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Details about  ★★Franks/Ghost Box Spirit Radio-4 Free Bonuses★★

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★★Franks/Ghost Box Spirit Radio-4 Free Bonuses★★
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18 May, 2012 23:17:41 BST
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Haunted House

Please make sure you read this ENTIRE listing before making a purchase! This listing contains important information regarding what your are purchasing as well as my shipping & return policies. By making a purchase, you are agreeing with all terms outlined in this listing, so please take the time to read them! Thank You!

See end of listing for frequently asked questions!



Spirit Communication Device

For Complete Recording Kits Including Voice Recorders... 
Click the Button Below:


Don't Buy Cheap Armband Radio Shack Garbage!
A Soothing Sounds Alarm Clock? Are You Kidding?
Turbo? Don't Buy Radios That Scan Too Fast!
Who Researched, Field Tested & Brought This To You First? 
I Did!
Beware Of Copycats Who Only Care About Your Wallet!
My Profit Margin Is Less Than 8%! !


In order to use the above method, your voice recorder must be able to record and monitor at the same time. To see if your recorder will perform this type of feature, simply start recording anything you want, and plug in your favorite set of headphones into your voice recorder. If you can hear live what you are recording through the headphones, then you are good to go! Also, a 3.5mm audio patch cable will be required to use the above technique. They are available at most electronics retailers for around $5.
Please be advised that this is a radio that scans stations without stopping. It does not magically produce ghosts, nor is it a direct line to the spirit world. It simply produces words and sounds that can be used by spirits to communicate in real time. This is not a white noise generator, and is not similar to the RT-EVP, PX Ghost Box or the SB7 Spirit Box. It does not operate in the same manner, so please do not expect it to do so. Please make sure you know what the device does, what it is used for and read the ENTIRE listing before making your purchase. I will not honor returns for buyer remorse, and Ebay will not either! I will be happy to answer any questions you might have, so if you are uncertain as to what you are purchasing, please do not hesitate to ask. This is not a novelty toy, and it really works! Users of this device should take it seriously. I will not be liable for any increase in paranormal activity that may result from the devices use! 



      Free Field Tested Operational Guidelines On CD!!

Written by me personally, copyrighted and included with your purchase!

Other sellers never included instructions until they noticed mine! Copycats strike again!


Free Audio Editing & Recording Software On CD!! 
TWO of the most popular professional audio programs available!
Both are full versions, not some lame free trial software like other sellers are offering!
Used by many investigators! 100% free, without sign-up! Just install and enjoy!

Free Support!!
Unlike other sellers, I will be here for you after the sale to assist you.
Your personal success with your new Ghost Box is more important to me than the sale!
I answer ALL emails and will gladly work to help you achieve positive results!
Free Batteries!!
So you can get started with your new Ghost Box right away!

 I am an 8 year veteran paranormal investigator based out of Dayton, Nevada. I have a college CPI certification in paranormal science, and I have been investigating for over 8 years. If your reading this, you are no doubt a fellow investigator, and you are here because, you either beleive in the paranormal, or you are investigating it to find out the truth for yourself. Well, the truth is that yes, ghosts are real and if you want proof for yourself, the easiest way to get it is through EVP audio research, and this device will help you do just that! EVP is the #1 reported form of paranormal evidence today, so it just makes sence that you should explore every avenue when it comes to audio capture. So, what exactly is a Frank's Box anyway?
Contacting spirits through the use of radio frequency devices or so called "boxes" as a medium for direct communication has been a huge topic of discussion lately in the paranormal community. The main device I am talking about obviously is the "Franks Box" or "The Ghost Box" as it's being called now, which is basically an ITC or Instrumental Trans Communication device. The original device was created by Frank Sumption years ago as a means to further his interest in EVP research. Quite simply put, it is a series of different electronic components used to generate White Noise, which spirits can use and manipulate to get messages through to the other side. A typical Frank's Box consists of a digital radio that continuously scans the am and FM radio bands but never stops on a station and produces it's own white noise. The box also includes a white noise generator and they both are put into a sealed box or container so that the 2 different sounds can mix. 
The advantage of this kind of device means that you are able to hear the EVP's as they are coming through, and you are able to interact with the spirit or entity in real time, instead of the traditional way of recording it and listening to it later. I have personally used this device I am selling, and I must say, that the results I achieved after just the first use were surprising. I am not selling the original Frank's Box here, and I don't expect you, or any other paranormal investigator to lug around tons of heavy equipment and spend huge amounts of money. What I have found, is that you can get the same results from something that is way lighter and more portable, while spending way less money!
The device you will receive is a New digital AM/FM radio that has been personally modified by me so that it will scan both the AM or FM bands without stopping, so that constant static and audio snippets are heard. Most AM/FM radios have a scan feature to automatically tune into local radio stations. This is often called "Seek" or "Scan", and when it's used the radio will typically mute all the static and white noise found in between radio stations (frequency steps) until a station is found. The radio I am selling has been modified so that while the radio is "Seeking" or "Scanning", it no longer mutes these sounds, and will not stop on any station, so that a continuous scan is performed. This unmuted scanning, which is fast, will produce snippets of audio as radio stations are passed by. This jumbled mixture of radio snippets and white noise (static), allows for an excellent medium in which potential spirits can communicate through the device. By asking questions, and listening to the audio from the radio, it is possible to communicate with potential spirits in real time. Ultimately, it is the investigator who makes contact, and the radio is just a tool to accomplish that. Determining what is evidence and what is not, is for the investigator to decide.This radio will still work as a normal radio too! You will still be able to tune in your favorite radio station! It features an internal quality speaker, orange backlit display, volume control, power button, AM/FM band button, keypad lock, favorite station feature, belt clip and a 3.5mm standard headphone jack that can be used with headphones or you can hook up an external speaker to it as well via patch cable. Listen and record in real time! If your a serious investigator, you need this type of paranormal tool! It has been used by Taps, Ghost Adventures, and Paranormal State with excellent results! Don't let good evidence pass you buy! This is not a gimmick or a lame toy. 

            Above items included with your purchase!


Product Specs

  • PLL Synthesized tuning system
  • Built-in speaker
  • Built-in clock
  • 19 random presets
  • 90 minute auto shutoff
  • Battery power indicator - 37 hour life
  • Stereo / Mono / Speaker Switch
  • One Touch Favorite Station Selection
  • Deep Bass Boost
  • Removable Belt Clip
  • Auto-seek station function (modified for ghost box functionality)
  • Orange LCD back light (constant on when scanning..a must have)
  • DBB tone enhancement for headphones
  • Large built-in AM (AM is best for paranormal use)Ferrite antenna (55x8x8 mm)
  • Small compact size-4.2" X 2.5" X 1.2"  

    If you're paranormal investigating, and do not have this in your equipment bag, then you are just letting evidence pass you by! I am also an A+ Certified Computer Technician, and build custom computer systems. What does this mean to you? Well, it means that you are buying from an experienced investigator, and somebody who knows their way around electronics! Why would you buy from somebody who has never used the equipment they are selling, or who thinks that just because they can crack open a radio, and take it apart, that they are qualified? The modifications I perform on these radio's are professionally done, and done with the utmost care. It will not be scratched, glued together, or purchased modified from somebody else. I personally buy these radio's...I personally modify them...I personally ship them...period! I have been selling on Ebay for a long time with excellent feedback, and excellent seller ratings, and I do not sell crap! Make no mistake, this is a quality radio built to last a lifetime. My radio is professionally modified for ghost box functionality, and scans smooth and clear! When it comes to your equipment and evidence, why should you settle for low quality? If you want quality evidence, you need quality equipment!

    •  Please note that I process everything I sell myself, and because of high demand, and the fact that I only have so much time aside from work to devote to getting these radios modified, I am afraid that all orders will have a 7 business day wait before they are shipped. I have to purchase these, modify them, test them, ship them and this takes time. I also believe in selling "Fresh" products. My radios have not been sitting on a dusty shelf for months, or stored in a humid or smokey environment; they are fresh direct from the manufacturer! Your radio is taken out of the original package, modified, and shipped to you fresh, not pulled off somebody's garage floor or dusty work bench! If you are needing the item for an upcoming investigation or event, then please make sure you give yourself enough time for possible shipment delays. Please don't hold me liable for delays after I have shipped! If you need the item by a certain day, please let me know so I can do my best to make sure your item arrives on time! Again, this item has a 7 business day wait before shipment. Your radio will be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap, and shipped to you USPS first class mail in a professional custom sized box along with all included accessories. Radio will not come in its original packaging to save you money on shipping costs. All orders will be processed on a by order basis, and you will receive shipment confirmation directly from PayPal once your order has shipped. 

      I will not be liable for import duties or taxes enforced by your country. I declare all items I ship as gifts to help you avoid possible additional fees, but sometimes fees are added anyway by local customs. I am not liable for these additional fees if you are charged, so please do not leave me negative feedback because you had to pay taxes. You, and you alone, are responsible for paying the local import tax of your country. 

      I use PayPal shipping for all orders. After a shipping label is created for your package, PayPal or eBay SHOULD send you an email with your shipment details...I simply do not have the time to email everybody for every shipment. Occasionally, some customers do not get this information, so please make sure the email address you have on file with PayPal is current. If you still have not received your shipment confirmation, simply log into your PayPal account and look up the purchase to find current shipment status. You can also find tracking information by looking up the purchase in your eBay account, under "Purchase History".
      All radios I sell come with a 30 day return policy. If you experience a problem with your radio, just contact me and I will be happy to find a solution to your problem. Please do not file a PayPal or Ebay Buyer Protection claim, as these methods are unnecessary, and only add red tape to the return process. However, I am not Walmart, so please don't request  returns for dissapointments in size, color, damages from the items improper use, etc. My customers are my number one priority, and I will be happy to work with you, but you must give me the chance to do so by contacting me! 
     Negative feedback Or Ebay/PayPal buyer disputes should only be used as a last resort! 
    Please contact me before assuming the worst! I work with my customers! 
    My original FAQ! Real Questions, From Real People!

    I'm Still Confused..What Does This Device Do Again?
    Most AM/FM radios have a scan feature to automatically tune into local radio stations. This is often called "Seek" or "Scan", and when it's used the radio will typically mute all the static and white noise found in between radio stations (frequencies) until a station is found. The radio I am selling has been modified so that while the radio is "Seeking" or "Scanning", it no longer mutes these sounds, and will not stop on any station, so that a continuous scan is performed. This unmuted scanning, which is fast, will produce snippets of audio as radio stations are passed by. This jumbled mixture of radio snippets and white noise (static), allows for an excellent medium in which potential spirits can communicate through the device. By asking questions, and listening to the audio from the radio, it is possible to communicate with potential spirits in real time. Don't let the skeptics fool you...this device DOES WORK! Ultimately, it is the investigator who makes contact, and the radio is just a tool to accomplish that. Determining what is evidence and what is not, is for the investigator to decide.

    Is This Just A White Noise Generator?
    No, the device I am selling is not a white noise generator. My Spirit Box will produce certain levels of white noise or static, but it will also produce audio snippets from passed by radio stations. I believe that the presence for human speech must be available to make communication easier, and because of this, I did not design my Spirit Box to only produce static. However, if you only want to produce white noise or static, you can simply tune the radio into a vacant frequency and use it in that respect.

     How Does My Spirit Box Compare To The SB7?
    There are many differences between my radio and the SB7. For starters, the SB7 has an adjustable scan rate which can be set to scan so fast that it completely eliminates any possible radio interference, thus eliminating so called "False Positives". While this may sound like a feature one would want, it can also hinder potential evidence. Sure, it's true that the words and sounds heard from my radio could be considered "False Positives" by some, but ultimately it is up to the user to determine which voices and sounds are paranormal, and which are not. The SB7 is  nothing more than a fancy white noise generator, and it is well documented that having only white noise can hinder possible evidence, and lead to audible matrixing. My radio already has the basis for human speech by picking up snippets of passed by radio stations, making spirit contact through the device easier. If the SB7 was intended to eliminate false positives, then why does the device still use AM & FM frequencies sweeps? Why not completely eliminate the radio reception? Why? Because the basis for human speech must be present and the creators of the SB7 know it!  So, my radio will work the same, if not better!

    Is this the Radio Shack 12-587 radio?
    No, this is not the Radio Shack 12-587. The 12-587 was sold for a long time here on Ebay, because sellers would perform what was called a "Shack Hack", giving the radios the ability to scan without stopping. Sellers had to stop selling this particular model because Radio Shack changed the design of the internal circut board to save on manufacturing costs, making the hack obsolete. The 12-587 radio looks similar to mine, which is why many mistake the radio I am selling for the Radio Shack model.

    Will The Radio I Receive Be Unused And Free From Any Negative Attachments?
    Yes, the radio you will receive will be new and unused. It has not been used during any actual investigation, nor has the device been in any type of negative environment. There has been no trickery or demonic methods used in modifying your radio! Your radio is taken out of the sealed package, modified, tested briefly for basic functionality and then sent straight to you. You will be the first to investigate with your new radio, guaranteed! 
    Does this device produce a popping or clicking sound as it scans like others do? 
    No, this radio does not produce the dredded popping or clicking sound that the others here on Ebay do, and in fact this radio has the smoothest scan rate of any modified radio here on Ebay! I have personally hand picked this model for its outstanding performance, and researched how to modify it myself, unlike some copy cat sellers.
    How does this device compare to other Frank's/Ghost Boxes out on the market?
     I have sold hundreds of these Ghost Boxes to fellow investigators. All of my customers love the unit, and they say it works very well for them. One of my customers actually was able to use a real Frank's Box, built by its inventor Frank Sumption, and she called me on the phone. She said my unit actually worked as well as the real unit. It basically does the same thing, just a smaller size, and less components to operate. Also, buyers should beware of Ebay "Shack Hack" radios currently being sold. These radios are cheap quality, and have been modified to scan at so called "Turbo" speeds. Radios with this modification scan at a rate way too fast to be properly used for paranormal purposes. The radio I am selling scans at the prefect rate; not too fast and not too slow...just right!
     How accurate is it talking with ghosts in real time?
    Well, that depends on how the unit is used. If you're a good listener, and you have learned under what situations the unit works best in, yes, you can interact with spirits in real time!  It's an item that requires training, and patience to learn how to use properly. It does not magically produce ghosts, and does not always work when you expect it to. Not all spirits will have the energy to communicate through the device. Don't expect it to produce evidence on every single investigation, and know that ultimately you are the final say in judging your own evidence! It is up to the user to determine what is evidence, and what is not. Also, remember that the radio is just a tool, it's the investigator who makes contact!
    How long will the batteries typically last?
    The unit uses 2 AA batteries (included), and life depends on how the unit is used. If the volume is turned up to max, obviously the batteries will drain quicker. If the unit is just used with headphones, the batteries typically last all evening very easily, and then some. Constant scanning uses more battery power than just staying on one station, so the manufacturers rating of 37 hours is actually shorter. I used mine 4 nights in a row before changing batteries. Also, please note that in areas with extreme paranormal activity, or extreme cold temperatures, your battery life may be severly affected. Our team has walked into investigations with fresh batteries in our equipment, only to get there and have our devices totally drained in a matter of minutes. This is a common occurance in places with lots of EMF, or paranormal activity. In my opinion, it's always best to use NIMH or Lithium rechargeable batteries for everything, including the Ghost Box. Always go prepared!

    Will this device interfere with other equipment? Digital recorders, thermometers, EMF detectors?
    The Ghost Box is just simply a radio. It does not produce frequencies, it just picks up frequencies that are already there. The unit will not interfere with digital cameras or camcorders, digital or infrared thermometers, EMF Meters, K2 Meters, or digital voice recorders. In fact, if you purchase an audio patch cable, you can hook up your favorite digital voice recorder to record what the radio produces, and use them both at the same time! This is the method I use, and it works very well. Using this method works best because you can still interact with the spirit in "Real Time", and record the evidence to play back later, and clean up the recording using programs like Audacity or Adobe Audition.
    What is the warranty for this device? How do you get repairs, done, etc if needed?
    Unfortunately, the item does not come with any kind of warranty. This radio is modified for Ghost Box functionality, and performing any kind of modification voids any manufacture warranty. I don't know of any company that would take back an item after it has been taken apart and modified. However, I do guarantee that your radio will be working perfect when it arrives at your door, or I will give you your money back. These units are professionally modified by me, and in no way does this modification effect the longevity of the device, nor does it affect it's quality. You can still use the device as a normal Radio!


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