There’s no point in going all out with your look and then slipping your feet into a pair of battered shoes – even vintage, retro baseball boots can be too worn out!

Hip Heels

The world of the high heeled shoe is a fascinating place – after all, kitten heels are pretty close to the ground! Heels are a great way to add height to your look. You might be stating your intention to have a great night out with the girls or let the rest of the boardroom know that you mean business. It’s not just about women – a men’s Cuban heel is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

From classic court shoes to the highly crafted creations from designers such as Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo, there’s a multitude of great styles to be found on eBay.

Blow Out On Boots

Winter comes once a year –and in the UK, there can be cold days even in the summer – so a really good pair of boots is essential. Or two pairs. Or three pairs. Oh, and wellies too.

Boots come in a wide range of materials from leather and suede to PU and rubber to match your daily needs and styles. You can choose from ankle styles to finish a casual weekend look or go for knee length to add a dash of chic to your office look. You could even go for an over the knee (or higher) boot for special occasions.


How often do you reach for a pair of trainers to pull on as you run out the door? Some may be heading out for a training run in preparation for a marathon and need a carefully chosen pair of running shoes to get them around the course. Others might just be looking for something comfortable to help them on the school run – either way, the Trainer Shop has it all.