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Cars often fall into two different categories – a way to get from A to B or a labour of love. eBay are here for all of your needs, so source your car parts and spares with ease.

Good Nick

Keeping your car in good condition can really help when it comes to selling it on or getting a few extra thousand miles out of it. Scrapes and dents can be really troublesome – especially if they happen when you’re not even there. Driving today’s bigger cars down country lanes can also prove problematic for paintwork.

Traditionally, scratch removers would be used to restore lustre, but they often created a patchwork effect. Sourcing external and car body parts mean that you can take care of damaged wings and doors in one fell swoop.

Topped Up

Many of you will understand that oil needs to be at optimum levels to ensure the smooth running of vehicles, but the car uses other fluids that you may not be so aware of. Gear oils, fuel additives and antifreeze can be critical to the smooth running of your vehicle.

Little Added Extras

You may be one of the UK’s many car fans who like nothing better than to spend your spare time optimising your everyday motor – or even restoring a classic car.

Max out your vehicle performance with specialist turbo parts or up style your exterior with a dazzling decal or replacement grille. The eBay marketplace has a wide range of both interior and external pieces – that’s the nuts and bolts as well as the finishing touches.

From new releases to vintage classics, there are parts to pore over as you create the vehicle of your dreams.

The Engine Room

While there are some car fans who like to work in larger parts, there are also those who love to take an engine apart bit by bit and restore it to its full glory. Whether you’re looking for whole engines or sourcing particular and even rare car parts, there is a full range of brands and models to choose from.