Adult Halloween Costumes

Why should the kids have all the fun dressing up for Halloween? Just because you aren’t going out trick or treating, doesn’t mean you can’t enter into the spirit of things and have fun with your own adult Halloween costumes.

Character Halloween Costumes for Adults

Halloween costume parties are a great excuse to let your hair down and have a bit of fun, as your alter ego lives up to its costume. Bring out your sophisticated charm as the smooth Count Dracula, show your wicked side as a witch, or take a walk on the wild side as a werewolf. Whatever you’d like to be, eBay has the adult sized Halloween costumes you need.

Fright Night

Alongside our huge range of character fancy dress costumes for adults, we’ve also got a gruesome selection of horror inspired adult Halloween costumes, from decaying mummies to zombie flesh eaters.

Check out our killer Krueger outfits, our horrid Hannibal Lecters or our chilling Chuckies. Alternatively, you can choose to play their victims, with a huge range of bloodstained costumes and frighteningly realistic make-up and special effects that can slit your throat or break your bones – though just for the night of course!