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iPhone from £50

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Keeping in touch has never been easier with our selection of mobile and home telephones. From simple hands-free Panasonic landline model for your kitchen to the latest 4G LTE digital smartphone technology from Apple, we’ve got the lot. There's something for every style and budget, from the Apple iPhone 5c to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 and beyond. Plus we’ve got an active market for great gadgets to help you make more of your mobile device, from cool cases to car chargers.

Always check the Description

It's truly astonishing how fast digital technology is moving in the last couple of decades. People have built whole careers on just writing reviews about cell phones, tablets and accessories. Who would've thought that mankind would eventually take a cordless phone, make it super tiny, slap a digital camera on it and sell it for the price of 3 weeks’ worth of groceries? Well, perhaps some smart people at, say, Samsung or Panasonic had a vague idea about it. Otherwise, we would still probably take Polaroid selfies.

Cell Phones for the Now

Whatever kind of smartphone or cordless phone you're in the market for, eBay has you covered. If you use your phone for consuming various digital media (videos, podcasts, etc.) and the cost is no object, you can go straight for a cell phone with a big screen (perhaps 5.1-inch), 8GB of free storage and easy-to-locate volume up and volume down buttons. If you're more of a global citizen of the world, you might want to go for an unlocked GSM with various travel accessories like a rugged carrying case or a Panasonic Bluetooth headset. The up-until-recently coveted cordless phone with a caller ID/call waiting for the function is a thing of the past.

Wearable Tech to Watch

Of course, if you're after the most cutting edge digital device on the market right now, look no further than either the Apple Watch. This watch comes with its tiny computer processor inside, which provides unparalleled connectivity with your iPhone, along with many cool functions. This smartwatch can also be personalised with a uniquely styled band. Lately, the Apple Watch is getting some stiff competition from the Android Wear.

Take your Phone in the Shower

Well, not literally. Your phone is probably not waterproof. You can, however, browse eBay's selection of waterproof wireless Bluetooth speakers that allow you to operate and listen to your phone even when you're taking your shower. The Aqua Audio waterproof speaker, for example, is compatible with any other Bluetooth device over a 10-meter area. It mounts to your bathroom wall via its suction cup. You can easily charge your Aqua Audio speaker with the USB power cable provided. Nothing beats taking a relaxing shower after your daily fitness routine while listening to your favourite songs.