Various Pressure Fit Auto Close Baby & Child Safety Gate Stair/Door Guard

Pressure Fit Auto Close Safety Gates


Brand : Bettacare

Approx. Height 75cm
Standard Size Gate (75 - 80.5cm)
Narrow Size Gate (68.5 - 74.5cm)
Extra Narrow Size Gate (61 - 66.5cm)
The Bettacare gate automatically closes and locks by itself which eliminates the danger of a gate being left open by accident.
Patented with a new type of locking hand wheel, this gate is child-proof and can not be over tightened or work loose in use.
Comes with easy to follow installation instructions.
These extensions can be fitted to either or both sides of the gate allowing a large range of widths to be covered
1 bar extension 7.2cm 
2 bar extension 14.4cm
5 bar extension 36cm
11 bar extension 79.2cm