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Bathroom Design

The bathrooms of Britain used to be cold, colourless places, but the bathrooms of today can come to signify the favourite spot in the house. It's the source of many design ideas and tips that celebrate making the bathroom a statement of luxury, gilded with sleek, spa-like décor and fixtures, no matter how big or small.

Let’s Get Wet

How people in the UK wash has altered beyond recognition and it’s often now, as rewarding as it is functional. Wash the dirt of the day away with a power shower or luxuriate under a monsoon shower in a wet room.

When it comes to baths, things have become even more interesting. As well as standard baths and the more classic freestanding roll top baths, sheer decadence plays a greater role than ever as bathrooms are becoming more and more like home spas – and why not! Whirlpools and jet baths are a wonderful way to keep you in a state of bliss.

Tiles And Flooring

Browse through 100 Best Bathroom Design Ideas in pictures to give you a sense of the kind of flooring that gives the room an eclectic and polished look. Wood floors can be a clever and fast-track way of adding a clean-cut quality, whereas a pebble-stone floor can be best to achieve that spa look.

Finishing Touches

Adding a bit of finesse to your bathroom by adding contemporary fittings, such as warm lighting, is a really great way to finish the room off, or give the illusion of bathroom makeovers. Great space saving ideas are installing additions such as vanity cabinets which work as great and subtle ways to store your bathroom extras such as bubble bath and candles, whilst brightening up your space. Similarly, whether you want to move to mixer taps or split your water temperature out, a new set of sparkling taps will also quickly lift your bathroom. .

And of course, after soaking away the stresses and strains of the day, completing your pamper session with a warm and fluffy new bath towel is the best cherry on top.