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Apple TV (3rd Generation)
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Created: 04/02/14

Only useful if you own a Mac and/or iOS device.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I'm a Mac/iOS user, I've fully bought into their system and I use iTunes for music, video and I even use Aperture and PhotoStream for photos. While I know it's not the perfect system, it's worth pointing out so you know where I'm coming from.

I bought the Apple TV because I was tired of using unreliable workarounds to get my XBOX 360 to stream my media, I wanted a slick and reliable system, that works first time.

In that respect the Apple TV is perfect, as long as my MacBook is on, I can stream all my TV and Movies to my TV.

The apps installed on the device are pretty underwhelming, Netflix is probably the most useful (even though I use LoveFilm) the rest I don't think I've even used once.
This leads me to the Apple TV's biggest selling point and it's trump card up it's sleeve; AirPlay. You can beam audio and video from apps on your iPhone, iPad and Mac, for instance I overcome the lack of LoveFilm app by selecting a film on the iPhone LoveFilm app and then beaming it to the Apple TV. It's very slick and works well.

In conclusion IF you own a few Apple devices and you've bought into using iTunes, PhotoStream etc I think you will get a lot of use out of the Apple TV, it's the bet way to connect your Apple products to your TV.
Though if you have a variety of devices, by different manufactures it would probably pay to look elsewhere (Roku or other alternatives), I understand they have a greater amount of apps and far more content to stream.
You would be disappointed by the lack of streaming content on the Apple TV if you plan on using it without a Mac or iOS device to fully utilise it.

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Created: 03/05/14

If you are willing to subscribe you will be happy if not then well .....

No, I wouldn't recommend this product.

Typical apple product, sleek efficient, and easy to use. Set up was a breeze and you get what you expect with the link from your iphone/ipad to any tv ( with HDMI ) an absolute joy, I use this regularly.
The YOUTUBE set up I found frustrating but ok and the other free to use aps are ok but not what I use on a day to day basis infact never. However, as always with apple nothing worth using is free, all the film or tv or even the sport aps must be paid for before you can use them.
For me this has turned into just a link from my ipad to the tv and nothing else, I do not use any of the other services and that is the reason I have given this product about 3 stars.

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Created: 08/04/14

Good service, shame about the product not up to expectation.

No, I wouldn't recommend this product.

Bluetooth connection does not do what was expected of it. The problem was overcome by using Air Play but this wasn't what was expected and Air Play I feel is more cumbersome to use.

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Created: 06/06/14

So small but well worth the money.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I am glad that bid and won this item, even when it fails quite often when kids are home and it has a lot useing it, the picture is very good as is the sound, I would recommend it to anyone.
Thank you Apple
Edward Mantle.

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Created: 09/12/13

Not worth the money

No, I wouldn't recommend this product.

The best thing about the Apple TV is the fact you can mirror an I pad on your tv. Apart from that I would not buy it. Over priced as well.

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