Coining It In

Money is a fascinating thing when you think about it. Even long after it has been rendered illegal tender, touching it, looking at it and connecting to the past is still an interesting thing to do.

The coin in your hand had a life all of its own – jangling in pockets, changing hands to buy something you’ll never know and being an essential part of daily life.

Rare Pieces

While collecting coins is a popular activity and some coins are more popular than others, not everyone is chasing the same pieces.

Coins come from all over the world and from all periods of time – including releases from this year. It is as likely to find a coin from a century ago as a freshly-minted piece from the other side of the world.

Coin collecting can see you collecting pieces from the past that may be more emotionally charged than others. Coins from the First and Second World Wars are particularly moving pieces.

Folding Money

Banknotes are great representation of times past. Not only can you trace the changing materials used in the productions of the notes, but the artwork on notes is a window on the world as it was.

Banknotes come from all over the world and come in all different shapes, sizes and denominations. You may even be able to find notes from countries that no longer exist as they did, such as Czechoslovakia and Burma. Banknotes document the evolution of the changing global map.

Other valuable notes include stock bonds and share certificates.

Going For Gold

History tells us that gold holds its value while other investment opportunities rise and fall. Bullion bars most often come in 1 oz. sizes and can make a great Christening present. Other metals worth purchasing are silver and platinum.