Samsung Tablet Offers

Known in the UK largely for its Galaxy mobile phone range, South Korean company Samsung is in fact the world’s largest IT company by revenue, as well as the world’s largest manufacturer of LCD panels, televisions and mobile phones.

Samsung range

The Samsung product range is very diverse, and includes:

The company was the most awarded TV and AV brand in both 2013 and 2014, picking up accolades from across the industry.

Samsung Mobile Phones

The Samsung mobile phone range is led by the Samsung Galaxy, with the latest models, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +, featuring a unique wrap around screen that maximises the viewing area. The Samsung Galaxy mobile phone range also includes the Samsung Galaxy Trend 2 and the budget Samsung Galaxy A3. All Samsung phones run on the Android software system.

Samsung Tablet Computers

Samsung offers a range of tablet computers, including the Samsung Note, which sits somewhere between a phone and a tablet, much like the iPhone 6Plus. The full sized Samsung tablet computer range includes the Samsung Tab A, the Samsung Tab S and the children’s version, the Samsung Tab 3 Kids.

Samsung Cameras

The Samsung camera range has both fixed lens and interchangeable lens cameras, and includes the Samsung Smart Camera, the Samsung NX1, the Samsung NX300 and the Samsung NX Mini, along with the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2.

Samsung TVs and Monitors

Both Samsung TVs and Samsung monitors feature high quality curved screens, with the top of the range Samsung SUHDTV offering cutting edge TV picture quality. Samsung curved monitors come with either a 27” Full HD, a 28” UHD or a 34” WQHD LED screen.