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Details about  Rhodesia General Service Medal Roll to the British South Africa Police Regulars

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Rhodesia General Service Medal Roll to the British South Africa Police Regulars
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Subject: Medal Roll
Author: C S Keith Subject 2: Rhodesia General Service Medal
Size: A4 (297 mm x 210 mm) Format: Paperback
Thickness: 40 mm Language: English
Weight: approx. 2700 gm (including packaging) Time Period: 20th Century
No of Pages: 616 Publisher: C S Keith
First Published: 2011

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A single copy of:

Title: The Rhodesia General Service Medal Roll to the British South Africa Police (Regulars)

ISBN: N/A (not available in stores or online stores)
Publisher: Carl S Keith
First published: 2011
Edition: 1st Edition
Cover: Paperback
Condition: New
Format: A4 (297 mm x 210 mm)
Thickness: 40mm
Weight: approx. 2700 gm (including packaging)
Pages: 616

This book is the product of three years’ research and contains the names of 13,845 members of the British South Africa Police (Regulars), who are known to be recipients of the Rhodesia General Service Medal awarded for service between 1966 and 1980. The Roll has been compiled from original copies of BSAP Force Orders that included supplements detailing the promulgation of the award of the Rhodesia General Service Medal. This Medal was not gazetted, and therefore these Force Orders are possibly the only definitive provenance of the award. In addition to the Medal Roll, analysis and discussion takes place, detailing known issues and idiosyncrasies surrounding the award of this Medal to the British South Africa Police (Regulars).
Whether you are a medal collector, a researcher or a relative of someone who served in the British South Africa Police (Regulars), it is hoped that you will find the results of my research useful.

Topics covered:

Chapter 1 - The Warrant (including 7 amendments)
Chapter 2 - The Medal
Chapter 3 - The Recipients
The Medal Roll to White Male Recipients
The Medal Roll to White Female Recipients
The Medal Roll to African Male Recipients
The Medal Roll to African Female Recipients
Reader’s Notes

A list of surnames contained in the Medal Roll is detailed below (using Ctrl+F, in Internet Explorer will allow you to search for a specific surname):

Aaron, Abbotts, Abby, Abel, Abugalo, Acheson, Ackermann, Acornley, Acutt, Adam, Adama, Adams, Addison, Adie, Adler, Admos, Afeyu, Agayi, Agere, Agrippa, Ainsworth, Airforce, Aitken, Akehurst, Alanthwaite, Albert, Albertson, Albyn, Alcock, Alcorn, Alderson, Aldridge, Alene, Alexander, Alexius, Alford, Alfred, Ali, Alick, Allan, Allanby, Allberry, Allen, Allen-Rowlandson, Aller, Allison, Allman, Allum, Almeida-Leighton, Almond, Almy, Alouis, Alston, Alufai, Aluwisi, Alvord, Amess, Amidy, Amira, Amm, Amon, Anderle, Andersen, Anderson, Anderton, Andreah, Andrew, Andrews, Androliakos, Annanias, Annesley, Anstey, Apinos, Aravanda, Archdale, Archer, Argent, Arison, Arkley, Arlett-Johnson, Armstrong, Arnold, Arnott, Aron, Aroni, Arrowsmith, Arthur, Arumero, Ashburner, Ashby, Ashton, Ashwin, Ashworth, Asikinosi, Asprey, Aston, Athanatus, Atidani, Atkinson, Atterbury, Audin, Augustiel, Augustine, Augustinos, Auld, Austen, Austin, Avery, Axon, Ayers-Hunt, Aylward, Ayrton-White, Azevedo, Babbage, Bacon, Badarai, Badarayi, Badenhorst, Badza, Baffana, Bagera, Baggott, Bagure, Baigrie, Bailey, Bainbridge, Baines, Baira, Baird, Bajila, Bajilla, Bakasa, Baker, Bakisoni, Bako, Baldwin, Baleni, Ball, Ballantyne, Balmer, Balocca, Baloyi, Bamba, Bamu, Banda, Bandambira, Bande, Bandi, Banga, Bangani, Bangi, Bangidza, Bangira, Bango, Bangojena, Bangure, Banister, Banks, Bannerman, Baramasimbe, Barber, Bare, Barfoot, Barford, Barker, Barkiah, Barlow, Barnabas, Barnard, Barnes, Barnett, Barnfield, Barr, Barratt, Barron, Barrow, Barry, Barsdorf, Barson, Barthorpe, Bartlett, Barton, Barura, Bashu, Bass, Bassett, Batangi, Batchelor, Bate, Bates, Bath, Bather, Batoni, Batshona, Batshwaye, Batstone, Battershill, Batty, Bauleni, Baureni, Bayana, Bayayi, Baye, Bayley, Baynes, Baziwell, Beale, Beard, Beattie, Beaver, Bechani, Beck, Becker, Beckett, Beckley, Becks, Bedingham, Bednock, Beech, Beecham, Beeden, Beer, Beeton, Beets, Begg, Bejnar, Bekimpilo, Bekker, Belcher, Belder, Belford, Bell, Bellamy, Bellingham, Bembridge, Ben, Benadi, Benard, Benbow, Bendembe, Bendick, Benes, Benge, Benjamin, Bennell, Bennett, Bennison, Benny, Benson, Bent, Bentley, Benyera, Berdou, Bere, Berejena, Beretta, Berger, Bernard, Berry, Bertin, Bertrand, Besah, Bessent, Best, Bester, Besu, Beta, Betera, Betts, Beukman, Beveridge, Bewes, Bezuidenhout, Bhandawa, Bhangu, Bhano, Bhata, Bhebe, Bhebhe, Bhebhura, Bhehane, Bhepe, Bhika, Bhunu, Biba, Bichard, Bickell, Bickes, Bickmore, Biddulph, Bigai, Biggs, Bigg-Wither, Bijl, Bikiri, Bill, Bina, Binder, Bindu, Binduko, Bing, Binga, Binns, Binns-Ward, Binoni, Birch, Birchall, Bird, Birkett, Birrell, Birtle, Bisco, Bishi, Bishop, Bissett, Biton, Bizabani, Black, Blackburn, Blacker, Blackmore, Blain, Blair, Blake, Blamey, Blanden, Blaver, Bleasdale, Blick, Bloom, Bloomfield, Bloore, Blowers, Blundell, Blyth, Bobbins, Bobo, Bodzo, Boer, Bokisi, Bolas, Boltman, Bolton, Bomokayi, Bond, Bonde, Bondera, Bone, Bonett, Boniface, Bonwell, Bonynge, Boora, Booth, Bope, Bopoto, Borain, Borland, Borrett, Bos, Bosha, Boshoff, Bosley, Bossert, Bossy, Botha, Bothma, Bothwell, Botton, Boucher, Boulton, Bowen, Boweni, Bowers, Bowie, Bowker, Bowler, Boyce, Boyd, Boyd-Moss, Boyle, Boyomu, Bradfield, Bradley, Bradshaw, Brady, Braes, Bragge, Braidwood, Braine, Braithwaite, Brakspear, Bramford, Brand, Branfield, Bray, Brebner, Bredenkamp, Breeden, Breedt, Breen, Breithaupt-Meyer, Breken, Bremner, Brent, Bresler, Brett, Brewer, Breza, Briault, Brice, Brickman, Bridge, Bridger, Bright, Brink, Bristow, Britland, Brits, Britz, Broad, Brock, Brockbank, Brodrick, Bromley, Brooke, Brooke-Mee, Brooker, Brooks, Broom, Brophy, Brough, Brown, Brownbill, Browne, Browning, Brownlee, Brownlow, Brownstar, Bruce, Bruk-Jackson, Brummer, Brunette, Bruss, Bryan, Buchanan, Buckle, Budd, Bude, Buggs, Buhera, Buka, Bukuta, Bulayani, Bulford, Bull, Bullen, Bulley, Bulling, Bullmore, Bullock, Bulman, Bulpitt, Bumhe, Bumhira, Bumi, Bunganai, Bunganayi, Bungu, Bunhu, Bunhure, Bunt, Bunu, Bunyana, Buranda, Burayayi, Burchell, Burford, Burgess, Burgoyne, Burira, Burke, Burmeister, Burnett, Burns, Burombo, Burr, Burrell, Burridge, Burrow, Burstein, Burt, Burton, Bururu, Busayi, Busby, Bush, Bushell, Bushu, Buss, Butau, Butete, Butler, Butshe, Butt, Butterworth, Buys, Bvaka, Bvopfo, Bvukumbwe, Bvukura, Bvuma, Bvumbi, Bvute, Bwanadu, Bwanya, Bwerinofa, Bwititi, Bye, Byron, Bywater, Caddy, Cadle, Cahill, Cairnie, Cairns, Cakakala, Calderwood, Callaway, Callow, Cameron, Cameron-Dow, Campbell, Campion, Canaan, Cannon, Cantle, Capell, Caplen, Capper, Card, Cardy, Carlaw, Carr, Carrick, Carrie-Wilson, Carroll, Carse, Carson, Carter, Cartwright, Caruth, Carver, Cary, Caspi, Cassiano, Cassidy, Castell-Castell, Castle, Cathcart-Cunnison, Cathro, Cavanagh, Cavey, Cawood, Cephas, Chabarwa, Chabata, Chabayanzara, Chabika, Chabuka, Chabvuka, Chabvuta, Chacheka, Chachengwa, Chada, Chadehumbe, Chademana, Chademanah, Chadira, Chadiwa, Chaduka, Chadwick, Chaendera, Chaeruka, Chafa, Chafikaso, Chagadama, Chagonda, Chagwambare, Chagwanda, Chagwavaya, Chagwedera, Chahuruva, Chahwahwa, Chahwandah, Chahweta, Chaibva, Chaima, Chaipa, Chairman, Chaitamudziki, Chaitezvi, Chaitezwi, Chaka, Chakabuda, Chakacha, Chakadayi, Chakaipa, Chakamanga, Chakamera, Chakandivenga, Chakanetsa, Chakanyuka, Chakaora, Chakara, Chakarisa, Chakauya, Chakavarika, Chakawa, Chakawata, Chakaza, Chakoma, Chakuchichi, Chakunda, Chakuona, Chakwana, Chakwenya, Chakwizira, Chalk, Chalmers, Chamakavinga, Chamara, Chamarime, Chamba, Chambara, Chambgwe, Chamboke, Chamboko, Chambuka, Chambwira, Chaminuka, Chamisa, Chamunoda, Chamunorgwa, Chamunorwa, Chamusingarevi, Chanakira, Chananda, Chanda, Chandafira, Chandiwana, Chandler, Chando, Chanetsa, Changa, Changadzo, Changamire, Changara, Change, Changunda, Changundega, Changwa, Changwesha, Chantler, Chanyau, Chanyawu, Chanyuka, Chanzenza, Chaparadza, Chaparira, Chapasuka, Chapera, Chapeta, Chapeyama, Chapfunga, Chapinda, Chapita, Chapman, Chapungu, Chapxanya, Charakupa, Charamba, Charambarara, Charandura, Charewa, Chari, Charindapanze, Charinga, Charles, Charlesworth, Charnock, Charsley, Charteris, Charuka, Charuma, Charumbira, Charumbwidza, Chase, Chatambudza, Chateyiwa, Chatham, Chatikobo, Chatindo, Chatingwindi, Chatiza, Chatizembgwa, Chatora, Chatsika, Chatukuta, Chatyora, Chauke, Chauma, Chaumba, Chaungana, Chaurura, Chausina, Chava, Chawafambera, Chawanda, Chawatama, Chawora, Chayendera, Chayerera, Chazireni, Chazunza, Chazura, Cheesman, Chegodo, Chegore, Chekero, Chekudya, Chekure, Chemambo, Cheman, Chemerani, Chemere, Chemhuru, Chemunyoro, Chenga, Chengeta, Chengoma, Chenhamo, Chenjera, Chenjerayi, Cherai, Cherayi, Chereni, Cherry, Cheruwa, Chesango, Cheure, Chewe, Chewu, Chiambiro, Chiangwa, Chianike, Chibaka, Chibamu, Chibanda, Chibaro, Chibasa, Chibaya, Chibhabha, Chibhururu, Chibi, Chibira, Chibiya, Chibodo, Chibowora, Chiboyi, Chibuya, Chibvongodze, Chibvuri, Chichewo, Chida, Chidaguro, Chidanika, Chidanike, Chidarara, Chidarikire, Chidavaenzi, Chidavarume, Chidawanyika, Chidembo, Chidemo, Chidhaura, Chidinga, Chidodo, Chidomaya, Chidonga, Chidora, Chidothi, Chiduku, Chiduro, Chiduwa, Chiduza, Chidzambga, Chidzambwa, Chidzanga, Chidzedzedze, Chidziwa, Chieza, Chifamba, Chifodya, Chifuka, Chifunda, Chifuphi, Chifupih, Chigaba, Chigada, Chigamba, Chigangacha, Chigangaidze, Chigara, Chigariro, Chigavazira, Chigayo, Chigede, Chigerwe, Chigidi, Chigiya, Chigodora, Chigodoro, Chigogo, Chigogora, Chigona, Chigonda, Chigondo, Chigovanyika, Chigovera, Chigoverah, Chigowe, Chigubu, Chigudu, Chiguma, Chigumbu, Chigumira, Chigura, Chiguri, Chigutsa, Chiguvare, Chiguvu, Chigwada, Chigwana, Chigwedere, Chigwende, Chigwendere, Chigwida, Chihambakwe, Chihota, Chihure, Chihuri, Chihwai, Chihwendu, Chihwereva, Chijekwere, Chijoko, Chikadaya, Chikadza, Chikafu, Chikakano, Chikambura, Chikami, Chikanda, Chikandiwa, Chikandwa, Chikanhi, Chikanya, Chikara, Chikarakara, Chikarango, Chikarara, Chikata, Chikati, Chikazhe, Chikerema, Chikeya, Chikobvu, Chikochi, Chikofa, Chikohora, Chikomba, Chikomberanwa, Chikomo, Chikomwe, Chikono, Chikonye, Chikonyora, Chikonzo, Chikoore, Chikore, Chikosha, Chikoto, Chikova, Chikovere, Chikovi, Chikovo, Chikovore, Chikowore, Chikozho, Chikudzumbi, Chikuku, Chikunga, Chikuni, Chikunichawa, Chikura, Chikuruwo, Chikuvanyanga, Chikwaka, Chikwamba, Chikwana, Chikwanda, Chikwanha, Chikwani, Chikwava, Chikwavira, Chikwaya, Chikwekweti, Chikwerekwere, Chikweruwe, Chikweva, Chikwino, Chikwiri, Chikwiriro, Chikwiro, Chikwiti, Chikwitiri, Chilumbu, Chimambo, Chimanga, Chimangah, Chimanikire, Chimanya, Chimanzi, Chimate, Chimbakuka, Chimbamauro, Chimbambaira, Chimbamu, Chimberenga, Chimbima, Chimbowora, Chimbumu, Chimbunde, Chimbwana, Chimbwanda, Chimedza, Chimeramombe, Chimhandamba, Chimhangwa, Chimhoga, Chimidza, Chiminya, Chimire, Chimombe, Chimone, Chimonyo, Chimowa, Chimudzeka, Chimuka, Chimukuche, Chimunyemba, Chimuramba, Chimusaru, Chimusoro, Chimuti, Chimutwe, Chimwanda, Chimwara, Chimweta, China, Chinakidzwa, Chinakwe, Chinamano, Chinamasa, Chinamatira, Chinamhora, Chinamo, Chinanzvavana, Chindavata, Chindawi, Chindedza, Chindege, Chindima, Chindipa, Chindodo, Chindondo, Chindove, Chineka, Chinembiri, Chinemo, Chinemungu, Chinengemambo, Chinengundu, Chinenyanga, Chinetsa, Chingandu, Chinganga, Chingara, Chingarande, Chingarandi, Chingarava, Chingeya, Chingobo, Chingoka, Chingoma, Chingombe, Chingono, Chingonzoh, Chingore, Chingosho, Chinguwa, Chingwa, Chingwara, Chingwaro, Chingwaru, Chingwe, Chingwere, Chinhadada, Chinhamo, Chinhanho, Chinhema, Chinhengo, Chinherende, Chinherera, Chinho, Chinhoro, Chinjeke, Chino, Chinoda, Chinodya, Chinoera, Chinofunga, Chinogaramombe, Chinoka, Chinongoza, Chinooneka, Chinoramba, Chinorwadza, Chinosiya, Chinounye, Chinouya, Chinungu, Chinwadzimba, Chinyadza, Chinyakata, Chinyama, Chinyamakobvu, Chinyanda, Chinyandura, Chinyanga, Chinyanganya, Chinyani, Chinyasa, Chinyaukira, Chinyemba, Chinyena, Chinyengetere, Chinyenze, Chinyere, Chinyerere, Chinyika, Chinyoka, Chinyuku, Chinze, Chinzou, Chionah, Chionyere, Chiororo, Chiota, Chipadza, Chipaka, Chipanga, Chipango, Chipangura, Chipanyama, Chipara, Chipato, Chipayi, Chipengo, Chipere, Chipezeze, Chipfakacha, Chipfumbu, Chipfunde, Chipidza, Chipika, Chipimhi, Chipinge, Chipo, Chipomho, Chiponda, Chipore, Chipotereke, Chipoyera, Chipumuro, Chipungu, Chipunza, Chipuriro, Chipururu, Chiputura, Chipwanya, Chirabi, Chiradza, Chirairo, Chiramba, Chirambadare, Chirambaguwa, Chirambira, Chirambo, Chirambwe, Chirapa, Chirape, Chirara, Chiratidzo, Chirau, Chirawu, Chiremba, Chirenda, Chirenga, Chiri, Chiridza, Chiridzinomwe, Chiriga, Chirimba, Chiriminga, Chirimuta, Chirinda, Chiripanyanga, Chirisa, Chiriseri, Chirishe, Chiro, Chiroba, Chirochino, Chirodzero, Chirombe, Chirombedzi, Chirombo, Chiromo, Chironga, Chirongo, Chirongoma, Chiroodza, Chirowodza, Chirume, Chirunga, Chiruwaruwa, Chirwa, Chisadza, Chisadzah, Chisahwira, Chisambara, Chisango, Chisenwa, Chisepo, Chisero, Chisese, Chishato, Chishaya, Chishiri, Chisholm, Chishumba, Chisimuka, Chisnall, Chisora, Chisoro, Chiswa, Chiswe, Chitagu, Chitambara, Chitambira, Chitambo, Chitanda, Chitando, Chitanga, Chitapi, Chitatariso, Chitate, Chitaunhike, Chitauro, Chitava, Chitawa, Chitawu, Chitemerere, Chitemo, Chitendera, Chitenhere, Chitete, Chiteura, Chitiki, Chitima, Chitimbe, Chitimbire, Chitinhe, Chitiyo, Chitiza, Chitokisi, Chitoko, Chitokomere, Chitombi, Chitonga, Chitongo, Chitonje, Chitope, Chitorera, Chitsa, Chitsaka, Chitsatso, Chitsike, Chitsiko, Chitsinde, Chitsunge, Chitukudza, Chitukula, Chitumba, Chitumburu, Chituri, Chiunda, Chiundiza, Chiungwe, Chiunya, Chiunye, Chiururwi, Chiuta, Chiutare, Chiutsi, Chivanda, Chivandire, Chivanga, Chivange, Chivasa, Chivege, Chivende, Chivenga, Chivere, Chivete, Chivige, Chivizhe, Chivovo, Chiwai, Chiwandamire, Chiwandikwa, Chiwanga, Chiwanza, Chiwapu, Chiwara, Chiware, Chiwaridzo, Chiwashira, Chiwaya, Chiweda, Chiwekwe, Chiwenga, Chiwerera, Chiwerere, Chiweshe, Chiwetani, Chiwewete, Chiwire, Chiwocha, Chiwombe, Chiwona, Chiwonzoro, Chiwora, Chiworeka, Chiworera, Chiwororo, Chiwota, Chiyaka, Chiyangwa, Chiyengerere, Chizarura, Chizema, Chizenga, Chizengeya, Chizengwe, Chizinga, Chizivano, Chizodza, Choba, Choga, Chogah, Chogumaira, Choho, Chokodza, Chokoto, Chokuda, Chokuona, Chokutaura, Chombo, Chomuno, Chomunoda, Chomunogwa, Chomunorgwa, Chomunorwa, Chomutigidi, Choruma, Choruwa, Chorwadza, Choto, Chowa, Chozarira, Christie, Christopher, Chudu, Chukucha, Chuma, Chunguni, Churchill, Churu, Cilliers, Cisango, Civonamba, Ciweshe, Claassen, Clack, Clackworthy, Clampit, Clancy, Clapham, Clark, Clarke, Clayton, Clayton-Daly, Clegg, Cleland, Clement, Clements, Cleophas, Clever, Clifford, Clifton-Parks, Clinton, Clipston, Clittos, Cloete, Clopas, Coates, Cochrane, Cockcroft, Cocks, Codd, Coetzee, Coetzer, Colbourne, Cole, Coleman, Colin, Collen, Colley, Collier, Collinge, Collings, Collins, Collyer, Colman, Colmer, Colquhoun, Combe, Combes, Combrinck, Commerford, Compton, Condon, Conjwayo, Conlon, Connelly, Connolly, Conrad, Conradie, Constantine, Constantino, Constantinou, Conway, Cook, Cooke, Cooke-Yarborough, Cookson, Coolbear, Coom, Coomer, Cooper, Cooper-Jones, Copcutt, Copley, Corby, Cormack, Cornelious, Cornelius, Cornell, Cornish, Cornwell, Cosgrove, Cosmos, Costa, Cottham, Cotton, Coucom, Coupar, Court, Coutts, Coveley, Coventry, Cowell, Cowen, Cowham, Cowling, Cox, Cozens, Crabb, Crabtree, Crafter, Crage, Cragg, Crahart, Craigie, Cramp, Crane, Crause, Craven, Crawford, Crawley, Creighton, Cremer, Crispen, Croasdell, Crockart, Crone, Cronin, Cronje, Crook, Crosby, Cross, Crossan, Crossland, Crossley, Croucamp, Crouser, Crow, Crowe, Crowther, Cubitt, Cuerden, Cullingworth, Cullum, Culver, Cumming, Cundy, Cunliffe, Cunliffe-Steel, Cunningham, Curle, Currie, Curtis, Cusack, Cushworth, Custon, Cutfield, Cuthbertson, Cutler, Cutting, Cyprian, Dabengwa, Dacre, Dagu, Dahwa, Daillecourt, Daka, Dakarayi, Daki, Dakwa, Dakyns, Dal Garno, Dale, Dale Lace, Dalla-Pria, Dalziel, Damba, Dambamupfe, Dambaza, Dancer, Danda, Dandara, Dandawa, Dandiro, Danforth, Danga, Dangarembwa, Danger, Dangirwa, Daniel, Daniels, Daramanzi, D'Araujo, Darby, Darch, Darling, Darney, Dauda, Daura, Dauzeni, Davenport, Daveti, Davey, Davias, David, Davidovics, Davidson, Davie, Davies, Davis, Davison, Dawkins, Dawson, Day, Daynes, de Beer, de Bres, de Bruin, de Burgh-Thomas, de Chaby, de Courpalay, de Goede, de Grandholme, de Grandhomme, de Gray Birch, de Haas, de Haast, de Jager, de Jong, de Klerk, de Kok, de Lange, de Lorme, de Meyer, de Milita, de Villiers, de Wet, de Wit, de Witt, Deacon, Deall, Dean, Deane, Dearden, Deasy, Deetlefs, Dehwe, Deka, del Fabbro, Dell, Delorie, Delport, Dema, Dembaremba, Dembedza, Dembure, Demela, Demetriou, Demo, Dempsey, Dende, Dendere, Denere, Denford, Denga, Dengedza, Denhere, Denholm, Denias, Denley, Dennis, Dennison, Dera, Deredzayi, Derry, Devine, Devison, Devlin, Devoy, Dewa, Dewah, Dewar, Dewe, Dewey, Dewhurst, Dhimbo, Dhlakama, Dhlamini, Dhlana, Dhliwayo, Dhlodhlo, Dhlomo, Dhumbu, Dibden, Dibora, Dick, Dicker, Dickey, Dickinson, Dickson, Didizela, Digges, Digwa, Dike, Diloli, Dimairo, Dinda, Dineen, Dingani, Dingiswayo, Dingwiza, Dippenaar, Diva, Diviani, Diwura, Dix, Dixon, Diza, Dlamini, Dlundu, Doba, Dobeyn, Dobson, Dodd, Dodo, Dodwell, Dodzo, Dolby, Domboh, Dominic, Don, Donald, Donaldson, Dondo, Donga, Dongo, Donnelly, Donnison, Donzelli, Donzva, Doro, Doropo, Dorrington, Douche, Dougall, Douglas, Dove, Dowani, Dowd, Dowell, Dowera, Downham, Downing, Doyle, Drake, Draper, Drayi, Drayton, Drewett, Dreyer, Driver, du Bois, du Plessis, du Preez, du Toit, Dube, Dubo, Duckworth, Dudzayi, Duers, Duffield, Duguid, Duma, Dumba, Dumbu, Dumbujena, Dumburah, Dumezweni, Dumukwa, Duncan, Dundundu, Dungeni, Dunira, Dunn, Durandt, D'urban Jackson, Duri, Dutiro, Dutton, Duze, Dyer, Dyke, Dykes, Dywili, Dzama, Dzambacheka, Dzamunetsa, Dzapasi, Dzaramba, Dzarira, Dzenga, Dzengedza, Dzere, Dzibaidema, Dzidzwa, Dzikamayi, Dzikiti, Dzimba, Dzimbanete, Dzimiri, Dzimudzi, Dzinda, Dzinduwa, Dzingai, Dzingayi, Dzingi, Dzingirai, Dzingirayi, Dzingire, Dzingoreva, Dzinoreva, Dzinotizei, Dzinotyiwei, Dzinzi, Dziro, Dzirutsva, Dziva, Dzivakwe, Dzivakwi, Dzobo, Dzokerayi, Dzomba, Dzombe, Dzonzayi, Dzorayi, Dzorwa, Dzuda, Dzumbira, Dzumbunu, Dzvaka, Dzvene, Dzviti, Dzvova, Dzwaka, Dzwimbo, Dzwova, Dzwowa, Eales, Eames, Earle, Early, Earwood, Easey, Easterbrook, Eastes, Easton, Eck, Eddeger, Edden, Eddey, Eddie, Edgcumbe, Edge, Edmond, Edward, Edwards, Edwin, Edye, Efurati, Efuremu, Egleton, Eglington, Ejeas, Ekemu, Elder, Eldridge, Elia, Elias, Elifasi, Elifati, Elijah, Elikana, Eliphas, Elisha, Elishah, Elison, Eliveni, Elkington, Ellert, Elley, Elliot, Elliott, Ellis, Ellway, Elson, Eltze, Enati, Engay, Engel, Engelbrecht, Engels, English, Ennis, Enoch, Enock, Enos, Enslom, Enwright, Ephraim, Erasmus, Ereck, Eric, Erick, Ericum, Erijah, Ernest, Eruwerd, Ervine, Escott, Eshward, Esler, Esmon, Espach, Estias, Estment, Eterman, Etias, Eva, Evans, Evershed, Eveson, Evison, Eyre, Ezra, Fabre, Fada, Fadzamwoyo, Fairfax-Franklin, Fairley, Fakazi, Falcone, Falkenberg, Fambai, Fambi, Fambirayi, Fana, Fani, Faniweri, Fannuel, Fanny, Fanos, Fanuel, Farai, Farayi, Farbridge-Currie, Farirepi, Fariwa, Farmer, Farnsworth, Faro, Farrell, Farren, Farrington, Fati, Fawkes, Fayavo, Feast, Feliciano, Felix, Fengu, Fenyengenye, Ferewa, Ferguson, Ferrao, Ferreira, Ferrier, Ferros, Fey, Fibiyano, Fiddler, Fidelis, Field, Filimon, Filisi, Finch, Fincham, Findlay, Finegan, Fini, Finias, Finiyasi, Finn, Finnigan, Firipi, Firth, Fisher, Fisherman, Fishlock, Fitch, Fitzgerald, Fitz-Gerald, Fivaz, Five, Flanagan, Fleming, Fletcher, Florens, Flower, Flowers, Floyd, Flynn, Foden, Foley, Forbes, Ford, Forder, Forrest, Forsyth, Fortescue, Fosita, Foskett, Foster, Foto, Foulis, Foulkes, Fourie, Fowane, Fowkes, Fowle, Fowler, Fowles, Fox, Foxcroft, Fradreck, Frampton, Franceschi, Francis, Frank, Frankleyne, Franklin, Fraser, Frearson, Fred, Freddy, Frederiksen, Fredi, Fredriksson, Fredson, Freebairn, Freeburn, Freeman, Freemantle, Freer, Frees, French, Friend, Friendship, Friendson, Friesen, Fromburg, Frost, Fry, Fukusirayi, Fulks, Fuller, Fulton, Funani, Funda, Fundikai, Fundirwa, Fungayi, Funi, Furau, Furayi, Furber, Fureza, Furusa, Furusayi, Fusire, Fuyane, Fuzwayo, Fyfe, Fynn, Gabayi, Gabaza, Gabriel, Gadagah, Gadzikwa, Gadzira, Gadzirayi, Gahadza, Gaika, Gaitskell, Gakache, Gakanje, Gale, Gallagher, Galuza, Gama, Gamanya, Gambe, Gambiza, Gamblin, Gameiro, Gamunorwa, Ganda, Gandah, Gandanzara, Gande, Gandhie, Gandidzanwa, Gandidze, Gandidzwana, Gandie, Gandiwa, Gandiwah, Ganduru, Gangai, Gangarahwe, Gangata, Gangayi, Ganizani, Ganjani, Ganner, Ganya, Ganyani, Ganyo, Gapa, Gapara, Gapare, Gapiti, Gapure, Gara, Garaba, Garabwa, Garadi, Garai, Garamukanwa, Garande, Garawaziva, Gardiner, Gardner, Gargan, Garikayi, Garira, Gariri, Gariromo, Garland, Garman, Garnett, Garrod, Garrs, Gartshore, Garumani, Garusa, Garvey, Garwe, Garzonis, Gascoigne, Gash, Gashu, Gate, Gatland, Gato, Gatsi, Gault, Gava, Gavaza, Gavazzi, Gave, Gavi, Gavuna, Gay, Gazimbi, Gearing, Gebeni, Gebure, Geddes, Genari, Genau, Genga, Gent, George, Gerber, Gezana, Gezayi, Gezera, Ghandi, Gherardotti, Ghipangura, Gibb, Gibbard, Gibbon, Gibbons, Gibbs, Gibidai, Gibson, Gibsoni, Gideon, Gidion, Gift, Gijama, Gijima, Gilbert, Giles, Gill, Gillespie, Gillett, Gillies, Gillman, Gillot, Gilmour, Ginger, Gini, Girandi, Giraud, Girimoni, Giya, Giyane, Glaister, Glanville, Gleeson, Glen, Glibbery, Gloss, Glover, Gloyne, Goba, Gobeza, Gobiye, Gobodo, Gobvu, Goche, Gochera, Goddard, Godfrey, Godley, Godwin, Godzi, Gogogo, Gohwa, Gokondoh, Golden, Goldie, Goliath, Golightly, Gomba, Gombera, Gombo, Gombwiro, Gomo, Gomwe, Gona, Goncalves, Gondo, Gondoma, Gondoro, Gondwe, Goneki, Gonese, Gonga, Gono, Gonoh, Gonyora, Gonzo, Gooch, Good, Goodbye, Goodchild, Goode, Goodes, Goodhead, Goodridge, Gopo, Gopoza, Gora, Gorden, Gordon, Gore, Goredema, Gorekore, Goremusandu, Gorokotah, Goromondo, Gororo, Gosho, Gotami, Goto, Gotore, Gotosa, Goudge, Gough, Gouws, Gova, Govanayi, Govathson, Govera, Govere, Gowans, Gowen, Gowera, Gowere, Gowero, Gowora, Gozho, Graaff, Gradwell, Graham, Granger, Grant, Grastone, Gratiano, Gratton, Graves, Gray, Greeff, Green, Greenberg, Greenhalgh, Greenhill, Greenly, Greenough, Greenwood, Gregson, Gresham, Grey, Grice, Grierson, Griffin, Griffith, Griffiths, Grimes, Grimwood, Grist, Grizaard, Grobler, Groenewald, Grose, Grout, Groves, Gubudu, Gubwe, Guchu, Gudgeon, Gudo, Guhudzira, Guhwe, Guild, Gukuta, Gukwa, Gumbanjira, Gumbi, Gumbo, Gumedhe, Gumpo, Gumunyu, Guna, Gunda, Gundani, Gundiro, Gundwane, Gunguwo, Guni, Gunika, Gunise, Gunja, Gunn, Gunston, Gupa, Gupudza, Gura, Gurajena, Guramatunhu, Gurney, Gurupira, Gurure, Gusha, Gushure, Gustafson, Gusvakusva, Gusvo, Gutsa, Gutu, Gutura, Gutusa, Gutuza, Guvava, Guvhu, Guwuriro, Guy, Guyo, Guzha, Gwaba, Gwabangani, Gwagwa, Gwaimani, Gwalazimba, Gwambe, Gwamure, Gwananga, Gwanangura, Gwandure, Gwangwadza, Gwangwara, Gwanukwa, Gwanyanya, Gwanzura, Gwara, Gwari, Gwashavanhu, Gwashure, Gwata, Gwatarira, Gwati, Gwatidzo, Gwatirinda, Gwatiringa, Gwatura, Gwaza, Gwaze, Gwebu, Gwede, Gwekwerere, Gwembi, Gwena, Gwenah, Gwenda, Gwenhamo, Gwenzi, Gweru, Gwese, Gweshe, Gwindi, Gwini, Gwinji, Gwinyayi, Gwira, Gwisayi, Haasbroek, Hacking, Hadfield, Hadzidzi, Hadzizi, Hadzoi, Hafez, Hagan, Hagemann, Haggai, Haggart, Hakudzingwi, Hakuna, Hakunandaba, Halder, Haley, Halkier, Hall, Haller, Hallett, Hall-Johnson, Halls, Hallward, Halstead, Hama, Hamadziripi, Hamamiti, Hamamuti, Hamandawana, Hamandishe, Hamill, Hamilton, Hamley, Hammond, Hampson, Hamudiwamwe, Hamunyari, Hamutichki, Hancock, Hand, Handisen, Hanekom, Hankinson, Hanlon, Hansen, Hanson, Hantreese, Hanyani, Hapagarwi, Hapanai, Hapureni, Hardey, Hardie, Hardman, Hardwick, Hardy, Harlow, Harman, Harries, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Harry, Hart, Hart-Davies, Hartlebury, Hartley, Harunashe, Harvey, Harwood, Hasani, Hasson, Haswell, Hatch, Hati, Hatikuri, Hatinawedu, Hatityi, Hativagoni, Hatiwandi, Hatlani, Hatugari, Havana, Havazivishe, Haviki, Havill, Hawken, Hawkes, Hawkins, Hawks, Haworth, Hay, Hayden, Hayes, Haylock-Smith, Haynes, Hayward, Haywood, Hazlett, Hazwiperi, Heale, Healy, Hearns, Heath, Heco, Hedge, Hedges, Heffer, Hega, Hein, Hela, Helegwa, Hellinger, Hemming, Hemmings, Henchie, Henderson, Hendrikz, Hendry, Henry, Henson, Herbert, Herbst, Herd, Herdman, Hereld, Heri, Heron, Herrmann, Heslip, Hetherington, Hetshi, Hewitt, Heycock, Heyneke, Hezekiya, Hezikiya, Hickie, Hickinbotham, Hickman, Hicks, Higham, Hill, Hilliar, Hillier, Hillman, Hines, Hinksman, Hinwood, Hitira, Hitler, Hlabangana, Hlabo, Hlaise, Hlangane, Hlatshiwayo, Hlatshwayo, Hlatywayo, Hletshana, Hloko, Hlomayi, Hlongwane, Hlungupi, Hlungwani, Hlupeko, Hlupiwa, Hobane, Hobley, Hobson, Hocking, Hodges, Hodgson, Hodgson-Todd, Hodnett, Hodobo, Hodson, Hoff, Hoffenberg, Hoffman, Hoffmann, Hofisi, Hogan, Hogg, Hoggarth, Hoggins, Hogo, Hoko, Hokonya, Holden, Holland, Hollingworth, Hollis, Holloway, Holmes, Holt, Hombarume, Hombore, Homen, Homerayi, Hondo, Hondoma, Hone, Honywill, Hood, Hook, Hope, Hopkins, Hopley, Horn, Hornby, Horne, Horner, Horonga, Hororo, Horton, Hosea, Hosford, Houghton, Houlston, House, Houston, Hove, Howard, Howarth, Howell, Howells, Howern, Howie, Howitt, Howman, Howse, Hoy, Hozheri, Hubbard, Hubert, Hudson, Huggins, Hughes, Hughes-Hewitt, Hughn, Hull, Hulley, Hulley-Miller, Hulme, Humberstone, Hume, Humphrey, Humphreys, Hunda, Hundermark, Hundivenga, Hunduza, Hungwa, Hungwe, Huni, Hunt, Hunter, Hunter-Hardy, Hurd, Hurley, Hurren, Hurry, Hurudza, Hurumende, Huruwe, Husband, Huson, Hustler, Husvu, Hutchens, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Hute, Hwaire, Hwami, Hwetsve, Hywood, Ibbitt, Iddon, Ignasio, Ignatious, Iles, Imbairo, Imbayago, Imbayarwo, Impey, Inglis, Inkson, Inman, Innocent, Inos, Iredale, Irvine, Isaac, Isaiah, Isaki, Isau, Isaya, Isdale, Isemonger, Ishewedu, Isidore, Isikson, Israel, Itayi, Ives, Ivey, Izon, Jaba, Jabangwe, Jaboor, Jack, Jackson, Jacob, Jacobs, Jacobsz, Jafita, Jairo, Jairos, Jaison, Jaji, Jaka, Jakachira, Jakah, Jakalase, Jakarasi, Jakata, Jakuvo, Jamba, Jambawu, Jambwa, Jamela, James, Jameson, Jamieson, Jamu, Jana, Janas, Jangara, Jangira, Jani, Janse van Vuuren, Jansen, Jansen van Rensburg, Jansen van Vuuren, Janyure, Japhet, Jaques, Jaratina, Jaravaza, Jarrett, Jarvie, Jarvis, Jashuwa, Jason, Jasteni, Jaston, Jaure, Javen, Jaweti, Jayaguru, Jayson, Jeary, Jecha, Jeche, Jecock, Jefferies, Jefferson, Jeffery, Jeffias, Jeffrey, Jefiyasi, Jeke, Jeki, Jelliman, Jelot, Jena, Jenah, Jengwa, Jenje, Jenkins, Jenkinson, Jennings, Jephias, Jerah, Jerahwenya, Jere, Jeremiah, Jerera, Jeriton, Jeshua, Jesikiyere, Jessop, Jethro, Jetinel, Jewson, Ji, Jija, Jim, Jimias, Jimison, Jimu, Jinga, Jingura, Jinit, Jiri, Jisa, Joat, Job, Jobson, Joe, Johane, Johanies, Johannes, Johannis, John, Johnn, Johnson, Johnson-Hill, Johnston, Johnstone, Joki, Jokonia, Jolamu, Jolliffe, Jollivet, Jolly, Joly, Jona, Jonah, Jonas, Jonath, Jonathan, Jones, Jonga, Jongwe, Jonhera, Joni, Jonifani, Jonker, Joram, Joramu, Jordaan, Jordan, Jorry, Josamu, Josaphat, Joseph, Joshua, Josia, Josiah, Josias, Josiyasi, Josphat, Joss, Jotam, Jotham, Joubert, Jouning, Jowapu, Jubeki, Juda, Judah, Judd, Julias, Julius, Jullian, July, Juma, Jumapiri, Jumbani, Jumbe, Jumbi, June, Jura, Jusa, Justice, Justin, Juta, Jutah, Juwell, Kabaya, Kaboko, Kabondo, Kabunu, Kachepa, Kachere, Kachigamba, Kachinga, Kachingwe, Kachito, Kachuwa, Kadahwayi, Kadango, Kademaunga, Kadenge, Kadewere, Kadhlela, Kadiki, Kadzingwindi, Kadzunge, Kadzviti, Kafura, Kagodora, Kagoro, Kaguda, Kaguru, Kahari, Kahondo, Kahuta, Kahwa, Kaiboni, Kaitano, Kakono, Kakove, Kakupo, Kalabantu, Kalati, Kalatini, Kalaza, Kalonga, Kalshoven, Kamanga, Kamba, Kambama, Kambarami, Kambira, Kambiro, Kambudzi, Kambule, Kambuzuma, Kamchira, Kamera, Kamhaka, Kamhirirpiri, Kamoto, Kampota, Kamuchacha, Kamupaundi, Kamupenda, Kamupiyo, Kamurai, Kamurayi, Kamuruko, Kamusha, Kamusikiri, Kamusoko, Kamuzangaza, Kamuzonde, Kanamandai, Kanda, Kandawasvika, Kandege, Kandemiiri, Kandemire, Kandemwa, Kandenga, Kandeya, Kandiado, Kandigo, Kandira, Kanengoni, Kangausaru, Kanhema, Kanhukamwe, Kanjakwa, Kanjanga, Kanjere, Kanjoka, Kankuni, Kanmukamwe, Kano, Kanombirira, Kanotangudza, Kantuchitani, Kanyekanye, Kanyemba, Kanyepi, Kanyera, Kanyuchi, Kaodza, Kaondera, Kapamutengo, Kaparura, Kapaso, Kapasurah, Kapelwa, Kapfudza, Kapfumvuti, Kapfunde, Kaplan, Kapota, Kapukayi, Kapunza, Kapurura, Kapuya, Karaga, Karamba, Karanda, Karasa, Karauone, Karawira, Karedzera, Karidzira, Karikoga, Karimanzira, Karimatsenga, Karimbika, Karimusango, Karinga, Karipota, Kariwo, Karonga, Karumekavi, Kasakura, Kasawaya, Kaseke, Kasere, Kaserera, Kashiri, Kasimo, Kasinamunda, Kasingarirwi, Kasiroori, Kasiyamhuru, Kasper, Kaswa, Katanda, Katazo, Katena, Katengeza, Katerere, Katete, Katiyo, Katize, Katongomare, Katsande, Katsenga, Katsenza, Katsi, Katsiru, Katumba, Katuruza, Katyauripo, Katyora, Katz, Kaunye, Kaurai, Kaurirai, Kautenho, Kavai, Kavande, Kaverere, Kavhurah, Kavonic, Kavu, Kavumbura, Kavunika, Kavunu, Kavura, Kawadza, Kawadzah, Kawara, Kawaza, Kawinga, Kawocha, Kawota, Kawurayi, Kay, Kayitwi, Kazingizi, Kazitaye, Kazizi, Kazozo, Kazuva, Keane, Keche, Keefer, Keen, Keenan, Keens, Kefas, Kefasi, Kefford, Kelly, Kembo, Kemp, Kempen, Kenani, Kenas, Kenasi, Kenchington, Kenett, Kenias, Keniyasi, Kennaird, Kennedi, Kennedy, Kennelly, Kennerley, Kenneth, Kenny, Kensett, Kent, Kephas, Kerah, Kerayi, Kernick, Kerr, Kersten, Kesare, Kessler, Ketero, Kettle, Keverere, Keyi, Keys, Keyser, Kgwatalala, Khaka, Khanye, Khohomela, Khosa, Khosana, Khoza, Khumalo, Kidwell, Kilborn, Kilgour, Kilshaw, Kimber, King, Kingdon, Kingston, Kingstone, Kinosi, Kiraposi, Kirby, Kireva, Kirkland, Kirkman, Kisimis, Kitching, Kleine, Kleto, Kleyhans, Kleynhans, Kloppers, Knight, Knoesen, Knoetze, Knollys, Knowlden, Knox-Davies, Kododo, Kodzanai, Kodzwa, Kok, Koke, Kokono, Kombai, Komboni, Kombora, Komborah, Kona, Kondo, Konig, Koromora, Koroneli, Kosana, Koti, Kotze, Kreuter, Kriegler, Kriel, Krischock, Kruger, Kruz, Krynauw, Kuboya, Kuchena, Kudakwashe, Kudenga, Kudita, Kudyarawanza, Kudzurunga, Kuedza, Kufa, Kufabani, Kufahakurambwe, Kufahakutizwi, Kufakunesu, Kufakwedeke, Kufandirori, Kufankomwe, Kufazvineyi, Kufazwinei, Kuhlengisa, Kuimba, Kuipa, Kuka, Kumalo, Kumbilina, Kumbirayi, Kumbula, Kumile, Kumin, Kumire, Kumpika, Kumuka, Kumurayi, Kunaka, Kunatsa, Kundeya, Kundhlande, Kundishora, Kunene, Kunishora, Kunodziya, Kunota, Kunyadini, Kunyeda, Kunze, Kunzeke, Kunzekutema, Kupara, Kupfuwa, Kupinkomo, Kurasha, Kurauzvione, Kurayizwenyu, Kurebgwaseka, Kurewa, Kurewandishe, Kurgwa, Kurima, Kurowski, Kurumba, Kurundai, Kurwara, Kurz, Kusarakweyi, Kusemwa, Kuseni, Kuspert, Kusvabadika, Kutchen, Kutekwa, Kutse, Kutsirai, Kutsirayi, Kutswara, Kuttner, Kutukwa, Kutyauripo, Kuvarega, Kuvawoga, Kuwana, Kuwe, Kuyeri, Kuzanga, Kwakwa, Kwanayi, Kwande, Kwangwa, Kwangwari, Kwaramba, Kwarayi, Kwari, Kwashira, Kwashirayi, Kwayedza, Kwenda, Kwenhamo, Kweya, Kwezekani, Kydd, Labson, Labuschagne, Lachenicht, Lackson, Lailey, Laing, Lake, Lamb, Lambert, Lambon, Lambourn, Lameck, Lamond, Lamont, Lampard, Lamport-Stokes, Lancaster, Landa, Landau, Landsey, Lane, Laneck, Lange, Langhan, Langran, Langton, Lant, Lapage, Larkan, Larn, Latham, Lathe, Latilla, Lavers, Law, Lawless, Lawrance, Lawrence, Lawrie, Lawson, Lawton, Lay, Layoni, Layzell, Lazarus, le Cordeur, le Crerar, le Guern, le Mesurier, le Roux, Lea, Leach, Leakey, Leamon, Leask, Lebish, Ledger, Lee, Leech, Lees, Leiper, Lemmer, Lemon, Lendrum, Lennard, Leo, Leonard, Leopold, Leppan, Lernard, Levi, Levias, Levine, Levison, Levy, Lewis, Liebermann, Liebrandt, Lifi, Lightley, Limani, Linda, Lindani, Lindenberg, Lindeque, Lindley, Lindsay, Lindsay-White, Lines-Williamson, Linfield, Linklater, Lintwa, Lisiyasi, Lister, Little, Litton, Livhi, Lloyd, Lobo, Lock, Loftus, Logue, Lomazolo, Lombard, London, Loney, Long, Longmoor, Looker, Lord, Lornie, Lot, Loti, Lotter, Loubser, Lousada, Louw, Lova, Lovatt, Lovemore, Lovett, Low, Lowe, Lowein, Lowen, Lowrie, Lowry, Lowson, Loxton, Lubbe, Lucas, Lucian, Lucke, Ludeke, Ludgater, Lujinga, Luka, Lukasi, Luke, Lundgren, Lunga, Lungu, Lupahla, Luphondo, Lurie, Lusaba, Luscombe, Lushington, Lusinga, Lyddiatt, Lyes, Lynas, Lynch, Lynn, Lywood, Maartens, Maas, Maasdorp, Mabachi, Mabambimpisi, Mabandah, Mabandi, Mabandla, Mabanga, Mabasa, Mabaso, Mabate, Mabau, Mabaya, Mabedzenge, Mabena, Mabetha, Mabeza, Mabezele, Mabheka, Mabhena, Mabhodho, Mabhunu, Mabi, Mabidie, Mabika, Mabikwa, Mabin, Mabiza, Mabuda, Mabuku, Mabunu, Maburukwa, Mabuto, Mabuya, Mabvirakare, MacAdam, Macala, Macartney, Macaskill, Macaulay, MacCallum, MacCrimmon, MacDonald, MacDougall, Macebo, MacGiles, MacGregor, Machabangu, Machacha, Machache, Machaka, Machakaire, Machan, Machando, Machanja, Macharaga, Machate, Machawira, Machayasimbi, Mache, Macheka, Machekano, Machemedze, Machengete, Machera, Machetu, Macheza, Machikiche, Machimbirike, Machingauta, Machingura, Machingurah, Machinya, Machipisa, Machira, Machiridza, Machiriko, Machirobo, Machiwenyi, Machiwona, Machona, Machote, MacIntosh, MacIntyre, MacIsaac, Mack, Mackay, MacKenzie, Mackie, MacKillican, MacKinnon, MacKintosh, Mackvie, Mackwell, Mackwenzie, MacLachlan, MacLaurin, Maclean, Macleod, MacMillan, MacPhail, MacPherson, MacRae, Madah, Madake, Madamombe, Madanhi, Madanhire, Madanire, Madava, Madekurozwa, Madela, Madgwick, Madhiri, Madhla, Madhlangove, Madhodha, Madhongo, Madida, Madinu, Madiro, Madombgwe, Madombi, Madombwe, Madondo, Madongorere, Madora, Madore, Madubeko, Maduku, Madume, Madumuse, Madungwe, Madusire, Maduveko, Madyah, Madyangove, Madyira, Madyise, Madyiwa, Madzadzavara, Madzamba, Madzana, Madzaranganwa, Madzibanzira, Madziire, Madzikanda, Madzikatire, Madzima, Madzimbamuto, Madzime, Madzimure, Madzinga, Madzingo, Madziva, Madzivadondo, Madzivanyika, Madzivanzira, Madzivire, Madziwa, Madzokere, Madzongo, Madzore, Madzorere, Madzovo, Madzudzo, Madzura, Madzure, Madzvamuse, Madzvara, Madzviko, Madzvova, Madzwiko, Maedzenge, Maenje, Maenzanise, Maeresera, Mafa, Mafara, Mafashange, Mafi, Mafigeni, Mafikeni, Mafinqana, Mafion, Mafiosi, Mafirokurehwa, Mafiyo, Mafoshoro, Mafovera, Mafu, Mafuba, Mafudza, Mafuka, Mafukidze, Mafuku, Mafumba, Mafumbate, Mafundikwa, Mafunga, Mafurirano, Mafurutu, Mafusire, Mafuso, Mafuta, Magabo, Magada, Magadaire, Magadu, Magadza, Magadzira, Magadzire, Magagane, Magagani, Magagule, Magaire, Magaisa, Magaki, Magama, Magamula, Maganda, Magande, Maganga, Maganhu, Maganje, Magara, Magaraca, Magaya, Magayisa, Magede, Magenga, Mageza, Magiga, Magigwana, Magijima, Magodhi, Magodi, Magola, Magomba, Magombedze, Magomo, Magomore, Magonagona, Magondo, Magoneko, Magora, Magorah, Magore, Magorimbo, Magoronga, Magotsi, Magowa, Magowan, Maguire, Maguma, Magumise, Magunda, Magunga, Magunje, Magura, Maguranyanga, Maguswini, Maguta, Maguto, Magwaba, Magwada, Magwagwa, Magwaku, Magwala, Magwaro, Magwaza, Magwede, Magwenya, Magwenzi, Magweregwede, Magwidi, Mahachi, Mahaja, Mahamati, Mahamba, Mahando, Mahanzu, Mahapa, Mahaso, Mahebe, Mahembe, Maher, Mahere, Mahinde, Mahiya, Mahize, Mahla, Mahlaba, Mahlala, Mahlamvana, Mahlanga, Mahlangeni, Mahlangu, Mahlasera, Mahlatini, Mahleka, Mahlekete, Mahoho, Mahohoma, Mahonda, Mahonde, Mahonga, Mahove, Mahumucha, Mahunje, Mahupete, Mahuta, Mahute, Mahwite, Maida, Maidigu, Maigeta, Maigurira, Maiko, Maimba, Main, Mairos, Maisiri, Maitland, Majachani, Majada, Majaka, Majasi, Majaya, Majazi, Majerimani, Majiga, Majoin, Majoli, Majonga, Majongosi, Majongwe, Majoni, Major, Majora, Majoyi, Majura, Majuru, Maka, Makacha, Makado, Makala, Makamanzi, Makambe, Makamure, Makanda, Makandire, Makanga, Makangira, Makanhiwa, Makani, Makanika, Makara, Makaradi, Makaranga, Makarutsa, Makasi, Makaure, Makaurire, Makava, Makavi, Makaye, Makaza, Maketo, Maketu, Makhado, Makhala, Makheleni, Makhothama, Makhula, Makhurane, Makina, Makipa, Makirimira, Makiwa, Mako, Makobe, Makoho, Makokwe, Makombe, Makombera, Makomelo, Makomo, Makondo, Makonese, Makoni, Makono, Makopa, Makora, Makore, Makorokoto, Makoroni, Makorovodo, Makosa, Makosi, Makota, Makoto, Makotose, Makova, Makowa, Makozho, Makubaza, Makubulilo, Makuchete, Makudo, Makufa, Makuku, Makulumo, Makumbe, Makumbindi, Makumbo, Makumire, Makumucha, Makunga, Makunike, Makununika, Makura, Makurira, Makurumure, Makururu, Makusha, Makuvari, Makuvatsine, Makuvaza, Makuvire, Makuvise, Makuwatsine, Makuwe, Makuwerere, Makuyana, Makuzha, Makuzwa, Makwaimba, Makwakwa, Makwalo, Makwangwa, Makwanha, Makwanya, Makwara, Makwari, Makwarimba, Makwavarara, Makwaya, Makwelo, Makwembere, Makwenjere, Makwetshana, Makweya, Makwiranzou, Makwiyanah, Malabuka, Malachia, Malama, Malandu, Malandule, Malani, Malapela, Malayini, Malele, Males, Maliba, Malijeki, Malima, Malinga, Malinki, Maliselo, Maliswa, Malkin, Mallett, Mallon, Maloya, Malunga, Mambambo, Mambayo, Mambimbi, Mambo, Mamboininga, Mambondo, Mambudzi, Mamombe, Mamvacha, Mamvura, Manamela, Manasa, Manda, Mandaraza, Mandaza, Mandazah, Mandebvu, Mandendera, Mandere, Mandhla, Mandianike, Mandibaya, Mandibvira, Mandidewa, Mandidzidze, Mandidzinga, Mandidzora, Mandigerera, Mandigora, Mandigorah, Mandikiyana, Mandimika, Mandina, Mandinda, Mandinika, Mandipira, Mandiriza, Mandiruma, Mandishara, Mandishaya, Mandishona, Mandivenga, Mandiya, Mandizadza, Mandizha, Mandizvidza, Mandizwidza, Mandonga, Mandongwe, Mandonye, Mandovha, Manduna, Mandunguza, Mandy, Manenji, Mangachena, Mangadza, Mangaranga, Mangarayi, Mangashena, Mangauzani, Mangaza, Mange, Mangena, Mangezi, Mangezvo, Mangilazi, Mangisi, Mangobe, Mangoma, Mangombe, Mangoto, Mangove, Mangoya, Mangoyah, Mangoye, Mangozi, Mangunda, Mangundu, Mangwadu, Mangwanda, Mangwandi, Mangwato, Mangwayana, Mangwende, Mangwengule, Mangwiro, Manhambara, Manhando, Manhango, Manhanzva, Manhimanzi, Manhovo, Manhuna, Manhuwa, Manika, Maninginingi, Manjemanje, Manjengwa, Manjera, Manjeya, Manjova, Mann, Manning, Mannix, Mano, Manoah, Manobo, Manomano, Manowa, Manowgovere, Manson-Bishop, Mantanyani, Mantiziba, Mantula, Manuel, Manuhwa, Manunganidzi, Manungo, Manunure, Manuwere, Manvura, Manyadze, Manyama, Manyame, Manyanga, Manyangadze, Manyangah, Manyangarirwa, Manyani, Manyara, Manyatera, Manyatwa, Manyau, Manyawi, Manyaya, Manyeka, Manyele, Manyemba, Manyenga, Manyengawana, Manyengere, Manyepa, Manyera, Manyere, Manyeredzi, Manyeruke, Manyika, Manyimo, Manyiwa, Manyoba, Manyonga, Manyore, Manyumbu, Manyumbudzu, Manyumwa, Manyundwa, Manyunga, Manyunyu, Manzini, Manzivanyika, Manzou, Manzunzu, Manzvanzvike, Maocha, Maodzeka, Maoneke, Maorera, Mapaike, Mapako, Mapamba, Mapamure, Mapanda, Mapandasekwa, Mapanga, Mapanzure, Mapasure, Mapedze, Mapendere, Mapenduka, Mapenzauswa, Mapepa, Mapepeta, Mapfaka, Mapfekedze, Mapfiro, Mapfiza, Mapfumba, Mapfumo, Mapfumoh, Mapfunde, Maphala, Mapheka, Maphenduka, Maphosa, Mapika, Mapiko, Mapingire, Mapingure, Mapira, Mapiravana, Mapiye, Mapohore, Mapokotera, Mapolisa, Mapondera, Maponga, Maposa, Mapungwana, Mapuranga, Mapurazi, Mapurisa, Mapute, Mapwashike, Maquta, Marabada, Maradza, Maradze, Maragah, Maraini, Marais, Maramba, Marambanyika, Maramwidze, Marandu, Marandure, Maranduse, Marange, Marangwanda, Maranke, Maranyika, Marapate, Marape, Marara, Marariromba, Marasira, Marava, Maravanyika, Marayine, Marayini, March, Marchant, Mare, Marecha, Maredza, Marega, Maregere, Maregwede, Marekeso, Marenge, Marera, Marere, Marerwa, Maresera, Marett, Marevanhema, Mareverwa, Marezvavana, Marfu, Margwa, Mari, Mariba, Maridzi, Mariga, Marikisi, Marillier, Marima, Marimba, Marimbe, Marimbire, Marime, Marimi, Marimira, Marimo, Marindire, Maringanise, Maringo, Marira, Maririmba, Mariti, Maritz, Marivadze, Mariwa, Mariyapera, Mark, Marko, Marks, Marlie, Marnell, Maroba, Marokwe, Maromo, Marondedze, Maronga, Marongedza, Maroti, Marovatsanga, Marowa, Maroyi, Marozva, Marozwa, Marrigah, Marriott, Marsh, Marshall, Martin, Martins, Marufu, Maruma, Marumbwa, Marume, Marumha, Marumisa, Marunda, Marunga, Maruta, Maruva, Maruza, Marx, Masadzah, Masaga, Masaire, Masaiti, Masaka, Masakadza, Masakwa, Masalethulini, Masama, Masamba, Masamha, Masamvi, Masango, Masanzu, Masara, Masaramusi, Masare, Masarira, Masarirambi, Masarkufa, Masasa, Masawi, Masayila, Masekesa, Maseko, Masendeke, Masenga, Maseva, Masfen, Mashaa, Mashaba, Mashaisheni, Mashamba, Mashambanhaka, Mashame, Mashamhanda, Mashanda, Mashandudze, Mashanga, Mashange, Mashanyare, Mashasha, Mashatise, Mashavave, Mashavira, Mashawi, Mashayamombe, Mashayile, Mashazhu, Masheleni, Mashereni, Mashila, Mashilo, Mashimbwe, Mashindi, Mashingaidze, Mashininga, Mashinya, Mashiri, Mashita, Mashoko, Mashokoh, Mashonesah, Mashonga, Mashonganyika, Mashoro, Mashumba, Masia, Masikati, Masiki, Masilela, Masili, Masilo, Masilu, Masimba, Masimbira, Masimo, Masimura, Masitoko, Masiva, Masiwa, Masiya, Masiyambiri, Masiyandima, Masiye, Masiyiwa, Maskell, Masocha, Masoka, Masoli, Mason, Masona, Masora, Masore, Masoso, Masterson, Masuka, Masuko, Masuku, Masukume, Masukusa, Masuna, Masunda, Masundire, Masungo, Masvavike, Masvikeni, Masvine, Masvingise, Masvosvah, Masvutu, Maswaswa, Maswaure, Maswera, Maswere, Maswerera, Maswimbo, Maswingise, Mataba, Matabire, Matabvu, Mataera, Mataga, Mataka, Matamba, Matambanadzo, Matambanashe, Matambirofa, Matambo, Matambudziko, Matanda, Matandire, Matandirotya, Matanga, Matange, Matangi, Matangira, Matanha, Matanhire, Matanjana, Matara, Mataranyika, Matare, Matarira, Matarirano, Matariro, Matarise, Mataruse, Matarutse, Mataswa, Matava, Matavire, Matawu, Matchett, Mate, Matekenya, Mateko, Matema, Matemadombo, Matemba, Matembira, Matende, Matenga, Matengarufu, Matenhese, Matereke, Mateu, Matewa, Matewe, Matewu, Mateyesanwa, Mateyo, Mateyu, Mathe, Matheko, Mathema, Mather, Mathethe, Mathew, Mathews, Mathieson, Mathimbe, Mathlanga, Mathumo, Mathuthu, Matiatos, Matibiri, Matienga, Matikiti, Matimba, Matingo, Matinha, Matinoga, Matipedza, Matipira, Matira, Matiro, Mativenga, Matiyenga, Matizanadzo, Matizha, Mato, Matobo, Matogo, Matoi, Matongo, Matongoh, Matongorere, Matonhodze, Matonisa, Matonodze, Matope, Matopodzi, Matore, Matorere, Matova, Matsakanure, Matsambire, Matsamburutsa, Matsanga, Matseketsa, Matsenhura, Matsetlo, Matshaka, Matshalaga, Matshipisa, Matsika, Matsikidze, Matsineyi, Matsongoni, Matsopo, Matsta, Matsvaire, Matsveru, Matsvimbo, Mattern, Matthee, Matthew, Matthews, Matthyser, Matuku, Matukutire, Matulela, Matumbu, Matumbura, Matunhira, Matunya, Maturure, Matutsa, Matyukira, Mauda, Maude, Maughan, Mauka, Maukazuva, Maumbaumbe, Maunde, Maunganidze, Maungwa, Maunze, Maupa, Maurel, Mauretius, Maurukira, Maushe, Mauvis, Mavava, Mavende, Maveneka, Mavengano, Mavengere, Mavere, Mavesere, Mavezera, Mavhangira, Mavhimira, Mavhura, Mavika, Mavima, Maviya, Mavoti, Mavuka, Mavuna, Mavunda, Mavundu, Mavunduke, Mavunga, Mavungah, Mavura, Mavure, Mavurume, Mawadze, Mawaka, Mawala, Maware, Mawarire, Mawby, Mawdsley, Mawere, Mawewe, Mawire, Mawodzeka, Mawodzwa, Mawoko, Mawonaseyi, Mawoneyi, Maworera, Mawungwa, Mawunze, Mawurukira, Maximus, Maxwell, May, Maya, Maycock, Mayendese, Mayenga, Mayengehamah, Mayeresera, Mayhew, Mayida, Mayilo, Maynard, Mayomo, Mazadza, Mazaiwana, Mazambani, Mazambara, Mazanembi, Mazango, Mazanhi, Mazarire, Mazariri, Mazarura, Mazava, Mazena, Mazenda, Mazengera, Mazetese, Mazhambe, Mazhandu, Mazhangara, Mazhata, Mazhawidza, Mazhindu, Mazhinye, Mazhiri, Mazibeli, Mazibisa, Mazibuko, Mazille, Mazinyane, Maziti, Mazivah, Mazivanhanga, Maziwanhanga, Maziyabo, Mazodza, Mazomba, Mazonde, Mazonzini, Mazorodze, Mazungunye, Mazuru, Mazuva, Mazuwo, Mazvidza, Mazvikeni, Mazwi, Mbabva, M'Baiwa, Mbambo, Mbamchena, Mbanga, Mbangiwa, Mbano, Mbara, Mbariro, Mbasera, Mbasopi, Mbata, Mbayiwa, Mbazo, Mbedzi, Mbehane, Mbele, Mbendekwa, Mbengo, Mbenje, Mbera, Mbereko, Mberi, Mbeve, Mbewe, Mbhambela, Mbiba, Mbikwa, Mbira, Mbiri, Mbirimi, Mbiriri, Mbizo, Mbizvo, Mbobo, Mbofana, Mbokonhema, Mbondiah, Mboneli, Mbono, Mbudula, Mbulanje, Mbulawa, Mbulo, Mbundire, Mbundure, Mbutsa, Mbuvah, Mbuwu, Mbuyelelwa, Mbwanda, Mbwando, Mbwembwe, Mbwende, McAfee, McAlister, McBeacom, McBride, McCall, McCallister, McCallum, McCarter, McCarthy, McCleland, McClelland, McClew, McClintock, McConnell, McCormick, McCourt, McCrea, McCrorie, McCrory, McCulloch, McDade, McDaniel, McDermid, McDiarmid, McDonagh, McDonald, McDowall, McDowell, McEvoy, McEwan, McFadden, McFadyean, McGarry, McGee, McGibbon, McGinn, McGowan, McGraw, McGrillen, McGuinness, Mchuchu, Mcilo, McIlwaine, Mcingolwane, McIntosh, McIntyre, McKay, McKenna, McKenzie, McKersie, McKinnon, McKissock, McKnight, McKrill, McLachlan, McLaren, McLaughlin, McLean, McLeman, McLennan, McLintock, McLoughlin, McMahon, McManmon, McMaster, McMeeking, McMillan, McMullen, McNally, McNamara, McNeil, Mconywa, McWade, Mdehwa, Mdenga, Mdhliwa, Mdhluli, Mdlongwa, Mdondo, Mdonha, Mdutshwa, Mdzingwa, Mead, Meaden-Kendrick, Meadows, Meaklim, Meda, Medarido, Medziso, Meek, Meekin, Meekings, Mehlomakhulu, Mehlomakulu, Meikle, Meintjies, Meldrum, Melusi, Melville, Memba, Memo, Menegaldo, Meni, Mennell, Mercer, Merdjan, Meredith, Mereki, Merrifield, Merrigan, Merris, Messina, Meya, Meyer, Meyi, Mfanyana, Mfazo, Mgeqwa, Mguni, Mgwenya, Mhaka, Mhande, Mhandu, Mhangami, Mhangwa, Mhanje, Mhanqwa, Mhara, Mharadze, Mharakurwa, Mhare, Mhari, Mhashu, Mhele, Mhembere, Mhembwe, Mhene, Mhenyu, Mhepo, Mhere, Mheuka, Mhike, Mhindirira, Mhindu, Mhindurwa, Mhiripiri, Mhishi, Mhizha, Mhlahlo, Mhlakaza, Mhlala, Mhlambi, Mhlanga, Mhlatshwa, Mhlekwa, Mhlope, Mhloro, Mhlungwa, Mhonda, Mhonde, Mhonderwa, Mhondiwa, Mhondoro, Mhone, Mhonwa, Mhora, Mhosva, Mhuka, Mhundwa, Mhungira, Mhungu, Mhuriyengwe, Mhuru, Mhurudzekunze, Mhuruyengwe, Mhute, Mica, Micah, Michael, Michelson, Micklesfield, Miclot, Midzi, Mika, Mikalas, Mikiya, Milford, Milisi, Millar, Miller, Million, Mills, Milne, Milner, Milton, Milway, Minchin, Mingard, Mirfin, Mishack, Misheck, Misheke, Misihairabgwi, Misihairabwi, Mitakwa, Mitchell, Mitchley, Mitizira, Mitrovich, Miwirimi, Mizha, Mjaji, Mjuza, Mkabiwah, Mkahlera, Mkamanga, Mkanda, Mkandabvute, Mkandawire, Mkandhla, Mkandla, Mkaronda, Mketiwa, Mkhwananzi, Mkibelo, Mkoka, Mkombo, Mkontshawana, Mkosana, Mkululi, Mkulunyelwa, Mkulunywa, Mkumba, Mkumbi, Mkunu, Mkurazhizha, Mkwakwami, Mkwananzi, Mkwebu, Mlalazi, Mlambo, Mlandeli, Mlandu, Mlauzi, Mlawuzi, Mlea, Mlefu, Mlilo, Mlilwana, Mlindelwa, Mlotshwa, M'Loyie, Mlunjwa, Mndembe, M'Nguni, Mniki, Mnikwa, Mnkandla, Mockridge, Moffat, Moffati, Mofolo, Moir, Mokuele, Molefe, Molife, Molland, Moloney, Molyneaux, Molyneux, Molyneux-Sandwith, Mombeshora, Mommsen, Mondiwa, Mondondo, Money, Monga, Monoyoudis, Montgomery, Montshiwa, Moody, Moolman, Moorcroft, Moore, Moores, Moore-Stevens, Moran, Morapedi, Mordecai, Mordt, Morgan, Morgen, Moriconi, Morisi, Morland, Morley, Morley-Smith, Moroka, Morosi, Morris, Morrish, Morrison, Morris-Smith, Mortimer, Morton, Moses, Mosi, Moss, Mossman, Motsi, Mouat, Mower, Moxham, Moyo, Mpala, Mpamhanga, Mpandari, Mpandashalo, Mpandawana, Mpande, Mpanduki, Mpariwa, Mpatiwa, Mpedzi, Mpedzisi, Mpembi, Mpengesi, Mpindawina, Mpingashato, Mpingiza, Mpini, M'Pinyuri, Mpiwanashe, Mpiwi, Mpofu, Mponda, Mponya, Mposhi, Mpuli, Mpundu, Mqanjelwa, Mradzikwa, Mrembwe, Mrengwa, Mrewa, Mrondatsimba, Msafare, Msebele, Msekiwa, Msengezi, Mshori, Msimanga, Msimango, Msimbe, Msindo, Msipa, Msongelwa, Msoto, Msutu, Mswelanto, Mtamaenda, Mtandwa, Mtanyelo, Mtasa, Mtema, Mtemakungu, Mtembo, Mtemeri, Mtengwa, Mtepaire, Mtetwa, Mthakathi, Mthayeli, Mthekeli, Mtimkulu, Mtinsi, Mtisi, Mtiti, Mtizva, Mtizwa, Mtombeni, Mtondori, Mtonga, Mtowo, Mtowodzwa, Mtshikwane, Mtshumkael, Mtsume, Mtubi, Mtunya, Mtutu, Mtutuki, Mubaira, Mubairo, Mubaiwa, Mubako, Mubanga, Mubau, Mubauh, Mubayi, Mubayiratsunga, Mubayiwa, Mubika, Mubviyiwa, Mubvumbi, Mubvuta, Mubvuyiwa, Muchabaiwa, Muchabayiwa, Muchacha, Muchada, Muchadenyika, Muchairi, Muchakagara, Muchakazi, Muchandu, Muchanyu, Muchapa, Muchapondwa, Muchatiza, Muchatuta, Muchaurawa, Muchavayira, Muchawayah, Muchaziwepi, Muchazowoneyi, Muchede, Muchekeni, Muchekenya, Muchemedzi, Muchemenyi, Muchemwa, Muchena, Muchenagumbo, Muchenga, Muchengadava, Muchengetwa, Muchenje, Muchenjekwa, Mucheriwa, Muchetu, Muchezi, Muchichwa, Muchimbidziki, Muchimbiri, Muchina, Muchinapaya, Muchine, Muchineri, Muchineripi, Muchineuta, Muchingami, Muchiniripi, Muchochomi, Muchoko, Muchoni, Muchuchu, Muchuva, Mudadi, Mudadirwa, Mudakureva, Mudambu, Mudangaza, Mudani, Mudare, Mudariki, Mudarikwa, Mudavanhu, Mudawanhu, Mudawarima, Mudawini, Mudede, Mudefi, Mudekunye, Mudelemani, Mudenda, Muderedzwa, Mudhara, Mudhau, Mudhindi, Mudhliwa, Mudhombozi, Mudi, Mudihwa, Mudimu, Mudiri, Mudiwa, Mudiyi, Mudodo, Mudodoh, Mudombo, Mudombozi, Mudomeni, Mudonhi, Mudoti, Mudovonhu, Mudukuti, Mudungwe, Muduri, Muduwa, Muduzu, Mudyanadzo, Mudyanembwa, Mudyiwa, Mudzambi, Mudzamiri, Mudzanire, Mudzatsi, Mudzawa, Mudzembwe, Mudzengerere, Mudzi, Mudzidzwa, Mudzimbabwe, Mudzimiri, Mudzimu, Mudzimurema, Mudzingwa, Mudziwapasi, Mudzomini, Mudzonga, Mudzongo, Mudzudzu, Mudzungairi, Mudzungwaza, Mudzuri, Mudzviti, Mufandauya, Mufanebadza, Mufari, Mufaro, Mufema, Mufira, Mufiri, Mufuka, Mufunda, Mufunguri, Mufuratirwa, Mugabe, Mugabi, Mugadza, Mugadzaweta, Mugadzi, Mugadzikwa, Mugangavari, Muganiwah, Mugarajira, Mugari, Mugarisanwa, Mugaro, Mugauri, Mugawa, Mugaye, Mugayiswa, Mugedya, Mugero, Mugezi, Muggleton, Mugogo, Mugombwi, Mugoni, Mugore, Mugoro, Mugova, Mugovera, Mugugu, Mugumuro, Muguni, Mugunzva, Muguta, Muguti, Muguto, Mugutso, Muguvu, Muguwe, Muguza, Mugwagwa, Mugwambani, Mugwara, Mugweni, Mugwindiri, Mugwisi, Muhachi, Muhamba, Muhambi, Muhaso, Muhle, Muhlekiwa, Muhloro, Muhoma, Muhondo, Muhula, Muhumbi, Muhwanda, Muhwati, Muir, Mujakachi, Mujati, Mujazi, Mujeki, Mujera, Mujere, Mujeri, Mujeyi, Mujiche, Mujuru, Mukabeta, Mukadiro, Mukadzewasha, Mukahiwa, Mukamba, Mukambi, Mukamuri, Mukandi, Mukanga, Mukanganise, Mukanganwi, Mukanganyama, Mukangaza, Mukarakate, Mukarati, Mukaro, Mukazhi, Muketiwa, Mukiwa, Mukobo, Mukodzani, Mukoki, Mukokoondo, Mukombani, Mukomberanwa, Mukombwa, Mukondiwa, Mukondo, Mukondwa, Mukonho, Mukono, Mukonomuwi, Mukonya, Mukoreka, Mukorera, Mukorombindo, Mukoroyi, Mukosi, Mukototsi, Mukozho, Mukuba, Mukucha, Mukumbi, Mukunduri, Mukundwa, Mukunguma, Mukungunugwa, Mukungurutse, Mukunikeni, Mukunuri, Mukunzwe, Mukurazita, Mukuruba, Mukurunge, Mukuruva, Mukusa, Mukusha, Mukushi, Mukutiri, Mukutirwa, Mukuvari, Mukuya, Mukuyu, Mukuze, Mukuzo, Mukwakwami, Mukwashi, Mukwasi, Mukwata, Mukwazhi, Mukwedini, Mukwena, Mukwenga, Mukwiri, Mukwirimba, Mukwizah, Mukwuende, Mulasi, Mulcahy, Mulder, Mulenga, Muleya, Mulingo, Mulipah, Mullens, Muller, Mullins, Mulongoni, Muluko, Mumanyi, Mumba, Mumbire, Mumvumi, Mumwakuiri, Munaka, Munaki, Munaku, Munamo, Munana, Munandi, Munangwa, Munapo, Munarwo, Munatsi, Munava, Mundarwargwo, Mundere, Mundete, Mundiya, Mundokweya, Mundure, Munekani, Munemi, Munemo, Muneri, Muneripi, Munetsi, Muneyinazwo, Munezi, Munford, Mungani, Mungofa, Mungombe, Mungomezu, Mungondori, Mungwari, Munhamo, Munhangu, Munhira, Munhongwe, Munhuwamambo, Munhuwenhamo, Munhuweyi, Munjanja, Munjenjema, Munodawafa, Munodeyi, Munro, Munyaka, Munyama, Munyanyi, Munyaradzi, Munyariwah, Munyati, Munyave, Munyavi, Munyawarara, Munyawiri, Munyeketwa, Munyengetegwa, Munyeyiwa, Munyikwa, Munyimani, Munyira, Munyonga, Munyoro, Munyu, Munyuki, Munyukira, Munyukwi, Munyuru, Munza, Munzanga, Munzwerengwi, Muoni, Muonwa, Mupakaviri, Mupambawashe, Mupambawatyi, Mupambi, Mupambirei, Mupambireyi, Mupamhadzi, Mupamhanga, Mupanganyama, Muparadzi, Mupararano, Mupariwa, Muparuri, Mupati, Mupatsi, Mupawarima, Mupazi, Mupedzi, Mupemhi, Mupepe, Mupereki, Mupereri, Mupeti, Mupfudza, Mupfupi, Mupfurutsa, Mupinda, Mupindu, Mupindura, Mupombwa, Mupondi, Mupoperi, Muposi, Mupotegwa, Mupundu, Mupunga, Muputa, Mupute, Mupwanyi, Muradzikwa, Muraka, Murakwani, Muramba, Murambadoro, Murambi, Murambiwa, Murambiza, Muramwiwa, Muranda, Muranganwa, Murangariri, Murangwa, Murapa, Murapah, Murare, Murashi, Murashiki, Murasiki, Murauro, Murauzi, Murawu, Murdoch, Murebwa, Murechu, Murefu, Murehwa, Muremba, Murenha, Murenjekwa, Mureri, Murerwa, Mureverwi, Murewa, Murewanhema, Murewhi, Mureza, Murgwira, Murgwisi, Muridzi, Murigagumbo, Murige, Murima, Murimba, Murimbizhu, Murimira, Murimisi, Muringa, Muringai, Muringani, Muringayi, Muringisi, Muringwa, Muriro, Murisa, Muriwa, Murlis, Murodza, Muromba, Murombedzi, Murombo, Muromo, Muronza, Muronzi, Muroro, Murove, Muroyi, Muroza, Murphy, Murray, Murrell, Murubi, Murumbi, Murungano, Murungu, Mururi, Muruvi, Murwa, Murwisi, Musa, Musabaike, Musada, Musafare, Musakanda, Musakarire, Musakwa, Musambasi, Musame, Musamirapamwe, Musandaira, Musangomuneyi, Musanhu, Musaona, Musapingura, Musara, Musarah, Musarakufa, Musarire, Musariri, Musarurwa, Musasa, Musavaya, Musavengana, Musekiwa, Musekiwah, Musembe, Musemwa, Musendo, Musengeyi, Musengezi, Musengi, Musengwa, Musenyi, Museri, Musero, Museve, Musevenzo, Mushakwe, Mushambi, Mushandu, Mushanga, Mushangari, Mushangi, Mushango, Mushangwe, Mushaninga, Mushanya, Mushanyuki, Musharu, Mushati, Mushava, Mushavatu, Mushawatu, Mushayagwazo, Mushayagwazvo, Mushayakarima, Mushayavanhu, Mushayi, Mushinga, Mushipe, Mushonga, Mushongah, Mushongahande, Mushongera, Mushore, Mushoriwa, Mushowe, Mushumo, Mushunje, Mushure, Musiiwa, Musika, Musikazwi, Musimiki, Musimurimwa, Musimwa, Musina, Musindo, Musipa, Musisinyani, Musiwa, Musiwedzingo, Musiyiwa, Musiza, Muskwe, Musodza, Musodziwa, Musokeri, Musona, Musoni, Musonza, Musonzi, Musoro, Musororehwa, Musorowembudzi, Musoso, Musson, Musunda, Musundire, Musungwa, Mususa, Muswewemombe, Mutaba, Mutabeni, Mutadza, Mutadzi, Mutafuni, Mutakiwa, Mutamba, Mutambanengwe, Mutambarika, Mutambashora, Mutambiranwa, Mutambirwa, Mutambisi, Mutamiri, Mutanda, Mutandagayi, Mutandawachingama, Mutandiri, Mutandiro, Mutandwa, Mutanga, Mutangabonde, Mutangadura, Mutangara, Mutanhavu, Mutanhu, Mutape, Mutapu, Mutara, Mutarah, Mutarangani, Mutare, Mutariswa, Mutariyana, Mutasa, Mutatika, Mutaurwa, Mutavayi, Mutazu, Mutede, Muteiwa, Mutekedza, Mutekesa, Mutekwe, Mutema, Mutemachani, Mutemaringa, Mutemererwa, Mutemeri, Mutemi, Mutenda, Mutendadzamera, Mutendera, Mutendeudzi, Mutendevudzi, Mutengezanwa, Mutengo, Mutengwa, Mutenha, Mutenje, Mutepaire, Mutero, Muteto, Muteve, Muteveri, Muteweye, Muthethwa, Mutibura, Mutikane, Mutikani, Mutikinya, Mutima, Mutimba, Mutimbairi, Mutimbanyoka, Mutimuri, Mutimusakwa, Mutindizah, Mutingwende, Mutinhima, Mutinhiri, Mutiro, Mutirori, Mutisva, Mutitima, Mutizgwa, Mutizira, Mutiziri, Mutizwa, Muto, Mutokwi, Mutomba, Mutombeni, Mutombodzi, Mutomeko, Mutondo, Mutongi, Mutonhori, Mutonza, Mutopo, Mutorera, Mutote, Mutoti, Mutova, Mutovo, Mutsago, Mutsakani, Mutsani, Mutsau, Mutsaunobaya, Mutsengi, Mutsetsa, Mutsetse, Mutshumayeli, Mutsiandikwa, Mutsimba, Mutsindikwa, Mutsinze, Mutsungi, Mutsvairo, Mutsvanga, Mutswakatira, Mutswere, Mutswiri, Mutubuki, Mutukwa, Mutumburanzou, Mutumhe, Mutumwa, Mutungwanzi, Mutungwazi, Mutungwe, Mutunhuwashata, Mutupa, Mutuswu, Mututu, Mututwa, Mutwira, Mutyambizi, Mutyasira, Mutzuris, Muungani, Muurawa, Muvadi, Muvaro, Muvavarirwa, Muvengi, Muvengwa, Muvindi, Muvingi, Muvududu, Muvungani, Muvuni, Muvuro, Muvuyah, Muwadzuri, Muwandai, Muwandi, Muwani, Muwanzi, Muwengwa, Muwiri, Muwodza, Muwungani, Muwurawa, Muwusha, Muyambo, Muyamuri, Muyendesi, Muyengwa, Muyezwa, Muza, Muzadzi, Muzah, Muzamani, Muzamba, Muzana, Muzanamombe, Muzanenamo, Muzanenhamo, Muzariri, Muzaruwetu, Muzata, Muzavazi, Muzembe, Muzenda, Muzengeza, Muzengi, Muzeya, Muzeza, Muzezewa, Muzhangiri, Muzhanje, Muzhanye, Muzhingi, Muzii, Muzika, Muziki, Muzilikazi, Muzimbaranda, Muzira, Muziri, Muziringa, Muziro, Muzivandareva, Muzivani, Muzivirwa, Muziya, Muziyi, Muzofa, Muzokomba, Muzondiwa, Muzondo, Muzongwa, Muzopa, Muzorewa, Muzoriwa, Muzorori, Muzuva, Muzuwa, Muzuzu, Muzvarwi, Muzvidziwa, Muzvonda, Muzvondiwa, Muzvuru, Muzwaba, Muzware, Muzwidziwa, Muzzah, Mvangeli, Mvere, Mvongwe, Mvududu, Mvuma, Mvundura, Mwabvira, Mwadiwa, Mwadzinga, Mwale, Mwaluku, Mwaluza, Mwanaka, Mwanandimai, Mwandiambira, Mwanesa, Mwanza, Mwaramba, Mwase, Mwatsikenyeri, Mwaturura, Mwayi, Mwazikana, Mwenda, Mwendamberi, Mwendesi, Mweneziko, Mwinde, Mwoyowehama, Myers, Myles, Mylrea, Mynhardt, Mzamani, Mzezethure, Mzila, Mzilikazi, Mzimhkulu, Mzondile, Mzondiwa, Mzondo, Mzvondiwa, Naisbitt, Naisby, Naish, Naismith, Naison, Naka, Nakai, Namenda, Namoinesu, Nangati, Nangoh, Nani, Napier, Nare, Nathan, Natsa, Natsira, Naude, Nawu, Nazari, Ncube, Ndaba, Ndabalime, Ndahwi, Ndambakuwa, Ndambambi, Ndanduleni, Ndaneta, Ndaniso, Ndanjei, Ndawana, Ndawi, Ndebele, Ndema, Ndemera, Ndenda, Nderezina, Ndhlela, Ndhliwayo, Ndhlovu, Ndhluni, Ndibali, Ndige, Ndigune, Ndihana, Ndikudze, Ndimande, Ndinga, Ndioneyi, Ndiripo, Ndiweni, Ndlela, Ndlovu, Ndofirepi, Ndojelani, Ndokanga, Ndoma, Ndomboya, Ndomene, Ndomera, Ndondo, Ndongwe, Ndoni, Ndoro, Ndou, Ndove, Ndoyi, Ndoziva, Ndozo, Ndubiwa, Ndudzo, Nduku, Ndumo, Nduna, Ndundundu, Ndunyana, Ndwangu, Neal, Neale, Neave, Nebvuma, Nedawa, Nee, Needham, Neel, Negobe, Nehanda, Nehemiah, Nehonde, Nehumba, Neill, Nel, Nell, Nelson, Nemadziva, Nemanga, Nemaringa, Nemasasi, Nemauku, Nembire, Nemhara, Nemukuyu, Nemutenzi, Nenji, Nenohwe, Nenzou, Nepheos, Nero, Neruwana, Nerwande, Neta, Nevanje, Newett, Newing, Newman, Newnes, Newsham, Newton, Ngabe, Ngadya, Ngadze, Ngaliwah, Ngamba, Ngandu, Ngara, Ngarakana, Ngarande, Ngarandi, Ngathi, Ngavaite, Ngazi, Ngazimbi, Ngeze, Ngirazi, Ngirichi, Ngoma, Ngoni, Ngoniye, Ngorima, Ngoromi, Ngoshi, Ngosi, Ngubhe, Ngulube, Ngundu, Ngungu, Nguruve, Ngutshwa, Ngwabi, Ngwane, Ngwarayi, Ngwena, Ngwenya, Ngwenyama, Ngwerume, Nhakwe, Nhakwi, Nhambure, Nhamburo, Nhamo, Nhamuinesu, Nhapata, Nhara, Nharaunda, Nharo, Nhau, Nhedzi, Nhekede, Nhema, Nhemachena, Nherera, Nhetekwa, Nhidza, Nhigo, Nhika, Nhikah, Nhimura, Nhira, Nhire, Nhlakanyana, Nhliziyo, Nhokwara, Nhoro, Nhubu, Nhundu, Nhunge, Nichol, Nicholas, Nicholls, Nichols, Nicholson, Nicks, Nickson, Nicodim, Nicolaidis, Nielson, Niemandt, Nienaber, Nieuwoudt, Nightingale, Nikirasi, Nikisi, Nimmo, Nimoti, Nimrod, Nish, Niven, Nixon, Njagu, Njanike, Njanji, Njawaya, Njazi, Njekela, Njendiyendi, Njengwe, Njini, Njinji, Njitimani, Njobo, Njodzi, Njoli, Njondaya, Njovo, Njunube, Nkala, Nkani, Nkiwane, Nkiwani, Nkolomi, Nkombeledzi, Nkomera, Nkomo, Nkosana, Nkoteni, Nkunsane, Nleya, Noah, Nobbs, Nobes, Noble, Noel, Noffas, Noko, Nondo, Norman, Norris, North, Nortier, Nortje, Norton, Nota, Nothard, Notice, Nott, Nowell, Nowenyu, Nqwababa, Nsingo, Nsokosi, Ntandane, Ntando, Ntashana, Ntebengu, Nthapeliseng, Ntini, Ntoyiwa, Ntuta, Nuta, Nvenyu, Nxedhlana, Nxumalo, Nyabadza, Nyabanga, Nyabani, Nyabeze, Nyabezi, Nyabvure, Nyachowe, Nyacowe, Nyadenga, Nyadute, Nyadzo, Nyagato, Nyagomo, Nyagumbirira, Nyagura, Nyaguse, Nyaguti, Nyagwaya, Nyagweya, Nyahanana, Nyahasha, Nyakata, Nyakudanga, Nyakudya, Nyakujara, Nyakunjara, Nyakupfuka, Nyakura, Nyakurima, Nyakwima, Nyakwishira, Nyama, Nyamadzawo, Nyamajiwa, Nyamajiya, Nyamakato, Nyamakope, Nyamambi, Nyamande, Nyamandi, Nyamandu, Nyamangara, Nyamaropa, Nyamasvisva, Nyamatangah, Nyamavabvu, Nyamayaro, Nyamayavo, Nyamayedenga, Nyamayevhu, Nyamazana, Nyambara, Nyambiri, Nyambiya, Nyambo, Nyambuya, Nyamhanza, Nyamhondera, Nyamhondo, Nyamkapa, Nyammuraradza, Nyamshanya, Nyamudeza, Nyamukapa, Nyamukomba, Nyamukondiwa, Nyamunda, Nyamupaguma, Nyamupigodhi, Nyamupinga, Nyamuranga, Nyamutakah, Nyamutamba, Nyamutsika, Nyamutumbu, Nyamuziwa, Nyandebvu, Nyandiro, Nyandoko, Nyandoro, Nyanduwa, Nyanga, Nyangadyenji, Nyangani, Nyanguwo, Nyanhanda, Nyanhewe, Nyanyi, Nyanzira, Nyanzou, Nyararai, Nyarenda, Nyarubiro, Nyarufero, Nyarunga, Nyaruvangwe, Nyaruwanga, Nyaruwe, Nyasaland, Nyasango, Nyasha, Nyashanu, Nyasoro, Nyathi, Nyati, Nyatsambo, Nyatsanga, Nyatsanza, Nyawani, Nyawasha, Nyawayih, Nyawo, Nyawoh, Nyazema, Nyazorwe, Nyeche, Nyemba, Nyembi, Nyengedza, Nyengera, Nyengerai, Nyengerayi, Nyenya, Nyere, Nyerusayi, Nyevera, Nyika, Nyikadzanza, Nyikadzino, Nyikayarambi, Nyikayavene, Nyimo, Nyirenda, Nyoka, Nyoni, Nyore, Nyovi, Nyowani, Nyukawa, Nyuke, Nzabva, Nzanza, Nziradzemhuka, Nzirawa, Nzombe, Nzuma, Nzvenge, Nzvere, Nzvura, Nzwaura, Oatt, Oberholster, Oberholzer, Obert, O'Brien, O'Connell, O'Dell, Odendaal, O'Donnell, O'Driscoll, O'Dwyer, Oelschig, Ogilvy, Ogle, Ogston, O'Hagan, O'Hanlon, Okes, Oldknow, Olds, Oliva, Oliver, Olivier, O'Meara, O'Neill, Onions, Onisimo, Oosthuizen, Openshaw, Oppenheim, Opperman, Ornellas, Orsmond, Orwin, Osborne, Osborne-Francis, Osbourn, O'Shaughnessy, Osterloh, Oswell, O'Toole, Ott, Outram, Owen, Pabwaungana, Pace, Pachawo, Pachirera, Packer, Padbury, Paddon, Padget, Paganga, Pagara, Page, Page-Wood, Paguwah, Pagwiwa, Painona, Painting, Paisoni, Palmer, Palmer-Jones, Pambayi, Pamhi, Pamugwagwa, Pamunoda, Pamushapacho, Panashe, Pande, Panganai, Panganayi, Pangayi, Panton, Papenfus, Paphitis, Paradza, Paradzai, Paradzayi, Paraffin, Parasi, Paraziva, Pargeter, Parimwa, Paringira, Parirewa, Parker, Parkin, Parnell, Parry, Parry-Jones, Parsons, Parvess, Parwada, Parwaringirah, Parwaungana, Pascoe, Pasipamire, Pasipanodya, Paswani, Patch, Patching, Paterson, Pateya, Paton, Patreck, Patrick, Patsika, Patterson, Pattinson, Pattle, Patton, Paul, Paulet, Paull, Pauro, Pause, Pausigere, Pauw, Pavazhira, Pawadyira, Pawananukwa, Pawanda, Paxton, Pay, Payne, Paynter, Pazani, Peach, Peacock, Pead, Pearce, Pearmain, Pearson, Peckover, Pedzi, Pedzisai, Pedzisayi, Peirce, Pelissier, Pell, Pellerade, Pelly, Pemhenai, Pemhiwa, Penberthy, Penduka, Penemene, Penfold, Penman, Penny, Pensula, Penton, Pepper, Pepperell, Pepukai, Pepukayi, Percival, Pereira, Perepeczko, Perkins, Perks, Perry, Petegumbo, Peter, Peters, Peterson, Peti, Petro, Petros, Petrosi, Petrou, Peturo, Petzer, Pfebve, Pfichani, Pfidze, Pfumayi, Pfumbi, Phahlane, Phebion, Phelan, Philemon, Philimon, Phillimon, Phillip, Phillips, Philpot, Phineas, Phiri, Phrasten, Phungwakho, Phuti, Pias, Pickard, Picton, Pietersen, Piggott, Pigott, Pikanegore, Pikani, Pike, Pikirai, Pikitai, Pikitayi, Pilatu, Pilbrough, Pilime, Pillans, Pilot, Pindani, Pinias, Pirie, Pirrett, Pirukai, Piscopos, Pise, Pisira, Pisirai, Pisirayi, Pistorius, Pitias, Pitman, Pitori, Pitout, Pitt, Pitzer, Plant, Plastow, Plew, Plowes, Plumb, Pocock, Podmore, Pokoto, Poletyllo, Pollard, Pollitt, Pompi, Pondayi, Pondiwa, Portallion, Porter, Poshai, Poshayi, Postance, Postlethwayt, Potgieter, Potter, Potts, Poulter, Poultney, Powell, Powell-Jones, Power, Powis, Powles, Pratt, Prentice, Prentis, Prest, Preston, Pretorius, Price, Prince, Pring, Pringle, Prins, Prinsloo, Prior, Pritchard, Proctor-Golding, Pronk, Proud, Pswerukai, Pugeni, Pugh, Pullen, Pundo, Punter, Punungwe, Purazi, Purcell-Gilpin, Purse, Pwere, Pyke, Pym, Quick, Quickfall, Quilliam, Quinlan, Quirk, Raaff, Radbourne, Radford, Radloff, Rae, Rafael, Rafamoyo, Rafunya, Rainsford, Raison, Rajah, Rake, Rali, Ramaboea, Rambakupetwa, Rambgawasika, Rameck, Rameki, Ranby, Ranga, Ranganai, Ranganayi, Rangarira, Rangarirai, Rangwani, Rankin, Ransley, Raphael, Rashai, Rashamira, Rashayi, Rateyiwa, Rattray, Rausch, Rawson, Ray, Rayimon, Rayne, Rayner, Razuwika, Read, Reade, Reader, Readings, Reay, Record, Redman, Redmond, Reece, Reed, Reeler, Rees, Reeve, Reeves, Regis, Reid, Reijers, Reinbach, Reitz, Remijas, Render, Renias, Rens, Rereza, Resink, Restorick, Revanewako, Revell, Rewayi, Reyneke, Reynolds, Rhodes, Rhodesia, Rhom, Rhynas, Rice, Rich, Richard, Richards, Richardson, Richmond, Rickson, Riddle, Ridley, Riedy, Rink, Ripley, Rirwa, Rischbieter, Risina, Risingazive, Riskowitz, Ritchie, Ritson, Rix, Roach, Robas, Robbeson, Robbie, Robert, Roberts, Robertson, Robi, Robins, Robinson, Robson, Roche, Rockliffe, Rodgers, Rodie, Rodreck, Rodwell, Roelofse, Roffey, Rogers, Roland, Roma, Romas, Rombe, Rombera, Rondozai, Roniyasi, Ronnie, Roode, Roper, Rose-Innes, Rosenberg, Ross, Rosser, Rossiter, Ross-Kent, Rothon, Rothquel, Rousseau, Rowe, Rowen, Rowland, Rowlands, Rowles, Rowley, Rowsell, Roy, Royikop, Royston, Rozemeyer, Rozi, Rubaya, Rubayah, Ruben, Rubenstein, Rubin, Rubvuta, Rubwe, Ruck, Ruckezo, Ruda, Rudd, Ruddick, Rudge, Rudman, Rudolph, Rudzungu, Rufaro, Rufasha, Rufu, Rufurwokuda, Rufus, Rugg, Ruguva, Ruhora, Ruka, Rukainga, Rukani, Rukara, Rukuni, Rukwava, Rumano, Rundgren, Rundofa, Runesu, Runga, Runganga, Rungano, Rungwe, Runi, Runosiyanwa, Runyararo, Runyowa, Rupande, Rupapa, Rupiya, Rusape, Rusere, Rushoko, Rushworth, Rusike, Rusinavako, Rusive, Rusosa, Russell, Ruswa, Rutherfoord, Rutswara, Ruttle, Rutururu, Ruunduke, Ruvarashe, Ruvengo, Ruvinga, Ruvuke, Ruwocha, Ruyi, Ruzane, Ruzario, Ruze, Ruzengwe, Ruzha, Ruzidzo, Ruziwa, Ruzvidzo, Rwafa, Rwavingesu, Rwendo, Rwizi, Rwodzi, Rwokuda, Ryall, Ryan, Ryder, Sabastian, Sabau, Sabelo, Sadomba, Sadza, Sadziwa, Sahanga, Saidi, Saika, Sailos, Saimon, Sainety, Saini, Sainsbury, Sakala, Sakarombe, Sakatira, Sakupwanya, Sakuro, Salani, Salathiel, Salmon, Salonika, Salthouse, Samanga, Samanisi, Samanyai, Samanyanga, Samasuwo, Sambo, Samhu, Samkange, Samler, Samoyo, Sampson, Samson, Samu, Samuel, Samunderu, Samuriwo, Samuriwoh, Samutete, Samways, San, Sanangu, Sanangura, Sanangurayi, Sand, Sandati, Sande, Sanderson, Sandes, Sandi, Sanganayi, Sangare, Sango, Sangoya, Sangu, Sangweni, Sani, Sankey, Santowski, Sanyanga, Saopah, Sarai, Saraki, Sarayi, Saruchera, Sathamuluba, Saul, Saunders, Saungweme, Saunyama, Savada, Savage, Savanhu, Sawu, Sawulo, Sawuro, Sawyer, Saxon, Say, Sayi, Sayineti, Scales, Scallan, Scarff, Scawthorne, Scheepers, Schippers, Schmahl, Schmidt, Schoeman, Scholtz, Schonken, Schoon, Schreiber, Schroeder, Schultz, Scott, Scottie, Scott-Rodger, Scoular, Scull, Scully, Seaward, Sebastian, Sebata, Sebecke, Seccombe, Seda, Seely, Segar, Seggar, Sehlulekile, Sekai, Sekani, Sekeni, Sekeso, Selkirk, Selvesta, Selyer, Semende, Sempill, Semu, Semwa, Senda, Sengu, Sengweni, Serras Pires, Servesto, Sevenzai, Sevenzaih, Seward, Sewell, Sexton, Seymour, Seymour-Hall, Shackleton, Shadaya, Shadreck, Shaibu, Shaka, Shalovsky, Shamayirai, Shambare, Shambo, Shamu, Shamushonga, Shamuyarira, Shamuyashe, Shamwarira, Shandi, Shangambo, Shangare, Shangwa, Shankland, Shanya, Shanyure, Sharah, Shardlow, Sharman, Sharp, Sharpe, Sharpingstone, Shate, Shatirwa, Shato, Shava, Shavi, Shaw, Shawarira, Shawatu, Shawe, Shayamunda, Shayanewako, Shayawabaya, Shazhu, Sheard, Shearing, Sheehan, Sheeran, Shekede, Shelley, Shenjere, Shepherd, Sheppard, Sherekete, Sheren, Shereni, Sheriff, Sherman, Sherren, Sherringham, Sherry, Sheta, Shewan, Sheward, Shewell, Shibulo, Shiel, Shiff, Shillito, Shimongola, Shinda, Shingirai, Shiri, Shiridzinomwa, Shirley, Shitepo, Shoko, Shonai, Shonayi, Shonhe, Shonhiwa, Shoniwa, Shora, Shoriwa, Short, Shortt, Shout, Showa, Shrive, Shuma, Shumba, Shumbairerwa, Shumbanhete, Shumbayaonda, Shungwa, Shupayi, Shupikayi, Shurire, Shurukayi, Shutt, Shutu, Siabuluba, Siafunda, Siakovo, Siambiyu, Siamfinya, Siamudaba, Siankope, Siansali, Siasweka, Sibabi, Sibambah, Sibanda, Sibangani, Sibangelizwe, Sibata, Sibelo, Sibhelo, Sibindi, Sibonda, Sibula, Sidambe, Sidanya, Siddall, Sidey, Sidnell, Sidojiwe, Sifile, Sifinini, Sifuya, Sigauke, Sigelagelani, Sigudu, Sikabele, Sikapila, Sikelela, Sikhosana, Sikomba, Sikonzile, Sikosana, Sikoti, Sikwina, Silaigwana, Silaigwani, Silanganiso, Siliwa, Silous, Silundu, Silva, Silver, Silvester, Simango, Simangoh, Simari, Simbaneuta, Simbanouta, Simbarashe, Simbe, Simbi, Simbini, Simela, Simeon, Simoi, Simon, Simoni, Simpson, Sims, Simudzai, Simulumbu, Simungulu, Simuzibe, Sinclair, Sindall, Singadi, Singagwari, Singende, Singleton, Singo, Sinyoro, Sipande, Sipatiso, Sipepu, Sipo, Siraha, Sirewu, Siringwani, Siriro, Sirora, Sisipenzi, Sitachi, Sitanimezi, Sithole, Sitoboli, Sitotombe, Sittig, Situbeni, Situmeko, Sivanda, Sives, Siwela, Sixpence, Siyachitema, Siyafinya, Siyakatshana, Siyakurima, Siyanata, Siyapi, Siyawareva, Siziba, Skae, Skea, Slabbert, Slade, Slement, Slessor, Sloman, Sly, Smales, Smart, Smeda, Smit, Smith, Smithdorf, Smuts, Smyth, Sneddon, Snell, Snook, Snow, Snyman, Sodinda, Soko, Sokole, Solomon, Somers-Cox, Sonabele, Sondo, Songore, Sonto, Soper, Sosora, Souro, Souter, South, Southam, Southey, Sowden, Sowter, Spackman, Speares, Spencer, Spentzuris, Spink, Spivey, Springall, Springer, Spurgin, Spurr, Squair, Squier, Squires, St Clair, Staines, Standaloft, Standers, Stanfield, Stanford, Stanford-Smith, Stanislaus, Stanislous, Stanley, Stannard, Stanton, Stanton-Humphreys, Stanyon, Starr, Stassen, Stayila, Stead, Stedall, Steele, Steenkamp, Stenner, Stephen, Stephens, Sternslow, Steuart, Steven, Stevens, Stevenson, Stevenson-Baker, Stew, Stewart, Stewart-Smythe, Steyl, Steyn, Steynberg, Stiff, Still, Stitt, Stock, Stockil, Stockley, Stokes, Stokoe, Stone, Stones, Stoole, Stopforth, Store, Storey, Stow, Strang, Stretton, Stringer, Strobel, Strouts, Strugnell, Strydom, Stuart, Stuttaford, Stuttard, Styles, Sudbury, Sullivan, Sumba, Summers, Sunduzah, Sunga, Sunganaka, Sungano, Sungisayi, Surkont, Sussemiehl, Susute, Sutherland, Sutherns, Sutton, Suvo, Svaruka, Svenhe, Svinurai, Svisveni, Svisviro, Svondo, Svotwa, Svova, Swain, Swanepoel, Swannack, Swart, Swartz, Sweeting, Swemmer, Swift, Swindells, Swinnerton, Swinudza, Swinurayi, Swondo, Swoswe, Swova, Syabuluba, Syamantondo, Sydney, Sykes, Symes, Symmonds, Taasika, Tabaziba, Tabva, Tachi, Tachiona, Tachiveyi, Tachiweyi, Taddios, Taderera, Tadiyos, Tadzembga, Tadzembwa, Taengwa, Taentzer, Taerenyika, Tafa, Tafeni, Tafira, Tafirapasi, Tafirei, 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The Rhodesia General Service Medal Roll to the British South Africa Police (Regulars),

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