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DIY & Home Improvement

There are few things as satisfying as making your home look good – and, with today’s well-priced power tools, materials and accessories, it’s never been easier to get started.

Your Project

Affordable gardening tools such as lawnmowers to tidy up your garden, materials to redecorate the bedroom, accessories for work in the garage, or routers and a brand new electrical system to solve your tech problems. Whatever the task, find your craft, get the style you want and browse a full list of topics under DIY tools to make those projects easy to figure out.

DIY Knowledge is Power

Power tools: get to grips with the everyday power tools that will make light work of the biggest jobs. Peruse popular Dewalt, Ryobi or Makita drills, saws, impact drivers, cutting tools, laser measuring tools, and find those important multi-tool accessories such as saw blades, chisels, or a dust extraction drill bit.

Once you have the basic tools and accessories, you'll soon know how to refresh your floorboards with heavy-duty sanders, or how to get your bannisters reconditioned to their former glory with a smaller hand-held mouse sander.

It's also important to get that perfect DIY portable toolbox collection and storage under your belt. Familiarise yourself with the essentials and keep a clean order, so that when you’re trying to put up that new, and very heavy mirror; you will know exactly where things are when you dip into your toolbox. Whether it's for wrenches, clamps, vices, torches, sockets or hand tools, get to know your toolbox when you shop for the DIY essentials. A simple utility knife in your toolbox can be your right-hand partner in many times of DIY need!

Top Picks and Trends

Scroll through the Top Picks and categorise by price to make shopping for those affordable and popular accessories such as a hammer, or paint and varnish from top brands including Dulux and Crown. Similarly, stock up on all the materials you need to re-vamp your walls with wallpaper in a range of designs.

It's not all saws and laminate trimmers, though - get your art project going and search through crafts accessories. Be creative with fun party ideas, make a scrapbook, draw inspiration from artists online, or get going with your sewing, or read a thread on how to knit the perfect crochet.

Creative projects have never been so fun or easy to discover.