend to sell it for later- around £199+  if you read all my listing information above (which I recommend you please do!) and why am selling this information here. I don't need to send this to you for free, as your effectively covered by my money back guarantee! But I need to charge upfront to cover my own costs - from like fulfilment, merchant and advertising fees, admin and postage costs - all the way to developing and manufacture costs of this video training set! 

So lets be fair and realistic! Otherwise I could be sending 100s of these DVDs per day at a cost to me! But theres no need to pay me more or offer double /10x more the price quoted! As I pride myself in delivering value and am confident (like the eBay feedback comments aboveI introduced to you in the beginning of this offer) you'll be very pleased and amazed at the informations value and power for the price you paid - that is something that will make you and my other customers ultimately happy and wanting to leave me good feedback, reviews, testimonials and emails. So that review is sufficient enough and you can repay me that way :)

Question:  What will I actually be doing to make money? Can you give me a rough idea of what I'll need to do or whats involved?

Answer: Its nothing complicated! All you will be doing is what you have already been doing! Just continuing to play your video games as normal, you don't have to change the way you play, how you play or where you play them. The only extra part is in the end you will be taking your gameplay time, doing what I'll teach you online (takes 5mins if not 2 each time you do it) and set it up to earn you money from the video gaming you just did, which is very simple. You don't need to be connected to the net during this, but aslong in the end after your finished playing whatever video games or consoles/devices your normally playing - then go online and do something that takes as low as 5mins each time.

More you do it, the more money you make, thats why up-to $200-$300+ per DAY is possible! You can build it over time to that amount and it does not mean you gotta do this for hours either, but the more you do per day and build over time (and you might aswell if your playing your video games) the more your income will grow per day and get to that top level of money per day like the high earners do online. But don't worry if this seems confusing or too simple and un-real - I'll reveal to you exactly how and why inside the Game Changer Secrets video course on offer!

Question:  Do I need any special additional equipment or mods to make this work? Will I need to spend on anything else in doing this or are there any other kinda costs involved

Answer: Nope, none whatsoever! The only cost to you is the cost of this DVD Video Training itself which I'll send to you in the post. However I do presume you atleast already have your own video games, consoles or gaming devices/gadgets to play with and own. It doesn't matter what games you play. what consoles you use, or how many you own or gadget/mobile devices you to play on (like iPhone or iPad etc)...aslong as its video games you can make this work and get paid for your video gaming! - Even if you enjoy just a couple of games or just 1 type of video games console / device - This WILL work for you :-)

Question:  Who will actually be paying us? How often do I get paid and how?

Answer: Well obviously I can't reveal that! Thats what your paying to find out, and more importantly, learn how to do this the right way so you can make the most money from it from not only day 1 - but long term! When you learn how this works I'll reveal to you a few sources you can get the money from and depending on the company or website which will pay you for this, it varys from being paid weekly or monthy...and via Cheque or Wire Bank Transfer,

Question:  If your making so much money, then why the heck are you wasting your time here selling this information on eBay?...why you spending your time for the sake of a few extra quid?

Answer: Very good question and a fair point. Your absolutely right, the majority of people on eBay selling this kinda information just make money by selling  stuff to you rather than actually be successful themselves!...Well am actually very different, I make my full time income from the internet implementing strategies like what I have on offer to teach you today.

I am also a very successful coach and consultant in helping others to make money online too for themselves and their own businesses, so the reason I do this is because I actually need your help like I explained earlier in my offer. I want to add to my track record of coaching thousands of  people to make money online, and in return I hope that 'x' amount of my customers will be willing to share their success story with me to add to my  personal website and blogs. This simply adds to my reputation and further proves I honestly can help you make money online. - and what better way to do this than working with ordinary down to earth and real people like me and you here inside the eBay community.


Question: Will this work where I live - or will I need anything else to make this work?

Answer: Yes this will always work where-ever you are in the world and have atleast an internet connection. (unless I have stated otherwise in the item description you should have probably read by now) - You will also not need anything else to make this work or need to buy something else to find out more (I see many other ebayers do this) but when I send you your information, it will have everything from A-Z to make this work starting instantly and get you making money.

That is the whole reason and benefit I'd expect you to purchase any kinda product from me. The ability to take, learn and start making money with the info straight away and for it to be COMPLETE. No stone left un-turned and more importantly  you can get started as soon as your ready. I can never expect anyone to pay for incomplete information. This is the real deal throughout!


Question: How do I know that your not some scammer that will run away with my money?!

Answer: Well the one BIG thing I love about shopping on eBay is their  feedback system. It honestly is the best way to get un-biased live proof of how honest and decent a seller really is. If he/she were to be scamming anyone they would surely be fast found out with a majority share of negative feedbacks!

And if that were the case, I certainly wouldn't have survived on eBay this long, nor online with real pictures of myself plastered around the web.  That is why I always welcome all my fellow ebay friends like yourself to come check out my eBay about me page to learn more about me, and see even more testimonials, feedback and even video examples from real people that have worked with me on my personal blog and sites. I want to be as open and real as I can (not hide behind a computer like the true scammers do)

And believe me when I say this, I honestly don't need your money, My main reason to charge for information is to 1) ofcourse cover my core costs 2) Have some value to my information (because it really is always worth 10x  what am selling it for - I certainly feel that anyway) - and more  importantly it helps me attract the right mind set kinda people I'd like to teach and work with. I hope not  to offend you here, or anyone, but am not interested in working or helping people that expect everything for free, tyre kickers or just moan and groan! 

I'm just that damn confident my information is that good, that when you will learn from it and seriously applly what I tell you to do - you  will make money. Period. - and that my friend is information worth 10x atleast of your purchase price.


 Question: Why  are you selling this information specifically? - why not keep it to yourself  and make all the money instead

Answer: Well like with my earlier answer, I have now  thankfully become somewhat of an expert online in making money utilising different proven methods. The honest truth is that there are like THOUSANDS of solid and legitimate ways to make money online, some complicated, some simple...some take longer, some take shorter periods of time...some require money, some don't....and am involved in a few projects.

This information specifically is very easy to understand,  simple and easy to do to begin start making some serious money which will  not require you to spend money to make this work. So it's the perfect introduction for any of my students that want to make some quick money fast  and easily online. Once I prove to you that you can make money and you WILL start making money (aslong as you follow and do what I'll teach you), then  many of my successful students want to start bigger and better projects  (thousands exist by the way) which can make you even more money. - and in markets that are even bigger!

Not to mention, even asking a question like that is negative HAVE to think from an abundance mindset. No matter how much I try and how much I know, I'm one single person, there is no chance no matter how good I or anyone else is, me and you cannot make all the money there is to be made in the world inside all the various opportunities that are available to make money from beyond in this money making method. (and there are so many) -

For example, if I had the blueprint to open up a successful retail shop selling 'shoes' in my home city of Glasgow, UK - what good is that information being kept all to myself when I never intend to open up shops in all the cities in the UK or the world , and even if I did - when was the last time you saw a single successful shoe outlet in your hometown?...there are hundreds if not thousands - and all are typically successful! - so similarly here, there is enough money to be made for all of us,  in fact MUCH more money as its a very big market with the gaming industry - more than one person can handle or reach by themselves

So again this helps me enhance my reputation in the industry as someone who can take anyone and get them making money fast,  and then hopefully anyone that comes across me is very confident of any other big opportunities that may be use to them (this is entirely optional by the way and you will know and have enough information to make GOOD money with this information alone) - I am living proof that this works,

Question: Can you please set your listing to a 'private; auction'. I don't want people to know I purchased this item or how I found out this information. So I rather it not show up and be made public from my eBay history and id profile.

Answer: I always get surprised when I get this request! But yeah no problem, if your reading this answer to the above question, then that means my listings have been updated to private ebay auctions/items. So don't worry, when you leave me feedback or I leave it for you, none of your friends, family or other people you deal with on eBay or know about your account will know you purchased this item.

No one will know your secrets and how your making that money! hehe, but remember - sharing is caring ;)

Thank you for dropping by my eBay listings with me as your fellow eBayer community member and auction host...

Waseems Mirza Mentoring

Kindest Regards & To Our Success!

=> You can learn more about me on my eBay About Me page <=

Game Changer Secrets © Copyright Waseem Mirza. All Rights Reserved. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners 

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