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Springtime Wines under £15

Springtime Wines under £15

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Galileo said “Wine is sunlight, held together by water,” and, as the father of modern science, he’s hit the nail on the head. From the tiny grape that drinks in the summer sunshine, clinging on to the vine while growing juicier and ripe, to the first splash into the glass as you pour yourself a delightful taste of heaven from one of the world’s fabulous wine regions, wine is wonderful. From the complex and heady reds of Bordeaux to the light and fruity reds of the Italian north, there is a wine to match any taste. And if you prefer white, they range from the steely, freshness of Chablis to the honeyed, tropical fruits of an Australian white – and you don’t even have to change grapes.

There are few finer ways to celebrate one of life’s great adventures of milestones than a glass of fizz. From a knock out Champagne from one of the world’s finest French labels to a Prosecco from Italy or a stunning Spanish Cava, there are many ways to say ‘something special happened today.’

Wine is surrounded by a great deal of romance – from the story of where it comes from in the world to the label on the bottle and the popping of the cork. Buying wine isn’t simply about the wine itself. It is also about how you look after and store your wine. Keeping a bottle on its side is not to get the bottles to behave – doing this makes sure that the cork stays damp, preventing air getting into the wine. All the same, you can also store more bottles when they are laid on their side – just make sure you have a sturdy wine rack to keep them in place.

Wine is a charming, civilised part of life. Perfect for sharing with friends and family, wine turns a meal into an occasion - so don’t forget to bring a bottle!