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Details about  Leading Edge LE-300 generator turbine charger marine boat wind breeze air 12/24v

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Leading Edge LE-300 generator turbine charger marine boat wind breeze air 12/24v
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12 Aug, 2013 12:31:36 BST
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., United Kingdom

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New: A brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged item in original retail packaging (where packaging is ... Read moreabout the condition
Make: Leading Edge Turbines LE300
MPN: le-v50/forgen/914i/le-600/d400/ampair/913/rutland

This listing is for:

A brand new LE300 wind turbine, a DL300 charge controller and a stop/run switch.
By Leading Edge Turbines Ltd.

Either the 12 volt or the 24 volt versions are available.

For charging batteries, for farm and agricultural use powering electric fences and lighting in barns and outbuildings and also for use on yachts, boats and mobile homes. Grid-tie versions are also available. 

 photo b0389d76-2ead-44cd-a544-0af4892a6354_zps6e4698e6.jpg


In the December edition of Sailing Today magazine, there was a full independent review which praised the LE300's build quality, output and low noise emission. The buyer's guide in the Practical Boat Owner magazine's March 2013 edition demonstrated the unbeatable value and performance of the LE300 wind turbine.

 photo f0e66017-22ef-4af7-a7ea-6d7e228e0cee_zps2fd5b021.jpg 

Just ask, and I will list on Ebay for you any Leading Edge turbine or turbine/charge controller package deal.

Please contact Leading Edge Turbines Ltd for verification that my company, J.J. Marine, is a genuine, reliable and honest distributor of all of their product range. 

 Please note: The larger LE600 model has a blade span of 1.54m and as such is not suitable for boat mounting. For boats, the recommended turbines are the LE300 and the LE-v50 vertical axis model.

 photo a2ece68e-dfdb-4c82-866b-f9ef43ccd4a5_zps3a8f840c.jpg

All prices quoted include vat and a vat invoice will be supplied.

All machines supplied are brand new, of this years production and in their original unopened retail box.
Your LE300 will be covered by the manufacturer's five year warranty which will commence upon delivery/collection of your turbine.

You may collect your turbine from Herefordshire, or alternatively have it delivered for just £25 to any uk mainland address.
Deliveries to destinations within other European countries will incur an additional charge.

This is a hand built, premium quality, British made wind turbine.

It is whisper quiet,  has a high output of 300w and is only 6.5Kg in weight!

Anotated LE300 photo LE-300-Spcification-page-large1_zps40f9e1a9.jpg


Elegant and powerful; the best turbine in its class!

Pushpit mounted LE300

The picture above is of a LE300 that was purchased from me last Autumn: Thanks for the photo Chris.

 photo 45d94fb7-dfbc-450f-bbd5-46c913d48e21_zps1bb02ed4.jpg

Thanks also to Tony for this picture of his new and much envied LE300 turbine.


Many other small wind generators were designed for the hobby boating market and are built with a body of plastic. Not only does plastic become brittle in time and grubby in use, but if you want a generator that will survive a transatlantic crossing, then the alloy shelled LE300 will win every time!  Leading Edge Turbines, the makers of the LE300, have built their industry wide reputation on supplying ultra-tough, outstandingly durable and exceptionally reliable turbines into the demanding commercial sector, for use in some of the world's most storm-lashed and harshest environments, such as for polar research stations, telecommunication stations and emergency power grids; applications where failure could be catastrophic or even life threatening. Their turbine is also approved by Railtrack for use in power generation for remote signalling.

For the research and development team at Leading Edge, reliability has always been an absolute priority. The LE300 contains no potentially unreliable built-in electronic output enhancers, braking systems, or regulators that might fail and the components used are of premium quality with all bearings lubricated and sealed for life. This marine environment proof unit incorporates in its construction both A4 stainless steel and special aluminium alloys, anodized and coated in state of the art ‘Airbus’ approved finishes. The WhispowerTM blades are made from glass reinforced, UV resistant Nylon. 

BBC tv’s ‘green energy’ expert Dick Strawbridge owns a Leading Edge Turbine and has placed two very interesting clips on Youtube showing the installation process in his back garden in the West Country. Even he made the mistake of buying a cheap wind turbine that only lasted for three years before investing in this high quality unit.

At the heart of the LE300 is its unique low inertia, axial flux generator, which, together with its highly efficient and super quiet computer designed low RPM blades, allow the turbine to spin in the lightest of breezes and to gather speed more rapidly in gusts. Its three bladed design results in reduced mutual blade turbulence when compared to six bladed machines and therefore greater efficiency is possible.  In addition to this, the LE300’s pre-assembled alloy compound tail fin is specially designed for excellent response in turbulent winds, making use of every bit of available energy in all conditions. You can be confident in the output figures that are published by Leading Edge Turbines Ltd, because they are all independantly verIfied!

The impressive efficiency which is a result of these design features eliminates the need for the inclusion of electronic output enhancers and still delivers superior performance, as can be seen in this output comparison graph between the LE300, the Rutland 913 and the Rutland 914:  just click on this web address to see for yourself: 

The chart below indicates the estimated daily output that could be expected from a site with an average annual wind speed of 5m/sec or about 10 knots for the LE300. 


The wind speed of 5m/s has been chosen as a good average figure for coastal regions in the South of England. It is important to remember that even on otherwise still Summer days, the onshore sea breeze will often be strong enough to generate a respectable amount of energy.

The range of outputs reflects the effect of turbine location and turbulence etc. Should you have a higher power requirement, perhaps for an off grid home or house boat, but do not want the larger turbine in the range, the output of two LE300 turbines can be combined very simply by joining the two positive feed cables together. If you need some advice on higher output machines then please ask.

The LE300 is an incredibly quiet turbine. Its precision injection moulded, dimensionally stable, slow revving blades have been computer designed to overcome the problem of noise pollution and its state of the art axial flux generator eliminates the cogging effect. (Intermittent resistance during rotation) Cogging not only results in generator hum, but it also delays start up in light winds, resulting in less power production overall.

The LE300 is a beautifully balanced machine and anti-vibration fixings and mounts are used throughout, ensuring that it is one of the quietest wind turbines on the market.

Don’t forget that a noisy turbine will not only disturb you, but think how popular you will be with your neighbours!

The turn radius of the LE300 is nearly 5cm less than the Rutland 914i, it has a precision made metal alloy body shell and tail fin, it is capable of generating more power and yet it is much lighter in weight;
 at less than 6.5Kg, a little more than half of the weight in fact! This is very important on a boat, where heavy weights on tall poles can be difficult to support. This impressive weight reduction has been achieved by the use of the latest high tech and incredibly powerful neodymium iron boron magnets in its 3-phase permanent magnet generator.  For those prospective purchasers wishing to mast mount, perhaps high on the mizzen, the LE300 is the perfect choice, because it is light in weight, quiet in operation and maintenance free. 

DL300 CHARGE CONTROLLER  (included in this package)

It is the charge controller that ensures that your battery is kept fully topped up, but never overcharged.

Some charge controllers work by switching the turbine off and on, which inevitably puts a strain on the unit, can be noisy and is not good for the mechanical elements or the coils in the stator and will have an effect on its ultimate life span. Batteries can also have their life expectancy reduced by this type of controller, because they tend to cycle between two set voltages. Should you be upgrading your wind turbine, you should note that the type of controller supplied for use with the Rutland 913 must never be used with the LE300 turbine.

Your LE300 is designed for use with what is known as a diversion load controller: this will be much kinder to both your turbine and to your battery bank and is the preferred method of control for most commercial, off grid, high output turbines, where reliability is paramount. It is the simplicity and reliability of this type of controller that makes it so suitable for the rigors of the marine environment.


Pictured above: the DL300 pulse modulated diversion load charge controller by Leading Edge Turbines Ltd. 

Very simply, there are two cables that run from the turbine: the red one must be permanently connected to the positive post of the battery and the black one permanently to the negative. The dump load controller is also connected directly to the battery in the same way. The controller does nothing until the battery reaches a full state of charge and then, if your turbine continues to pump in charge, the controller will release this excess energy to an internal low power heating element, to warm the cabin. The best analogy is a wash basin overflow that only releases water once the basin is full and then only does so in proportion to the volume delivered by the tap.

This type of controller will ensure that your batteries are kept topped up, but never damaged by being overcharged and instead of wasting available energy, converts it into useful background warmth; a real bonus on a boat, particularly during the cold damp months! 
If you need any more information then please ask.

Stop/run switch (included in this package)
Should you wish to slow down or stop your turbine for maintenance purposes, with the LE300, this can be achieved by simply operating the optional stop/run switch. The switch applies a dynamic braking effect on the permanent magnet alternator of the turbine, reducing the turbine to either a slow turn or a complete stop depending on the wind strength. 

Don't forget, the LE300 is incredibly ruggedly built; it is tested in 87 knot (45m/s) winds! Remember that Hurricane ‘force12’ starts at just 64 knots, so just leave it running.

        Stop run switch photo RunStopswitch-001.jpg                            

      Surface mounted stop/run switch          


The photo above shows a shore mounted LE300 turbine on a bracketed mast mount. This barge has no access to mains electricity, has no solar panels and
relies totally on the output from this turbine to keep its battery bank topped up. 

Mounting your LE300 turbine:

Mount your new turbine securely where its spinning blades will not be a hazard.

Your new LE300 turbine may be mounted on any pole with an outside diameter of 50mm or by using the spacer sleeve supplied, any standard 48.3mm scaffold pole. The internal diameter of the tube is not important, but for strength, the minimum wall thickness should be at least 3mm.

This link to a Youtube video shows both the installation of a LE300 on a yacht and also how silent it is during operation. 

The aluminium tripod mount shown in the video clip is available for £399, but it is possible to mount your LE300 for just a few pounds given a little ingenuity.

Many people have contacted me for suggestions for inexpensive ways of 

mounting a wind turbine and so here are some ideas:

                                  photo Mastmountguyed_zps6b7e5675.jpg                                                photo Fullscreencapture19052013213617_zps9feb82f4.jpg

              A mast mount for farms and remote locations.                                   A LE300 mounted on a yacht.

Firstly, use standard aluminium scaffold tube; it is cheap and durable and available from:

Aluminium tube can be drilled and through bolted onto the top of a mast for a very secure and incredibly inexpensive mounting solution.

If you require a deck mount tripod, then you can combine the aluminium tube with the following aluminium fittings to create a very durable marine grade mount for just a couple of hundred pounds. The following fittings can be obtained from  

2X – Post/leg connectors  LC50-88
3X – Swivel feet  LC58-8
3X– Neoprene foot gaskets 
The items above are illustrated in the pictures below.
The bolt hole diameter for the feet is 11mm for you to obtain either screws or bolts suitable for your situation.

These fittings should be combined with: 

1X - 3 metre aluminium scaffold pole onto which the LE300 sits.

2X - 1.8 metre aluminium support legs.

Both from

ENYA components photo ENYAmountjpg.jpg

Power cables – not supplied in this listing.

Your 12 volt LE300 is capable of producing 25 amps, the 24 volt version 12.5amps, so connecting cables must be rated for at least these values. Many cables with a cross sectional area of 2.5mm can handle 25 amps, however, thicker cables waste less energy during transmission, so for best efficiency you might consider using 6mm2 cable, or even greater if the turbine is to be a long way from the battery bank. Please ask if you need any more advice.

Complimentary Products/Hybrid systems.

Photovoltaic solar panels are a useful supplement to wind turbines, particularly if you live or cruise in Southern Europe or the Caribbean where solar radiation is strong and reliable. In Northern Europe and particularly Britain, they will never compete with a good wind turbine in terms of annual output per unit cost. Even a good quality panel (and it does make a difference) will only supply its rated output for a few hours during the sunniest of days, and not even that unless it is angled correctly towards the Sun. Output will plummet during overcast periods and during the Winter, and will of course be zero at night! Also, with many solar panels, a shadow, cast for instance by a rope or shroud and only the thickness of a pencil, can slash its power output by as much as 50%. The LE300 will be generating power whenever the wind blows, day and night, right throughout the year. In common with a good solar panel, it will be maintenance free and rated for 20 years of continuous use, but unlike a solar panel, it will be much easier to find a suitable mounting place.

Your LE300, DL300 and switch may be collected from Herefordshire by arrangement, or alternatively can be delivered to UK mainland addresses for just £25.
Delivery usually takes five working days from payment of invoice.

If you would like a price for posting to a non-UK mainland address then please ask.

For your security and total peace of mind, payment may be made by credit card over the telephone. Should you prefer, debit card or direct bank transfer is also possible.

For your security
Although selling turbines on Ebay is a fairly new venture for me, I have been in the Marine industry for many years and I would like to assure you, that in addition to the protection that both eBay and your credit card provide to you as a customer, my feedback score is a measure of my honesty and business ethic and so is very precious to me. For this reason, if you have any problems or questions that need to be resolved, then please give me the opportunity to help, or to put things right should it be necessary. For further reassurance, Leading Edge Turbines may be contacted through their website and they will be happy to recommend my company, J.J. Marine, as an authorised supplier. 

The Leading Edge LE300 turbine supplied to you will be brand new and in its original box and will carry a five year manufacturer’s warranty. The serial number of your machine will be recorded and tied to your name and address and held on the manufacturer's data base. 

Returns Policy
Under Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, you will have a 7 day 'cooling off' period from the day that you receive your goods. During this time you must give notification that you wish to cancel your purchase and a full refund be given, including any original delivery charges.

In addition, you have a right for refund, replacement or repair, if your received items are found to:

- not match the description.
- be damaged or not in working order.
- not be fit for purpose.

"What equipment do I actually need to keep my batteries topped up and in good condition" is a question that I am often asked; so here goes:

If you only intend to run the turbine when you are at hand to keep an eye on the voltage of the battery and are happy to tie off the blades once the battery reaches a fully charged state, then the bare LE300 turbine is all that you need. The same is true if you live aboard a vessel with a very large battery bank, which due to constant use, is never 100% full. 

If you want to leave your turbine and battery unattended for a period of time and you are concerned that while you are away your battery might become overcharged, then you will need the DL300 charge controller to ensure that this does not happen. 

If you would like the convenience of being able to remotely slow down or stop the blades of your LE300 form spinning, then you will want the stop/run switch

The only other things that you will need are a mounting pole and some electric cable; that's it!


Please ask any questions that you may have by clicking on ‘Ask a question’ just below. 
I am able to supply any combination of turbine, charge controller or stop/run switch; just ask for a price!
I will respond as promptly as I can during working hours from Monday to Friday and look forward to being able to help you to choose the most appropriate product for your needs.

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