Anniversary Gifts

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Anniversary Gift Ideas

There is no excuse for forgetting a wedding anniversary when there are so many great anniversary gifts to choose from, all at amazing prices. We’ve got gifts for him and gifts for her, with a huge selection to help you show that special someone just how special they are. And they’re all conveniently delivered to your door. Surprise your loved one with a loving anniversary gift.

I Love You, Baby

We’ll help you find the most appropriate wedding anniversary gift by year, with something for every milestone along the way. From paper and cotton for your 1st and 2nd wedding anniversary, through crystal for your fifteenth and China for your twentieth, to those extra special gifts for the serious long lasting celebrations.

Check out our choice of 25th wedding anniversary gift options for your silver wedding, pearl gifts for your 30th wedding anniversary, rubies for your fortieth and great golden wedding anniversary gifts for when you reach that incredible half-century. We’ve even got gifts for that rare 60th wedding anniversary, with diamond jewellery and other diamond gifts for your wife to treasure alongside the decades of great memories with her husband.

Don't Just Send a Card

Choose from many fun and creative wedding anniversary gift ideas, with lots of custom gift options for your friend or girlfriend, for your mum and dad, even for your brother's or sister's anniversary occasions. Need a gift for your daughter's engagement? We can help! Looking for a gift for your dad? Check out our stylish accessories for men. So, whether you are an old romantic, planning well ahead for that big gesture to show you care, or you have forgotten completely and need a great anniversary gift idea fast, we’ll help you spoil your loved one in style, with the biggest choice at the smallest prices.

There is No "Perfect" Gift

Don't try to find what the perfect gift is, because very often our quest for perfection only leads to more frustration. Instead, try to find that one unique object that you feel would fit the family or the couple that's celebrating. You will know it when you see it, and then the price doesn't matter.

Happy Anniversary Cards

There is such a cornucopia of anniversary cards out there, from heartwarming to funny, from nostalgic to psychedelic. Even if a couple has been together so long that their first wedding anniversary photo is black and white, they are still people with strong emotions. People are not made of wood, and their hearts can still be touched even by a card with a message. The trick with cards is to pick a card carefully in advance. Sure, cards are not jewellery or cake, but they can say so much more than "congratulations".