Dolls & Bears

Peruse the most popular dolls and bears on eBay to give any girl or boy the ideal toy. Shop the Barbie collection and choose the Barbie basics and classics (including Ken), or branch out with Fairy Tale Bride and Cinderella. Don't stop there: buy the handbags, clothes, and bedroom accessories to complete your collection to bring it all to life. And, of course, there's always vintage and antique toys to make your new plaything have special meaning.

Good Old Days

It's not all about the latest plastic. Take a trip down memory lane with our range of antique dolls and bears. Find a replica of your favourite childhood companion from Care Bear, Paddington Bear, Steiff and Winnie the Pooh. Find the perfect rag doll, a Cabbage Patch Kid or baby doll. Or, add to a collection with porcelain and vintage pieces. Choose among antique Morcott dolls houses and dress them in mini clothes, as well as buying pets and vintage miniature furniture to make it all real. Even bag yourself rare porcelain Barbie original dolls. Whatever the antique, look on eBay for a handmade doll or vintage teddy bear, and invest in some hard to find collectables in great condition.

Similarly, mix and match! It makes it a special time when you fuse antique house accessories or room sets with the latest doll or teddy bear. Make your collection your own with eBay.

That Special Find

See the latest collection of in dolls and clothing, find your favourite doll accessories, specify the doll size, and choose between all the toys. Find that bespoke plush Paddington Bear, or choose between antique Shirley Temple, affable, arranged, boudoir bed doll, Vogue or German bisque head dolls, complete with the perfect baby clothing for your dolls and a special doll's house. Even pick up your unique companion when you shop through 'build-a-bear' teddy bears, with clothes to match!

See the Top Picks from eBay to see what's on sale and in store, and enjoy worldwide shipping so that you aren't limited, making your bids easy, wherever you are, making sure you get the doll you want.