20 Pack 300 400 mm Simon Trickle Slot Vents Night Ventilation Timber Window UPVC

20 Packs of Simon Trickle Slot Vents 300mm or 400mm Night Ventilation Facility Upvc & Timber Windows

Simon Trickle Vents are suitable for all window types and provides trickle ventilation in line with current Building Regulations and are available in two sizes to suit most needs. Supplied as a complete package, the lever operated internal mechanism opens to provide easy trickle ventilation.

The external canopy is supplied with an integral fly-screen and provides excellent weather protection. Aesthetically pleasing and manufactured from rigid UV stable PVCu, the vent is simply screw fixed to the window frame and is supplied with push fit cap covers to conceal fixing points.

Available in White, Brown, Tan and Black.


Single vents can be purchased here.



  • Easy to fit
  • Fully controllable ventilation
  • Suitable for timber, aluminium, PVCu or composite windows
  • Available in 300mm and 400mm lengths (2500EA)
  • Available in White, Brown,Tan and Black
  • Ideal for night ventilation, does not compromise security
  • UV stable
  • A robust smooth slim elegant rounded design
  • Snap on quick fit end caps
  • Positive open and close action
  • Can be fitted to give updraft or down-draft
  • Independently tested to BS EN 13141-1:2004
  • Water tightness of 400pa.
  • Tested in accordance with BS EN 1026:2000 & BS EN 1027: 2000 weather performance
  • Independently acoustically tested in accordance with BS EN 20140-10:1992

What's in the pack?

Each single pack contains:-

1 x External canopy hood with insect grill

1 x Internal canopy hood with fully controllable ventilation

4 x Fixing screws

4 x End Caps



Vent WidthVent HeightSlot SizeScrew FixingsEA Airflow
300mm 20mm 245 x 15mm 280mm 2500mm
400mm 20mm 330 x 12.5mm 380mm 2500mm

simon trickle vent diagram 300mm


Fitting guide:

  • Route out the frame with the correct slot size and configuration for the model to be fitted (please see above).
  • Place unit centrally over the slots.
  • Fix the unit in place by using the screws provided.
  • If fixing the units to aluminium window frames, use the screw hole centre details shown above to drill pilot holes for the screws, then screw to frame as above.
  • Once the unit is screwed in place simply press the end caps in place on each end of the ventilator.