Miles Kelly 40 Books Set Collection Five & Ten Minute, Scary & Nursery Stories

School Childrens Picture Stories Job lot

40 Books Set

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Brand New

Five Minute Stories Collection

Scary Fairy Tales Collection

Nursery Library Collection

Ten Minute Stories Collection

Five Minute Stories Collection

10 Books Set

Titles in This Set


1. Lazy Jack and Other Stories

  2. Rapunzel and Other Stories

3. The Hare And The Tortoise and Other Stories 

4. Hansel and Gretel and Other Stories

5. The Girl Who Owned A Bear and Other Stories

6. Androcles And The Lion and Other Stories 

7. The Ugly Duckling and Other Stories

8. Rosy's Journey and Other Stories

9. The Princess And The Pea and Other Stories

10. The Ogre's Bride and Other Stories


Fairy Tales Collection

10 Books Set

Titles in This Set

The Demon With The Matted Hair

The Wicked Witch Of The West

The Little Mermaid

Jack The Giant Killer

The Snow Queen

The Ogre Of Rashomon

The Prince And The Dragon

The Goblin Pony

The Ratcatcher

Little Red Riding Hood


Nursery Library Collection

10 Books Set

Brand New


Titles in This Set

1. Incy Wincy Spider And Friends

2.  Little Bo-Peep and Friends

 3. Baa Baa Black Sheep And Friends

 4. Jack And Jill And Friends

 5.Little Jack Hornet And Friends

 6. Little Miss Muffet Friends

 7. Three Little Kittens And Friends

 8. Old King Cole And Friends

 9. Humpty Dumpty And Friends

10.  Wee Willie Winkie And Friends



Ten Minute Stories Collection

10 Books Set

Titles in This Set


The Elephants Child and Other Stories

The Four Clever Brothers and Other Stories

Anansi and Mr Snake and Other Stories

Puss in Boots and Other Stories

Sleeping Beauty and Other Stories

Beauty and the Beast and Other Stories

The Giant Roc and Other Stories

The Dragons of Peking and Other Stories

The Emperors New Clothes and Other Stories

The Brave Tin Soldier and Other Stories