Sometime you may be looking for a needle in a haystack – a rare piece that you have sought high and low for. However, there are other times that you need to get your hands on a lot of the same types of items quickly and without fuss.

Wholesale and job lot listings are the perfect place to access larger amounts of whatever it is that you need.

Fair’s Fair

Schools, college and charities all over the country who spend a great deal of time and care putting together fundraising fairs. Finding prizes is a great way to get to know your local community but it can be tremendously time consuming when time is not something that you can count on.

Buy your prizes or pocket money stall items by the batch with the wholesale section. Choose from card games and figurines to guarantee a good return on investment on the toy stall. Teddy bears make really good giveaway prizes – someone always knows someone who would love a bear, after all. Cute and cuddly, these bears are in need of a good home to take care of them!

Mixed Vintage

Cafes and coffee houses are often looking for something to help them stand out from the others. While good coffee and cake can go a long way to doing this, it can be the finishing touches that stand out in customers’’ memories and keep them coming back for more.

Classic china cups and saucers in large but mismatched patterns are a great way to channel shabby chic or rock a vintage style.

All bar None

Creating the perfect atmosphere in a restaurant or bar can be a tricky balance –they more that you can tie your interior into your cuisine, the more likely you are to create an experience for your clients. Decorate your restaurant with heaps of sporting memorabilia or vintage pieces.