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..."The Lazy Man`s Way to Consistent Online Profits Using Nothing More Than a Computer, an Armchair & Some Good Strong Coffee!"...

Quite Simply The Easiest Way For The Non-Technical Man or Woman to Earn Extra Money From The Internet! This is YOUR Chance to Acquire This 157 page Brand New Home Business Manual! A Simple,Tested And Guaranteed Business! You Have NOTHING to Lose With This!!

 ... You Have My Word, There`s Absolutely NO Bull***t, NO Waffle and NO Lies, Just Solid Money Making Information YOU can Use TODAY!!

Just as I do Every Day, Making Profits Day In Day Out!

"Absolutely NO Experience Necessary Complete Step By Step Instructions!"
"A Genuine Business With a 30 Day `No Quibble` Money Back Guarantee!"

"Guaranteed Profits From Day One, Simple, Easy, and Quick!"
"No Endless `Journeys` Buying up Car Loads of Useless `Stuff`!"

"Lifetime email Back-up 24hrs a Day to My Private email Address!"
"Tried Tested And Confirmed!"
"Written & Edited By Me"


   At Last! A tabletop business that is simply wonderful for absolutely anyone who wants to earn an extra few bob from their own home with minimal effort involved.

So many people are getting in on this it`s that good. There is masses and masses of room for everyone in this because it doesn`t matter how many people take this up it will NEVER EVER affect what you do with it. Read this write up and then take a chance on me (there's a song there somewhere?) With a 30 day `no quibble` personal guarantee from me you have absolutely nothing to loose!

Go back to the top and look at my picture, that`s a man that does not, and will not waste his time with dumb useless Biz-ops that have been around for years and conned everyone that`s ever been unfortunate enough to buy them!!

I will only study, run and eventually promote businesses for the ordinary man & woman that I KNOW work because I have torn them apart looking for flaws and con`s before I release them to you my students! If it doesn`t make money for me then you will never see it, simple! If you buy this or any other business from me and fail to make money you get a full refund no questions asked!

I currently earn on average about £380 to £420 a month `give or take` with this and it`s so enjoyable! You could do a lot better than me as I can’t devote much time to this due to my many other business interests. I normally work on this between 9pm and 10pm on a Sunday evening to set things up for the following week.

I started this little idea on the recommendation of a friend whilst having a pint or two at our local back in May 2010. “Give it a crack!” he said, and I replied “Nah I can`t mate. Up to me armpits as it is!” (and I was!) I was already running several other online businesses!

Set Your Budget - It Doesn`t Take Much at All!

But something nagged away in my mind about how simple he made it sound and so in the end I decided to give it a go and with only a £20.00 starting budget (I wanted to prove this could work for ANYONE!) I walked headlong into a £36.00 clear profit with just ONE go at this. I was, well, gob smacked! Totally Tango`d!

Did he smirk? Yep he sure did and I bought him a pint to say “Ta very much”!

Now I’m the first to admit that I have 35 years experience with computers (I programed mainframe computers for the BBC in the late 70`s and 80`s) both professionally and privately but… all that experience meant absolutely NOTHING and, to make that £36.00 profit, all I needed to know was how to switch the damned thing on and bring up a webpage. How simple is that?

Can you do that?  Yes? Phew, you had me worried for a minute there!

Oh… by the way, my mate, let`s call him ‘Jason’ had been doing this for a good 4 years before he bloody well mentioned it to me! Said he thought I wouldn`t need it?!? Good God, I could have strangled him!!

He`s virtually full time with this now, he also runs a garden design business as well. Me? I have added this to my portfolio of small internet money makers!

By the way, you can do this on a Sunday morning while laying in bed with a sticky doughnut in one hand and tickling the keyboard on yer laptop with the other. God that`s SO lazy!!!!

Now, I do admit that my other businesses started to suffer a tiny wee bit after matey-boy showed me this little technique. I admit I got a bit addicted to this money-maker; even my missus was complaining about being left on her Tod` while I “messed about” on the PC making large chunks of spondoolics…

Honestly I kid you not, I was sitting up there in the spare room and I just couldn`t get enough. It got ridiculous because I was online at 2am in the morning doing this and I`m lucky not to be back on the old dating scene I can tell you!

No Bull at all. Just Good Straight Forward Profit Information

Written in Plain English That`s Easy to Follow!

I`m not going to insult your intelligence by saying you will be lazing about on a white sandy Barbadian beach within 2 weeks of starting this great bizo because you won`t be...

What? You thought you would be?

Sorry to rain on your parade my friend that only exists in `Gooy-roos` (gurus) 28 page glossy sales letters that are great for lighting the fire, recycling practice and swatting fly's, but nothing else.

I dare say you’ve had a few of them letters? You see, I know one or two of them good `ole Gooy-roo boys and a few of them ain’t too keen on yer boy Williams telling it how it really is without lying through his teeth like they do. Cuts into their profits and all that old cobblers you see!

They hate people like me, the new breed of straight marketers who don`t talk bulls**t, make outrageous income claims and who dare to provide full no strings attached back-up for life! (Good eh?!)

Please believe me, if this little business didn`t work I certainly wouldn't be listing it here on eBay for you to take advantage of. There would be no point. You will be amazed and delighted at this superb earner, and no experience is necessary either and you can be any age! I have produced this for Mr & Mrs average not a computer genius!

Simple to Do, Absolutely no Skills Are Needed!

Look you don`t need to spend thousands to make some money in this world, I don`t care what anyone tells you.

Look what happened when Jason told me about this home business and I got in there with me £20.00. I didn`t suddenly turn into Simon Cowell but I did make an easy £36.00 profit in such an easy way I may as well have been asleep!

BUT, I only had ONE go at it then walked away as I was only trying to prove my mate wrong.  What would have happened if I’d kept on? Two, three, four, five goes?

I`ll tell you what, lot`s of serious profits that`s what!

And for the last 3 years that`s exactly what I’ve done! So, why have I suddenly decided to offer you my experience and teach you how to do this nice little home business?

So that you, yes YOU my friend, can do the same and bring a little more wonga into your life and into the lives of your nearest and dearest. The way I see it we all need more money and those that don`t would not be reading this anyway would they?

I have the knowledge and you have the desire so what`s not to like?

Look, this isn’t going to make you rich, buy you a Lamborghini Diablo, or get you a villa near Palm Beach. That’s just a load of old codswallop pushed out there by the Gooy-roo marketers (sadly people still believe this stuff!?!).

This little bizo brings me in a nice few hundred a month for virtually no work. I do okay with this simple home business, I do things like:

  •   Pay ALL bills immediately!
  •   Treat my 2 year old Grand-daughter anytime I like with nice toys & clothes.
  •   Maintain our two cars no matter what the bill at the drop of a hat.
  •   Fitted new Rosewood doors on the kitchen units – no problem cash sale.
  •   Flew to Jersey to see my sister twice in 3 months + a grand (or thereabouts) spending money.
  •   Had a professional tradesman plaster a double bedroom 16/01/13 and re-decorate it – Cash Money.
  •   Have a wad of cash in my wallet at all times. (Normally about £150 to £200+). 
  •   Smile a lot ;-)

It`s Your Decision. If You Do Nothing - Nothing Will Change

You Will Stay Where You Are!

For you this is simple. It’s not a question of whether this works or not — it does. It’s not a question of whether you can do it or not — if you have a PC and Internet access, you can do this. The question is you either need more money or you don`t.

My guess is you do, so for the crazy price I am asking for this – and I spent approx 480 long hours putting this together for you - what do you have to loose by trying what works for me and what could soon be working for you?

Not much from where I’m perched!

If you do nothing you will tread water for another couple of years before half heartedly ‘trying’ something out with all the willingness of a young child being dragged around the shops!

Result? Failure!

Or you can pick up and run with this simple little cash generator, learn what I have to teach you and then go on to develop it further into a larger business bringing you more money and a big weight off your tired shoulders!

Result? Success!

Do you currently have a better way of bringing in say £300 – £500 + a month extra? Then why are you reading this amigo? Hey, what do I know? Maybe you run several internet businesses and are making an absolute fortune? That`s great, but are you?

My suspicion is that you need (not want) a way of increasing your monthly income correct? I know because I was exactly where you are now, and that’s what got me in to these neat little internet money makers in the first place.

Well why don`t you give me a try - I know you can do this!

Honestly guys and gals if this was ‘brain surgery’ or even sniffed of being difficult I wouldn`t even be typing this! This is as easy as getting a suntan in Barbados!! And almost as enjoyable – almost!

Honest Joe…

I’ve been advising people on how to make money online for several years now and I have a reputation to protect.

So many people have been ripped off and double crossed far too many times online over the last 20 or so years that for me to go down that route with you would be business suicide.

So just relax. This is genuine and so am I.  If I wasn`t, the authorities (and eBay) would kick my butt all the way to the moon and back!

As I mentioned, I also have a reputation to look after, I wouldn`t risk throwing all that away!

Okay so, what exactly am I offering you and in what form?

I am offering to teach you what I know about this simple and very profitable home business and in a way that is easy to understand.

This is for Mr & Mrs Joe Average. Yes, I know, nobody wants to think of themselves as ‘average’, but you know what? I AM!!! I’m just a regular bloke without fancy degrees or even many skills, truth to tell.

And there are millions out there exactly like I used to be, just struggling away trying to make a living. They could ALL do with an extra few hundred a month from something GENUINE.

(Not a promise of £10,000 a week from some idiotic system which simply doesn’t work & never will!)

People like:

  • Bus Drivers.
  • Builders.
  • Nurses.
  • Office Workers.
  • Students.
  • Factory Workers.
  • Shop Workers.
  • Hair Dressers.
  • Bin Men.
  • Supermarket Workers.
  • The Unemployed. (Yes The Unemployed!!)
  • Market Traders.
  • Care Workers
  • Cleaners.
  • Temp Workers.
  • Decorators.

And don’t worry if you’re not on that list. This is for anyone that does long exhausting hours in jobs with wages that get you by (just) but who need a little more but don`t want to have to study for a degree to achieve it!

You know what’s coming next don`t you?

Yep, I`m afraid so my dear amigos, well how else am I going to teach you this?

I have written it all down and it is now all in a 157 page superbly written Business Manual that is all yours for the price of 4 pints down the pub! Or a Saturday night Pizza while watching Ant & Dec! (Ugh!)

I make virtually nothing on this. I have the CDs and the postage & packaging to buy but I`m not making huge wheel barra` loads, I am doing this to give you a leg up so to speak, to get you earning quickly!!

I earn my money DOING this not selling it!

Here`s a few advantages of this system...
The Ability to `Dip In & Out` For Cash When Ever You Want.
• No Face to Face Selling.
No Getting Into Debt with Wholesalers.
• No Buying in Bulk from Foreign Sources.
No Borrowing Money to Get Started.
• Start with £20.00 or LESS.
Total Control at all Times.
• A Buying Audience of Ten`s of Millions.
24/7 365 days a Year Operation.
• A Constant Stream of Big (or small) Profits.
Absolutely NO Technical Skills Required Whatsoever.
• Suitable for Very Busy People.
No Age Restrictions.
• The Quickest Online Profit System Available.

You have my word as a gentleman and all round good egg that this is NOT difficult or complicated in any way and when I say anyone can do this I mean it! Well done if you are feeling just a little excited about this because you should be. If you`re capable of bringing up a website then you will have fun with this and make money into the bargain... Just like moi!

You`re not being ripped off for £297 or getting the hard sell about how you will be soon placing an order for a private jet; that`s Gooy-roo talk!

This is a REAL business that is perfect for anyone with enthusiasm to make more cash!

A Proper Home Business, No Bulls***, No Silly Impossible ‘Get Rich Quick’ Stories,

No Hidden Costs. Every Penny You Make You Keep!

Buy the manual, read it through and get the basics. The next day pick it up and read it again then make some notes and get stuck in. If you get stuck you will have my private email address to have a chat and work over your problems or questions.

See I`m a nice guy after all!

The manual is easy to read. Sorry but I’m not a professional writer. I’ll just tell it like it is in no-nonsense plain English. No fluff, no waffle. Everything up front and as plain as day!

I’m also going to include with your business manual a FREE gift (actually it`s 5 gifts in one) that is going to make your new business soar to even bigger profits!

When you start using this FREE gift you will be a cut above everybody else and your income will increase accordingly. I only decided to include this at the last minute; it’s worth £49.00 on its own and it`s yours absolutely FREE so there`s another reason to give this a go!

So are you prepared to take a punt and try me out on this? You take absolutely NO RISK if you do. If you don`t like the look of it, or for some other reason you can`t be bothered to try it then that`s no problem. Because I totally stand by what I say, I’m happy to offer you a full money back guarantee if you find this is not for you.

You need some extra cash and I can show you a way to get some. It`s not going to make you a millionaire but it WILL get some bills paid, get a holiday on the menu and give you and your significant other a bit of extra wonga to spend on the finer things in life!

Just in case you’re wondering this is not:

Lifestyles International;  Amazon Book Selling;  Forex, Gambling;  Kleeneze;  Betterware;  Replacement Doors;   Selling Your Scrap Gold;  Scrap UPVC;  MLM,  Drinks Machines;  Markets;   Flogging Poisonous Catalytic Converters;   Por n(!);  Direct Mail or Mail Order;  Internet Publishing;   Alarm Systems;  Affiliate Marketing;  AdSense; The Motor Trade;   Water Softeners;  Face to Face Selling;  Importing Chinese Paintings;  Cleaning Smelly Wheelie Bins;  Washing Dogs;  Buying From Chinese Factories;  Filling Yer Garage With Tons of Unsellable Stock;  Lottery Syndicates;  Clickbank;  Red & Green Stock Market Trading;  Starting a Fish & Chip Shop;  Key Fobs (!?!) … Not to mention quite a few others… (So I won`t)

You also get my personal...

Peace of Mind "No Quibble" FULL 30 Day Money Back

Iron Clad Guarantee...

Your money is perfectly safe, but as I have said if you don`t like it or don`t think it`s for you then you will receive a refund as fast as my little fingers can type!

No questions, no excuses, no delays, just a full refund! But will you do me just one favor?

You will? Great stuff...

Please just try this out for yourself you are NOT going to know otherwise!

That actually means load it up & do the reading thing, make the notes, get started, have some fun and see what happens! You will be amazed at what can come into your life when you take positive action, it`s truly great! But you know there`s something I just can`t understand…

… it`s all those anoyin` little peep`s who`s sad little lives consist of ordering great information (mine’s superb by the way, great is for amateurs) and before they even OPEN the damned thing they send it back for a refund?? Honestly, it`s enough to test the patience of a Saint…

And it DOES cost me money for people who do that. So please, only order it if you’re a serious person looking for a serious second income.

Fair enough?

Now, as much as I`d like to send you a nice crisp physical, printed copy of this manual I can`t. Why? Because even my printer (nice chap most of the time) can`t do them for less than £22.60 each in such low volumes!

So you will receive all of my blood, sweat and tears on a nice little CD disc, and as eBay (love `em) won`t allow anyone to send anything via email, i.e. no digital downloads (not in the UK yet anyhow) that`s out of the question as well – But I bet someone STILL asks for it though?!

So what`s the price of this `ere 157 page blockbuster you ask? And so you should…

Try this on for size! £18.99

You see? I’m not even doing that standard Gooey-Roo thing of starting at £1,497 and knocking it back down! Yes, that`s what they do!

Yep, you read right. The price is a miserly Nineteen Quid to invest in a future income! To much for you? A lot of people have already paid £97.00 for this and been ecstatic in their enthusiasm and over the moon with their results simply using my business model. If you can`t afford to invest £19.00 in your future then there`s something definitely wrong somewhere wouldn`t you agree?

OK, now...

I know I`m a nice chap and all that but this is really pushing the envelope with that price but hey, let`s go with it I`m trying to help you here!

Yes, you get everything for that tiny payment, the full 157 page Business Manual, the FREE GIFT and the FREE lifetime email back-up as well!

Just To Recap You Get…

  •   The Full 157 page Business Manual!
  •   The Superb FREE Gifts to Enhance Your Business & Earning Potential!
  •  Full Lifetime email back-up to my Personal email Address!

Now before I forget if you haven`t got Adobe PDF reader go and download a free copy at you will need it to view the manual. (It is on the CD as a PDF.)

You will also need a PayPal account into which to accept your money and to pay for this manual, so if you don`t have one open one now, it only takes a few minutes to do. 

Just go to:  and follow the simple instructions.

So here is your chance to get a copy of my manual at a truly `Bonkers` price (honestly guy`s this price is just so ridiculous) and get all fired-up and start earning the consistent profits I keep yakking on about!

A business manual of this length and caliber would normally cost you at least £97.00 easily and in some cases £147.00! So this really is the best deal you will ever see for a brand new unique Business Manual of this quality!

Well I have just about said my piece and it`s time for me to go and for you to decide whether you want to give me a chance to help you get some spondoolics into the old bank account? Only you can decide so… That`s all from me for now,

Thanks very much for your time I appreciate it, and I look forward to sending you your course materials very, very soon!

All the best to you and yours,

Robin Williams

Home Business Adviser &  Internet Marketer.

PayPal ONLY for payment thanks!             

P.S... I will NEVER EVER pass or sell your details to ANY marketing companies, that`s my promise and it is set in stone!!

P.P.S... This is a REAL business which I run personally day to day. There are NO overnight riches involved and this business is not a scam in anyway shape or form. All students will progress at different speeds and to different abilities.

This business manual is copyright: Robin Williams. Any unauthorised copying, re-selling, re-listing on eBay or elsewhere offline or online including other websites, or any copyright infringement of any kind what-so-ever including the construction of external websites with intent to defraud the copyright owner will result in an immediate cease and desist action, which if not immediately adhered to will result in immediate legal action through the courts for full damages and loss of earnings in full plus court costs. No further warning shall be given. Listings are scanned daily for copyright infringements including Google searches..  Thank you.

A few testimonials I have received from manual buyers:      

All testimonials are true and the original emails are available for scrutiny.

"What can I say if you are not sure if you should buy this manual? My advise is buy!! I have bought many business "opportunities" but I can honestly say this one truly works. After following Robin's instructions I have made my first profit  within a day, a very exciting day!

Not only does this work but there is support from Robin which has been truly invaluable.
I am very excited about the future of this business and truly the best money I have spent. A big thank you!"



Hi Robin,
I promise I won't email you every time I get a sale but its exciting and good for you to know that your business opportunity model is a success.



hi robin fantastic support best ever thank you will try not to bother you too much
thanks again amazing stuff mate


Dear Robin,

I recently bought your fantastic manual. I read the manual, followed all the instructions. Two hours later I made my first deal and large a profit, and all on the same day and so simple.. how good is that.. SUPERB. Your enthusiasm comes across very strongly in your manual and in your videos and such fantastic value too. I shall certainly be telling others about this excellent opportunity and directing them to your website.

Kind Regards

Alastair M.


Hi Robin,

The CD arrived today thank you so much, now the exciting work begins I can`t wait!! I will let you know how i get on.

Thank you again Robin.



Got a question? Fire away, I shall reply back within 24 hrs.

Oxford Media Associates

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Oxford Media Associates

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