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Created: 12/12/09

Apple iPhone 3G S Black (16GB)

The iPhone 3GS looks exactly like the previous model. It shares the shape and the same external controls, but the iPhone 3GS is unique in a handful of ways. You can get both memory sizes in white or black, and the iPhone 3GS display sports a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating that is supposed to attract fewer fingerprints and smudges. The new model shares the same dimensions as its predecessor, but it's slightly heavier (4.76 ounces versus 4.7 ounces), a virtually unnoticeable difference.

The iPhone 3GS has the same external design as the iPhone 3G.
The menu interface is also the same, but in the past year, as we've added apps to the Home screen, something new has begun to bother us. As intuitive and simple as the interface is, it becomes unwieldy after you get above four menu pages. Swiping through multiple pages is tedious; and it's rather painful to drag applications from page to page if you're an organizational freak. We hate that there's no way to categorize related apps into folders, such as one for news, another for social networking, and so on. Not only would this cut down on menu pages, but you'd also be able to find your app faster. And while we're at it, how about letting us delete some of the native apps we never use?

Since the iPhone 3GS inherits many of the features from the previous model, we'll concentrate on what's different on this device. If you need a refresher on such elements as the clock, YouTube, weather, iPod player, calculator, and e-mail, please see our iPhone 3G review. We'll start off with the new features that only the iPhone 3GS will offer.

Until now, the iPhone's camera has been good, but far from great, with decent photo quality, but no editing features. Apple didn't include options such as white balance, a digital zoom, or a self-timer that come standard on many basic VGA camera phones. The minimalist shooter bothered us so much that we began to worry if Apple was leading a new trend of "dumbing down" cell phone cameras.

The iPhone 3GS' camera still lacks a flash.
The iPhone 3GS puts some of those fears to rest. Apple boosted the camera's resolution to 3 megapixels and added a new "Tap to Focus" feature. As you point the lens toward your subject, a small box appears on the center of the display. Tapping that square focuses the camera automatically on that point and adjusts the white balance, color, contrast, and exposure accordingly. If you'd rather focus on the edge of your shot, just tap the display at your chosen point and the square moves with you. If you don't tap anywhere, the camera will focus the entire frame.

Photo gallery:
iPhone 3GS camera photos

Tap to Focus performs well. For example, if we photographed a book cover sitting on a desk, we were able to get a clear reading on the book's title. If we shifted the focus away from the book, the title became somewhat blurry. Alternatively, if we focused on the brightest part of an image, the entire picture would appear brighter. But if we focused on the darkest part of any image, the photo would darken accordingly. The iPhone still doesn't come with a flash, though, so don't expect miracles.

On the other hand, the new automatic macro setting didn't appear to make much of a difference. Close-up shots looked slightly better on the iPhone 3GS than they did on the iPhone 3G, but we couldn't tell when the macro focus was working and when it wasn't. As with the autofocus feature,

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Created: 17/08/09

Top of the crops!

If you already have an iPhone 3G then there isnt really a great deal to upgrade to with Apples Latest offering! Saying that I purchased a pay as you go one so when my contract comes to an end (sometime in 2010) I can then take advantage of the fact another iPhone will be released in July. Its all about forward thinking :)

Im pleased to say with the iPhone 3GS (32GB) forward thinking it most certainly does! Compass, not a great addition and something you prob wont be using but handy nonetheless, especially in google maps as now itll not only show you where you are, but also where your facing.

Video recording, this is a feature most phones already have, but how many phones can boast the ease of use that the iPhone posesses? Simple to record, edit, trim and then picture message your video, this latest offering from Apple just goes from strength to strength.

Better camera. 3.2mp inc auto focus and actually touching the part of the screen where you wish to focus are great additions to the already usable & decent quality camera. No flash tho. Im sure this will be on the next iPhone they do like to keep us wanting more ;)

iPhone OS (or firmware) v3.0 - Cut Copy and Paste - A joy to use & simply ingenius! Other phones have been able to do this for years, but now its finally here its smooth, simple and like the whole iPhone experience a pleasure to use.

Thats the thing with the iPhone. Yeah there are a few phones on the market that are technically more powerful but imagine a child driving a ferrari and this really does sum up the way the iPhone operates. Its like a racing driver in formula 1!

Speaking of speed, yes you guessed it, thats just what the 'S' reportedly stands for. And i can confirm from my initial tests having had both devices, it does open up webpages, the app store and actually run, overall quicker than the previous model. With improved graphics to, this can be seen from searching the net eg Firemints excellent Real Racing which has 6 cars driving at once, on the 3GS they have managed to get more than double that, all running at the correct speed! Excellent stuff!

This also leads me onto one of the excellent benefits to having an iPhone, the App store. Most things that you want to do with your iphone, like editing documents, playing games etc can be done via the App Store. Browse on your phone from anywhere and the purchase and download and then your in! The apps on your phone ready to use. Its a very painless and simple process anyone can learn.

MMS now features out of the box and this is another simple and painless process from taking the photo to typing a message, its all very user friendly. No more getting frustrated because your phones "having a think" or "doing something else" the best thing about the iPhone is the fact that the phone only does what you tell it to do. It really is great (and i used to be a Windows Mobile fan boy so it takes alot for someone like me to admit there is something I like better out there) and the iPhone is it.

The whole experience is enjoyable, smooth and silky, the phone feels great in the hand (I would recommend purchasing a screen protector along with a hard case, you never know! Better to be safe than sorry!). Sending messages, setting up email, and even just using it as a phone, the iPhone seriously does shine in all respects. Now if they put in a better camera, with flash then id be happy to say ditch your digital camera as everything else about this device is brilliant.

Top marks

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Created: 10/03/10

Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB

I have been after an iPhone for quite some time but never really could afford it. It was well worth the wait though there are a couple of things that could be improved or added. The quality of the camera is quite good even though its only 3 megapixel. My old phone was 8 megapixel but the quality of the iphone puts up a good fight. All the settings for the iPhone camera are auto, such as white balance and auto focus. There is no flash but gives good images in daylight conditions. The S in 3GS stands for speed and Apple kept their word... IT IS FAST. All the apps open quickly, so no lag waiting for games etc opening up. I live in a rural area but the reception is good and conversations are clear. I am really pleased with the phone my only real niggle is.... Bluetooth. Headsets connect really quick, but you cant send things to other phones unless you jailbreak your phone which I dont really want to do. I have lots of things on my phone that friends would like but cant send or receive from them. Battery consumption is quite high because I use it for more than just as a phone. The games are very addictive so spend lots of time playing them and find I have to charge the phone every other day. Remember its more than just a phone, more like a mini computer. The on screen keyboard is great to use plus it has spell correction as you type, so if you have chunky fingers and make a mistake it corrects it as you type. I have put a few films on my phone and the quality of the screen playback is crystal clear. The compass is good especially when you go into maps and search for places. A friend of mine said its only a glorified iPod.. As he found out when he tried it, how wrong he was and is envious and hopes to buy one when he has the funds. The ipod features are as good as ever. I also have an iPod Touch, but this is now left at home as the Iphone does everything I need. Music, films, camera, camcorder, internet and of course a phone. One of the best items I have bought on eBay. If it is your first Iphone then buy one if you can afford it, you wont be dissapointed. If you just upgrading from a previous iPhone then you may think its expensive for the few extra features it offers. There are plenty of video reviews on the net. Do what I did, check them out and decide for yourself. Good luck and happy bidding. wadermanuk

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Created: 12/10/08

A little bit of the future in your hand.

This is the first review i have ever wrote and probably the only single item i feel strongly enough about to write a review.
Ive had my iPhone since launch day and its the 16GB Black version though this review would be the same for every varient, the only differences are colour and storage capacity.
Where to start? this little device does so much its unreal!

The touch screen is light years better than some of the other phones i have used, the way the phone actually operates is so intuative that people of any age and technological proficiency can pick it up and be using it in minutes.
The screen is large enough to watch full movies without getting eye strain or anything like that (something that used to bother me on my N95).

You can also download all sorts of third party applications, games and useful little applications that do all sorts of things. Some are good and some are bad, some are free and some you have to pay for but not many are more than a couple of GBP. Ive downloaded a few games that make use of the accelerometer, this means you can tilt the phone to move things on the screen and it works just as well as every other espect of the phone, PERFECT! The accelerometer works so well inface there are applications that turn your phone into a spirit level!
Wanna know what on in any cinema in the country? no problem, download the Movies app and click on the one you want, and it comes up with every film and its showtimes, you can even book tickets all in the palm of your hand!!

The thing that most of you will buy it for is the iPod side of things and you wont be dissapointed there either, its actually a lot louder than my iPod and this suites me as i work in an airsrcaft factory and it often gets noisy. The sound is pretty much perfect to my ears anyway...

The internet: It will connect to a WiFi network if your near one, failing that it will use 3G and EDGE to connect to th internet. Some features require a WiFi connection but when your out and about you would be surprised how many places offer it free, McDonalds being a popular one, Starbucks too. The internet works exactly the same as on your PC or MAC at home and im actually writing this entire review from my iPhone!

SatNav: This is so good i left it until last. I dont use it to plot routes in my car though im sure you could, i have a built in one for that but this thing really shines when your in a new city or town you are not familiar with, you simply click on "Maps" and it will zoom in on your current location in seconds and you can type in anything! Type in "pizza" and it will pull up everywhere selling pizza in the region. Type in Taxi and you get the same treatment. But not just where these things are, it gives you their phone number and an address and often even an email address! You simply click the number and your ringing a restaurant to make a reservation, no yellow pages, no getting lost or printing a routeplanner on the AA site. It WILL make your life easier.

I have waffled on a fair bit about this phone and i hope it makes you feel like you want one because it really will change your life, not in any big an profound way but i promise if you get one you will know what i mean and hopfully share my enthusiasm...

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Created: 20/10/08

iPhone 3g 16gb and Gevey Sim - Im converted!

After being a Windows Mobile user since the very first SPV mobile phone i thought id take the plunge and purchase an iPhone 3G 16gb.

I said to myself, i wasnt going to start a new contract and that I wanted to use my existing contract on another network as im not with o2, with the iPhone so i purchased a Gevey 3G turbo sim.

The sim card is installed over the top of your sim and then inserted into the iPhone. This tricks the iPhone into thinking it has a valid sim card.

The iPhone itself is very responsive. With almost 0 lag in any of the menus and the only time the iPhone has ever crashed is using a Third Party app which i downloaded via the App Store (this was facebook and this has a history of crashing according to other iPhone users)

Step 1 - Activating the iPhone.

You need to download iTunes via Apples website and install on your PC / Laptop. I did this and connected my iPhone. You do need to have an O2 pay as you go sim card to enable your iPhone to activate and also to update the phone with your music, pictures, videos, contacts, calender entries, etc

The o2 sims are easy to get hold of, the latest "free sims" available from o2 are 3G so this enabled me to activate my iPhone and also put some music on it.

Step 2

Use iTunes to do a software update if need be. This updates the firmware of the iPhone to the latest version so when apple release fixes, they release a new version of the iPhone Firmware. Again you need to have the o2 sim in to do this as it uses iTunes.

This all worked flawlessly WITHOUT deleting any of my existing information. Now with Windows Mobile backing up was a must. Because of iTunes your data is backed up anyway so this all happened very smoothly.

Step 3

Using the iPhone day to day.

SMS texting. This I admit does take some getting used to but after only a weekend of owning the iPhone 3G im happy to say everything is working perfectly. It would be nice to be able to text landscape by turning your phone around but im sure Apple will include this in a future update.

Phone calls - quality excellent. No dropped calls, everything worked as it should.

Internet Browsing - Now this is the best portable browsing experience that i have ever had! Opera on Windows Mobile is getting there but this is excellent. No flash support but I soon forgave apple when i was watching Never Mind the Buzzcocks from the BBC iPlayer website! Stroke of genius!

Google Maps - this works fine also. Very simple to zoom in and out and plan routes. Bring on TOMTOM! Thats all i can say! Turn by turn navigation is a must!

Listening to music - The quality of the music is excellent and browsing my albums is so easy. This is how it should be!

App Store - Loads of apps available, brilliant! Great being able to add extra programs to your phone wherever you are, without having to plug your phone into your pc to do it! Facebook (brilliant shows you just what you need to know and navigating your facebook profile is simple) VNC (view your pc / laptop from your iphone - i use this a work so excellent that it was available on the app store - free!)

Camera - Good quality, not that great in low light but most phone cameras are the same. There are new phones out now with better cameras, im sure the next iPhone will feature a better camera.

Email - Works like a dream, did have to tweak the settings tho, but works fine.


How touch screen phones should be, everything is a joy to use and you never get tired of it. Recommended :)

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Created: 22/05/11

apple iphone 3g-s (unlocked)

The iPhone 3GS is the fastest, most feature rich model so far, and if you don't already have a iPhone 3G it's well worth the money. If you do have an iPhone 3G though, it's not quite so cut and dry. The 3GS may be faster than the 3G when it comes to rendering pages and general operation, but the O2 data network makes the faster 7.2mbps HSDPA support moot, while the inconsistent Wi-Fi performance is also a bit of a worry. For now though, the iPhone 3GS takes the crown as the best consumer handset available, but with the imminent Palm Pre and new Android based handsets on the horizon, it will be interesting to see how long it keeps it.

On the surface, the iPhone 3GS doesn't look much different to the older 3G, especially if the latter is running the latest 3.0 version of the firmware (more about that later). But one of the key changes isn't a new feature, it's the 3GS' ability to do exactly what the old iPhone can do, just faster.

The 3GS has seen an increase in speed for the main processor, along with a new graphics chip, while there's also more memory on tap. The result - according to Apple at least - is that the 3GS is up to twice as fast as the 3G, which is a pretty bold claim.

The 3GS sports a 3-megapixel camera, which may seem low by contemporary standards, but you shouldn't get carried away with the megapixel numbers game. What you need to remember is that the sensors employed by mobile phone cameras are pretty tiny, so squeezing more pixels onto them is not necessarily going to give you better pictures. In fact, there's every chance that the images will look worse.

The other major new addition in the camera department is the ability to record video. This is another one of those features that the iPhone haters have been harping on about since Apple launched its phone, but I never really missed video recording on my phone. Now that the iPhone does record video, I'm sure that many will still complain that it only supports 640 x 480, and of course, there's no zoom function.

For any runners out there, the 3GS is also compatible with the Nike+ fitness system. Assuming you have a pair of Nike+ trainers and the Nike+ sensor, you can fire up the Nike+ app on the 3GS, head out the door and start pounding the pavements.

When the original iPhone launched, one of the best features was the seamless integration of Google Maps. When the iPhone 3G arrived with its built-in GPS receiver, Google Maps just got better, giving you the ability to find your current location and plot routes to your destination. With the 3GS the Google Maps app has got better once more with the inclusion of the digital compass.

Mobile Me now sports a feature called Find My iPhone, which, as the name suggests, allows you to find your iPhone, wherever it may be. So, assuming you've lost your phone, you can logon to your Mobile Me account, and bring up a map showing you exactly where it is. If the map is pointing to your house, it probably means you have to look harder, but if it's pointing to the bar that you passed out in last night, it's time to head back to the scene of the crime.

Not all the new features in the iPhone 3GS are hardware based. Apple's ongoing firmware updates bring new functionality to its phone on a regular basis and the latest 3.0 version - which ships on the 3GS - has a few neat tricks up its sleeve.

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Created: 28/12/08


I have long been a fan of Nokia N95 8GB and various N-SERIES phones. But I love to browse the internet, and the web browsing experience on the iPhone blows everything else out of the water.

It is so simple to use, I have owned many PocketPCs and installing applications were so complicated. But with the iPhone you can click on the app store and download loads of free applications and games. Also the iPhones supports international keyboards, it lets you change the keyboard to Japanese, Chinese or Arabic (very userful to me because I study Japanese and Arabic :)).

It has a massive 8GB built in memory and the battery life is amazing compared to my N95 8GB. I have played my MP3 player on my iPhone from the start of uni and left it running till the end of the end and it still had half the battery left... unbelievable.

I love going online, just a few taps and I'm on my GMAIL account and my other Uni account (Microsoft Exchange Server). Even though the phone doesn't support picture messaging... I just send a higher quality version of the picture by email instead. And since the web browsing is free, I dont get charged anything for it. How cool is that?.

I have converted three full movies and I still have 2 GB left on my phone. iTunes lets me import my existing collection of music from CD to the iPhone and it automatically makes a backup of my contacts... no messing about with Nokia PC Suite. Also when I connect my iPhone to any pc, it automatically starts recharging.

Now that I have this phone... I can't imagine any other phone that can do the same. I have tried the new samsung touch screen phones and lg pixon.... but the web browsing is very slow and takes ages to react.

iPhone is the best phone on the market at the moment if you are into music, video playback and web browsing. If you need it for high quality images... buy a digital camera!!!. A MUST BUY!!!

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Created: 07/06/10


Model F003 3GS
Phone Sytle candy bar style
Network GSM850/900/1800/1900
Screen 3.2" 3000K true color touch screen
Resolution 240*320
SIM Card dual sim card dual standby
Built-in Memory 24.3MB
Card Expansion support TF card up to 16GB and comes with 2GB TF card free of charge
Available Language English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Dutch, Malaysian, Arabic, Hebrew
Messaging SMS, MMS
Battery two 2000mAH batteries
Charger 100-240V charger with flat pin plug
Dimension approx. 11.5*6*1cm
Bluetooth support Bluetooth
Music support MP3
Video support MP4 and 3GP
Camera 2.0M pixels camera
FM FM stereo
Java support high speed java download
WiFi WiFi inside, free access to internet with high speed within WiFi coverage area
Email support email
MSN support MSN instant messenging
Data Interface USB interface
shaker shaking menu
Tools stopwatch, unit converter, compass
Others MP4 rotation function, flashlight, iPhone generic charger interface and earphone

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Created: 16/01/11

Apple iPhone 3GS (32GB) Mobile Phone

I am usually one to be at least a few generations behind in technology, however I decided to take advantage of Ebay and get a good used 3GS (on the back of the i-Phone 4 coming out - I knew there would be many coming available!).

I'm happy to say it was a good decision! I am also an extremely busy person, and this i-Phone saves me so much time and makes me so much more organised, it's untrue! I have fallen out of touch with many old friends since starting work as a consultant, partly because I don't have time, partly because I don't want to make time (amongst other priorities, like renovating our first house!), but mainly because it is such a hassle thinking to sign on to this, and sign on to that, check this, check that... and now within a few clicks I've done it all!

The number of Apps available is amazing - and most of the ones I want are free! Train times, weather, Ebay, Amazon (and just about any other chain of shops on Earth), games, you name it!

Best of all - I've not had to change a thing in terms of my mobile contract! I unlocked the phones to any carrier, and I did this myself using an Internet service with some software I purchased and downloaded. I then turned the mobile Internet connection off, so I only connect (and pay!) when I want to. I'm on Tesco pay-as-you-go with triple credit, so if I want to use the Internet (at £4 per Mb), I can turn the mobile Internet on and use up some free credit! Nothing lost! Otherwise, I just connect through wi-fi when I'm at home or in a wi-fi zone.

In the end, I bought one for my wife, my father-in-law and myself.

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Created: 12/10/09

Iphone 3GS BLACK

When Apple announced the iPhone 3GS
I chose the Black version this time I also opted for the 32GB version as I had utilized almost 10GB on my 16GB iPhone 3G. As you’ve probably read on every other website there is no noticeable difference between the 3G and the 3GS as far as looks and form factor is concerned. Tech Specs state the 3GS as 2 grams heavier but I doubt anyone would be able to tell the difference.

The good thing about the white version is that you see less finger prints on the back. Apple has also treated the touch screen on the 3GS with an oleophobic coating which again helps in reducing smudges. While this doesn’t make the screen on the iPhone 3GS totally smudge-free, it helps considerably. I tested this by wiping both the 3G and the 3GS screens clean and then using them for similar amounts of time. The 3GS screen looked a lot cleaner.
The “S” as you have read countless times, stands for Speed on the 3GS and oh boy- you sure can feel that. Below is a video comparing the 3G to the 3GS in terms of speed. You must’ve seen quite a few comparison videos like I did but almost all videos I saw focused on games and intensive applications. This video below is not focused on any of that but instead, I’ve shown everyday apps such as texting, tweeting and browsing.

There you have it- everything feels so much snappier on the 3GS. the text messaging application loads much faster- and so do all other programs like Twitellator and BeeJive. Scrolling between lists is a lot more fluid and there is no lag in typing. Web pages also render faster. About the only area where the 3GS lags a bit is the Accelerometer which sometimes can take 2-3 seconds to recognize if the device has been turned. Better than the 5-7 seconds the 3G would take but not fast enough to make it feel snappy.
Besides the speed and storage, there is one more major upgrade on the iPhone 3GS which is the camera. Apple has upped the resolution from 2 mega-pixels to 3 mega-pixels along with adding auto-focus and 30 fps VGA resolution video taking capabilities. Its a good addition, however, I have not come across any camera phone that would make me stop taking my SLR on vacations or elsewhere. Taking videos is a plus but anyone with a jail-broken 3G can have that capability as well. Last but not the least, Apple has also added a digital compass on the 3GS for which I haven’t found a use yet but you never know.

Surprisingly, battery life has not taken a dip even though the hardware has been majorly accelerated. Like my 3G I easily get one full day of usage when I remove it from my charging dock in the morning. In fact, I’ve noticed that I usually have a little bit extra juice left on the 3GS by the end of the day compared to my 3G, but then again, this is only after a week of testing. The battery life will probably dip slightly after a few months.

So- would I recommend getting the 3GS? That depends- if you are already a 3G owner and not a heavy-duty user (which I define as someone having more than three home screens filled with icons), then I don’t think you really need to upgrade. For someone like me who uses their iPhone to text and email a lot along with tweeting, reading feeds on Google Reader, watching music videos and TV shows, playing Monkey Island as well as checking facebook, instant messages and shazzam, its totally worth it.

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