Zara is a fashion brand that has an unusual business model, but also a high successful one. Zara has around 2,000 stores in 88 countries, making it one of the largest fashion retailers in the world, with sales of $17.5bn

Fast Fashion

The Zara team listen carefully to their customers and feed their comments and ideas back to their production lines on a regular basis so they can be right on trend and respond to the very latest fashions and styles while they are still hot and sought after.

Ad Free

You’ll never see a TV or press ad for Zara, as they have no advertising budget. Instead, the company prefers to invest its money in stores that are as close as possible to the luxury fashion brands, on the likes of Fifth Avenue in New York and the Champs Elysees in Paris, so that they become associated with these exclusive names.

The Zara Range

The Zara range includes Zara Woman, Zara Man and Zara Kids along with the youth orientated range Zara TRF or Zara Trafaluc. The Zara clothes range includes dresses, coats, jackets, jeans, trousers, tops and shoes, with many styles only available on the shelves for a short space of time.

It is said that Zara launches over 10,000 lines every year, creating a sense of urgency in the buyer, who may not find the style again if they do not buy now. It also creates a huge choice of different Zara clothing on eBay, with something to suit every taste and budget