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Apple TV

Apple TV

The tiny yet powerful Apple TV media player opens up the full potential of your high definition TV, to bring you a whole new world of films, TV, sport and home entertainment. Watch the latest blockbuster movie releases, the most talked about TV shows and music videos on demand, whenever you want. This is your TV your way, to fit your taste and your schedule.

Apple TV aims to make your relationship with your TV as personal and as intuitive, as the one you have with your iPhone or iPad.

Apple TV Models

There have been several updates to Apple TV since its initial launch:

  • Apple TV 1st Generation- released early 2007, featuring an Intel processor,a choice of a 40GB or160GB hard drive and space for up to 50 hours (40GB) or 200 hours (160GB) of video, up to 9,000 songs (40GB) or 36,000 songs (160GB) and up to 25,000 pictures
  • Apple TV 2nd Generation – released late 2010, featuring an Apple A4 processor, an 8GB hard drive and 256MB of memory
  • Apple TV 3rd Generation – released early 2012, featuring an Apple A5 processor, an 8GB hard drive and 512MB of memory
  • Apple TV 4th Generation- due to be released October 2015, featuring a faster processor, improved interface, more apps, the new Siri remote and voice functionality

Apple TV 4thGeneration


  • HD images up to 1080p
  • Conveniently small at less than 10cm square
  • Easy Bluetooth set up with your iOS devices
  • Connects with standard HDMI cable
  • No compulsory TV or movie contract
  • Sleek Siri remote control

Netflix, iTunes, Sports and more

Simply plug in the palm sized Apple TV box to your TV via an HDMI cable and you can enjoy the very best in movies and TV from the likes of Netflix and iTunes, streaming, renting or buying films and shows and storing them on the huge 32GB or 64GB memory. You can also enjoy iPlayer content and all your favourite sports like Premier League football, Major League Baseball, NBA basketball and the National Hockey League.

As well as top entertainment, Apple TV can stream content from your iOS device, such as your iPhone or iPad, so you can share your photos and videos on the big screen. You can even stream games from your iOS device, giving you the excitement of the big screen experience, while still controlling the game in the familiar way.

Apple TV vs. its rivals

The concept behind Apple TV is not a new one; boxes such as Now TV and Google Chromecast along with and consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One already allow you to stream movies, pictures, music and games through your TV enjoying HD picture quality and cinema sound.

The PlayStation and Xbox clearly have the edge over Apple TV for games, and can also play DVD and Blu-ray discs, while the Chromecast excels in internet functionality. The Now TV box has the advantage of access to exclusive Sky content, such as sport, that you won’t find on any of the others. However, Apple TV definitely has the edge when it comes to simplicity, especially with the new Siri remote on the latest systems.

Siri Remote

The Siri remote is virtually button free, creating an immersive, intuitive interface that you’ll pick up instinctively. Instead of navigating a myriad of tiny buttons in the dark while you watch your movie, or scrolling through endless menu screens, you can simply ask Siri and she’ll do the work for you.

The Siri remote has a touch panel that makes so much more sense than clumsy fast forward or arrow buttons. Simply move your fingers across the remote, and you’ll see an instant response on screen. It gives you the same control as you get on your iPad or iPhone, even though the screen you’re controlling is several feet away from you.