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Details about  firstline (car parts stock clearance)

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firstline (car parts stock clearance)
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21 Jul, 2015 13:19:03 BST
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Hello all, due to a clearout, all these firstline parts are being sold as a job lot,there is a load of scope for profit depending on your markon's.

if you have a motor factor or a retail shop this may be of interest to you.

The cost price of this lot is £2560.11

The price to the trade for individual items when all sold is £3831.45

The price to the public for individual items when all sold is £6144.20

I have loads of other parts for sale in lots not with this listing, from apec/ juratec/ comline brake discs and pads,fuel parts ltd,shaftec,firstline,fai steering and suspension components,brake engineering calipers,loads of comline filters and lots more see the extra pics.

The list below contains the current representation of the items in this lot. The items marked 'Juratek' are a mixture of Juratek, Comline and Apec discs and pads as we just use the Juratek part number for these items. The rest are Apec as stated.

Part NumberDescriptionStockTypeSupplierCost EachTotal CostTrade Price EachTotal Trade PriceRetail Price EachTotal Retail Price
HK2005OLDCLUTCH KIT 3-IN-11ClutchFirstline84.1684.16122.03122.03201.98201.98
HK7843OLDCLUTCH KIT 3-IN-11ClutchFirstline55.8355.8380.9580.95133.99133.99
HK9099OLDCLUTCH KIT 3-IN-11ClutchFirstline41.9641.9660.8460.84100.70100.70
FBK297OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT1WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline23.8423.8435.7635.7657.2257.22
FBK305OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT1WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline18.1118.1127.1727.1743.4643.46
FBK309OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT1WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline23.4723.4735.2135.2156.3356.33
FBK390OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT1WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline16.6316.6324.9524.9539.9139.91
FBK411OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT1WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline40.8240.8261.2361.2397.9797.97
FBK469OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT1WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline7.357.3511.0311.0317.6417.64
FBK480OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT1WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline14.8614.8622.2922.2935.6635.66
FBK551OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT3WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline15.7747.3223.6670.9837.85113.55
FBK657OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT1WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline40.4640.4660.6960.6997.1097.10
FBK663OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT1WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline30.0230.0245.0345.0372.0572.05
FBK709OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT1WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline40.2740.2760.4160.4196.6596.65
FBK721OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT2WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline6.0312.059.0518.1014.4728.94
FBK725OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT2WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline13.1226.2419.6839.3631.4962.98
FBK744OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT1WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline23.2123.2134.8234.8255.7055.70
FBK794OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT1WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline13.5013.5020.2520.2532.4032.40
FBK795OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT1WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline16.0816.0824.1224.1238.5938.59
FBK850OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT1WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline29.1529.1543.7343.7369.9669.96
FBK851OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT1WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline23.5623.5635.3435.3456.5456.54
FBK859OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT1WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline65.3765.3798.0698.06156.89156.89
FBK862OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT2WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline26.2752.5539.4178.8263.05126.10
FBK865OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT3WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline33.49100.4750.24150.7280.38241.14
FBK891OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT1WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline57.3657.3686.0486.04137.66137.66
FBK893OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT2WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline25.1450.2737.7175.4260.34120.68
FBK947OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT1WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline22.1222.1233.1833.1853.0953.09
FBK955OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT1WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline22.6122.6133.9233.9254.2654.26
FBK966OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT1WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline23.9723.9735.9635.9657.5357.53
FBK968OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT2WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline47.1694.3370.74141.48113.18226.36
FBK976OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT1WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline76.4976.49114.74114.74183.58183.58
FBK982OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT1WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline27.5127.5141.2741.2766.0266.02
FBK987OLDWHEEL BEARING KIT1WHEEL BEARING KITfirstline38.9838.9858.4758.4793.5593.55
FKB1038OLDBRAKE CABLE LH & RH4Brake Cablefirstline3.0212.074.5318.127.2529.00
FKB1042OLDBRAKE CABLE- RH REAR1Brake Cablefirstline4.884.887.327.3211.7111.71
FKB1090OLDBRAKE CABLE LH & RH2Brake Cablefirstline4.629.246.9313.8611.0922.18
FKB1220OLDBRAKE CABLE LH & RH4Brake Cablefirstline3.8015.205.7022.809.1236.48
FKB1235OLDBRAKE CABLE- LH REAR2Brake Cablefirstline4.979.957.4614.9211.9323.86
FKB1265OLDBRAKE CABLE- LH REAR1Brake Cablefirstline6.486.489.729.7215.5515.55
FKB1266OLDBRAKE CABLE- RH REAR1Brake Cablefirstline6.986.9810.4710.4716.7516.75
FKB1318OLDBRAKE CABLE COMPLETE1Brake Cablefirstline9.449.4414.1614.1622.6622.66
FKB1347OLDBRAKE CABLE COMPLETE2Brake Cablefirstline10.8521.7116.2832.5626.0452.08
FKB1348OLDBRAKE CABLE COMPLETE4Brake Cablefirstline12.1548.6218.2372.9229.16116.64
FKB1435OLDBRAKE CABLE- RH REAR1Brake Cablefirstline22.9422.9434.4134.4155.0655.06
FKB1855OLDBRAKE CABLE- RH REAR1Brake Cablefirstline3.403.405.
FKB1856OLDBRAKE CABLE- LH REAR1Brake Cablefirstline4.
FKB1858OLDBRAKE CABLE- RH REAR3Brake Cablefirstline3.8411.515.7617.289.2227.66
FKB1859OLDBRAKE CABLE- LH REAR1Brake Cablefirstline4.
FKB1875OLDBRAKE CABLE LH & RH1Brake Cablefirstline5.545.548.318.3113.3013.30
FKB1907OLDBRAKE CABLE LH & RH1Brake Cablefirstline5.425.428.138.1313.0113.01
FKB1926OLDBRAKE CABLE LH & RH1Brake Cablefirstline10.3610.3615.5415.5424.8624.86
FKB1953OLDBRAKE CABLE - REAR1Brake Cablefirstline12.5512.5518.8318.8330.1230.12
FKB2228OLDBRAKE CABLE- LH REAR1Brake Cablefirstline16.4616.4624.6924.6939.5039.50
FKB2251OLDBRAKE CABLE- RH REAR1Brake Cablefirstline10.8810.8816.3216.3226.1126.11
FKB2269OLDBRAKE CABLE LH & RH2Brake Cablefirstline2.555.113.837.666.1212.24
FKB2271OLDBRAKE CABLE - REAR2Brake Cablefirstline17.7535.5126.6353.2642.6085.20
FKB2272OLDBRAKE CABLE- RH REAR2Brake Cablefirstline2.945.874.418.827.0614.12
FKB2274OLDBRAKE CABLE COMPLETE1Brake Cablefirstline16.5816.5824.8724.8739.7939.79
FKB2276OLDBRAKE CABLE- RH REAR1Brake Cablefirstline5.315.317.977.9712.7412.74
FKB2318OLDBRAKE CABLE - REAR3Brake Cablefirstline18.2854.8527.4282.2643.87131.61
FKB2319OLDBRAKE CABLE LH & RH3Brake Cablefirstline3.239.684.8514.557.7523.25
FKB2322OLDBRAKE CABLE LH & RH7Brake Cablefirstline3.6125.265.4237.948.6660.62
FKB2324OLDBRAKE CABLE - MID LH1Brake Cablefirstline6.776.7710.1610.1616.2516.25
FKB2348OLDBRAKE CABLE LH & RH2Brake Cablefirstline8.9517.9113.4326.8621.4842.96
FKB2374OLDBRAKE CABLE LH & RH1Brake Cablefirstline8.198.1912.2912.2919.6619.66
FKB2375OLDBRAKE CABLE LH & RH2Brake Cablefirstline8.1916.3812.2924.5819.6639.32
FKB2435OLDBRAKE CABLE - CENTRE1Brake Cablefirstline14.4114.4121.6221.6234.5834.58
FKB2457OLDBRAKE CABLE LH & RH1Brake Cablefirstline8.548.5412.8112.8120.5020.50
FKB2458OLDBRAKE CABLE LH & RH1Brake Cablefirstline10.0210.0215.0315.0324.0524.05
FKB2473OLDBRAKE CABLE - LH1Brake Cablefirstline18.8418.8428.2628.2645.2245.22
FKB2474OLDBRAKE CABLE - RH1Brake Cablefirstline15.5615.5623.3423.3437.3437.34
FKB2501OLDBRAKE CABLE - FRONT1Brake Cablefirstline3.613.615.425.428.668.66
FKB2589OLDBRAKE CABLE - FRONT1Brake Cablefirstline2.522.523.783.786.056.05
FKB2596OLDBRAKE CABLE - REAR1Brake Cablefirstline18.9318.9328.4028.4045.4345.43
FKB2598OLDBRAKE CABLE - REAR1Brake Cablefirstline18.9318.9328.4028.4045.4345.43
FKB2733OLDBRAKE CABLE LH & RH1Brake Cablefirstline7.257.2510.8810.8817.4017.40
FKB2737OLDBRAKE CABLE - FRONT1Brake Cablefirstline5.535.538.308.3013.2713.27
FKB2760OLDBRAKE CABLE RH REAR1Brake Cablefirstline13.6713.6720.5120.5132.8132.81
FKB2761OLDBRAKE CABLE LH REAR1Brake Cablefirstline13.6713.6720.5120.5132.8132.81
FKB2768OLDBRAKE CABLE- RH REAR1Brake Cablefirstline13.4013.4020.1020.1032.1632.16
FKB2769OLDBRAKE CABLE- LH REAR1Brake Cablefirstline13.4113.4120.1220.1232.1832.18
FKB2773OLDBRAKE CABLE - FRONT1Brake Cablefirstline6.796.7910.1910.1916.3016.30
FKB2776OLDBRAKE CABLE- RH REAR4Brake Cablefirstline13.2152.8419.8279.2831.70126.80
FKB2869OLDBRAKE CABLE LH & RH1Brake Cablefirstline2.572.573.863.866.176.17
FKB2978OLDBRAKE CABLE - REAR1Brake Cablefirstline27.5427.5441.3141.3166.1066.10
FKC1035OLDCLUTCH CABLE1Clutch Cablefirstline7.027.0210.5310.5316.8516.85
FKC1083OLDCLUTCH CABLE1Clutch Cablefirstline4.204.206.306.3010.0810.08
FKC1124OLDCLUTCH CABL AUTO ADJ1Clutch Cablefirstline12.5112.5118.7718.7730.0230.02
FKC1155OLDCLUTCH CABLE1Clutch Cablefirstline10.8710.8716.3116.3126.0926.09
FKC1285OLDCLUTCH CABLE1Clutch Cablefirstline9.849.8414.7614.7623.6223.62
FKC1292OLDCLUTCH CABL AUTO ADJ1Clutch Cablefirstline16.0216.0224.0324.0338.4538.45
FKC1323OLDCLUTCH CABL AUTO ADJ1Clutch Cablefirstline13.3813.3820.0720.0732.1132.11
FKC1423OLDCLUTCH CABLE2Clutch Cablefirstline6.2812.569.4218.8415.0730.14
FKC1475OLDCLUTCH CABLE1Clutch Cablefirstline7.277.2710.9110.9117.4517.45
FKC1476OLDCLUTCH CABL AUTO ADJ1Clutch Cablefirstline14.3114.3121.4721.4734.3434.34
FKC1479OLDCLUTCH CABL AUTO ADJ1Clutch Cablefirstline27.6427.6441.4641.4666.3466.34
FR5-1OLDSPARK PLUG1SPARK PLUGfirstline1.131.131.701.702.712.71
FSK5918OLDSUSPENSION KIT L/R1SUSPENSION KIT L/Rfirstline8.548.5412.8112.8120.5020.50
FSK6027OLDCONTROL ARM BUSH KIT1CONTROL ARM BUSH KITfirstline2.392.393.593.595.745.74
FSK6030OLDWISHBONE BUSH L/R1WISHBONE BUSH L/Rfirstline2.402.403.603.605.765.76
FSK6246OLDANTI-ROLL BAR BUSH2ANTI-ROLL BAR BUSHfirstline0.571.150.861.721.372.74
FSK6307OLDSUB-FRAME BUSH KIT4SUB-FRAME BUSH KITfirstline24.5998.3636.89147.5659.02236.08
FSK6337OLDWISHBONE BUSH LH1WISHBONE BUSH LHfirstline16.1516.1524.2324.2338.7638.76
FSK6368OLDWISHBONE BUSH L/R4WISHBONE BUSH L/Rfirstline6.5426.159.8139.2415.7062.80
FSK6514OLDWISHBONE REAR BUSH2WISHBONE REAR BUSHfirstline13.4826.9620.2240.4432.3564.70
FSK6840OLDREAR AXLE BUSH L/R1REAR AXLE BUSH L/Rfirstline2.252.253.383.385.405.40
FSM2016OLDSUSPENSION BUFFER2SUSPENSION BUFFERfirstline1.122.241.683.362.695.38
FSM5028OLDTOP STRUT MOUNTING1TOP STRUT MOUNTINGfirstline15.6615.6623.4923.4937.5837.58
FSM5029OLDTOP STRUT MOUNTING1TOP STRUT MOUNTINGfirstline10.3510.3515.5315.5324.8424.84
FSM5042OLDTOP STRUT MOUNTING2TOP STRUT MOUNTINGfirstline10.0820.1615.1230.2424.1948.38
FSM5151OLDSPRING SEAT UPPER2SPRING SEAT UPPERfirstline25.1050.2037.6575.3060.24120.48
FTK001OLDThermostat Kit1Thermostat Kitfirstline2.752.754.134.136.606.60
FTK008OLDThermostat Kit1Thermostat Kitfirstline3.023.024.534.537.257.25
FTK011OLDThermostat Kit2Thermostat Kitfirstline3.016.024.529.047.2214.44
FTK013OLDThermostat Kit3Thermostat Kitfirstline3.5410.615.3115.938.5025.50
FTK021OLDThermostat Kit1Thermostat Kitfirstline4.594.596.896.8911.0211.02
FTK028OLDThermostat Kit3Thermostat Kitfirstline4.1412.416.2118.639.9429.82
FTK039OLDThermostat Kit1Thermostat Kitfirstline5.775.778.668.6613.8513.85
FTK043OLDThermostat Kit1Thermostat Kitfirstline5.195.197.797.7912.4612.46
FTK061OLDTHERMOSTAT KIT1THERMOSTAT KITfirstline5.885.888.828.8214.1114.11
FTR4011OLDTIE ROD END OUTER4TIE ROD END OUTERfirstline3.1212.474.6818.727.4929.96
FTR4412OLDTIE ROD END - LHT1TIE ROD END - LHTfirstline4.524.526.786.7810.8510.85
FTR4413OLDTIE ROD END - RHT1TIE ROD END - RHTfirstline4.524.526.786.7810.8510.85
FTR4949OLDTIE ROD END OUTER RH1TIE ROD END OUTER RHfirstline4.324.326.486.4810.3710.37
FTR5009OLDTIE ROD END OUTER1TIE ROD END OUTERfirstline5.975.978.968.9614.3314.33
FTS807.99OLDFAN SWITCH2FAN SWITCHfirstline10.8321.6516.2532.5025.9951.98
FWP1562OLDWATER PUMP1WATER PUMPfirstline16.8616.8625.2925.2940.4640.46
HKD0002OLDCSC HOSE1brake hosefirstline15.3615.3623.0423.0436.8636.86
Totals     2560.11 3831.45 6144.20

A deal may be struck for 2 or 3 lots

Please see my other items for more clearance stock adverts.

For a full stock list please email me on or ring me on 07920068948, you are also welcome to view the stock at my unit.

Any questions please don't hesitate, but bare in mind stock lists may change as i am still selling items seperatly.

Thanks for looking.

iSell Auto Parts.

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hi all, if your a new ebayer or have less than 20 feedback please contact me via email or bids may be cancelled. thankyou.

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