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Details about  iTouch Sure Pelvic Floor Exerciser Tenscare TENS Kegel Muscle Stimulator Freep&p

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iTouch Sure Pelvic Floor Exerciser Tenscare TENS Kegel Muscle Stimulator Freep&p
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Item specifics

New: A brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged item in original retail packaging (where packaging is ... Read moreabout the condition
Type: TENS Machines
MPN: K-ITS Brand: Tenscare
Product Code: K-ITS EAN: 5033435070039
iTouch Sure Pelvic Floor Exerciser
(inc vaginal probe)

Urinary incontinence is any involuntary leakage of urine. It is a common and distressing problem that affects many people and which can have a profound impact on quality of life, confidence and self esteem.  iTouch Sure pelvic floor exerciser can cure incontinence by building up the muscles of the pelvic floor. 

  • Cures Incontinence  Stress, Urge, and Mixed
  • Be free to live an active life
  • Improves sexual intimacy
  • Clinically approved

The iTouch Sure gives you

  • Comfortable Stimulation The strength of the stimulation increases gradually, making the feeling very comfortable and in your control.
  • Easy Start - One Touch Memory The itouch Sure has intelligent memory that enables the unit to remember the last programme and the strength setting used.  At the press of only one button the strength level returns to 75% of the last level used.
  • Clinically tested programmes The programmes which have been preset into the unit have been clinically tested and are proven to be highly effective.
  • Safety Duration Override A safety override feature has been incorporated into the itouch SURE to ensure that the pelvic floor muscle is not overworked. This is set at twenty minutes, after which time the unit will switch off. It is possible to alter the time in order to customise the unit to your needs.
  • Usage Memory The itouch Sure has a Usage Memory which shows the length of time that the unit has been in use and the average level of strength utilised.

How continence stimulation works

The itouch Sure, through a vaginal probe or pads, sends a gentle stimulation to your pelvic floor muscle using clinically recognised programmes.

Although pelvic floor exercises produce the best results, once your muscle has lost its tone it can be very difficult to do voluntary exercise properly. itouch Sure works your muscle for you and helps to develop and regain your own muscle control. It is also possible to treat faecal incontinence in both males and females using an anal probe. If in doubt contact your continence adviser before using the itouch Sure. 

Just use itouch Sure for 20 minutes every day. Like all forms of exercise, it may take some time, even a few weeks, for you to feel a significant benefit.

The iTouch sure comes complete with Liberty internal contact electrode for single patient use

General Specification 

Max Intensity  100mA zero to peak +ve in steps of 0.5mA* Constant current over 500-1500 Ohm, Channels single, Waveform Asymmetrical rectangular, Max Pulse energy *  Total output limited to 25uC per pulse, Power 2xAA Alkaline OR 2 x AA NiMH, Battery life At least 15 hours at 50mA 300uS 50Hz,Adjustable Timer-  10, 20, 30 45, 60, 90 min  Defaults to 20 min, Pause button “Clock” key when running,Output plug Fully shielded: touch proof mini USB,Weight 90 gms without batteries,Dimensions 110 x 53 x 30mm

Programme Settings

  • STRES: 50Hz ,300 uS, 5/10 sec, 20 mins
  • URGE:10Hz, 200 uS, 5/10 sec, 20 mins.
  • MIXED: 20Hz, 250 uS, 5/10 sec, 20 mins
  • TONE: 35Hz, 250 uS, 3/6 sec, 20 mins

Treatment of Continence
Q: How does Continence stimulation work?
Continence Stimulation is a therapeutic, safe and highly effective treatment for incontinence that is recommended by doctors, continence advisors and physiotherapy departments throughout the world.

About 30% of women and 11% of men experience urinary incontinence at some time in their lives. 

Stress Incontinence describes leakage of urine when you cough, sneeze, strain, or make sudden movements. It is particularly common in women and occurs when the bladder neck and the other mechanisms that act to hold urine in the bladder are not working properly.

Urge Incontinence describes an overactive bladder. You may experience a strong sudden urge to go to the toilet so that you are not always able to hold on, or have to go so frequently that it upsets your life.

Mixed Incontinence is a combination of both Stress and Urge Incontinence

•  Cure – not containment - Minimal running costs - Drug Free

•  Portable - Safe to use at home - May help to avoid surgery.

Incontinence can have many causes. The ULTIMA EMS/PF should never be used unless the cause and source of incontinence have been diagnosed by a medical practitioner

An electrical current is delivered through an intra-vaginal probe or a rectal probe (Type XPR). In women, the second channel can be used with an optional rectal probe to give increased response. External surface electrodes may be used as an alternative if internal probes are not appropriate.

Electrical stimulation works in different ways depending on the program used.

The STRESS incontinence program is based on strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor by electrical stimulation.

Once muscular strength has been improved, these muscles are better able to resist urinary leakage caused by external pressure being applied to the bladder such as with a cough, sneeze or physical exertion. .

If muscles are in poor condition, it is often difficult to feel the muscles you need to exercise, and unused nerve pathways may make it difficult to control your muscles. The stimulator sends signals that are similar to those sent by your brain, but stronger and targeted at the right site. A medium-frequency current causes the muscles to contract and work, and builds muscle strength and bulk.

Stimulation via a rectal probe (XPR) may also be used to improve the function of the anal sphincter in the treatment of faecal incontinence in both males and females. The anal probe is purchased separately.

URGE incontinence is primarily the unwanted and unexpected emptying of the bladder due to its muscles contracting involuntarily.

A lower-frequency current has been shown to have a beneficial effect in reducing the involuntary contractions in URGE Incontinence. It works by slowing down the rate of false signals sent to the brain.

With STRESS Incontinence, improvement comes slowly with the building of muscle fibre, nerve sensitivity and blood supply. Successful treatment will require stimulation once a day for one to three months.

With URGE Incontinence, improvements can be seen in as little as two weeks.


Stress Incontinence
Increase the intensity until you feel a strong but comfortable sensation of ”tightening or lifting”. The stimulation lasts five seconds and then stops for ten seconds. Continue to increase the intensity until it is as high as you can comfortably stand. The medium frequency is only effective if the muscle contracts. You will start to feel sensation at a level BEFORE the muscle starts to contract.

You may need to increase the intensity during the treatment to keep the sensation constant as the body gets used to the feeling.

The stimulation helps you to feel where your pelvic floor muscle is. As your muscle becomes stronger, try to keep it tensed after the stimulation stops. This helps to re-create the natural link between your brain and the muscle.

Like any exercise, you need to rest the muscle. The faster the stimulation frequency, the more rest is needed.

Urge Incontinence
The Urge program causes a “pulsing or tapping” sensation. Increase the intensity to just before the point where the muscle starts to contract. If you get an aching sensation during treatment, reduce the intensity, and speak to your advisor about reducing the Work time setting.

The stimulation helps you to feel where your pelvic floor muscle is. As your muscle becomes stronger, try to keep it tensed after the stimulation stops. This helps to re-create the natural link between your brain and the muscle.

The best work of all for your pelvic floor is exercise without the stimulator. Once you have built up strength and sensation with the stimulator, keep up regular pelvic floor exercises – the pelvic floor needs exercise like any other muscle!

When and for how long will I need to use Continence Stimulation?
Stress Incontinence can take a long time to respond as muscle only builds slowly. Treatment should be continued for up to twelve weeks. Keep a diary to record how often you have a problem, both awake and in bed, and how much you leak. When you do start to make small improvements, this record will help to motivate you.

The duration of each period of stimulation can be varied from, say, 10 minutes to begin with, up to 30 or 40 minutes as your treatment programme progresses. The length of each session for muscle strengthening will also depend on your ability to contract and resistance to fatigue.

As in any muscle re-education, the saying "no gain without pain" does apply – muscles need to be "pushed" into performing at their best. However, your treatment programme should not be painful or an ordeal. Levels of stimulation intensity and period of use should be tailored to suit your particular needs and abilities.

Urge Incontinence can respond very quickly - in as little as two weeks.


If necessary, use the toilet before beginning the treatment.

Ensure the unit is switched OFF before inserting the probe.

Lubricate the probe with KY jelly or water and insert it as you would insert a tampon until the flange on the end meets the body. The probe will naturally position itself with the widest part of the loop horizontal.


For treatment, get into a comfortable position, sitting or lying with your knees up. You can sit on a rolled up towel to tilt your thighs into a position where the probe cannot fall out.

If you cannot feel anything when the intensity is increased, you may be suffering from a loss of normal sensation. This numbness should rectify with treatment. However, to ensure that you do not over-stimulate the muscle, and to avoid a nasty surprise if the probe slips out, do the following:- Turn the intensity down to 1 or 2. Withdraw the probe until it is about halfway out. Increase the intensity as high as you can comfortably set it. Replace the probe.

Some clinicians favour the use of two probes simultaneously to maximise stimulation to the pelvic floor. A special Anal Probe and lead Part Nos L-BPT and X-AP are available as optional extras. The second channel is used in exactly the same way as the first.

The probe supplied is intended for single patient use. It is important that the probe is cleaned after each use.

Clean in warm soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly. The probe should be replaced every six months.

General Guidance

Do not use TENS /EMS units in the following circumstances: 

  • During the first 12 weeks of pregnancy
  • On the abdomen at any time during pregnancy or labour.
  • If you have a heart pacemaker.
  • If you have, or have ever had, a heart rhythm problem.
  • If you are suffering acute feverish conditions or infectious diseases.
  • If you have, or have had, epilepsy you must obtain the full approval of your doctor prior to using TENS/EMS 

Downlaod the iSure User Manual: iTouch Sure Manual

General Information  and Advice Leaflets - provided courtesy o Tenscare
ACPWH guidance on the safe use of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) for musculosketal pain during pregnancy - download
Advice concerning use of a standard TENS machine during pregnancy - download

The following provides general information and guidance relevant to the use of TENS and EMS units.
Q.  What is the difference between TENS and EMS?
TENS and EMS both use tiny electrical impulses to stimulate nerves. TENS is for the relief of pain whereas EMS is for stimulating muscles. Further information on TENS can be found here.

Q. Are there any special precautions to take when using EMS?
Muscular Atrophy may have many causes. Muscle problems must be diagnosed by a medical practitioner before EMS treatment begins.

If using EMS to strengthen healthy muscle, take care not to use at too high an intensity and duration until your muscles become accustomed to the work level.

Precautions and Contra-Indications
Do NOT use TENS / EMS units under the following circumstances:
•  You have a heart pacemaker or a serious heart rhythm problem.
•  On the heads of children under 12.
•  During the first twelve weeks of pregnancy or at any time on the abdomen during pregnancy.
•  When driving or operating machinery.
•  If you have epilepsy, consult your medical advisor prior to using EMS .

Pads should NOT be placed:
•  On the carotid sinuses located on the front of the neck, or over the eyes.
•  Across both temples at the same time.
•  On broken skin or on areas where normal sensation is absent.
•  On the abdomen during pregnancy
Use of excessive intensity or usage time can cause muscle injury. Always increase intensity gradually. If stimulation causes pain reduce intensity or stop treatment.

General Precautions
•  Do not immerse TENS/EMS units in water.
•  Do not place TENS/EMS unit close to excessive heat.
•  Do not attempt to open a TENS/EMS unit.
•  Use only the specified batteries. The use of any other type of battery could damage the units.
•  Remove batteries if unit is not to be used for a long period

These can arise but are very rare. Please note the following:
•  Allergic reactions to the self-adhesive pads can occur, even though they are hypo-allergenic
•  Do not apply to broken skin
•  Do not apply pads to skin that does not have normal sensation. If the skin is numb, stimulation will not be felt and too great an intensity might then be used accidentally

Setting Treatment Time
Depending upon the muscle group and the patient's status, treatment by EMS can vary between 15–60 minutes stimulation twice a week to treatment several times per day.

Choosing the right intensity
The object of EMS treatment is to produce powerful tetanic muscle contractions. The strength of the current should be increased above the sensory threshold, to the tolerance level. The patient often experiences the electrical contraction as being more powerful than a voluntary contraction, because of the sensory effect of the current. The signals have a pain-relieving effect. Patients usually find the sensation uncomfortable to start with, so that one often does not get up to therapeutic intensities at the start of treatment. The current intensity can be increased during the course of the treatment, as the patient becomes accustomed to the current.

Electrical muscle contractions can advantageously be combined with simultaneous voluntary muscular activity.
The powerful muscle contractions caused by electrical stimulation give rise to training aches, which usually disappear within a week.
After treatment tingling sensations may continue or your skin may feel numb, this is normal.

Q. How Does EMS Work?
EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation.

It has successfully been used in medical rehabilitation and to support training in competitive sports for a long time. EMS produces intensive and effective muscular contraction, generating extraordinary training effects and rapidly enhancing performance.

In rehabilitation, EMS has become an established method for treatment of a broad range of musculoskeletal diagnoses. Electrical stimulation of an intact peripheral nervous system may create motor responses in patients with impaired or lost ability for voluntary muscle activity.

It is commonly used for:
Neuromuscular facilitation - Muscle reeducation - Muscle training - Prevention/slowing of atrophy/hypotrophy - Preventing postoperative muscle weakness - Reduction of spasticity, maintaining or increasing range of motion - Training of partial peripheral nerve damage with signs of reinnervation - Treatment of scoliosis - Incontinence treatment.

The method is a complement to other physical therapy and should always be combined with active training of mobility, strength, coordination, and functional training.

In training, the technology for electrotherapy is used for all kinds of muscular exercise - warm-up, strength, speed, power, resistance, endurance and recovery and also for rehabilitation. The method is well known and works as an excellent complement to regular training.

Advantages of EMS
Use of EMS may lead to faster progress in the patient's treatment program. The method is simple and appropriate for treatment in the clinical setting as well as for self-treatment at home.

EMS and sport
Successful athletes all over the world have discovered the advantages of electrical muscle stimulation, such as an increase of the local circulation and the size of the muscle fibres. EMS also helps raising the intake of oxygen as well as improves the metabolic exchange and the consumption of energy of the user.

How EMS Works
Muscular activity is produced by the central and peripheral nervous systems transmitting electrical stimuli to the muscles of our body. EMS uses external electrical impulses that act through the skin to stimulate the nerves supplying a specific muscle group.

The muscle reacts in different ways depending on the strength of current and duration and frequency of the electrical impulse. Muscles are made up of two different type of fibre:
- Red fibre is slower contracting and aerobic working.
- White fibre is faster acting and capable of anaerobic working.

The proportions of red and white fibres depend on the way the muscle is used. Fibre can be converted from one type to the other, depending on the signals it receives. This is known as the Trophic effect.

Different frequencies have different effects: Low (1-10 Hz) frequencies coupled with long impulse times, for example, have a purifying and relaxing effect through individual contractions, whereby the circulation in the treated muscle is simultaneously improved and removal of metabolic end products is supported (lymphatic drainage). The oxygen supply to the muscle is improved.

In contrast, by means of a rapid succession of contractions (fibrillation), medium (20-50 Hz) frequencies can put a high level of strain on the muscle, thus promoting the muscular structure.

With a standard TENS muscle stimulation device, the pads are normally placed near the muscle motor nerve and the unit transmits a stimulus through the skin, with a choice of specific therapeutic patterns. The correct positioning of the pads is important. Body maps are availble that show pad positioning in order to stimulate specific muscle groups.

The positioning of the electrodes with the iSure Pelvic Floor Exerciser is integral to the design of the probe that comes with the device. Follow the guidelines below for insertion. An anal probe can be purchased separately for the treatment of anal incontinence.

Treatment time and treatment interval
All programmes have adjustable duration with default of 20 mins. Depending upon the muscle group and the patient's status, treatment by EMS can vary between 15–60 minutes stimulation twice a week, to treatment several times per day.

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