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Details about  JOVY RE-7500 Dark Infrared BGA Rework Station

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JOVY RE-7500 Dark Infrared BGA Rework Station
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23 May, 2012 06:03:47 BST
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London, London, United Kingdom

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Item specifics

New: A brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged item in original retail packaging (where packaging is ... Read moreabout the condition
Console Type: Handheld
Format: NTSC (US/Canada)







Important announcement

Insat International are the exclusive agents for Jovy Systems products in the UK. Only machines imported by Insat will have official UK warranty cover. You will need to return your item to the original source for any warranty related issues if not bought from Insat International.


Jovy Systems will void the warranty of illegally imported machines from resellers outside the UK.

Any Jovy RE-7500 bought from unofficial sellers DO NOT carry any warranty from the official distributor or Jovy Systems.



Breaking NEWS

Our first training workshop was successfully run on 27th March 2010. The trainees are now much more confident using the Jovy RE-7500 and competent in reballing BGA chips.

You too can learn how to use the machine properly and be more creative with your skills.


You will also learn how to reball XBox, PS3, GSM phones, Laptops or PCs and whatever BGA product you wish to rework.

Can you afford to miss this opportunity?

£199 for Jovy owners/buyers £250 Non Jovy users.

 Register NOW: .

Venue: N11 2UT London (Bounds Green)

Learn the art of reballing to successfully rework XBox, PS3, GSM phones, Laptops and PCs. You will gain the knowledge and confidence to tackle any device and appreciate the unique abilities of the Jovy RE-7500



Insat are now officially UK Distributor for Amtech Solder and Flux products.


Using Amtech LF-4300-TF reballing has never been easier.

We have tested it against flux after flux and cannot find anything that comes even near the performance of the Amtech product. Do you know of a reballing flux that is better?

Once you experience the unbelievable results even when reballing with lead-free solder balls, you will never want to use another flux. This is truly the most amazing flux that money can buy. 


For successful reflow of XBox360 and PS3 or whatever product, it is necessary to use the best flux product with a wide activity window and ability to stay active up to max reflow temperatures. The Amtech flux products stay active up to and beyond the highest temperatures you will need to reach. Don't waste your time reflowing with inferior and even fake products. If it's cheap then it is most likely to be fake. Always contact Amtech to confirm authenticity of the product you are buying.

Amtech is our choice and it should be your choice too.

*****Beware of cheap imitations*****



STOP Press

While reflowing, most PCBs sag or warp due to the high temperatures that have to be used. We have been developing anti-sag products for the XBox360, PS3 and will soon be increasing our range. Made from high grade aluminum (4mm thick), and cut by laser for high accuracy, these jigs will make reflowing a breeze, and dramatically increase reliability of the reflow process as well as improve the success rate of your jobs.

Contact Insat for further details.







PS3 GPU shown being reballed on the Jovy RE-7500







XBox360 RAM Chip (one of 4 underside of PCB). Notice the brown and white dusty

acid residue from the flux.

Eventually the tracks and pads will be "eaten away" by the acidic residue.

Reballing appears to be the ONLY way to solve the problem.

Reflowing is simply a waste of time as far as we are concerned.


Enter the JOVY RE-7500 to Reball your XBox or PS3 (or anything else).

******New improved version with better safety and mechanical movement*****



Accessories for the Jovy RE-7500


XBox/PS3 Support bracket to stop the board sagging in the middle as it is being heated to over 217 deg C during reflow or removal of the GPU or other BGA chips.


Please Call Insat for more info on other accessories.





***********Xbox/PS3 Reballing Kit Now Available***********


Unbeatable Value for Money


Will perform better than machines costing 5 or 10 times more.


It is not what we say, but customers who have bought from us and with previous experience working with very expensive rework machines. Amazing value for money.


This is the best value for money BGA

Reballing/Rework Station money can buy -

Ideal for Mobile Phone Repairs, XBox 360, Sony PS3

PC, Sky HD, Reballing or Reflow and anything

and everything SMD.


You can spend 10s of thousands of pounds on

rework equipment. You don't need to spend silly

amounts of money with this giant killer of the

rework stations. Pound for pound it is the best

rework station that will knock out the competition

costing many times more. It is the choice of the

informed technicians all over the World. Until

recently the price was double what it is now.

This is your chance to modernise your workshop

with a high quality, low price rework station and

boost your income by tackling jobs that you wouldn't dare.


Unbelievable price of £1250 including delivery.

Will outperform machines costing many more times.

Real time temperature monitoring and saved profiles

make it difficult to damage components by overheating.

This rework station is ideal for fixing the RROD XBox 360

problems. Optionally, there is a XBox 360 Reballing kit available.


The Wise Choice for any serious Repair Shop/Centre.

The affordable BGA Rework/Reballing Station for the

enthusiast technicians with more sense than money.

This machine will outperform its rivals and is built to

last with German Dark Infrared Technology built with

Chinese manufacturing expertise for the Global market.


****This is the latest version with improved safety and mechanism.****

These improvements were implemented September 2009.



Dark Infra-Red

Jovy RE-7500 is equipped with medium wavelength or "dark infra-red" ceramic heaters, which is 2-8 µ on the electromagnectic wavelength spectrum. Unlike ordinary infra-red, it has properties which makes it ideal for reworking bga and other modern ICs. What is unique about the dark infra-red is its ability to uniformly distribute the heat radiation across a surface and be absorbed or reflected by dark and light components evenly. Bearing in mind that during the manufacture of a product, great efforts are made to keep the process in ovens that are monitored by multiple thermocouples to ensure a uniform temperature within the oven, and run temperature time profiles as specified by the solder manufacturer. In a sense the Jovy RE-7500 is your own desktop mini oven capable of replicating the same process used during the manufacturing process. Ordinary Infra-red gets absorbed and reflected by light and dark components and the PCB at much different rates which basically prevents it from providing a uniform temperature across a surface and hence unsuitable for serious rework on bga and other chips. IR lamps also have a limited life expectancy measured in hours. Furthermore, unlike dark infra-red which can be controlled, ordinary infra red cannot be controlled. Jovy RE-7500 dark infra-red ceramic heaters are guaranteed for 1 year and are expected to last 3 years.

During reflow, the dark infra-red heat beam can be focused on a target chip and even nearby components can be protected from being damaged by protecting them with reflective or kapton tape. Unlike hot air rework machines, there is no chance of air currents damaging nearby components during reflow process.and you don't need a nozzle for every different IC sizes and types. The Jovy RE-7500 top heater can be lowered nearer the target chip to reduce the size of the heat image and therefore allow the target to absorb more of the rays for a faster ramp. Conversely, it can be raised to disperse the rays over a larger area and reduce the absorption rate to slow down the ramp up. It is also possible to use the optional reflectors (20,30,40mm) to reduce the heat ray window to suit the application. Profile for lead-free PCBs typically run for about 4 and a half minutes. Irrespecitve of the amount of bottom or top heater capacity, it is not possible to change the time to a shorter run, nor ramp up at faster than 1-4°C per second. You should check with the profile to make sure that you are within the range at all times. Most importantly during the liquidous state of the solder alloy used, the TAL (Time After Liquidous) is no more than 30-60 seconds during which the intermetallic bond layer will be formed. Too much time in this zone, and you may end up with brittle and thick layer which most likely will fail the connection at some stage. During the peak reflow zone, maxium board and component temperatures should not be exceeded. A limit of 235°C would be sensible assuming the melting point of SAC305 lead free solder which has a melting point of 217°C. Most components and PCBs have a maximum rating of 250°C.

The inclusion of a high quality K-type thermocouple is capable of accurately controlling the board temperature to guarantee the profiles are run at the optimal temperature settings, which is critically important for successful reflow and reball processes. The ability of the Jovy RE-7500 running ready made profiles (editing and creating also possible), means consistent and repeatable processes time after time, which is the only way to ensure successful rework and minimum return rate.

The top and bottom heater are more than adequate to tackle almost any job, and the idea of bigger is better does not apply in bga rework. The important point is to stick to the accepted and recommended ramp up rates, especially in the preheat stage to avoid thermal shock to the board and components. The Jovy RE-7500 is capable of running all profiles with a high degree of accuracy to put to shame machines costing many times more.

In the right hands this machine is all you need to tackle even the most demanding rework task with absolute ease. Those who believe in turbo blasters, please buy something else.





This is what Cameron Boyd says about the Jovy RE-7500


There are only a few types of BGA reflow machines that are available on the market today. You have but only two choices: Hot air, or Infrared. Hot air machines are great don’t get me wrong, but they do have their limitations and they present hazards to nearby components- they'll blow them right off their pads. Not only that, but they won't help you remove plastic connectors and sockets. Once you buy the hot air rework machine, you still have to put out hundreds, if not thousands for the nozzles! Most of the time, they don't even come with one!

Next, the Infrared machines: These machines typically have a bulb, that’s right, a light bulb, that you have to replace. They do work, but the heat is uneven, and near uncontrollable. However, because they cost so little, and they are better choice than a torch to remove a BGA, many techs turn to these types of machines

Enter the Jovy Systems RE-7500 BGA rework machine. It's also infrared, but it doesn't have any light bulbs. Instead, it incorporates German made heating elements, which use dark infrared technology that makes the heat controllable and even. Plus, the RE-7500 has a built in lower pre-heater, and a built in air pick to pick up the SMD components. The RE-7500 will even allow you to remove plastic components, with no damage to them! System comes complete with a very smooth and heavy X-Y table.

Cost? You can pick up one of these beauties for right around $3000.00, complete- which includes shipping. Imagine being able to repair circuit boards instead of replacing them. How many times have you had a repair turned down by the high cost of board replacements? How many times have you had to send something out, just to have this service performed? How many times have you turned down a repair, because you couldn't replace a BGA??




Jovy System RE-7500 is a new SMD / BGA Rework Station manufacturer in the international market. Jovy Systems Products represents the best solution for SMD / BGA Rework for the money. Introducing its newest product, the RE-7500 BGA Rework Station. This new BGA Rework Station incorporates the latest in advanced dark medium infrared technology, using German made components, assembled in China. Using advanced technology, in conjunction with its partners and distributors world-wide, Jovy Systems Products is leading the market in BGA and SMD Rework Stations.


 Field of Applications 

·  Medium & large scale service centers

·  Mobile electronics and communications systems devices

·  Cellular, PDA s, Handhelds, PC motherboards

·  LAN devices, network nodes and military equipment

·  Portable medical equipment

·  Anything and everything SMD


***** Ideal for Reballing and reflowing Xbox 360 or PS3.  Free Xbox 360 reflow profile *****




·  The RE-7500 can be used to remove and reflow all SMD components, including BGA, CBGA, CCBA, CSP, QFN,MLF PGA, epoxy underfilled uBGA's, and more.


·  Recommended for reworking all plastic parts including PTH, sockets, and connectors - all without any damage to the plastic parts.


·  Complete rework process including pre-heating, soaking, reflowing and cooling stages are all achieved with this breakthrough technology, insuring accurate and standardized results.


·  BGA Rework / Reflow


·  Operation of the Jovy RE-7500 BGA Reflow machine is a breeze compared to conventional hot air systems. There are no nozzles, making set up a breeze. By the use of heat reflective tape, the user can focus the heat to desired areas, and prevent damage to sensitive or nearby components. Using the included X-Y table, and the built in laser pointer, the PCB can be positioned accurately to allow reworking.


·  The built in pre-heater is capable of delivering 600W of power. Combine that with the 300W upper heating element, and even large tasks are easy, accommodating PC boards up to 13.77 in x 17.71 in. in size. The RE-7500 removes heavy grounds and metal shielding with ease. And, when it comes to removing plastic parts, the RE 7500 does so without any damage or distortion to the plastic parts. Try that with a hot air machine! The RE-7500 also incorporates a built in fan for the cooling process, and an on-board air pick for both picking and placing components during reworking.


·  The Jovy RE-7500 system can connect to your laptop or PC, which allows remote operation of all functions. This interface also incorporates profiles that you can create and edit, and then upload directly to the RE-7500. This allows for consistent results time after time. Profiles are an easy way to adjust all phases of the reflow process, including pre-heating, soaking, reflow and cooling stages.




     RE-7500 JOVY Soft


        Fast USB Data Streaming and control for all machine features and processes.

     Real Time PCB Temperature monitoring.

     Two modes for temperature unit adjusting (Centigrade, Fahrenheit).

     User Profile Creation and uploading.

     Upload and adjust Machine Settings (Sleep mode, Alarm sound, etc).

     Upload Factory Initial Settings.

     Download and run ready made standard profile from Customer Support Area or create your own.



Aspects and Specifications


• Top heater Power:   300W

• Pre heater Power     600W

• Pre heater Power:   220 Volts 50/60 Hz.

• Max board Size:        350mm x 450mm

• Weight                                       16 Kg.



Business seller information

Martex Electronics Ltd. T/A Insat International
Company registration number: 2259240
VAT number: GB 524549244
I provide invoices with VAT separately displayed.

Returns policy

Return policy details
I will accept returns, however if it is not a product fault you will be liable for the returns postage.
Most purchases from business sellers are protected by the Consumer Contract Regulations 2013 which give you the right to cancel the purchase within 14 days after the day you receive the item. Find out more about your rights as a buyer - opens in a new window or tab and exceptions - opens in a new window or tab.

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